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Normandy Beach

Normandy Beaches Tour, An Other Side Of Normandy

Want to take a relaxing breakNormandy Beaches Tour is the vacation for you. You will find perfect places to spend relaxing holidays, don’t wait anymore and book your trip with our guide.
More than just being the region of the Normandy Battle, its landscapes have actually made it a cradle of art, and more specifically an impressionism. Indeed, plenty of gorgeous landscapes sculpted by nature are inspired by this location.
Whether to do a touristic tour or an unusual getaway its all up to you!

To have advice for a Normandy Battle Tour, you can read this article here.


For a Romantic Normandy Beaches Tour



Walking along the streets and feel the French charm of the city that inspired many impressionists. A city full of flowers, it conveys a cozy and warming feeling. Fortunately, the charm of old days has been preserved since the city was affected by the bombs during World War II.

On the beach, all kinds of activities are proposed: Gliding, kite, surfing, paddle, hiking. In the summer, there are also organized sand castles contests. All the keys for a relaxing weekend!

Normandy Beaches Tour

Honfleur Harbor @Pixabay



For a romantic trip between lovers, Cabourg is the perfect place! This is a popular location for filmmaking (La Boum, Intouchables…). Each year a romantic film festival is organized. There are also spa therapy and casino that are the main attractions of the city.

Another monument you can’t miss is the Grand Hotel of Cabourg. This city was made famous by the French writer Marcel Proust who stayed there for a period. He described it in his book In Search of the Lost Time. This well-known monument was also occupied by Germans during World War II.

Normandy Beaches Tour

Cabourg Beach @Wikimedia Commons



For a Family Normandy Beaches Tour


Deauville – Trouville

Deauville is a seaside resort, well known for its leisure port and casinos. Parisians, especially, used to come here due to its proximity.
Along the white sand beach, you will find the symbolic multicolored beach umbrellas and the mythical boards. The 3 kilometers of beach was as well used by many artists as inspirations.
For those who love horseback riding, you have 2 hippodromes and a training center at Deauville.

Across the river, you will find the twin city, Trouville. The city is quieter than Deauville, which is a more luxurious place to go.

Normandy Beaches Tour

Deauville’s Famous Sunshades @Wikimédia Commons


Le Havre

This modern city with a harbor was classified as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005. Rebuilt by Auguste Perret after World War II’s bombing, the building has a quite unique structure.
It is as well the hometown of the impressionist painter Monet.

The most important monuments and museums are the Church of Saint Joseph and the MuMa, Museum of Modern Art André Malraux. You can also take a look at the sample flat of Auguste Perret to discover an ideal apartment in the 1950’s.

Normandy Beaches Tour

Le Havre @Wikimedia Commons



To be close-to-nature Normandy Beaches Tour



Come enjoy the sunset on the pebble beach of Etretat! Former fishing village, and as well seaside resort in the XIXth century, many painters and writers, inspired by the city, took part in its blooming. Boudin, Maupassant or Flaubert, to name just a few of the biggest ones.

This outstanding site with a natural treasure took a part in WWII. The halls were transformed into a military hospital.

The city is famous for its cliffs covered by limestone (white chalk), which gives its white color. On the Beach, enjoy the view on the Aval cliff in a shape of an arch, hollow needle, and human hole. Pay attention to the human hole so you wont fall in!

etretat, etretat cliffs, Normandy Beaches Tour

Etretat Beach



For the people who dream to be connected with nature, Tahitou is made for you! This small island is a heaven on earth, ideal for recharging your batteries. Tahitou can be reached by boat or by foot as well, for the most courageous, when the beach is at low tide.

On the island, an ornithological reserve can be found. You can also visit the lazaret, with a marine museum, and the Fort Vauban, which was classified as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008.

Do not forget : dogs are not accepted on the island

Normandy Beaches Tour

Tahitou @Wikimedia Commons


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What are the main tourist attractions in Normandy?

Mont St. Michel

Normandy Beach

What To Visit For Your Normandy Battle Tours ?

1944. June, the 6th. D.Day of the invasion of Normandy. Soldiers from 16 different nationalities landed on Normandy’s beaches, marking the start of Europe’s liberation from the Nazis. Allies landed on the 5 beaches of Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword. Back on the track of a broken past.

All along Normandy Coast are monuments and museums dedicated to World War II. In fact, the battle of Normandy was a decisive turn for peace in Europe. 4 days are needed to do a complete tour. But you can skip some steps.


Practical Information Before Doing Normandy Battle Tours :

For Normandy Battle Tours, you can rent a car. But I recommend you contact a tourism agency or to book a tour with a guide since organizing this tour will be pretty difficult, especially if you do not know French roads well. As for public transportation, it is limited and not advised.


Day 1 : Mémorial of Caen, Sword Beach and Canadian Tour

To start Normandy Battle Tours, you should visit the Memorial of Caen, one of the most important museum on World War II. It covers the contemporary history from Sarajevo to the fall of the Berlin wall. You can take a ticket for the visit of the Memorial of Caen and for “Arromanches 360”, a circular cinema with unique footage of WWII.

