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Unique Hotels In Paris

Paris is known to have refined culture and some of the world’s best cuisine. But the reputation for elegance and luxury tends to overshadow the fun, kooky side of the country. Here is a selection of the best unique hotels in Paris – artsy, eccentric or downright unconventional.

1. Le Bellechasse

Unusual Hotels In Paris

If you like being close to art galleries, prestigious antique shops, this quirky boutique hotel is all you need. Set up in Parisian style it is a visual of milk and honey – different from the mainstream. It was designed by famous fashion designer Christian Lacroix. Eccentricity include giant wall butterflies, winged dandies and enormous playing cards and yet elegant and charming.

2. Hotel Du Petit Moulin

Once the oldest bakery in Paris, now a small boutique hotel. Imagine a classic 1900’s boulangerie shopfront and get enchanted by a large whip of Christian Lacroix’s exuberance. It is comfortable but very colorful, bright accommodation. Hotel Du Petit Moulin is unique and singularly designed. It also features scribbles and drawings taken from Lacroix’s very own sketchbook. Also perfectly located for fashion boutique shopping.

Unusual Hotels In Paris

3. One by the Five

Minute attention to details, affordable luxury to dabble with, opulent in it’s character, it takes pride in marketing itself as the ultimate romantic experience. One by the Five is the the single-suite hotel which incorporates top-notch contemporary design, advanced technology and attention to detail. Each room offers rich fabrics, handmade beds, playful lighting effects and music composed exclusively for the suite.

4. Mama Shelter

Unusual Hotels In Paris

Take a moment to appreciate the quirky Philippe Starck design, more value for money than your average mid-range accommodation, Mama Shelter is quickly becoming one of the most popular unique hotels in Paris. It accommodates mostly to a young and hip crowd. Fancy elevators papered with trivia and trinklets, superhero masks sprinkled casually in every room and iMac televisions in every room. The decor might not be of your taste, however,  the  amazing room rates and accessible location make this an excellent choice.

5. Hotel des Academies

Be ready for a warm welcome and a stylish decor! This small romantic boutique hotel has exhaustive touch of creative arts. Rooms were completely renovated and the result is a glamorous but relaxed atmosphere. Rated the third best hotel in Europe, the Hotel des Academies celebrates the creative arts. Located in one of the beautiful districts in Paris. Choose from classic or Art Deco-styled rooms designed by artist Jérôme Mesnager and sculptor Sophie de Watrigant. It’s definitely all elegant and not a budget hotel by any means but its creative 21st-century interpretation of the modern art culture of the city makes it worth a splurge.

6. Kube Hotel

Located near Montmarte, this hotel is known for a large glass cube that calls to mind ice hotels in the frigid Arctic. With 41 guest rooms, it also has a room which is “The Ice Cube Room by Grey Goose” where you can sleep in -10 degrees on an ice bed covered with animal skins. Hue of blue and lilac continue to dominate the decor and with the remaining ones it combines a retro decor with a futuristic influence. The faux fur, fluorescent perspex, bean bags and cubic forms, this isn’t the typical Parisian hotel. It also has the capital’s first ice bar.

7. Hotel Le A

This hotel is located in a traditional Parisian town house. Within 5 minutes, you can be in the Champs-Elysees. Small, antique, quaint stylish luxurious boutique hotel, latest in-room technology such as adjustable lights and electronic blind, contemporary with a bold monochrome signature style is evenly distributed throughout 25 bedrooms. The lobby and rooms were designed by French artist Fabrice Hybert. He has also painted one unique piece of art for every guest room. Oddities include a library filled with art and design books and a relaxing lounge complete with open fireplace.

8. L’Hôtel Hospitel

It’s hard to imagine that a hotel could be housed within a hospital. Nonetheless, this confidential hotel is housed on the 6th floor, gallery B2 and offers all the comforts of a classic hotel. The 14 rooms can welcome up to 3 people each, with a bathroom and toilet, air-conditioning and television. Situated a few metres from Notre-Dame Cathedral, on Ile-de-la-Cité, the central location of the hotel Hospitel makes visiting Paris easy.

9. Le Pavillon des Lettres

Twenty-six letters of the alphabet for 26 bedrooms and suites: welcome to the Pavillon des Lettres, Paris’s first literary hotel. Whether dedicated to Baudelaire, Diderot, Flaubert, Goethe, Hugo, Kafka, Musset, La Fontaine, Shakespeare or Tolstoy, the bedrooms pay tribute to a poet or a writer with a decor which takes its inspiration from their creative world. Evoking dreams, poetry and the imaginative world of the night, printed quotations decorate the walls, inviting guests to read and dream. The decorator Didier Benderli wanted to combine the words of authors with decorative works.