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Paris Metro Prices

Buying Group Metro Tickets for Student Trips

Transportation around Paris may seem difficult and expensive for large student groups, but knowing the tips and tricks to discounted Paris Metro prices is a great start to making your trip as stress-free as possible.

Here are a few things you need to know about purchasing your group Metro tickets at a discounted price.

Paris Metro Prices

Credit: trblnyx

The first thing to account for is the size and average age of your group. The Parisian RAPT Group offers a 50% discount for train tickets which include access to the Metro, RER (although this does not include airport connections) and trains in the Île-de-France region. However, there are a few parameters that your group must meet in order to take advantage of this offer. The groups size is the most important factor. An adult or teacher with a group size of greater than 10 children can benefit from the discount. For every 10 children, 1 adult or teacher is able to also able to receive a reduced fare for up to 30 kids.

The age of the group is also important. The youth group may be comprised of either 10 year olds and younger or middle and high school students as old as 18 years old. For this reason, these discounted tickets are especially useful for student trips where there are many young people in one group.

In order to be able to get this price reduction, the adult that is accompanying the group must fill out a “youth group transport form” that will need to be validated by a station agent. These forms are able to be found at all Metro and RER stations and allows for immediate travel after validation. Be sure to continue carrying this form with you as you travel along with your Metro tickets. In the case that you are stopped by officials checking tickets, you will need both the ticket as well as the form in order to prove that you and your group are authorized to have a reduced fare ticket.

Paris Metro Prices

Credit: Gonzalo Photography

Unfortunately, this discount is only valid for one way and round-trip tickets, so if you and your group are planning a trip more centered around Metro travel there may be better options for you.

The Paris Travel Pass is a good option for groups planning on spending multiple days in Paris. This pass allows for unlimited trips for either 1, 2, 3, or 5 consecutive days. This can be a better option for you than just getting a weekly pass since weekly passes follow the calendar week. Meaning, while you may purchase a weekly pass on a Thursday, you will have to repurchase one on that Monday for the next week. The travel pass also allows you to pick which zones you are most interested in, so if you are planning on staying in the center of Paris, this will also help you save money on your tickets. These tickets may be bought at the ticket desks and ticket machines


Furthermore, a travel agent is a great resource to aid you in this process. Because of their connections and expertise, they will be able to help you find the best possible mode of transportation for you and your group’s needs without the hassle of you having to try to find it for yourself. Using ParisByM will take care of the details for you, so you can sit back relax, and get excited for your trip!

School Trips to Paris, best museums

Best Museums to Visit on School Trips to Paris

Interested in visiting museums on school trips to Paris? Paris is full of all kinds museums. ParisByM has compiled a list of some of the places you won’t want to miss out on!

The Louvre

School Trips to ParisOn school trips to Paris, the world’s largest museum is a must see! Not only is this a very beautiful and historical building, but it also houses some of the most famous pieces of art in the world.  During your visit you can see the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and the Great Sphinx. You will want to keep in mind that there’s far too much to see in just one day. To avoid being overwhelmed, make sure you decide what to see before arriving.

Centre Pompidou

School Trips to ParisThe exterior of the Centre Pompidou is unlike any other in Paris. The Centre Pompidou is known for many things, but most importantly it houses the National Museum of Modern Art. It is the largest modern art museum in Europe. The center also has a library with multiple levels that you can visit and explore. For a small fee, you can go all the way to the top of Centre Pompidou and see the beautiful city from above. This has to be one of the best views by far.

Picasso Museum

School Trips to ParisPicasso is well known by many all around the world! School trips to Paris provide the perfect opportunity to see some of his greatest pieces of work in a museum dedicated just for him! This includes works of art from the master, but also numerous pieces from his own private collection. Some pieces include Self Portrait and Celestina. The museum is located in the Marais District, so make sure to check out the neighborhood after you visit the museum.