Then visit Juno Beach and the Sword Beach, where the Merville Battery is located. At the Merville battery, you will discover the Germans’ defense system, with 20km-ranged cannons.D Day sites, 5 beaches of Normandy, Normandy Battle Tours

At Juno Beach, which was affected to the Canadian army, was held a bloody battle. The low tide and the lack of visibility, led to a late arrival of the army, enabling the opposing army to organize itself. Thus, Canadians suffered heavy losses. It is also the beach of Charles de Gaulle’s return (you can take a look at the Lorraine cross).

The Center Juno Beach is the only Canadian museum. It depicts Canada’s role during World War II.


Day 2 : Arromanches, the “Musée du Débarquement” and the British Cemetery

Arromanches’ port, also called Port Mulberry or Port Winston, is the ground zero for the operation. Actually, there were 2 harbors but the one on Omaha beach was destroyed by the storm. Normandy Battle ToursThe floating port was decisive for the liberation of France, especially for the offensive of Montgomery at Caen. The artificial harbor was built for the battle in 8 days thanks to a system of  spare parts. Located on the middle of the 5 beaches, weapons and ammunitions were provided by this bridge.

Enjoy a 19-minute movie at “Arromanches 360“, a circular cinema with exclusive images and footages of the World War II, ideal to immerse in the context of the war.

After this, you can visit the “Musée du Débarquement” of Arromanches, the first museum to commemorate the battle of Normandy. Built on the ruins, the museum will describe how the harbor was made.

Then, you can walk through the British cemetery. Actually, there are 27 cemeteries in Normandy. So there is no need to visit all of them.


Day 3 : Omaha Beach and the “Pointe du Hoc”

Normandy battlefield excursion in 1 to 2 days, Normandy Battle ToursOmaha beach is also called “Bloody Omaha“, since one of the most devastating battles was here. Near Omaha beach, you will find a memorial and the American cemetery, where almost 10 000 soldiers who fought for peace are buried. For a better understanding of the context, I recommend you visit the visitor center.

The Museum of D-Day Omaha was built in commemoration of American soldiers who fought on Omaha Beach. Some special pieces are displayed as a rebuilding of Port Arromanches A.

After Omaha beach, you should admire the Pointe du Hoc. American rangers climbed steep cliffs to take this important observation base of German fortifications. They discovered then that the Germans had moved their cannons a few days before. The mission was so risky that from the 225 rangers, only 90 were in shape to fight. It still bears the marks of the intense bombing from the Allies. You will be able to visit the remaining bunkers.

Normandy Battle Tours


Day 4 : Sainte-Mère-Eglise, the batteries of Marcouf and Utah Beach

Sainte-Mère l’Eglise is the first village liberated by the Americans. Paratroopers took a lead role in this mission. One story in particular, made this village famous. Wounded in the legs, one paratrooper landed on the Church tower and remained hanging here for 3 hours. He pretended to be dead, then was captured by the Germans and fortunately he managed to escape. A manikin was put on the Church as a souvenir.

The Airborne museum covers especially the role of paratroopers and the material and techniques of the time.

After visiting the museum, you can either explore the labyrinth of the batterie of Crisberg or the battery of Azeville. The first one, the battery of Crisberg, has shown the most opposition. Its 30km-ranged guns made it the most impressive battery of the Normandy Coast.

To end your Normandy Battle Tours, go to Utah Beach. In the “Musée du Débarquement” is displayed one of the 3 last bombardiers still existing, the bombardier B26.

Normandy D-Day sites, Normandy, D-Day sites, france in 5 days, Normandy Battle Tours


Now, you have all the tools to prepare ideal Normandy battle tours. So, what are you waiting for ?


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Places to visit in France

paris markets, best food markets in Paris

Best 5 food markets in Paris

Food is one of the many reasons why tourists are so fond of Paris. However, when you are in the French capital, it might be difficult to decide what and where to eat without spending a fortune. Well, you can find the solution to your problems following this guide to the best five food markets in Paris!


Paris Food, best food markets in paris
Food markets are very popular in Paris, since they offer a wider variety of produtcs than supermarkets, often at a lower price. This is why a lot of Parisians do their groceries there on a weekly basis. So what are you waiting? Discover which are the best food markets in Paris, and decide which one is the best for you!


Marché d’Aligre

best food marketsOpened in 1866, it is one of the oldest market in Paris, and also one of the cheapest. It is characterized by a strong village and bazar atmosphere, friendly and animated. Treat yourself with good quality food, a wide selection of spices and different products from all over the world. It is divided in two different sections:

Marché Aligre: It is an open air food and flea market. Here you will find fresh fruit and vegetables from different regions and countries, second hand clothing, bric-a-brac and old books.

Marché Beauveau: It is a covered market in which you will mainly find cooked food stalls where you can buy and try fish, meat, cheese, spices, olives, oil and exotic food.

Once you’re done with your shopping, go sit in a terrasse and enjoy a moment of relax.

Where: 12th arrondissement, metro stop Ledru Rollin, in Place d’Aligre and from Rue de Charenton to Rue Saint-Antoine.
When: Marché d’Aligre – Tuesday and Saturday from 8am to 5pm; Sunday from 8am to 1pm.
Marché Beauvau – Tuesday and Friday from 9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7:30pm; Saturday from 9am to 1pm and from 3:30pm to 7:30pm; Sunday from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

best food markets in Paris

Wikimedia commons


It is a small certified bio market in which you can find a wide range of fresh products buying directly from farmers and producers: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, flower essential oils, fresh milk, herb smoothies, vegan food and much more. Of course organic goods are a bit more expensive, but remember you are paying for high quality.

