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Things to do in Paris in December

Despite Paris being a hub for tourists in the summer months, the city has a lot to offer throughout the year, especially in December when Christmas is near. Although the weather is colder, Paris still buzzes with activities and excitement during the winter months, and these are just a few examples.

This article will help you to discover and explore all that Paris has to offer during Christmas time. Although a classic destination for summer vacations, there are a wide variety of things to do in Paris in December in order to embrace the holiday season while on holiday.

Credit: DiscoverWalks

Christmas Markets

The Christmas Markets throughout Paris will be sure to out you in the holiday spirit. These Christmas markets are covered in string lights and warm heaters, not to mention the lines of vendors selling a variety of different foods and mementos. There are many Christmas markets located throughout Paris during December, some of the most popular being the markets at the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame, where you can stroll down city streets sipping hot wine and admiring the various pop-ups.



Hot Chocolate

Have French Hot Chocolate (and also French hot wine) is a necessity when in Paris during the winter months. If you have not already tried it, French,  hot chocolate is a little bit different from the classic Christmas morning drink in the United States. During the winter, especially in the holiday season in December, hot chocolate is a classic delicacy. You will be able to stroll through markets and down streets while staying warm and embracing the Christmas vibes when sipping hot chocolate along the way.


Credit: Discoverwalks

Champs Élysées

The Champs Élysées is the most famous street in Paris, if not the world. This street is always a great visit, and well worth your time because of the beautiful restaurants and trees that face into the street. This street, however, is even more beautiful in the winter. Each tree branch is colorfully decorated with Christmas lights making the stroll you will take along the sidewalk a feel-good, enjoyable experience.


Credit: Discoverwalks

Ice Skating

Ice skating is known as a winter activity in many places, and the same goes for Paris. Ice skating is a great afternoon activity after a morning visiting museums, and surprisingly not an expensive one! Usually, admission is free, meaning you only have to pay for skate rentals which will not be more that ten euros. Whether seeking a fun activity with your kids, or a romantic date night with a loved one, ice skating is a great option to get outdoors and be active in the cold weather!


Walk Around and Enjoy

Credit: Tripsavvy

While jumping from activity to activity, museum to museum, and restaurant to restaurant while on your visit to Paris, you will also be getting the chance to experience the true Parisian vibe of Christmas in the city. You will be able to embrace the winter aesthetic and Christmas cheer by strolling by hot chocolate stands, stumbling upon Christmas markets, and letting the snow fall around you while a busker plays the accordion nearby. While on vacation, is important to take a step back from the constant hustle from one tourist sight to another. Paris, especially during Christmas time, offers many opportunities for sitting back and relaxing, for example sipping café or people watching outside a restaurant.

Christmas time in Paris is truly a magical experience. It is important to take advantage of all the Paris has to offer, especially during Christmas time when you will be able to stroll down street lit up by lights and feel the warm steam of hot chocolate. We hope that you got some good ideas from the article and that you take advantage of these activities during your next visit to Pairs in December!

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Holiday trip to Paris, top 10 things to do in Paris in winter

Things To Do During Your Holiday Trip to Paris

Paris is an extraordinary city to visit any time of the year, and especially during the holidays. Celebrate this holidays exploring the top 5 things to do during your holiday trip to Paris.

1. Christmas Markets

Located all around the city, Paris’ Christmas Markets epitomize what Paris is like during the holidays – cozy, tasty, and bright.   Stroll through the markets to feel the warm holiday cheer –  with beautiful illuminated shops, gourmet candies, and tasty warm drinks.

Holiday Trip to Paris

Paris Christmas Market

2. Ice Skating on the Eiffel Tower


There’s no question that ice skating is one of the most fun activities to do during the holidays.  But ice skating on the Eiffel Tower – seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well you’re in luck, because holiday visitors will now be able to ice skate for free on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower, while admiring the beautiful city from above.

Holiday Trip to Paris

Ice Skating on Eiffel Tower

3. Admire Illuminated Window Displays at Department Stores


One of Paris’ most renowned holiday traditions, Parisian storefronts are decorated and illuminated with festive decorations. Stroll around the city and admire these beautiful facades, featuring Christmas trees, animated toys, and charming light displays.

Holiday Trip to Paris

Paris Holiday Storefront Display

4. Stroll through the Illustrious Champs-Élysées


The Champs-Élysées, arguably Paris’s most renowned boulevard, is the center of Paris’ holiday cheer. Lined with hundreds of glowing trees, leading from the iconic Arc de Triomphe to the magnificent Place de La Concorde, the Champs-Élysées is a can’t-miss during your holiday trip to Paris.

Holiday Trip to Paris

Champs-Élysées during the Holidays

5. Treat Yourself to Hot Chocolate at Angelina


Located a few steps from the Louvre, Angelina is one of Paris’ most tasteful dessert shops. After checking out the world’s most renowned museum, stop by Angelina to try out their world-famous hot chocolate and Mont Blanc dessert.

Holiday Trip to Paris

Paris Holiday Desserts

Have a wonderful holiday trip to Paris!