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How high are Eiffel Tower Prices?

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most frequently visited monuments worldwide and the epitome of Paris’ landmarks. Don’t miss it! To prevent unpleasant surprises, it is important to be informed about the Eiffel Tower prices to plan your visit and the expenses that go with it.

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Entrance fees for individuals

Enjoy the breathtaking view from the Eiffel Tower over all of the city! You can get the best Eiffel Tower prices if you are willing to do some exercise. You can save money if you walk the 704 stairs up to the 2nd floor of the tower. Eiffel Tower prices are higher if you would like to use one of the three lifts. Please be aware that you need to book your tickets 3 months in advance to avoid the 1 to 2 hours line. We prepared a summary of all the Eiffel Tower prices for you. The following table shows you all the information about prices for individuals:

Adults 12 – 24 years Reduced rate
Lift entrance ticket
(valid to 2nd floor)
€11,00 €8,50 €4,00
Lift entrance ticket (top) €17,00 €14,50 €8,00
Stairs entrance ticket
(valid to 2nd floor)
€7,00 €5,00 €3,00

Reduced rates are offered to children and young people who are between 4 to 11 years old, to disabled people as well as to French job seekers with a corresponding proof. Children under the age of 4 can enter the Eiffel Tower for free. Please be aware of the fact that these prices are valid until October 31st 2017 and could be changed at any time.

Entrance fees for groups

School groups (or similar) of at least 10 people can get a group rate all year long. Prices depend on the visitors’ age. For specific information see the following table:

  Adult 12 – 24 years < 11 years
Lift entrance ticket
(valid to 2nd floor)
€11,00 €7,50 €4,00
Lift entrance ticket (top) €17,00 €13,50 €8,00

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Guided Tours

Make the most of your visit and discover the Eiffel Tower off the beaten track! Take part in guided tours and experience the famous monument from a new perspective. The tours include visiting the original machinery room which still operates the lifts, the former bunker underneath the Champ de Mars and the access to the roof of the restaurant “Le Jules Verne” on the 2nd floor. You might even be guided by an actor. Prices start at €30.

Transportation fees

Eiffel Tower Prices, Transports

The metro certainly is one of the easiest ways to go to the Eiffel Tower. Please click the link at the end of the page to learn all about using metro tickets in Paris.
If you arrive by car, please take note that the car parks require additional fees. For instance, on-site fees at Pullman Tour Eiffel car park start at €16,00 for 4 hours. If you want to save money, check out the online platforms of the car parks. Some of them offer discounts for online reservation so that you can lower the price to €12,00 for example. If you are interested in leaving your car at Pullman Tour Eiffel car park, here’s the address: 18 Avenue de Suffren, 75015 Paris.

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring some extra money to enjoy the wonderful Champagne Bar and the Official Eiffel Tower Shops! There are also classy restaurants inside the tower but make sure you have a reservation.

Would you like to include the Eiffel Tower into your trip to Paris? Seize the opportunity and book your tailor made trip here!

In any case, you will gain an unforgettable experience!


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France Miniature – A Tiny Version of France

France Miniature is an attraction located outside Paris, at Elancourt, where you can have a look at every landmarks and famous places of France in a miniature version. If you are only staying for one week and you don’t have enough time to visit everything in France, go to France Miniature.


France Miniature

Credit to Wikipedia

The idea of a thematic miniature park appeared in the 19th Century, Bekonscot in the UK and Madurodam in The Netherlands were the first thematic parks to come into existance. France Miniature, created in 1991 is celebrating its 25th years anniversary. The biggest thematic miniature park of Europe, enables you to visit France in a record time. It offers to visit 6 regions (the North and Ile de France, the East, the West, the Center, the South-West and the South-East) of France with more than 2 000 models like villages, castles, ports, railway stations with trains displayed over 5 hectares. You can explore the 117 monuments of France like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and others as you were a giant. If you don’t know all the monuments that are present in the park don’t worry, there is a map that is pretty easy to understand. The regions can clearly be identified as there are different colours, the monuments can be found easily as there are numbers and the names on the map. You may have a look at the Palais de la Miniature during your visit, where you will be able to see miniature characters.