Musee d’Orsay

School Trips to Paris

Not so long ago, this museum was once a railway station! It is a building rich in history and has many interesting pieces to see. It located on the left bank, along the Seine. The Musée d’Orsay houses many famous pieces of impressionist art, mostly from French artists.  You’ll definitely want to check them out on school trips to Paris.

Ateliers des Lumières

School Trips to ParisThe Ateliers des Lumières is an amazing opportunity to be transported into the works of arts. This is a large warehouse, located in the 11th district, where you are immersed in an artist’s work: the walls are covered indeed by large screens to show off the artists’ works of art, while some music adapted to what is shown is played. Often the shows last around 30 minutes, therefore the tickets are purchased for 30 minute intervals, but once inside, you can stay for how long as you wish. Every year, the Ateliers des Lumières displays different works of art from different artists, so make sure to check out the exhibitions online and see if they interest you.

L’Orangerie Museum

School Trips to Paris

Located next to the Place de la Concorde, this museum was once an Orangerie, meaning a greenhouse special for orange trees! Here you can observe Monet’s waterlily paintings displayed in two large rooms. There is also a lot to explore in the other parts of the museum, with a lot of  impressionist and post impressionist art work that you won’t want to miss!

Musée Rodin

School Trips to ParisIn this museum you can explore the works by the famous sculptor, Auguste Rodin. This museum is dedicated entirely to his works! Not only will you enjoy some masterpieces inside the museum, but also outside in the park surrounding the museum where famous pieces like The Door to Hell are located randomly among the green spaces.  Our recommendation is that you not only appreciate the interior and his famous pieces, but also take time to view the exterior and the green space surrounding the beautiful building. The most famous sculpture you might be familiar with at this museum is of a nude male figure sitting on a rock with his chin resting on his fist as if deep in thought, The Thinker.



This is of course only a short selection of museums that might interest your students during school trips to Paris, but the French capital and its surrounding are full of other options that are worth discovering.

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Student Tours to France


Student Tours to France

Using Student Tours to France in Your Classroom

Planning a trip to France with your students? Want to know more about student tours to France? No worries! ParisByM has compiled a list of some tours that can be applied in your classroom based on the subject you teach.

French Teachers

Student tours to France play a major role in your student’s experience to France because it is where they will learn about the culture and people. There are many schools in France that students are able to visit and spend their day alongside students from that institution. These tours will provide your students with the opportunity to interact with French locals and practice their French. Once you are back in the classroom with your students, you can do an activity based on any questions or differences they noticed between French and American schools.

Student Tours to France

Many cooking classes are also offered throughout France. Each class can specialize on a different dish, nonetheless, it’ll be a great activity for your students to participate in. They can bring the recipe home and show their families how to cook the dish. It is a neat way to learn and embrace the delicious French cuisine.

History Teachers

Student Tours to France

In France, you will be surrounded by history everywhere you turn. In Paris, your students can visit the Catacombs, which are underground ossuaries that hold the remains of more than six million people! After touring the tunnels of the Catacombs, your students will be amazed and will want to learn even more about the history of the Catacombs in the classroom.

There are hundreds of castles located in the Loire Valley. Some castles are more popular than others, but each has its own style and history. Students will be amazed by the breathtaking views of the castles and gardens! In the classroom, they can possibly present their favorite castle and how it came to be what it is to this day.

Student Tours to FranceThe Normandy D-Day Tours provide your students with the opportunity to see the beaches on which soldiers landed during the invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. They will also be able to learn about the history of World War II by visiting museums, such as the Memorial of Caen, the Museum of D-Day Omaha, or the Airborne Museum. These student tours to France will be a great opportunity to commemorate their ancestors.

At the Palace of Versailles students will be able to explore what was once the principal royal residence of France, and the heart of European life of the time. Audio guides are available to students to learn about the history of the palace and the important events that took place there, such as the Treaty of Versailles.