Where: 17th arrondissement, metro stop Rome, 34 boulevard des Batignolles
When: Saturday from 9 am to 3pm


Marché  des Enfants Rouges

best food marketsIt is one of the oldest markets in France: built out of a 16th century orphanage, it was named historical monument in 1982. The name is given by the colour of children’s cothes, which had been donated by Christians for charity. In 2000, it reopened as a food market in which you can find fresh organic food as well as Japanese, Libanese, African, Arab, Antilles and Chinese dishes. It is the ideal place to have a quick lunch on the spot.


Where: The Marais – 3rd arrondissement, metro stop Filles du Calvaire, 39 rue de Bretagne
When: From Tuesday to Friday from 8.30am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7.30pm; Saturday from 4pm to 8pm; Sunday from 8.30am to 2pm


best food markets in paris

Wikimedia Commons


Active from 1989, this market consists of about 50 bio-certified sellers and producers which offer fruit, vegetables, meat, wine, cheese, bakery, takeaway food stalls, flowers and cosmetics. It’s one of the most popular and chic markets in Paris, where all products are high quality and without GMO or pesticides.

Where: 6th arrondissement, metro stop Sèvres-Babylone, 71 Boulevard Raspail
When: Tuesday and Friday from 7am to 2.30pm; Sunday from 7am to 3pm


best food market

Wikimedia commons


It’s one of the biggest and most animated markets in Paris, with about a hundred sellers providing a wide variety of local products like cheese, meat, fish, fruit, honey, olives and wine. Crepes stalls are also a must. Here you will find good deals at reasonable prices.


Where: 11ème arrondissement, metro stops Bastille and Oberkampf, Boulevard Richard Lenoir
When: Thursday from 7am to 2.30pm; Sunday from 7am to 3pm.


And these were the best 5 food markets in Paris for your greedy needs. Don’t miss them!


Check our more photos about Food Markets:


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Lille City Center France Itinerary

France itinerary through the most worthseeing cities

Place de la Bourse Bordeaux France Itinerary

Bordeaux, the “Sleeping Beauty”

First, we recommend you to start this France itinerary staying a few days in Bordeaux, also nicknamed “La Belle endormie” because it is the second French city (after Paris) in terms of number of listed historical monuments. And you indeed won’t be disappointed by the famous Place de la Bourse (and the stunning “Miroir d’eau”) which marks a shift between the medieval and the new classical city. Bordeaux is quite astonishing for its blend of temporality in its monuments: the contrast between the neoclassic Palais Rohan built in the 18th century, the roman arena Le Palais Gallien, and the gothic Cathédrale Saint-André speaks for itself. Plus, if you are a wine lover, jump at the chance of participating to an excursion which will bring you at the core of the fabrication of the renown and delightful Bordeaux wine ! (Check our special Bordeaux Package if interested)


Place du Capitole Toulouse France Itinerary

Toulouse, the “Pink City”

Then, we advise you to go to Toulouse, which is about 2 hours and a half away from Bordeaux. You will be seduced by its colourful streets and monuments, starting with the Capitole, stunning for its rose marble pillars and statues. During the day, you can admire this place and wander in the charming streets nearby; but when lit at night, this beautiful monument becomes highly outstanding, and we are convinced you don’t want to miss that either. As for religious edifices, you will be amazed by the particular shape of the Basilique Saint Sernin and the Eglise des Jacobins. If yearning for more nature, you will be pleased by a wander along the Canal du Midi, which was designated at UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finally, if you are eager to discover more quirky activities, you should visit the Airbus factory, which is one of Toulouse’s biggest success and pride.


Calanques France ItineraryAix & Marseille, the “Phocean City”

To continue this France itinerary, next you should go to Provence, especially in two cities: Aix and Marseille. In Aix, let yourself be charmed by the “Cours Mirabeau”: this alley is full of gorgeous fountains and gardens which will bring you to a little heaven of pureness, inserted among splendid hotels such as the famous Hotel de Villars. Then, if you want to change for another atmosphere, go to Marseille, the “phocean city” where there are plenty of treasures. Some are religious, as the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde or the Cathédrale la Major; some are historical, as the Castle d’If or the Palais Longchamp. But maybe the “must see” is the Canebière, a huge and lively street leading to the old Harbour of Marseille. From there, you can plan an excursion to the Calanques which will amaze you by the contrast they offer between the rocky cliffs and the turquoise-blue water of the sea.


Lyon, the “Gaules Capital”

Once revived by such a natural show, head to Lyon. Its historic site is registered in UNESCO World Heritage Site, which already informs you the delight you will feel discovering this city. First, take time to wander in the Quartier Saint-Jean in which the paved little streets, the artisanal boutiques, but also the Cathedral Saint Jean will seduce you. Then, an inescapable Notre Dame de Fourviere Lyon France Itinerarymonument certainly is the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière, for its magnificence in dimensions but also in the idea of pureness spread by its fair colours fair. Don’t forget to enjoy the view it gives upon the entire city, crossed by the Rhône. By the way, a walk along the river may meet your expectations of nature, but the Parc de la tête d’Or will undoubtedly fulfil them. Finally, for an uncommon visit of this city, try to find the Traboules, starting from the top of the Croix Rousse for instance: they are hidden ways silk workers used not to damage the material, you can find them pushing doors and seeing if they open on a secret passage !