Playground and Restaurant

France Miniature

Stade de France -Credit to Wikipedia

France Miniature is for everyone from children to the retired ones who still want to visit the famous places in France. Beside the park you have access to other things, if you are visiting the park with your children feel free to go to the playground. There are many activities that could interest them such as having a ride on a six track toboggan, having a look at the panoramic tower to have a nice view and other. There are  8 attractions, most of them can be educative in one kind as they are related to the French history like King Arthur.  Of course, these activities are as entertaining as the visit of the park itself, the children will surely like them. You can have access to these for free once you have paid your entrance ticket. For those who get hungry, don’t panic, there are two spaces to eat, the snack bar La Gourmandine (opened from April to November) and the restaurant Les Provinces (check the official website to see if it’s open). Les Provinces offers many different regional dishes  while La Gourmandine offers snack and fast-food.

Getting to France Miniature

France Miniature

Credit to Flickr


France miniature is located at Boulevard André Malraux, 78990 ELANCOURT.  The nearest station is La Verrière, you can take the train Transilien lines N or H and then take the busses numbered 411 or 412 and stop at France Miniature. If you want to plan your journey to France Miniature, check this. Consider a 1.30 hour journey to get there from central Paris.

Or if you drive, you can take your car but there is a parking fee. It may be easier to use a private shuttle to get there (prices from 75€ one way, you can contact us here to book one). The park is open from 10 AM to 6 PM, but it depends on the season. Be sure to check that it is open before going, check France Miniature official website.


France Miniature

Fort Boyard – Credit to Flickr

You can get your tickets once you arrive or online. Prices are different according to the season. During the high season (July and August), it’s 21€ for adults and 15€ for children, otherwise it’s 20€ for adults and 14€ for children.  Reduction are available for the unemployed, UE students, large families, disabled, and people over 60.


Get your tickets here



Credit: Wikipedia, Flickr

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Giverny, Paris - Trips from Paris by train

Trips from Paris by train

Most people who come to Paris again and again, rarely become tired of it… However, if you want to explore and discover beyond the city limits, there are plently of day trips from Paris by train! I want to introduce you to my personal guide to trips from Paris by train, and each of them are close enough to go back and forth in a day.

Quote, Paris, Love

From Paris with love… Credit: Pinterest


First of, there is a small town called Provins. It is an hour and 25 mins south-east of Paris, and you can depart from the train station Gare de l’Est. Provins is an ancient town, and get you back to the Middle Ages, with beautifully and amazing buildings, and winding streets. If you have the slightest interest in history, this would be the perfect day trip for you. Provins is also well-known for its rose-derived produce so use it as an excuse to stock up on rose petal jam.

You can take a local train from Gare de l’Est – they leave every half an hour. You won’t save any money by booking in advance so you can just stroll up on the day.

Provins, France

Provins, with it’s beautiful, narrow streets and historical aspects…


Next up is Giverny, which is also included in a day trip in our beneficial packages on ParisByM. You will be amazed by the very famous series of water lily paintings by the Claude Monet. Giverny is just 45 minutes from the train station Gare Saint Lazare station, and you can go with a fast train. The house and the garden is inspired by Monet’s life work. When you take the train, you will arrive in Vernon, from where it is approximately an hour walk from the train station. You can also rent bikes, because some companies offer bike rental just outside the train station, or else you can take a very short bus ride towards Giverny. You will hereby find this beautiful garden, which is very peaceful. At summertime the garden is in full bloom, which leaves you amazed, and the impression will for sure stay with you forever. Make sure not to miss!

Giverny, Paris

Giverny.. Amazing!


Auvers-sur Oise is the place, where painter Vincent Van Gogh famously worked and died. In 70 short days, Van Gogh painted prolifically, creating on average one work every day until his death. If you’re not a Van Gogh fan, you will still be amazed by this beautiful town, and it’s fields which inspired his work. You can head to the Auberge Ravoux, to see the famous apartment where Van Gogh lived his very final months, or you can enjoy your lunch there at table number five, which is where Van Gogh took his meals… Down the memory lane! If you pass by the village church, you will see the cemerety where the famous artist is buried. Amazing choice for a trip outside of Paris by train!

