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At ParisByM we understand you want you trip to be exclusive. After you submit the booking form, one of our Paris trip advisors will review the information, design a tailor-made trip program for you and send it to you by email. Therefore you need fill this form as precisely as possible so that we can tailor your trip to your tastes and requests. After a first contact with you by phone / or email, we will adapt it if necessary and confirm with you where you will be accommodated (3 accommodation options will be sent to you after you submit the booking form). The final booking and payment are performed once you are fully happy with your package. You can see our full process description by clicking here.

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 General tours in Paris to see the main attractions Thematic tours related to what you like Neighborhood city walks

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About exclusive activities

Are you ready for an exceptional evening show?
 Show at the Moulin Rouge (from €112 per person) Show at the Crazy Horse (from €110) Show at the Lido (from €100 per person) Show in another Parisian cabaret (from €60 per person)

Would you like to eat in exceptional places?
 Lunch-cruise on the river Seine (from €59 per person) Dinner-cruise on the river Seine (from €100 per person) Lunch or Dinner in a Michelin star restaurant (subject to availability)

Excursions from Paris and getaways to France

We can also arrange excursions from Paris and/or combine a full trip program in France, if you are staying for a few days and up to a few weeks

Half-day to two-days excursions from Paris
 Excursion to the Palace of Versailles and its gardens (from half day) Excursion to the Champagne region, including a wine tour (from 1 day) Excursion to the Loire valley to discover the castles from the Renaissance (from 1 day) Excursion to the Mont Saint Michel abbey in Normandy (from 1 day)

A few days to a few weeks in France
 Enjoy the wine road in Burgundy or Bordeaux (from 2 days) Discover the French Riviera (from 3 days) Surf in Biarritz (from 3 days) Hike the Alps or Pyrenees (from one week) Relax, fish, swim and sail on the Atlantic coasts

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What is your total targeted budget in € for your whole trip in Paris and France, for all the participants, including accommodation (or not if you do not need it) and excluding international transport *
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If you have no idea, prices for tailor-made packages, for 2 people staying in one bedroom including accommodation, activities (with no options) are generally as follows

Regular prices for 2 people with one bedroom Comfort level
2 to 3-star accommodation
Premium level
3-star accommodation
Top-end level
4-star accommodation
3 days € 700 - 800 € 800 - 1,200 € 1,000 - 1,500
5 days € 1,000 - 1,200 € 900 - 1,400 € 1,200 - 2,000
7 days € 1,200 - 1,700 € 1,500 - 2,500 € 2,000 - 3,000

Additional information or request to be considered for tailoring your trip to Paris and France