English & Literature Teachers

Student Tours to France

There are many novels and pieces of literature that were created in Paris. If you decide to visit the City of Lights, there are many Literary Tours available for your students to enjoy. They will be taken to popular restaurants, such as Les Deux Magots, where writers like Ernest Hemingway wrote some of their most popular pieces. They will follow the steps of famous writers and critics, like Joyce or Gertrude Stein. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the homes of famous writers, such as Victor Hugo and Balzac. Hopefully, these tours will inspire students to write once they are back in the classroom!

Art Teachers

Student Tours to FranceIn Paris, there are guided tours available at museums such as the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Pompidou Center. Students will learn about famous artists and observe their works of art. Art is present on every corner of Paris! If they are interested in contemporary art, students can also participate in a guided Street Art Tour to explore the unique works of art that cover the streets of Paris.

Not too far from Paris, students can have a tour of Giverny, where Claude Monet had his house and which is the ideal place to learn more about Impressionists art.

France offers many beautiful sights, so students can go on a Photography Tour. The guide will take them to the most beautiful sceneries and students will have the chance to capture the moment and share their work back in the classroom.

ParisByM hopes that you find these student tours to France helpful in planning your school trip to France.


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School Trips to France

Top 3 Places to Visit on School Trips to France

France offers many opportunities for students to explore what they’ve learned in their textbooks. In France, students are surrounded by architecture, culture, and history. When planning school trips to France, there are some places that are essential to guarantee your group has a great time on the trip. ParisByM has created a list of the top 3 places to visit on school trips to France!


Paris is a destination filled with multiple historical monuments and museums. Here are a few locations that your students will enjoy.

The Eiffel TowerSchool Trips to France

The Eiffel Tower is a landmark recognized by many all around the world for its iron architecture, completed in 1887 by Gustave Eiffel. Students can visit the top of the tower to see the breathtaking view of the City of Lights which will make their school trip to France unforgettable.

The Arc de TriompheSchool Trips to France

The Arc de Triomphe is one of world’s best-known commemorative monuments, completed in 1806 and designed by Jean-François-Thérèse Chalgrin. Students will learn how it has continued to be an iconic symbol of France. Those who are able, are welcomed to climb the 284 steps to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. Although it’s a bit tiring, your students will enjoy another amazing view of Paris.

The Louvre

School Trips to France

The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum! It houses a large collection of French paintings between the 15th and the 19th century, statues, decorative arts, and Mesopotamian art. At the Louvre, students will learn about famous artists and see some of most well-known pieces of art, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Alexandros of Antioch’s Venus of Milo. The Louvre contains more works of art than you can imagine! We suggest that you plan with your students to decide what they would like to see.


School Trips to FranceMont-Saint Michel

Mont-Saint Michel is a tiny island off the coast of Normandy. Although the island is extremely small, there is no doubt that there are many treasures for your students to explore.

The Mont Saint Michel Abbey is located at the top of Mont-Saint-Michel. The historical monument has both Gothic and Roman styles incorporated throughout the structure. Did you know that it was once a prison? Students will be fascinated by the information they learn during their visit.

The Grand Rue, or Main Street, is the busiest street at Mont-Saint Michel. On either side, you can find houses, shops, inns and restaurants. It is a great place for students to taste the divine cuisine the island has to offer and to buy gifts and souvenirs to take home.

D-Day Sites

The Normandy Coast is home to many monuments and museums dedicated to World War II. Here, students participating in school trips to France can pay tribute to their ancestors who fought for liberty. There are multiple locations along the coast that students find fascinating, but touring each location takes time. Depending on the length of your school’s trip, you can pick and choose based on what your students would enjoy the most.

School Trips to France

The Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword Beaches are known as the D-Day Landing Beaches. Students can see monuments and memorials at each beach. For example, at Omaha beach, students will find a memorial and the American cemetery, where almost 10,000 soldiers who fought are buried.