Lille Grande place France ItineraryLille, the “Flanders Capital”

To end this France itinerary, if you are leaving from Paris, we recommend you to go to Lille since it is about 2 hours and a half away from the French Capitol. This very charming city is above all known for its “Vieux Lille” district, which architecture is full of colours, and which sinuous streets are covered in paves. You shouldn’t miss either its impressive monuments; some are gathered in la Grande Place such as la Vieille Bourse de Lille, but you can also be as much admiring in front of the Palais des Beaux Arts or la Librairie Furet du Nord. Thus, if you have a spare day, don’t hesitate to enjoy a moment in this very lively and appealing city !


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Flavigny sur Ozerain

The country of anise candies: Flavigny sur Ozerain

Flavigny sur Ozerain is one the most beautiful villages in France. It boasts a unique historical heritage made of architectural medieval beauties. Furthermore, a characteristic of this area is also the anise, a plant which is distinct by fennel or star anise.(star anise comes from China).

Flavigny sur Ozerain

In this peaceful and charming village a small candies factory, “Les Anis de Flavigny “has established its house. In the following article we will display from the plant to the creation processing how these delicious candies are made up.

The candies factory

Flavigny sur OzerainThe factory located in Favigny sur Ozerain, is 60 kilometers away from Dijon and 1.30h from Paris by TGV. It is built up at 421 meters, on a promontory at the end of a limestone plateau.

Inside the factory the candies are prepared with white sugar since the discovery of beet sugar (around 1600). Before that, they used cane sugar. The anise is always prepared with sugar unrefined cane organicly certified by Ecocert. The anise of Flavigny is available with different flavors: anise the course, blackcurrant, lemon, orange blossom, ginger, tangerine, mint, licorice, rose and violet. The taste of aniseed drinks was introduced on the shores of the Mediterranean in ancient times, according to the Turkish and Greek domination. The cultivation of anise has thus gradually extended to the entire Mediterranean basin.

Flavigny sur OzerainThe natural flavors are extracted from plants by a steamed distillation with alcohol. For example, the processing for the pure mint is done in a still where the leaves and the water are heated and the steam developed by the leaves is responsible for the essential mint oil. The quantity of oil than can be produced with a ton of petals is based on different plants. All around the location the anise perfume, as the most used plant will stimulate your smell.

Run by a family for years

Flavigny sur OzerainThe factory has inherited three generations of knowledge carried forward by a team of 35 people. In 1923, Jean Troubat had the idea to sell the anise in the stations and underground of Paris and afterwards opened the first shop right there. In 1928 he distributed boxes of anise in United States, Canada, Algeria and elsewhere in Europe. Now the anise of “Les Anis de Flavigny” factory is sold everywhere in garden centers, organic stores, airports and railway stations.

Why visiting Flavigny sur Ozerain and the factory?

At the “Les Anis de Flavigny” further the anise’s factory you will have the opportunity to visit the others fantastic and grateful buildings which include the anise museum, the anise cafè, and the anise boutique. Hurry up to  get stocks of one of the most delicious type of candies in the world. Furthermore experiencing Flavigny sur Ozerain will be very delightful in order to stimulate your own senses. The Burgundy region, where the village is located, will give you the opportunity to know one of the best finest French cuisine and its huge variety of wines. You absolutely cannot miss Les Anis de Flavigny factory and its surrounding.

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Paris guided tours

What tourists enjoy in Paris guided tours?

Discover our selection of Paris guided tours

If you’re traveling to Paris and don’t know what to do or if you find yourself overwhelmed by all of the enticing options – the best and most enjoyable solution is to take a Paris guided tour . Here’s why:

Paris guided tours

Boat tour on the Seine

1. A nice sample

If you choose a Paris guided tour through ParisByM, you get to see a good range and sample of The City of Lights’ most mesmerizing sights, attractions and culture. If you see something you like – you can always make a note of it and head back there later. And if you’re only in Paris for a short period of time – then a tour is the surest way to take advantage.

Paris guided tours

Bus tour of the main attractions

2. A true Parisian point of view

A guide can make or break a tour. That’s why ParisByM has selected only the best guides and Paris guided tours. They take you to their favorite spots and hidden gems around the city and as a result, you start feeling like less of a tourist and more like a resident. They also give you an interesting history lesson along the way – so no need to keep your head buried in your travel guide! You can also ask your guide for advice on what to do for the rest of your trip – they always know the best places to eat, drink and be merry!

Paris guided tour

In the midst of a group guided tour

3. Meeting fellow travelers

Going on a Paris guided tour is one of the best ways to meet new people while traveling. You can make new friends or even encounter a new travel buddy. And – if you’re traveling solo or a bit of an introvert, this is a good opportunity to be social!

