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Market Tours In Paris

You wouldn’t want to visit Paris and not take the sneak peek of the city’s Market Tours. There’s more that awaits on a trip to Paris than sculptures and monuments. One of the best ways to discover a culture is through its culinary delights and flea markets. Paris is widely considered a top destination for gastronomes and flea markets from around the world. Paris continues receiving accolades for its food products and flea markets, which undoubtedly form a cornerstone of the French way of life.

Market Tours

What to expect

Each district in Paris has its own weekly, bi-weekly, or quasi-daily market. Neatly stacked fruits and vegetables, bundles of carrots, ruffles of succulent butter lettuce, and baskets golden Chanterelle mushrooms will catch you off guard with the intrinsic beauty of French Fresh Produce. Visit to a fromager’s stall to view the delectable wares on display, such as artisan raw-milk cheeses so special they’re unavailable anywhere else in the world or take in charcuterie, homemade paté, and foie gras at the boucherie stand.

Food Market Tour

The Marche d’Aligre is just the perfect spot to explore typical Parisian market shopping experience.

The Aligre is an  open air market and is covered by Marche Beauvau markets, surrounded by flea-market stalls making it, a three in one market, and is  best place to get a real taste of the cosmopolitan nature of Paris. There are different types of stalls selling all sorts of products  from vintage and contemporary bits of crockery to clothes and last century’s gramophone players. Make sure you are not late or  you may miss out on the best things the market might have an offer on that particular day.

Market Tours

For a Small-Group Marché d’Aligre Food Walking Tour in Paris,

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Market Tours in Paris will take you to experience immense gourmet experience and discover some of the most famous Parisian food markets known for the quality of their products including Batignolles Market, Aligre Market, Montorgueil and Levis street. 

Small-Group Gourmet Food and Market Tour of the Bastille District in Paris

The Marché d’Aligre has an array of products from les fleurs (flour) to fruits, with variety of many other things. Has long history of serving its quartier (quarter)—the market was inaugurated in 1781— some even consider it le Second Ventre de Paris (Second Belly of Paris), based on Émile Zola’s famous novel, set around Les Halles, the enormous, busy central market of 19th Century Paris. Stroll through the maze of stalls, hand-picking seasonal produce. Explore how the market system works, food origins, and the core idea of terroir , or how Parisians go about shopping for their food and the consequences and significance of this on the French cuisine.

Flea Market Tours

Paris markets, Market tours

The Dauphine market one of the 14 markets in the Saint-Ouen fleamarket – Credit: Wikipedia

Paris’ St-Ouen flea market, known as Marché aux Puces St-Ouen or Les Puces de St-Ouen, is one of the largest flea markets in the world. Discover an impressive vintage focused area with 14 different markets and more than 2000 shops and get a customized experience to help you get the best shopping in Paris. Depending on your needs, we will reach and explore in depth some of the following markets: Malassis, Dauphine, Vernaison, Biron, Paul Bert, Serpette and Jules Vallès. Explore, your knowledgeable guide will explain the history of the market, which dates back to 1885, while showing you many of the secret corners of the vibrant market.

Small-Group Paris Walking Tour: St-Ouen Flea Market

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Paris Private and Customized Vintage Shopping Tour at St Ouen Flea Market

 As you stroll through the market, have a throwback to a different era, learn all about know-how’s of bargain in the market: how to distinguish junk from genuine gems, where to go for the biggest discounts, and who sells what and where. Hear tales of famous celebrities like Sharon Stone and Madonna, who’ve been known to shop here, and learn about their favorite market shops at St-Ouen Flea Market: Bargain-Hunting Tour in Paris

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Food Tours in Paris

Paris Tours For Food take you on a leisurely stroll through the picturesque, winding streets in the different districts of Paris. On the tour you can visit admired specialty food shops and follow your guide down Medieval streets, passing ancient churches, wide-ranging boutiques and remarkable examples of European architecture. With sumptuous chocolate profiteroles down one cobbled street and hand-made cheeses down another, Paris presents a particularly toothsome landscape.

French Gourmet Palate Walk

By booking on our award-winning Paris Tours For Food, you will have the opportunity to experience our incomparable culture and French cuisine and wine, finding out why eating and drinking are not just a pastime but a “way of life” here in France.

Montmarte is an area with flourishing restaurant scene, with historical significance and delightful ambiance. In the past, windmills, thriving agriculture area and art studios were prominent features of the Montmarte landscape. Now the area is flowing with first-class wine bars, fine-dining restaurants and rare shops, all adding to its appeal. Have a walking tour and enjoy the meal at  one of the best and most unique food destinations in the world.

Cheese And Wine Tours

wine tasting in paris, food tours in paris

Professional cheese tasting in the heart of Paris. Near the Eiffel Tower, close to the Seine River. For you. Join carefully chosen for you here.

Join these professional cheese and wine tasting with our cheese affineurs will give you an explanation of the many types of cheeses that you will taste with regards to aging time of each cheese.

With more than 365 cheeses and 450 variety of  wines available in France, you can taste a new cheese and a new wine for every day of the year. You will under stand why we, Parisians, love cheese and wine. We love above all to share it so join us and discover a part of French history, with us as your ambassador.

Join us at:

Chocolate Tours

food tours in paris6th arrondissement (district) of Paris is straight into the heart of the City of Light where the most authentic Parisian fromageries (cheese shops), boulangeries (bakery shops) and historic landmarks await. Your guide, a chocolate connoisseur, will take you to some of the great chocolatiers (chocolate shops) and you will learn about the cacao and chocolate making guaranteed to make taste-buds go dancing. Book here.

