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Accordez-Moi Paris, The Show !

accordez-moi-parisDo you know the origin of the name “sapeurs pompiers “ (firemen in French)? Have you ever heard of the tragic fate of Castor and Pollux during the siege of Paris in 1870? Do you know what a “pauloise” medal is?

If you do not know the answer to any of these questions, these are all fun and historical anecdotes that you will understand after attending the show, Accordez-moi Paris, recently launched by the troupe of the Visites-Spectacles in the theatre Ciné XIII. Retracing the history of the underground cabaret, “the Turnips Field”, installed in the old quarries of Montmartre, we follow the funny investigation of a theatre troupe seeking to trace the events that led to the mysterious disappearance of the cabaret manager in the late 19th century.

We enjoy the show from the comfort of the soft leather sofas of the Ciné XIII, a movie-theater that belongs to the film director Claude Lelouche (“A Man and A Woman”).

The warm and friendly setting is in the style of the show, relaxed, if not slightly burlesque. Humor is indeed always present in the dialogues and actions, targeting all types of audiences, from the pure Parisians (like us at ParisByM) to tourists who wish to discover unknown aspects of Paris in a humorous way. The small team (4 players and 1 musician) really seemed to have fun on stage, happy to share their knowledge of Paris. During the show, the public is often called upon to help find the culprit of our investigation. And even if the outcome of the investigation doesn’t really depend on us, we still are delighted to have been able to participate.

In short, let’s say it is a enjoyable experience that is both fun and informative.

Duration: 1 hour.
Languages: French only.
Price: 25 €
For whom? Everyone, provided you understand French.
Tip: Before attending the show, briefly read about the French civil war called the “Commune de Paris”, which will help you understand the historical context.

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visit paris and france

The Crazy Horse Paris, A Chic and Glamorous Cabaret Show

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ParisByM staff at the Crazy Horse Paris

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A Unique Cabaret Show in Paris

Very far from the world of the (numerous) clubs that share the same name across the Atlantic, the Parisian cabaret, the Crazy Horse Paris, celebrate women in a show that is both elegant and refined. Less known outside of France than its colleagues, Moulin Rouge or Lido, the Crazy Horse Paris has a special place among the great Parisian cabarets with its most intimate atmosphere, its avant-garde approach and the very essence of the show.

A temple of women and sensuality, the Crazy Horse of Paris offers a glamorous show where you quickly forget about nudity to see only the artistic performance. The game of lights and smoke dresses the artists in a poetic and even sometimes funny manner.

A Show for All

You are not mistaken, the show does cater to couples, but also to families (adults only of course, the show is not recommended for young people under fifteen years), or even groups of friends, to share a fun experience. The various guests hosted by the Crazy Horse are, within itself, a sign of class and good taste. Some guests include Clothilde Courau, Dita Von Teese, Noémie Lenoir, Arielle Dombasle, Pamela Anderson, Christian Louboutin…

Crazy Horse Paris

When we attended the show, there were two young Japanese women, Mei and Asako, sitting in the first row. “We are two friends travelling together, we had one week to visit Paris, and we wanted to discover the world of Parisian nights,” they explained to us. “In Japan, we had heard of cabarets, such as the Moulin Rouge, but we did not want to do the same thing as everyone else. We wanted an experience a little more intimate and a little less for the broad public. So when we heard about the Crazy Horse Paris, we decided to give it a try. And we’re really not disappointed, it’s a great show!

Sylvain, an elegant Parisian, well into his sixties, confirmed: “I came to see the show around twenty years ago. It is still as chic as I remembered, but with a hint of more, how could I say, freedom maybe. I remember watching perfect dancers, somewhat inaccessible beauties in the past, tonight I noticed that even though they all have the famous fringe (Note: this is the hallmark for all dancers at the Crazy Horse Paris), they did not necessarily wear the famous squared wig all the time, which gave them an aspect less strict than before. Moreover, what is really important is that it was never vulgar; it really is a show full of sensuality, not sexuality.

Sensuality and Elegance

The dancers with the fringe, reputed to be among the most beautiful women in the world, have training in classical dancing, their passion for dance obvious to most.

The proximity of the audience to the stage, while maintaining a distance, creates a warm atmosphere where the dancers not only remain icy beauties, but are also artists whom we take pleasure in watching from only a few meters away.

The elegance, poetry and glamour mixed in with a touch of humour are evident in several numbers. During our experience, a funny magician was very conscientious of missing his magic tricks, performed in good nature and playfulness. The laughter in the room was excellent proof of how he had won over the audience.

crazy horse paris

Spectators leave the show dazzled and rapt with wonder… with maybe a hint of envy of the performers.

As for the anecdote, when entering the troupe of the Crazy Horse Paris, each dancer chooses, in agreement with the artistic director, a stage name that becomes his or her sole identity within the cabaret. Enny Gmatic, Mika Do, Zula Zazou, Dekka Dance… Do not try to break their mystery, even the staff of the cabaret, who works with them every single day, knows them only under those names!

To discover more, watch the teaser of the Crazy Horse cabaret show, DESIR, here!

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visit paris and france The show about how to live like a Parisian

How to become Parisian In One Hour?

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Anyone wishing to discover the “Parisian way of life”should see Olivier Giraud’s show!

Olivier Giraud is doing a great job sharing with tourists and French people alike how to act as Parisians in most everyday life situations. See the show and you will be able to act like a Parisian in the métro, in restaurants, taxis, shops, etc.

More than 300,000 people have seen the show already. You should do so as well if you want to laugh (a lot), have a good time, and see something different during your stay in Paris.

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What does the press say?

Learning to Be French Through Comedy” The New York Times

The show is an exploration into the Parisian way of being, highlighting the cultural differences between the French and the rest of the world !” Paris Info

French humour, in English, from Olivier Giraud who brings his smash-hit show from Paris to London.”  Time Out

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