Paris guided tours

Meeting friends along the way

4. Group or private tours

Guided tours in Paris come in all different shapes and sizes. If you’re a social butterfly or prefer to be alone – no worries, there’s a tour in Paris for that! ParisByM can set you up on a tour that suits your needs and preferences.

Paris guided tours

Classic car tour

5. Getting around

There are so many different ways of seeing the sights in Paris. You can take a boat tour on the Seine, see the city from above on the roof of a bus or tour in style in a classic car. If you would rather go at a slower pace, to really soak everything in, take a bike or traditional walking tour. And if you’re looking for something a little different and fun, ride around the city on a Segway – helmets included!


One of the best views during a Segway tour

6. Themed tours

There are a lot of guided tours in Paris where you see the main attractions, but there is also a large selection of themed tours. If you’re a foodie – you can go on a gastronomic tour and taste some of the best food the city has to offer. And since you are in one of the best city’s for wine – why not take advantage and go wine tasting with an expert sommelier.

Paris guided tours

Having fun while wine tasting. Credit:

These are just a few of the many reasons to take a Paris guided tour – and ParisByM can help you book one before or after your flight.

Take the stress and out of your travel planning and book a tour that you won’t forget.

Happy touring!

Day trip from Paris

3 Cities to Include in your European Tour package

I hereby want to complete a guide, whereas you can pick from our selection of 3 cities in your European tour packages…

Barcelona – the charming and diverse city!

European Tour package

Barcelona is an amazingly beautiful city.

Barcelona is known for being an more and more international, beautiful and a city with a lot of possibilities for everyone, no matter age and gender. Barcelona is set on the northeastern Mediterranean coast, and has a warm, pleasant climate, sandy beaches, really good cuisine and excellent art and architecture!

You can either walk through Barcelona, to get that genuine, authentic experience that you only can do by walking through the streets, and perhaps getting in touch with other tourists or the locals… You can, however, also discover the lovely Barcelona by a hop-on-hop-off-bus, with an open-top.

There are three different routes included in one ticket and 44 stops at interesting places, such as Plaza de Cataluña, Via Layetana, the cathedral and its cloister, Gothic Quarter, Plaza Sant Jaume, Sagrada Familia, Parque Guell, Villa Olimpica and the Port Olimpic, up the Montjuïc Mountain for a panoramic view of the city and harbor and perhaps visit the Poble Espanyol, which is a Spanish village.

Barcelona is the perfect place if you want to shop, or walk around the amazing Ramblas! The Gothic Quarter is very famous, and for those interested in art; there are many museum, which includes the Picasso Museum!

London – one of the greatest cities in the world!

European Tour package

London is full of activities and sightseeings!

London is a diverse and exciting city with some of the world’s best sights, attractions and activities, and for good reason; there is a lot of things to do, and some days London is like a bag of candy, that never gets empty; always something to see, and always something to explore. You should definitely include it as part of your European tour package. You can either stroll down Oxford Street to shop, dine and explore, or you can take an open-top sightseeing bus tour, so you have a choice of routes around famous landmarks so you may get on and off wherever you wish.

From here, you will be able to view the city’s iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Madame Tussands just to mention a few…

And the extra plus? You can go from silver to gold in an short amount of time; you can take the train from London to Paris! You can make your own way to London St. Pancras railway station and take a beautiful train ride to Paris, romantic French capital. You will have a chance to enjoy a bit of the countryside in the comfort of a high-speed train.

Paris, the City of Lights

European Tour package

Paris with a view on the Eiffel Tower…

So you arrived to the most beautiful city, and the opportunities are many… You can find one of our many guides or blogposts on ParisByM, when you include Paris in your European tour package. You can enjoy a full-day sightseeing tour of Paris, in a hop-on hop-off double-decker coach, and from here view all the famous landmarks such as the Opéra, Place Vendôme, Concorde Square, Champs-Elysées Avenue, Arch of Triumph, Eiffel Tower, Invalides, Orsay Museum, the Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Sorbonne, Pantheon Church and more. Do not forget to buy one of our packages at ParisByM, for your perfect Parisian experience!

Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, 3 Paris Day Tours, places of interest paris

3 Paris day tours you should try

In the hustle and bustle in Paris, it can be hard to pick day tours, you want to try. We all know, that a powerful characteristic of the French people is the regard they have for their history, and the restoration of their national monuments. The result of this preservation of the past has greatly contributed to the beautiful state of Paris today. I will hereby complete a guide, whereas I pick out 3 Paris day tours you definitely should try!

Paris, Eiffel, view

Paris with a view on the Eiffel Tower

First time in Paris

If you want to enjoy some of Paris’ greatest monuments in your day tour, you should try our “First time in Paris”-package, which you will find on ParisByM. In the day tour the highlights are included for first time visitors, so if you are coming to Paris for the first time, this is a package especially aimed for you…

You will explore the Louvre Museum, which for over two centuries has been one of the biggest museums in the world. Here, you have to see the famous Mona Lisa by Da Vinci. But even though Louvre is best known for this masterpiece, there is so much more to explore. You can easily spend a whole afternoon here!