School Trips to France

The Memorial of Caen, The Musée du Débarquement of Arromanches (Landing Museum), the Museum of D-Day Omaha, and the Airborne Museum can all be visited on Normandy’s Coast. Each museum focuses on a different part of World War II or to commemorate the battles that took place at the different locations.

Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is known for its hundreds of magnificent castles. Some are more well known then others, but nonetheless, your students will be amazed by their beauty.

Château de ChambordSchool Trips to France

Many claim this to be the castle most worthy of visiting. It is the biggest closed forest park in Europe; its area is similar to the city of Paris. There are horse and raptor shows that your students might enjoy!

Château de Chenonceau 

This castle is known as the “Castle of the Ladies”. Katherine Briçonnet supervised the construction and many women, including French queens, after her added their own personal touch. Students will understand the role women played in this part of history.

These castles are the most visited and famous, but there are many more to discover, depending on the theme that you would like to develop with your students.



ParisByM would love to help plan your school trip. If you would like to know more information on our offers for school trips to France, please click here.


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Champagne houses in Reims, day trips from Paris

Day Trips from Paris with a Student Group

Traveling with a group of students can be all kinds of challenging, from deciding where to go, where to stay, what to see and everything in between.  For that, we are here to help with some advice on where you should visit from Paris to make your school trip that much more fun and different.

As such an iconic European city, it’s easy to forget that there are other places just nearby that are worth leaving the main city to see – and even some countries just next door!  Definitely when coming on a school trip its worth taking at least one or more day trips from Paris to explore the surrounding areas.


Versailles Gardens, versailles, the gardens, french castles, attractions, day trips from paris

Versailles Palace

Only a short trip on the RER (a metro-like train that runs all the way into the center of Paris), Versailles has to be high on your list of day trips from Paris.  It would give you and your student group the chance to see not only the Chateau, where the famous hall of mirrors is, but also the beautiful gardens, and even Marie Antoinette’s house – also on the premises. We recommend going out there early so you can really take time in each area but you should be able to do it in just one day.


Champagne houses in Reims, Day trips from paris

If you didn’t already know, the Champagne region of France is only a little over an hour from Paris by train.  Here, you can visit the town as well as a number of champagne houses.  It’s definitely worth your while to explore how the famous drink is made.  We would suggest booking a tour – or two – in advance to make sure you are able to see the cellars.


Day Trips from Paris

It’s crazy really that you can go to and from another country in just one day, but you really can! With a train ride that only takes about an hour and forty-five minutes, Paris to Brussels is definitely worth it for the day.  You can explore the town square with your students, walk through the shopping halls, eat waffles and fries and chocolate, see the beautiful cathedral and just get a chance to experience a city outside of France.


Giverny, Fondation Claude Monet, jardin d'eau, pont japonais, day trips from Paris

Home to famous artist Claude Monet, a trip to Giverny will let you see the beautiful landscapes that inspired so many of his famous works – including the waterlily paintings.  It’ll give you and your students a perfect chance to get away from the metropolis of Paris and experience the countryside and a cute town with famous roots. We would recommend a trip here in the warmer months – in fact, the gardens are actually closed during much of the winter, so make sure you check this before you plan your trip.


How to get to Disneyland Paris, day trips from Paris

Disneyland is the perfect spot for a fun day out as part of a school trip.  We’ve added it to our list of day trips from Paris because not only is it close, but because its Disney! It’s what your students likely remember from their childhood and it’s the perfect spot for a day out – it might not be educational but it’ll sure be fun!


Taking day trips from Paris during your student tour to the infamous city is definitely a must! Whether you plan on leaving the country and heading to Brussels or just taking the RER and exploring Versailles, it’s definitely worth it.  Make sure you to decide before arriving where to head to though to be sure you get the best deals and tickets.  For more help with this planning of your group trip, click here and see how ParisByM can help you.

