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Art Classes for Kids in Paris

Out of the Box Activities to do with your Kids in Paris

There are so many things that you can do with your kids in Paris museums and boat or bus tours; however, if you are looking for a more hands on approach for your vacation, you might not know that there are also many other activities that you may have never even thought of doing. Let us give you some ideas!


Art Classes for Kids in Paris

Cooking Classes

In the land of culinary arts, it is never too early to learn how to bake delicious Parisian treats. Sign your children up for a cooking class where they will learn to make the perfect macaron or a scrumptious fluffy croissant. You can even join your little ones to learn how to make French menu items including cordon blues or fish croquettes. Other workshops include pizza days where your kids can learn how to make pizza from scratch. Be careful they might love cooking so much that they will want to start cooking your family dinners! Who knows maybe they will be the next Michelin Star chef!


Horse Back Riding

Horseback riding is something I never imagined to do in or around Paris. Little did I know, that I could trot through some of the most relaxing parks right outside of the city center. Take your family for an accompanied ride through some beautiful parks on a nice, sunny day in Paris. The calm atmosphere may be just what you need and not at all what you expected from a busy city like Paris. Roam former hunting grounds on the west part of Paris and live like the Kings of France as you discover lakes, waterfalls, ponds, and brooks.

Row Boats

In these parks, the lakes and ponds also often offer many fun activities for young children. Your kids loved the boat cruise down the Seine, now let them take the wheel (or ore). For just a few euros, you and your family can row up and down the lakes and witness beautiful, natural sights that are untouched by the rest of the city. This activity will pair nicely with a family picnic for a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Art Classes for Kids in Paris


Hot Air Balloons

Do you want to see an amazing aerial view of Paris but do not want to pay the exuberant fees of the Eiffel Tower? Take a trip on a hot air balloon! For just a small price of 12 euros, you can witness the beauty of the city of lights from a hot air balloon in the Parc André Citroën. This will be a great adventure for your little ones and could make for one heck of a Christmas card photo!


Art Classes for Kids in ParisArt Classes

Learn more about French culture including cartoons and architecture by taking an art class with your child or teen from ages 4 to 17 years old. We can help you find customized art classes for your family to learn Parisian techniques and focus on subjects such as traditional French architecture, nature, and more. Whether you are interested in drawing, painting, or mixed media, at ParisByM, we can help you find art classes for kids in Paris that will be fun for the entire family.



ParisByM can help you find the best activities for your family to make your time in Paris unforgettable. Contact us to find out how we can help plan your next vacation!



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