Next up, you can go to Arc de Triomphe at Place de l’Étoile at the top of the Champs-Élysées. Arc de Triomphe is a symbol of the French nation, which links the old and new Paris, and is located on the highest point of the line running from the Louvre to the Grande Arche de la Défense. You have to go up and experience the amazing view of Paris. Overwhelming and beautiful!

By afternoon, you can go on a cruise on the Seine River. Many of the most famous Paris landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame cathedral lie along the banks of the river – and a Seine Cruise gives you a whole new perspective on these wonderful monuments. A cruise down the beautiful Seine River shows you the wonderful architecture and café lined boulevards of Paris. Buy tickets at ParisByM, and enjoy a dinner cruise with your loved one.

Paris day tours

Seine Cruise – imagine enjoying a dinner here, while the greatest monuments pass you by? Whoa.

Off the beaten path

Option two, is possibly my personal favorite… The “Off the Beaten Path”-package, which allows you to get a guided tour through the famous and beautiful district Montmarte. You can see the famous Sacré-Cœur Basilica here, and you can either take the tram or hike up to enjoy an amazing view from the Roman Catholic church. Afterwards, you can go on a wine tasting tour with high value French vines, and a guided tour to the home of the world-known “Phantom of the Opera”; Opera Garnier. The Palais Garnier is “probably the most famous opera house in the world, and you will be overwhelmed by the amazing architecture, and the romantic atmosphere… Make sure not to miss. Definitely one of the 3 Paris day tours you should try.

Paris day tours

The golden interior of Opera Garnier in Paris. Amazing.

Museum lovers

Last but not least, you should try our “Museum Lovers” package, and the title speaks for itself; If you want to experience the history of the City of Lights while discovering all of its other monuments, this package is dedicated to you! Visit the World-famous Louvre, the Sainte Chapelle, and a tour to the Notré Dame – besides you will get to experience a cruise on the Seine. Discover the world-known Louvre where not a corner are left out, go afterwards and enjoy Saine Chapelle, which is a masterpiece of Flamboyant Gothic architecture built by Saint Louis in the heart of the Palais de la Cité on the Ile de la Cité in Paris. Discover its unique stained glass windows rendering the air iridescent with light and colour, symbols of the Heavenly Jerusalem. This is a royal medieval Gothic chapel, and you will be able to enjoy a concert here! Look at for the upcoming concerts in 2015.

Paris day tours

Saine Chapelle in Paris… Overwhelming experience.


Afterwards, go and enjoy Notre Dame and get a guided visit by an experimented guide, which will give you wisdom about the importance of the Cathedral in Parisians’ life!


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Notre Dame in Paris!

At dinner time, go to a Seine Cruise. You do not want to miss this… A cruise down the beautiful Seine River shows you the wonderful architecture and café lined boulevards of Paris. Buy tickets at ParisByM, and enjoy a dinner cruise with your loved one. What’s not to love?

Hope you enjoyed my personal pick of 3 Paris day tours you should try!



Giverny, Paris - Trips from Paris by train

Trips from Paris by train

Most people who come to Paris again and again, rarely become tired of it… However, if you want to explore and discover beyond the city limits, there are plently of day trips from Paris by train! I want to introduce you to my personal guide to trips from Paris by train, and each of them are close enough to go back and forth in a day.

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From Paris with love… Credit: Pinterest


First of, there is a small town called Provins. It is an hour and 25 mins south-east of Paris, and you can depart from the train station Gare de l’Est. Provins is an ancient town, and get you back to the Middle Ages, with beautifully and amazing buildings, and winding streets. If you have the slightest interest in history, this would be the perfect day trip for you. Provins is also well-known for its rose-derived produce so use it as an excuse to stock up on rose petal jam.

You can take a local train from Gare de l’Est – they leave every half an hour. You won’t save any money by booking in advance so you can just stroll up on the day.

Provins, France

Provins, with it’s beautiful, narrow streets and historical aspects…


Next up is Giverny, which is also included in a day trip in our beneficial packages on ParisByM. You will be amazed by the very famous series of water lily paintings by the Claude Monet. Giverny is just 45 minutes from the train station Gare Saint Lazare station, and you can go with a fast train. The house and the garden is inspired by Monet’s life work. When you take the train, you will arrive in Vernon, from where it is approximately an hour walk from the train station. You can also rent bikes, because some companies offer bike rental just outside the train station, or else you can take a very short bus ride towards Giverny. You will hereby find this beautiful garden, which is very peaceful. At summertime the garden is in full bloom, which leaves you amazed, and the impression will for sure stay with you forever. Make sure not to miss!

Giverny, Paris

Giverny.. Amazing!


Auvers-sur Oise is the place, where painter Vincent Van Gogh famously worked and died. In 70 short days, Van Gogh painted prolifically, creating on average one work every day until his death. If you’re not a Van Gogh fan, you will still be amazed by this beautiful town, and it’s fields which inspired his work. You can head to the Auberge Ravoux, to see the famous apartment where Van Gogh lived his very final months, or you can enjoy your lunch there at table number five, which is where Van Gogh took his meals… Down the memory lane! If you pass by the village church, you will see the cemerety where the famous artist is buried. Amazing choice for a trip outside of Paris by train!