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classification restaurants paris, brasserie, budget hotels in paris, best affordable restaurants in Paris

Where to Find the Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris for Your Group

School Trips to Paris can be a very expensive undertaking, from hotels, to attractions, to food, sometimes it can feel like the numbers just keep growing and growing and there’s no way to keep the trip within budget.  A big part of this increase in price can be as a result of the cost of eating out during a trip, so we’re here to help you with some advice on how to find the best affordable restaurants in Paris, as well as some of our favorite places.

A new city with a school group is challenging enough with having to worry about transportation, lodging, attractions, and restaurants, so we hope this article can ease some of your stress – you can also visit ParisByM for help with the planning of your group trip. If you’re just looking for advice on finding the best affordable restaurants in Paris though, here’s what we recommend.

Look Things Up Before Hand

Budget Accommodation in Paris, Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

Credit: Wikipedia; Café des Phares, Place de la Bastille

Obviously, if you’ve arrived at this page, that’s exactly what you’re doing! That’s the best thing because you may arrive and be very quickly overwhelmed by the volume of restaurants in the city of Paris.  We think the key to finding a good restaurant is knowing the right area to search, so we have a couple of recommendations.

Paris Tours, Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

Photo Credit: Alpha

  • The Latin Quarter – full of bustling restaurants, bars, and pubs the Latin Quarter is a great place for student groups to find food.  There are both walk up restaurants as well as sit down restaurants with food from all over the world at generally reasonable prices.  A couple of our favorites are the Creperie des Arts or Au P’Tit Grec for yummy French crêpes – both savory and sweet!
  • Montmartre – this area is famously known for the Sacre Coeur and for being the highest spot in the city where you can get a beautiful 360 view of Paris.  We recommend you walk a little further down and away from the peak attraction to find some great affordable places to eat.  A couple of our top picks are Chartier or Rozell Café but there are many other spots in the area that will certainly catch your eye.

Think about getting on the go food

Paris Food, must try food in Paris, best affordable restaurants in Paris

Paris is known for its Boulangeries which are a great affordable way for you to eat while also enjoying the French culture.  Boulangeries often give you the chance to buy a meal for anywhere around 5-10€ per person and are all over the city so you’ll definitely find one and they are a great way for you to eat on a budget in Paris.

As well as Boulangeries, some places have the option for you to get food as a take away which can be cheaper.  For example, L’As Du Falafel in the Marais allows you to buy your falafel and then explore the area which is definitely worthwhile. We also recommend buying something from a walk-up restaurant in the Latin Quarter and then walking down and eating it along the Seine for a real Parisian experience.

A set menu may be the best thing

indian food in paris, Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

While on the go food is great, you’ll definitely want to have at least one sit down dinner with your group.  Many of the best affordable restaurants in Paris for groups are those who offer a set menu.  A starter, main, and dessert for a set price can not only make your life easier by giving your students a few specific options, but it is often cheaper than having everyone order from a full menu.  You can find these restaurants in virtually any area of the city, but when eating out with a big school group, it’s probably best to book ahead.


So now that you know where and how to look for the best affordable restaurants in Paris you should go ahead and book your school trip.  For more information on the best areas to stay on a budget, click here, and for help planning your school trip, from lodgings to restaurants, visit the groups tab on our website or click here!

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Youth Hostel in Paris, Hostel in Paris

5 Reasons You Should Stay in a Hostel in Paris on Your Student Trip

If you’re coming to Paris with a group of students, you may be weighing your options – hotel vs. hostel.  We are here to tell you that a hostel is the perfect move for a school trip to Paris.

It can be stressful to be planning a trip for one person – let alone for an entire group! And beyond that for an entire group of students none the less.  All of whom will have different needs and wants that you’ll be trying to accommodate for. Let us tell you though, when you’re deciding where you should stay, the answer is definitely a hostel in Paris!

