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Seine river cruise

Why experience a Seine river cruise?

A Discovery cruise through the Seine river is one of the attractions you cannot miss during your visit in the City of Lights. You may be thinking that this attraction perhaps fits better for a young couple expecting to spend an incredible romantic night across Paris… and of course it is! But don´t worry, it isn´t as cheesy as you might think! Many tourists enjoy this type of transportation to visit various parts of the city. It suits all kind of people: friends, groups, couples, families… The experience is the same for everyone: you spend great time on board!

What to experience?

Hotels close to the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine, Seine River cruise


A Discovery cruise will take 1 hour while a lunch or dinner cruise may take up to 2:30h. According to the company you take, the starting point of the river cruise is different, but you will always disembark at the same point where you started. Most of the cruises will leave from either the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame. Be prepared to see amazing views and to spend incredible time on the Seine river.

Audioguides and speakers are available on board of the discovery cruise, so you will be able to learn about Paris’ history while marveling at their gorgeous facades. You can have a quick snack or a glass of champagne on board of the Seine river cruise. You could prefer to discover the historical center of Paris while enjoying a meal on board. Cruise companies offer lunch meals and dinners starting around noon and 6 pm each day. Depending on the cruise company, the type and quality of the meal will vary, some of them offer excellent Parisian gastronomy.

Dinner cruises in Paris, Seine river cruise

A discovery cruise in winter time, during late afternoon/night, will give you the opportunity to contemplate the monuments on the river banks illuminated with gorgeous lights that really gives life to these historical buildings and sets a special atmosphere. Almost 90% of the most important monuments of city are located indeed by the Seine! You can relax and contemplate the city lights after a long day of walking in the Seine river cruise. A perfect ending for a magical day.

Practical information

Seine river cruise

Photo credit: ParisByM

The Seine river flows right in the center of the city, from East to West. The starting point of the Seine river cruise is different from one company to the other and there are a few stations along the river, the most famous ones can be found in front of the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame.

As we said before, the services offered may differ depending on the company, as well as the service quality and the prices. The cheapest way to enjoy this amazing experience is to go on a discovery cruise, which price is around 14€. Lunch cruises are starting from 40€ per person for the cheapest ones, while dinner river cruises are more expensive, starting from 60€ per person and could get up to 400€ for specific options (Valentine´s day, proposal, private trips…). Check our trip packages including boat trips through Seine river and book here now!
Boat trip Seine ParisOur recommendation for a life time experience: try the dinner cruise on the Seine river: for excellent quality, incredible service, gastronomic food plus beautiful landscapes to discover, you should consider spending around 100-150€ per person. Might it be the first, second or third time, you won´t regret it!


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Incentive Trips in France

Traveling for work can be difficult. With the stress of traveling already looming large, the idea of going to a different country to just sit in a conference room all day sound dulling. Luckily, many businesses now offer incentive opportunities, allowing employees and workers to experience the new country that they are in, taking in sights and destinations, while still working efficiently and completing the tasks that they were sent there to do.

With maybe only a day or two to experience the country that you are in, in this case France, before getting back to business, it may feel overwhelming when the number of historical sights and museums appears on your Google search. But do not fear, we are here to help you, and tell you the best locations to visit with your group when in France for business. This article will provide you with out top 3 choices for business group incentive trips in France, starting with the closest to Paris, and moving farther out.

  1. Versailles

Credit: Boutique Bike Tours.

A quick train ride outside of Pairs, Versailles is a captivating, historical location to take a group. With access to the area surrounding the main house, you will be able to visit places like the royal houses, the hall of mirrors, the spectacular fountains, and beautiful gardens. Versailles has a lot of offer, and is perfect for large groups with its spacious property, allowing different people to explore the areas of interest to them. Versailles is also ideal for business groups, or large groups in general, because of its perfect location, being a thirty to fifty-minute train ride outside the city or Paris. Being so close to the city, one could easily get to Versailles for a day trip and have time to explore all that it has to offer, and then return to Paris for dinner or another tourist visit.

  1. Le Mont-Saint-Michel

    Credit: Planet Ware,

Le Mont-Saint-Michel is a breath-taking location, and is easily one of France’s most famous locations. Located on an Island right off of Normandy, this medieval, magical looking spot will make you as though you have stepped into a storybook. Again, this location can accommodate larger groups. There is a bridge that leader visitors to the small island, and all those comfortable will be able to walk across and experience Le Mont-Saint-Michel. Although a little bit further from Paris, Saint Michel is worth the trip. Visiting will definitely make you feel as though you are on vacation; surrounding by beach with a castle-like monument ahead.

