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Treat Yourself In Paris!

So you are going to Paris and you want to absolutely live it up? Well there is no better time to treat yourself in the city of lights than right now! We here at ParisByM have compiled a list of the absolute most glamorous, and luxurious things for you to do during your time here! So sit back, relax and get ready to indulge all of your heart’s desires!

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride Around Paris!

Treat Yourself

Photo Credit: Tomas Castelazo

For around $1,000 dollars an hour… you and one other person can enjoy a romantic hot air balloon over paris. Weather permiting, you and your significant other can sip champagne and take in all of the views over the city. This non-traditional, albeit definitely worthwhile, method of viewing Paris is the perfect way to treat yourself  when first arriving  and wanting to orient yourself to the city!

Interested in reserving your own hot air balloon ride? Look now further! Check out this link here!


2. Dinner And A Show At A Parisian Cabaret!

Treat Yourself!

Photo Credit: Christine Zenino – Flickr: Moulin Rouge

From the Moulin Rouge to Lido…. Cabarets are the place to go if you are looking to treat yourself to a night of wild, entertaining fun! Prices will vary but you can enjoy a performance with dinner and a few glasses of champagne at the Moulin Rouge for around €190! But… since money is no object on your once in a lifetime trip to Paris… why not upgrade to a meal that is slightly nicer for around €210! These performances are world class with talent recruited from all over the world and showmanship the likes of which you have never seen!

For more information on great cabaret performances in Paris… check out this great post we created here at ParisByM!

3. Treat Yourself To A World-Class Dining Experience

Treat Yourself

Photo Credit: Restaurant Guy Savoy

Paris is world famous for its sophisticated, chic, and simply delicious culinary culture. You will never exhaust yourself of trying all that there is to eat here in this foodie haven. We here at ParisByM recommend splurging on a truly fantastic evening by dining at Restaurant Guy Savoy, where master chef, Guy Savoy, will take your taste buds to places they have never been before. So book that reservation, and embark on a journey to culinary excellence. Check out their website and menu here.


4. Go On A Shopping Spree At Galeries Lafayette!

Treat Yourself

Photo Credit:Galeries Lafayette – Paris

What better way to treat yourself than to shop until you drop right here in the fashion capital of the world. Galeries Lafayette is world famous for having amazing shopping! Here you can find all of the designer brands and more! Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of shopping… the sheer beauty of this place is enough to change that! Why not splurge and treat yourself to the latest stiletto by Vuitton or, for the men, invest in an Armani suit that is sure to impress all of your colleagues!


5. Enjoy A Drink With A View

Drinks With A View

Photo Credit: ParisByM

Paris has many fantastic places to enjoy your favourite cocktail… but for a truly unforgettable experience… treat yourself to the finer things in life by checking out one of Paris’s many rooftop bars and elevated restaurants. They can be found pretty much anywhere in the city. We personally recommend heading on over to some of the ritzier hotels in Paris… Here you will often times find chic lounges where you can look out onto the sweeping vistas of Paris. If you decide to go after the sun sets, the city is especially beautiful when all of the lights come on! Its not called the city of lights for nothing…

To learn more about where to grab a scenic drink In Paris… Check out the link below…

Drinks With A View In Paris

6. Buy Luxury Perfume

Treat Yourself

Photo Credit: Mattias Kristiansson

Paris, and France, is famous for the many fragrances that it produces. Check out the famous perfume house known as Parfums Caron. Here you can buy an original perfume called Poivre Perfume that runs for around 1,000 dollars per ounce. While this price-tag might deter some, if you are looking to treat yourself this is a great place to start. This perfumery has been operating for over 100 years and, unsurprisingly, they have learned a thing or two about their craft during this time.


Looking for more info on where you can get a luxury perfume of your own… click here!



7. Attend Paris Fashion Week

Treat Yourself

Photo Credit:

We’ve all heard of it… many of us have dreamed for maybe one day having the chance to attend. So why not plan your visit so that you are here for this world famous event. Celebrities and the ultra-wealthy from all over the world come to check out the latest trends in clothing. World-acclaimed designers come to display their newest collections for both men and women. After attending this legendary event, you’ll return home both prepared for next seasons trends, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends. This is an absolute must for the more fashion-saavy amongst you looking to treat yourself.

8. Head To The Spa

Treat Yourself

Photo Credit: Shangri La Hotel

Need to take a moment to unwind after a long week of exploring Paris? Don’t worry, there are plenty of places to treat yourself to a luxury spa day.  We here at ParisByM recommend heading on over to the CHI spa, at Shangri La Hotel, to take a dip in their magnificent pool after a nice long massage…  Whatever your needs are… you are sure to leave feeling both rejuvenated and ready to embark upon your next Parisian adventure!


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