It will save you money

Student Accommodation Paris, Youth Hostel in Paris, Student Hostels in Paris, Hostel in Paris


A hostel in Paris is almost always your cheapest option! This doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing a quality service though, or even a good location.  In fact, sometimes hostels are in the best locations you can get.  Saving money on your accommodation can give you the chance to spend it elsewhere on your stay and since you’re planning on spending most of your time exploring the city, you’ll want to save it for this!

You can have multiple people in one room

cheap accommodation paris, student hostels in paris, Hostel in Paris

credits: generator hostel website

School trips usually mean you have to split everyone up into groups of two or four to pick where to sleep, which can be stressful and mean that your whole group is spread out all over a hotel. One of the best parts about staying in a hostel with a group is that you can have larger numbers in one room – depending on the place obviously, but many have rooms of up to 10 people.  This can mean that not only will you save money, but it will also mean your student group can stay more together if you book a hostel in Paris.

The employees can help you

Youth Hostel in Paris

Working in a hostel, it is part of your job to know the area and to be able to give you advice on where you should go, what you should see, where you should eat, the surrounding transportation, and everything else you may have questions about.  If you stay in a hostel in Paris, be sure to take advantage of the services they have to offer!

cheap accommodation Paris, Hostel in Paris


Hostels have communal areas

Many hostels have bars attached to them which make for great social spaces with other travelers.  If this doesn’t work for your student group, that’s ok because often they also have hang-out areas where you can unwind for the day, or exist while waiting for the rest of your group.  These areas give you a chance to see other people staying in Paris, and also to spend time together! Also, many hostels have kitchens you can use, which can be another great way for you and your group to save money, and make the most out of the hostel’s benefits!

Other travelers will be around to give you advice

Hostels are usually full of young travelers whose aim is to really explore and get to know the city they’re visiting.  That’s why a hostel in Paris can be so great; because you can talk with these other travelers and get their advice on what to see, how to make the most out of the area, and any and all other advice they have about traveling in general.


There are so many things that contribute to a great trip, and your accommodation is definitely a big one, so you want to make sure you pick the right place! We really recommend a hostel in Paris for your school trip.  If you need help with your booking or any part of your group trip, click here.

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traditional french food

Must Try Foods in Paris with Your Student Group

If you’re visiting Paris with a group of students, what to eat is just as important as what to see, and we get that! That’s why we have created a list of must try foods in Paris, especially for you and your student group.

Paris is a city known globally for its museums, attractions, and for its food! If you’re visiting with your student group, we really recommend you think about what foods you want to try before you arrive, so you can be sure you won’t miss out on anything! We’ve come up with a list of our must try foods in Paris to help you plan!

Breakfast Pastries

Book one of our Paris vacation packages to fully discover the city within your time and budget constraints. The Paris weekend escape is aimed at people who already came to Paris and want to discover new things this time. Limit your trip to Paris cost., brunch spots in paris, student hostels in paris, Must try foods in Paris

  • Croissant -Weather it’s a plain, chocolate, or raisin croissant, you must have at least one (or more!) during your visit to Paris.  If you go out to breakfast, consider ordering the French breakfast – usually consisting of a chocolate and plain croissant, a hot drink, and a juice!
  • Baguette – So, this may not be exclusively a breakfast food – you can have it any time of the day! But weather its morning afternoon or night, it’ll still be a delicious way to experience French food.  We recommend buying a fresh baguette from a local Boulangerie, which you’ll definitely see during your explorations.
  • Crepes – You’ve likely already thought about Paris crepes before even arriving.  Be sure to stop by at least one of the famous crepes stands and try either a savory or sweet crepe with your group.
    Traditional French Food, must try foods in paris

    Crêpes Pixabay



Main Meals

Things to eat in Paris, Must try foods in Paris

  • Steak Frites – One of the most famous meals Paris has to offer – steak and fries! What’s not to love? Definitely give this meal a try during your school trip.
  • French Onion Soup – Served with a coating of cheese – which the French are also famous for – this is definitely a must have.
  • Croque Monsieur (or Madame!) – What’s not to love about a baked or fried ham and cheese sandwich? Definitely order a Croque Monsieur at least once, and if you’re wanting to add a little something, try a Croque Madame to get the ham and cheese deliciousness topped off with a fried egg.   For any vegetarians reading this, many menu’s will also give you the option of a veggie croque; usually with cheese and tomato which should not go amiss.