On weekends and holidays from April – October a direct train to Auvers leaves from Gare du Nord around 10am, taking 35 minutes. All other times, visitors must take a train from either Gare du Nord or St. Lazare, then transfer to an Auvers-bound train at Valmondois, Pointoise or St. Ouen. You do not have to book in advance.

Auverns, France

Auverns, Van Gogh


Last recommendation for a day trip by train, is Fontainebleau-Avon. The amazing town is just forty minutes from Paris, and the forest of Fontainebleau is just moments from the station, which covers 100 square miles. You can enjoy a picnic in the former royal hunting grounds, or go towards the castle, which is the city’s main monument. The Château de Fontainebleau was once the country seat to French royals, which goes back to the 16th century.

There is a lot to see – for example galleries, art and Marie Antoinette’s bed! You have to take a day off your calender to have enough time to explore this amazing place, in an relaxed pace… It’s a straightforward 40 minute train ride from Gare de Lyon to the Fontainebleau-Avon station. This is a local train you needn’t book in advance. If you’re headed for the castle then take the ‘Ligne A’ bus destined for Les Lilas, alighting at the ‘Château’ stop. Or else you can walk approximately 35 minutes.


Fontainebleau, and it’s amazing castle.. One of the most visited monuments in France!

This were my recommendations for trips from Paris by train… Hope you enjoyed the guide I completed for you, if your wanderlust outside of Paris increases.

Until next time…

Tour Eiffel skip the line guided tour

A review of the Eiffel Tower tours

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By the stairs: tickets cannot be bought in advance for climbing the Eiffel Tower by stairs. You can climb up to the 2nd floor with the stairs, but you will have to take the elevator of you want to go further to the 3rd and last floor. You can expect a waiting time of around half an hour before getting your tickets for the stairs. Price is 7€ per adult.

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The amazing Eiffel Tower

By elevator: tickets can be bought either at the day and time of your visit (with a line that can be around 2 hours, or longer during high season), or can be bought in advance (exactly 3 months prior to the day when you want to go). But the official tickets on the official website are gone in only a few minutes… Another solution then is to buy them from a retailer, which might charge an additional fee. Official price for an adult: 11€ for the 2nd floor, 17 for the 3rd.

Organizing, trip, Paris, Eiffel tower tours

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Guided tour of the Eiffel Tower: the best option is to go for a guided tour, where you will not only go up to the 2nd floor, but also give you an exclusive experience of what is behind the scene…. You can check more information about these tours here. Tickets are sold our pretty fast, so contact us now to get your tickets for this tour!

Toureiffel, behind, scenes, Eiffeltower tours

Behind the scenes – the Eiffel Tower

Don’t forget that access to the 3rd floor is not automatically included in your ticket. You can buy an additional ticket either at the foot of the Eiffel Tower (doing the line) or at the 2nd floor, for an additional price of 6€, but you still have to do the line to access the unique elevator (consider an approximate 30 minutes).

Note: each ticket purchase for the Eiffel Tower is non-refundable

Opening hours
Mid-June to early September: 9am to midnight
Rest of the year: 9:30am to 11pm.

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How to Get Tickets and Visit the Eiffel Tower

What Will You Find at the Eiffel Tower?

To the rest of the world, what is the most iconic image of France? The Eiffel Tower, of course! The first time that you come to Paris, the #1 thing you want to do is visit the Iron Lady, as she is affectionately known. When it comes  to how you visit, you have many options. The first is to photograph the Tower from the ground. The Place du Trocadero, directly across the Seine from the monument, offers a gorgeous view at ground level.

Eiffel Tower

Another option is to make the climb. While the tower is comprised of 3 floors, it is not necessary to go all the way to the 3rd floor to get a breathtaking view; each of the 3 floors offers an exceptional panoramic view.