  1. Marseille

    Credit: Lonely Planet.

If you think that your group would enjoy a beach getaway while on a business trip, Marseille is definitely the place to go. Although in Southern France, Marseille is just four-hour train ride from Paris, technically making the trip doable in one day, but we recommend that you stay overnight in order to fully appreciate the beautiful beaches, shops and food. Visiting Marseille will full fill your desire to be on holiday, for it had great beaches that, in the summer, you can swim at, read, lounge, and enjoy. Although smaller than Paris, Marseille can definitely hold a larger group in its hotels, not to mention its beaches. Your colleague and employees will thank you dearly when you plan a visit to Marseille, giving everyone the chance to soak up the sun and vacation in Southern France.

Incentive trips are important to any business group traveling abroad for work. Visits like these provide workers with the chance to embrace the country that they are in a enjoy all that it has to offer. These locations are great places to take you employees in order to give them a taste of France and the interesting, relaxing places that they have for you to explore.

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Student Hostels in Paris

Hostels for Every Student Trip

Finding a reasonably priced hotel can be difficult in large European cities, especially for large groups. Hostels, however, are a great solution for you and your next class trip. Whether you are a group of University students backpacking through Europe or high school students on an educational adventure in Paris, there is reasonably priced accommodation for all ages at European hostels. But before you press that “Book It Now!” button, there are a few things you should know about student hostels in Paris.

Much like hotels, every hostel has their own unique identity. This being said, not all hostels are friendly to all ages. Your stay and experience can differ greatly depending on the atmosphere of the accommodation.  Some hostels provide a more quiet, relaxed environment, while others attract those looking to party.

Here are some of things to know before booking a hostel for your student group.  


For High School Students Traveling with Teachers: Ages 13 to 16

Student Hostels in Paris

Before booking your hostel, one thing you need to check is the age restrictions. Many hostels will not accept groups under the age of 16. Furthermore, hostels that do accept student groups at this age may have terms that your group must follow. For example, there may need to be a certain number of chaperones on the trip to make a reservation and they must all be present at check-in to ensure the group is adequately supervised. For groups in this age range, the hostels are more likely to be located in safe neighborhoods located near schools and neighborhoods saturated with families. These areas are safer for the younger students and offer more security for the groups. This type of hostel is quieter and more relaxed which allows students and teachers to enjoy the educational experience and provides the parents with a sense of serenity knowing their children are safe.

For University Students Traveling with Teachers: Ages 17-22

Traveling in groups at this age may also require a few verifications before booking. In student groups ages 16 to 18, a chaperone is required to complete the booking and to be present at check-in at most hostels. You will also have to make sure the hostel knows the number of students, between the ages of 16 and 18, coming on the trip or the hostel has permission to cancel the booking upon arrival. For groups over the age of 18, there fewer restrictions to complicate planning; however, it is important for teachers and older chaperones to know that many hostels will not allow adults over the age of 40 to stay in a shared room. When booking for this age group, hostels that are on the trendier side may be the most popular choice. These hostels provide nice and clean accommodations that are also sociable, yet respectful. They are also located in more local areas which can provide your students with an educational and authentic experience.

For University Students and Post-Graduate Students Traveling Together: Ages 18+

Student Hostels in Paris

Hostels are great, affordable places to stay when traveling from country to country with large groups of friends. The types of hostels best suited for these students are laid back and more rustic for young adults on a budget. The atmosphere entices sociable explorers to partake in an adventurous experience where they are able to meet other interesting and outgoing individuals.  There are not many limitations that these groups need to be made aware of, their job is to be focused on finding a hostel that will help them in their quest for an incredible journey. These hostels can be found in major cities with unbeatable prices at their unbelievably low rates.


How can you find the best hostel for your group?

As with most things, the internet is a great place to start your search for the ideal hostel for your group’s needs. Hostels can be found on many booking websites and reservations can be made online. Hostels can also be contacted directly by phone. Another option is contacting a travel agent to help you book your student trip. By explaining your situation, the travel agent will be able to use their industry expertise to find the hostel that best fits your group’s specifications with a pricing model that matches your trip’s budget. Your travel agent will ensure that your students get an educational and unforgettable experience at an affordable price under a safe and secure roof.




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