    French Foods, Must try foods in Paris

    Photo Credit:

  • Quiche – With a huge variety of fillings, quiche should absolutely be on your list of must try foods in Paris.  We recommend any variation that suits your taste buds.


Paris, All, Inclusive, must try foods in paris

Alicia Griffin / Via Flickr: aliciagriffi








  • Macarons – As one of the most famous French desserts in the world, it would be a mistake to leave Paris without trying them.  Take your pick from one of the many famous Macaron stores across the city – or even try a local boulangerie if they have them.
  • Éclair’s – This pastry, chocolate, and cream combo has to make it onto your list of must have’s in Paris.  Make sure you have one while you’re in the famous city.
  • Lemon TarteMust Try Foods in Paris – If you go into any boulangerie in Paris, you’ll likely notice their personal sized lemon tarte’s, and you should definitely have at least one while visiting.
  • Crème Brulée – You may find you need to go to a restaurant for one of these tasty treats, but if you do see it on a menu, we would definitely recommend ordering.

One More Thing…

Paris Food, food tours in paris, must try foods in ParisCheese

No list of must try foods in Paris would be complete without mentioning cheese! From Brie to gouda to goat’s cheese to blue cheese, Paris has it all.  There are shops all over that exclusively sell the stuff! Or you can sit in a restaurant and order a plate of cheese for sharing! However you decide to do it – you have to have some of Paris’s famous cheese before you leave.

We hope you’ve found this list of must try food in Paris helpful for the planning of your trip! For more help with your group trip, click here.

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Louvre, Paris, night at the museum, Paris museum list

Paris Museum List for School Trips

If you’re looking to plan a trip to Paris, you’ve come to the right place!  We’ve created a Paris museum list to help you with deciding what you’d like to see during your visit.

Paris has museums stretching its entire vicinity, all of which have their own styles and exhibits to see.  We’ve made a list of our top spots for this Paris museum list.  Whether you want to discover more about Paris architecture, art, history or something else, we have the place for you.

The Louvre

touristic places in Paris, Paris Museum List

Interior of the Louvre (Wikimedia Commons)

The world’s largest museum has to be the top of our list – and yours! Not only is this a stunning historical building, but it also houses some of the most famous pieces of art in the world.  Visit and you can see the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Great Sphinx, and so many more all in one day! You will want to keep in mind though that this is a huge museum and there’s far too much to see in just one day, so make sure you decide what to see before arriving so you don’t get too overwhelmed!

Musée D’Orsay

Musée d'Orsay, Paris Museum List

Credit: Wikipedia

This railway station turned museum is a must! Also located along the Seine, this time on the left bank, the Musée d’Orsay holds many famous pieces of impressionist art, mostly from French artists.  You’ll definitely want to make time to visit here.

Centre George Pompidou

Marais, the centre pompidou, Paris museum list

Photo Credit: Pixabairis

With an exterior unlike anywhere else in Paris, you have to see the Centre Pompidou for its architecture alone.  You may be wondering why then it has made it onto our Paris museum list – that’s because the impressive structure is now home to the National Museum of Modern Art; the largest modern art museum in Europe.  If you have a chance, you should definitely take a look – and make sure you ride the escalator on the building’s exterior for a great view.

The Cluny Museum

Visiting the Cluny Middle Ages Museum, Latin Quarter, Paris Museum List

Moving away from specifically art museums we have the Cluny Museum.  Here you and your students will have a chance to see the ruins of the Cluny Roman Baths as well as view a number of medieval artifacts.  If you’re looking for a historical stop on your Paris museum tour this is an absolute must!