When in Paris, do as Parisians do. Learning French culinary habits, history of origins of food, how to choose the best chocolates and pastries and an introduction to delectable specialties in the quaint shops – then, has got you. Go for it, you will love it. Get  introduced to the fine art of chocolate making and pastry baking here.

Food Market Walking Tour

At Marché d’Aligre Walking Food Tour, you will feel like a local as you chat to shopkeepers, taste local cheese, cured meats and chocolate, and learn about the wine and some well-kept secrets of French cuisine.

Cooking Tour 

Feel like putting your own culinary skills to the test? Sign up for one of the finest cooking classes Paris has to offer.

Taste and pick the grape varieties you want in your wine, then blend, try, taste again, improve and ultimately create your very own wine by taking Wine-making Workshop in Paris.

For other Paris Tours For Food, ParisByM has compiled a list of Cooking Classes in Paris exclusively for you.

Paris Tours

Cafe de Paris, Cooking Class | by Jeff Kubina

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Spotlight: Lucy’s Paris Tours

Planning a trip to Paris is exciting, but at times can become overwhelming. Questions arise such as, which airline is cheapest? Should I buy a Museum Pass? Which tour should I take? To make your trip planning easier, we have selected to spotlight Lucy, a tour guide in Paris who is changing up the tour scene. Read on for more information.

Lucy is a tour guide as well as a professional photographer in Paris who has created a new way to tour the city: through the lens of your camera! Aside from giving you a tour, Lucy will teach you comprehensive ways to use your camera to take the best pictures possible of all of the beautiful architecture and monuments Paris has to offer.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-01 à 18.44.05

Credit: Lucy Winklemann

Having started out studying art history and photography, Lucy added tour guide to her repertoire when she began giving children and teens tours of the city. She then moved on to guiding tours through museums such as the Musée des Arts décoratifs as well as the Picasso museum and then began giving photo tours of Paris.

We asked Lucy, “What made you choose this job?” She told us, “The passion and excitement of being directly in touch with people and the transmission of knowledge through art and culture. I like to be able to exchange with people and to work in beautiful, exciting places.” She certainly enjoys being a tour guide!

Credit: Lucy Winklemann

Credit: Lucy Winklemann

Lucy offers a wide selection of unique and interesting tours around Paris. For example, she offers a tour of “Lutetia” in Paris which focuses on the remains of the first settlements in Paris. Another tour she offers focuses on the modern architecture found in the La Défense area of Paris. One of her most favorite tours that she offers is the Paris Street Art tour. This tour takes visitors to lesser-known areas of Paris to see some of the cities coolest and most incredible street art.

As of right now, Lucy focuses mostly on photography-based tours, but she is interested in hearing clients requests! For this reason, she prefers small-group tours so that she can customize a tour of Paris based on your specific requests and desires. If you would like a tour around some of the best gastronomic locations in Paris, she is willing to prepare something for you and your group.

Lucy’s Paris tours are unique and informative — if you would like to see Paris from a different perspective or go on a tour that takes you on an adventure through Paris, choose Lucy.

The price of each tour varies based on the amount of time the tour will take and the number of people in your tour group. You can find a comprehensive list of prices on her website.


Choosing to tour Paris with Lucy Winklemann will allow you to see Paris like never before!

Interested in booking a tour? Contact Lucy!

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4 Options for your Paris Boat Tours

Paris boat tours are a great way to see the sites of the city.  You can see such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Pont Alexandre III all while never leaving your seat.  There are four main types of Paris boat tours that each create a unique experience viewing the city. 

Cruise Eiffel Tower, rentals, paris, vacation, best, travel1.The Discovery Cruise (from 13€)

This cruise is an enjoyable way to rapidly see many of the most famous monuments and buildings in Paris.  Paris boat tours provide a different way to view the monuments and can also be a great way for those who have difficulties walking to visit Paris.  Taking only an hour, the Discovery Cruise, takes you down the Seine from the Eiffel Tower to Ile-Saint-Louis.  There are various different companies who provide these tours, but very little difference in the paths taken.  If you want to make your cruise a little more enjoyable certain companies offer the option to add a snack or a flute of champagne.

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2. The Lunch Cruise (from 41€)

This cruise is ideal for those who want to budget their time and see it all.  The Lunch Cruise allows you to take a 1.5 to 2 hours pause to relax for lunch while continuing to visit Paris.  The various companies all offer an excellent lunch, however cost does vary depending on the meal, if you choose to add wine, etc.  The Lunch Cruise combines the two of best things about Paris, sightseeing and good food, thus creating memorable experience. 

paris boat tours

BOOK NOW: meal cruise

3.The Dinner Cruise (from 60€)

This cruise is one of the top among the Paris boat tours. It is perfect for those looking for a romantic date night. Generally these cruises take 2 hours.  However there is a meal beginning at 6:30 that takes only 1 hour and 15 minutes.  This option is great for those who do not have much time or have children.  Every Paris boat tour company offers a superb meal, however similar to the lunch cruise, the cost will vary depending on where your table is placed in the boat (i.e. in the center or by the windows) and what meal you choose.  To continue this enjoyable evening it is not a bad idea to view a show at a cabaret such as Lido or Crazy Horse 

BOOK NOW: dinner cruise

Seine River Cruise, paris boat tours4.Multi-day/location Cruise (from 290€)

An Multi-day and location cruises are excellent option for those who are staying for a week or more in Paris or perhaps those that have already visited Paris and wish to see the old favorites, but also explore more widely.  These cruises are relaxing and enjoyable experiences that take you through Paris, but also allow you to visit the country and different cities in Normandy.   When planning your multi-day cruise make sure to book your tickets well in advance, because not every cruise trajectory is available year round. 

Contact us to book a multi-day cruise


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