On weekends and holidays from April – October a direct train to Auvers leaves from Gare du Nord around 10am, taking 35 minutes. All other times, visitors must take a train from either Gare du Nord or St. Lazare, then transfer to an Auvers-bound train at Valmondois, Pointoise or St. Ouen. You do not have to book in advance.

Auverns, France

Auverns, Van Gogh


Last recommendation for a day trip by train, is Fontainebleau-Avon. The amazing town is just forty minutes from Paris, and the forest of Fontainebleau is just moments from the station, which covers 100 square miles. You can enjoy a picnic in the former royal hunting grounds, or go towards the castle, which is the city’s main monument. The Château de Fontainebleau was once the country seat to French royals, which goes back to the 16th century.

There is a lot to see – for example galleries, art and Marie Antoinette’s bed! You have to take a day off your calender to have enough time to explore this amazing place, in an relaxed pace… It’s a straightforward 40 minute train ride from Gare de Lyon to the Fontainebleau-Avon station. This is a local train you needn’t book in advance. If you’re headed for the castle then take the ‘Ligne A’ bus destined for Les Lilas, alighting at the ‘Château’ stop. Or else you can walk approximately 35 minutes.


Fontainebleau, and it’s amazing castle.. One of the most visited monuments in France!

This were my recommendations for trips from Paris by train… Hope you enjoyed the guide I completed for you, if your wanderlust outside of Paris increases.

Until next time…

Loire Valley, France

How to travel from Paris to Loire Valley?

When you visit Paris, and have a bit more time, you definitely have to see the Loire Valley, which is studded with fairytale villages, and the famous châteaux de la Loire. The areas are like postcards; so beautiful and peaceful that it could win the Nobel peace prize. Magic corners everywhere, and not to talk about the breath-taking castles…

Book ParisByM day tour from Paris to the Loire Valley. You will see the main castles: Chambord, Chenonceau, Azay Le Rideau and Villandry gardens.

Book ParisByM day tour from Paris to the Loire Valley. You will see the main castles: Chambord, Chenonceau, Azay Le Rideau and Villandry gardens.

In other words, the Loire Valley is an outstanding cultural landscape of overwhelming beauty, historical villages and towns, and if you are interested in architecture? Then Loire Valley is perfect for you. The landscape contains great architectural monuments (the châteaux), and cultivated lands formed by many centuries of interaction between their population and the physical environment, primarily the river Loire itself.

Loire Valley Castles, Paris packages

Loire Valley, France, Pinterest

If you decide to visit the Loire Valley, there are several transportation options available; buses and trains can carry you to the main towns of the three Loire provinces—Anjou (to the west), Orléans (to the east), and the center ring of the show, Touraine.

If you want to get a full package, whereas you also can explore the amazing Mont Saint Michel, you can go to ParisByM and order one of our packages, which includes everything you need for your tour: transportation in an luxury, air-conditioned bus, accommodation in an great 3 star hotel with double room, and guided tours to the areas and the wonderful monuments! Note, that a guided visit of the Château de Chambord, which is the largest and most imposing castle in the Loire Valley, is also included in the packages! Something you don’t want to miss for sure…

We just released the packages, because of a great demand. More and more people discover the Loire Valley, and want to see the magical landscape with their own eyes – and we do understand why.

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Loire Valley, Pinterest

Tour Eiffel skip the line guided tour

A review of the Eiffel Tower tours

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By the stairs: tickets cannot be bought in advance for climbing the Eiffel Tower by stairs. You can climb up to the 2nd floor with the stairs, but you will have to take the elevator of you want to go further to the 3rd and last floor. You can expect a waiting time of around half an hour before getting your tickets for the stairs. Price is 7€ per adult.

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The amazing Eiffel Tower

By elevator: tickets can be bought either at the day and time of your visit (with a line that can be around 2 hours, or longer during high season), or can be bought in advance (exactly 3 months prior to the day when you want to go). But the official tickets on the official website are gone in only a few minutes… Another solution then is to buy them from a retailer, which might charge an additional fee. Official price for an adult: 11€ for the 2nd floor, 17 for the 3rd.

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Eiffel Tower in Paris

Guided tour of the Eiffel Tower: the best option is to go for a guided tour, where you will not only go up to the 2nd floor, but also give you an exclusive experience of what is behind the scene…. You can check more information about these tours here. Tickets are sold our pretty fast, so contact us now to get your tickets for this tour!

Toureiffel, behind, scenes, Eiffeltower tours

Behind the scenes – the Eiffel Tower

Don’t forget that access to the 3rd floor is not automatically included in your ticket. You can buy an additional ticket either at the foot of the Eiffel Tower (doing the line) or at the 2nd floor, for an additional price of 6€, but you still have to do the line to access the unique elevator (consider an approximate 30 minutes).

Note: each ticket purchase for the Eiffel Tower is non-refundable

Opening hours
Mid-June to early September: 9am to midnight
Rest of the year: 9:30am to 11pm.

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Paris Wine Tours

Want to discover wine in Paris?

Paris is a living, breathing city and wine is her lifeblood. Day or night, you’ll see the stuff flowing through the capillaries of city. Dionysus would be proud.

In fact, France is known not only for its world-class wine production but also its culture of dégustation – that is, tasting. Want to become a sommelier during your visit?