Invalides and the Army Museum

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Another historical tour during your Paris Museum exploration is the Invalides museum.  Here you can learn about the military history of Paris and France as well as explore the life of Charles de Gaulle.  If you visit here you should also be sure to take time to see Napoleons Tomb which is located in the same building but you may have to walk through another entrance – it’s worth it!

Picasso Museum

Paris museum list

It’s pretty obvious what this museum is famous for – housing many of the great works of the infamous artist Pablo Picasso. It also hosts a lot of masterpieces from the painter’s private collection.  Located in the Marais district, a visit to this museum means you’ll also have the chance to explore the streets and enjoy the culture of this area.

Grand Palais and Petit Palais

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These two beautiful museums are positioned directly across from one another and are as stunning inside as they are outside.  Before you arrive in Paris be sure to check out what exhibits they have on in each building as these can range from photography exhibits to history to classic art and architecture exhibits.  Not only does this mean you’ll see a great exhibit, but you’ll be able to see the stunning architecture of the buildings themselves. And here is a little secret we share with you: the permanent exhibition of the Petit Palais is free to visit. Don’t miss it!


The Paris Museum list could go on and on but we think you really must know about these if you’re coming to Paris with a student group.  You should also consider the L’Orangerie and the Rodin Museum if you have the time! If you’re looking for more information with planning your trip to Paris, click here and ParisByM can help you.

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National Museum of Natural History and Jardin des Plantes

The French National Museum of Natural History, founded during the French Revolution but established already in 1635, is the National Natural Museum  of France, composed of 12 sites throughout the Country, with four sites located in Paris.

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The main museum is situated in the 5th arrondissement at the Jardin des Plantes, one of the seven departments of the National Museum of Natural History. Here there are laboratories, exhibition galleries, a zoo and educational institutions. In fact, this is also a botanical school where scientists construct gardens to make research about biotic diversity. The museum is committed to two main missions related to nature and environmental awareness.

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First of all, it is a research centre of the Sorbonne University: here, researchers do laboratory work, but also organize worlwide expeditions to collect evidence for their studies and to expand its collection. You will find taxidermists conducting experiments on specimens, gardeners trying to growing plants in different climates, and many other experts working in order to promote nature.
The other mission is to share knowledge through educational activities and experiments, in order to make understand easily to everyone the importance of nature and its protection.
Accessible every day except on Tuesdays, from 10am to 6pm, this is an interesting and educational idea for both a family or a school trip.

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Palais de la Découverte

The Palais de la Découverte is a science museum dedicated to educational activities and experiments, reason why it is a popular attraction for many school trips to Paris.

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Located in the west side of the Grand Palais, 8th arrondissement, it was built in 1937, while in 2010 it was combined with the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie to form the Universcience institution. Today it hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions and it is open from Tuesday to Sunday. In this museum, you will assist to interactive experiments of mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology and biology, all explained by scientists.
Experiments are carried out in specific and equipped rooms. Here are some of the activities organized by the museum.
Planetarium: in this cupola, there is reproduction of the skies and its stars. Here, you will also be able to observe visible galactic and extra-galactic elements in space.
Chemistry Room: it is composed of different sections, where you will experience wonderful chemical phenomena and understand better the composition of the world.

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Earth Science Room: here you will learn everything about climate change, volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis, but also about spieces evolution.
Mathematics Room: in this section you will definitely enjoy maths, solving problems and playing games with experts.
Physics Room: you will assist to experiments in different rooms related to electromagnetism, nuclear physics, fluids etc..
Life Sciences Room: it is an area dedicated to the analysis of communication between animals and the composition of the human body.
Eureka Room: it contains recreational acivities dealing with visual and tactile illusions, memory tests and physic experiences.
Digital and IT Room: here experts hold conferences and workshops about technology.