On the 1st floor (187 ft / 57 m), will will find an exhibition space and a short film on the history of the tower, as well as a glass floor (you may get dizzy looking down), a space for temporary activities (in the winter of 2014, an ice skating rink was installed there), a room reserved for business events, and La Brasserie 58 (see below).

Gustave Eiffel Office in the Eiffel TowerOn the 2nd floor (377 ft / 115 m), in addition to the panoramic view, those looking for a nice meal can find the Michelin-star Jules Verne, restaurant of the famous chef Alain Ducasse (more information here).

Finally, on the 3rd floor (1,063 ft / 324 m), you will find a champagne bar, as well as a replica of Gustave Eiffel’s workshop.

How to Visit?

On foot: The more adventurous choice  is to climb to the 2nd floor (the elevator is required for the 3rd floor). Tickets for the stairs aren’t sold in advance, so it is necessary to wait in line the day of the your visit. However, the line for the stairs isn’t as long as the line for the elevators (still, plan for at least a 30 minute wait). Adult price: 7€.

By elevator: To avoid standing in a long line the day of your visit (which can easily be 2 hours, more during peak season), you can buy your tickets in advance. Keep in mind that skip-the-line tickets (for a specific time) go on sale on the official site 3 months before the day of the visit and are gone in just a few minutes. If it’s difficult to obtain a ticket through the official site, you can find one through a distributor site. Official adult price: 15€ for the 2nd floor, 17€ for the top.

By guided tour: Certain companies offer guided tours of the Eiffel Tower that not only give you access to the Tower itself (just to the 2nd floor), but to the behind-the-scenes operations, as well. Adult price: around 29€.

Check out our post for booking the tickets to access the Eiffel Tower

Guided tour Eiffel Tower

To access the 3rd floor: You can either buy your tickets directly below the Tower by waiting in line (for tickets to the top), or buy a supplemental ticket to the 2nd floor (6€) that allows you to use the last elevator. Note: Whether by yourself or part of a guided tour, you cannot skip the line for this ticket, and the wait is generally around 30 minutes to the 2nd floor.

Note: each ticket purchase for the Eiffel Tower is non-refundable


The Eiffel Tower is open every day of the year, from 9:00am to midnight between mid-June and early September, and from 9:30am to 11:00pm the rest of the year.


For a quick bite: At the ground floor, as well as the 1st and 2nd floors, you can purchase a sandwich or sweet treat at one of the little shops.

The Champagne Bar: You can also try a flute of white or pink champagne at the 3rd floor everyday between noon and 10:00pm. For the romantics, don’t be disappointed; despite the price (between 12 and 21€ a glass), the champagne is served in plastic glasses instead of crystal flutes for security reasons!

Bar à champagne, Eiffel Tower

La Brasserie 58: Situated 190 ft (58 m) from the top, the Eiffel Tower’s brasserie offers 2 lunch services (12:00pm or 1:30pm) and 2 dinner services (6:30pm or 9:00pm). For lunch, you will be served a chic picnic (selection of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts served in small portions and brought to your table in a basket, starting at 42€ / person). The dinner menu is more substantial (between 85€ and 170€ / person, depending on the service, quality of wine served, and your table location). Although you can technically come without reservations, it is strongly advised to reserve a table months in advance, especially for dinner, which is fully booked every night.

Déjeuner Brasserie 58 Tour Eiffel

Le Jules Verne: Located on the 2nd floor, the high-caliber restaurant of the Eiffel Tower (1 Michelin star) offers you an unforgettable experience. Run by the internationally renowned chef Alain Ducasse, you can access it by private elevator before tasting very refined traditional French cuisine. There is a formal dress code is in place for your pleasure, as well as that of others (no T-shirts, jeans, or sports clothes). Price: 100 to 200€ / person. Plan on reserving well in advance!

Paris, le Jules Verne, Tour Eiffel

Note: For a gift, you can give someone a meal at La Brasserie 58 or the restaurant Jules Verne. This doesn’t guarantee a table whenever you want, so think of reserving ahead of time if you have a specific date in mind.

Interested? Watch our video about the Eiffel Tower!

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