Paris Wine Tours

Montmartre Wine Grapes (David McSpadden, Wikimedia Commons)


Champagne or Loire Valley

You can escape the noise and bustle of the city for a day and discover the magical French countryside through a lovely wine tour. Champagne speaks for itself in the domain of wine. Many would argue Paris wine tours are bested by those in Champagne. As for the Loire Valley, you’ll find more than chateaux.


Paris Wine Tours

Cave Duhard, Loire Valley


Group Wine Tasting

Part of a group? You can raise your glasses together! There are plenty of opportunities for you and your friends to taste wine in Paris all together. Don’t hesitate to send us a message to find out more!

Latin Quarter

Stay in the historic Latin Quarter! Train your palate at a homey wine bar. This neighborhood conserves the spirit of medieval Paris; many consider it the heart of city. Where better to try do a Paris wine tour?


Paris Wine Tour

A street in the Quartier Latin (Wikimedia Commons)

Cheese Lover?

Want to feel French? How about pairing your wine with cheese?


Please contact us for more information and/or details.


tours from paris

Tours from Paris: The Best Places to Visit

Are you in Paris and looking for a great weekend getaway? Here’s a list of our favorite tours from Paris along with regional blog links to help you make the most of your trip.



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Famous for its exceptional wine, Burgundy is sure please. Explore the vineyards of the Côte d’Or where you can sample some of its celebrated Pinot noir and Chardonnay wines. Along with your drink, be sure to take in some of the local cuisine, such as the beef bourguignon or coq au vin.

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The original producer of champagne, the region of the same name offers the best bubbly on the planet. Visit one of the many champagne houses where you can discover the intricate process behind the drink’s preparation. No visit to Champagne is complete without a visit to Reims, a historical village close to Paris that was the coronation site of many French kings.

Blog: For the Love of Champagne

Fontainebleau / Barbizon / Vaux le Vicomte

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The Seine-et-Marne region of France is home to many towns rich in history and culture. Be sure to visit the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, a stunning castle in the style of Louis XIV. Visitors to Fontainebleau can enjoy a stroll through the Fontainebleau forest and take in the famous Fontainebleau Castle, home to many ancient French kings. Art lovers will enjoy the city of Barbizon, home to the Barbizon school of painters who were responsible for the Realist movement.

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French Riviera

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A seaside paradise, the French Riviera is a warm, sunny area along the southwestern coast of France. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, it is home to several resorts, including Cannes and Saint-Tropez. Explore the beautiful city of Nice, the largest in the region and a bustling urban center or take a day trip to the sovereign state of Monaco, where you can explore some of its world-class casinos.

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This friendly little town in the Flanders region offers quite the experience. Located on France’s Belgian border, Lille is a blend of French culture and Flemish traditions. Stroll down one of its historic streets, or enjoy a night out on the town in one of its popular clubs. Be sure to visit one of its three art museums, including the Palais des Beaux-Arts, one of the largest museums in France.

Blog: The Everyday Life of a Young American Girl in France

Loire Valley

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The Loire Valley, located along the banks of the Loire River, is known for its fertile grounds, beautiful architecture, and, of course, wine. You can tour the numerous vineyards and fruit orchards of the “Garden of France” and visit the many spectacular castles, including the Château de Chambord, while sipping a glass of Sauvignon blanc.

Blog: Frog + Princess: France’s Top 10 Châteaux in the Loire Valley

Tour: Book your tour to the Loire Valley with us today at


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No trip to the North of France is complete without a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel. This famous castle is one of the most popular sites in France, drawing over 3 million visitors each year. After exploring Mont-Saint-Michel, take a trip to Brittany to discover the beautiful seaside resort of Saint-Malo. Here, you can explore its historic château and try some of its world-famous oysters.

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Normandy is a region rich in history and culture with plenty to explore. Take a walk along Omaha Beach, where you can pay your respects at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. Be sure to visit some of the other areas of the region, as well, such as Roeun, known for its gothic architecture, and Deauville, home to a popular casino.

Blog: Chez Loulou: A Taste of Life in France

Strasbourg / Alsace

Ttours from paris ucked away in the beautiful region of Alsace, France lies its most famous city: Strasbourg. Right on the French-German border, Strasbourg offers visitors a unique mix of French and German culture. Enjoy a glass of wine from one of the famous Strasbourg caves or a cold mug of beer from one of its equally spectacular breweries. Be sure to visit the astronomical clock in the Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral and the historical Haut Kœnigsburg Castle, carved into the Vosges Mountains during the Middle Ages. If visiting in the winter, you can go to the Christmas fair, a real treat during the holiday season.

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France’s French-speaking neighbor, Belgium, is home to many hidden treasures. With plenty of medieval architecture, bustling markets, and fun festivals, Belgium is a great place to spend your holiday. Be sure to take in Bruxelles, the capital city and an important European political center or Bruges, the “Venice of the North,” where you can enjoy its many beautiful canals.

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The most famous U.K. city, London is a historical and cultural hub perfect for your next vacation. Visit its world-renowned sites, such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower Bridge as you enjoy its many museums, galleries, and theaters dotting the city. Travelers from Paris can reach London in just two hours with the Eurostar, a high-speed train connecting both cities by English Channel.

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