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visit paris and france Marché de Noël sur les CHamps Elysées

Parisian Christmas markets

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This post is the translation of a post from a a french blog that we though might interest non-french speakers. You can find the original version in French here. We extend our thanks to Julie Milite for this information. (All rights reserved to Julie Milite)

Ce post est la traduction d’un post issu d’un blog français dont nous avons pensé qu’il pourrait intéresser les lecteurs non francophones. Vous pouvez trouver la version originale en français ici. Tous nos remerciements à Julie Milite pour ces informations. (Tout droits réservés Julie Milite)

Do you want a taste of Christmas? Do you want to immerse yourself in the magic of New Year celebrations? Nothing better than a trip to the Christmas market then! Each alley in which I wandered took me back further into childhood.

Do you want to live an unusual Wednesday with your grandchildren? That’s could be the opportunity to discover these fantastic markets… And good news, there are many in Paris!

Here is a glimpse of Parisian Christmas markets that I recommend:

The most touristic : on the Champs-Élysées


visit paris and france Marché de Noël sur les CHamps Elysées

It is worth a visit with its hundred of chalets in wood that extend from the roundabout of the Champs Elysees to the Place de la Concorde. You can find there many crafts products and French gastronomic specialties. But the real bonus is still the Christmas lights on the Champs Elysées which are breathtaking! No matter how many times we have seen them, we keep being marvelled.


The better adapted for very young kids: go to Saint-Germain-des-Prés


Noel à Paris

This one is called « the Village of Santa Clause», it is surrounding the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. And you are almost sure to bump into Santa somewhere there…


The trendiest : at Notre-Dame


It is devoted to arts and craftworks. It takes place on the quai Montebello and the Viviani square, close to the Notre Dame Cathedrale. The surrounding is magical indeed; it is a true enchantment for both kids and grown-ups!


The more traditional from Alsace (where the markets were born): near the Gare de l’Est

Under a huge tent, you can find there all the gastronomic products from Alsace: choucroute, gingerbread, sausages…


The more cosmopolitan : at Nation

One can find here Christmas products from all over France and the world. An exotic stroll indeed !


I don’t know what you think, but as for me, I run grab a delicious hot wine, that’s my guilty pleasure during those cold days!

And what about you? Which one is your favorite market?

visit paris and france Prix de Diane, horses race near Paris

The Prix de Diane Longines : glamor and refinement on the racecourse

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A nice escape from Paris

If there is a place where elegance is required, it is on the racecourse at major horse races of international reputation. The Prix d’Amérique, the Prix de Cornulier, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, the Grand Steeple Chase de Paris … all those names are synonymous of elegance and are meant to make you dream !

Prix de Diane

Horse racing: tradition and modernity!

This Sunday, June 15th, it is the most feminine of all races that will be run at the Chantilly racecourse. Remember, it is the one you discovered with Roger Moore / James Bond in A View To A Kill :

If you’ve always wanted to discover the world of prestigious horse racing and to live an exceptional experience, the 165th edition of the Prix de Diane Longines, only accessible to 3-year old fillies, will meet your expectations.

Prestigious horse races have long had an image of a posh social gathering: how can we forget the cynical yet hilarious representation given in My Fair Lady, when young Elisa Doolittle, immortalized by the divine Audrey Hepburn, is introduced at Ascott in a world that is not hers ? However, in recent years, organizers have been successful in reinventing the races and making them more accessible to everyone. Nowadays, no need to come in a car with chauffeur or to have an old aristocratic family name to access the event. The price of admission tickets is pretty low and can be coupled with train tickets to go there. However, a necessary condition remains: to respect the codes of good taste and elegance. This is an opportunity for women to wear their best hat, which will be all the more appreciated as it will be fantastic, and even exuberant!


The Prix de Diane in numbers.

The Prix de Diane Longines, it is also:
2100 meters: distance to the finish line. This is the longest race of fillies in Europe.
3 years: the maximum age for a filly for the start of the race
47,000 spectators: number of people present on the racecourse in 2013
1500 persons: the number of people working in the organization of this event throughout the year.
3000: The number of hat boxes prepared in advance to distribute the picnic.
1 €: the price set for each cup you bring back where you bought them. A contribution to reducing wastes.
1 million €: the total allocation of awards, including € 571,400 for the winner of the Grand Prix.

Prix de Diane 2009, By Juilletg via Wikimedia Commons

Prix de Diane 2009, credits  Juilletg via Wikimedia Commons

Refinement and distraction

In addition to the race of the Prix de Diana itself, and in between other different races, other attractions will punctuate the day and add to the glamor of the event.

At 12:30, the French singer Julien Doré will give a free concert.

At 4:10 p.m., Kate Winslet will award the prize of elegance, chaired by Sophie Thalmann (Miss France 1998).

From 19h to 21h30, DJ Marie-Amélie Seigner will set fire to the After Diane by Deezer.

A perfect way to conclude a day full of emotions…


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For more information :

Official website of the race


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visit paris and france Go in excursion to Normandy

D Day. Their stories are our History

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Today the world commemorates the 70th anniversary of D-Day. ParisByM joins the international homage. Because their stories became our History.

Operation Neptune

The Operation Neptune is the assault phase of wider Operation Overlord, whose goal was to open a new front in the West.

It included several phases: preparatory air and naval bombardments of the German coastal defences, airborne operations the night before crossing the Channel by thousands of ships, parachuting of thousands of Americans on the morning of June 6th and finally landing of Allied troops on the Utah Beach and Omaha Beach for Americans, Gold Beach and Juno Beach for Canadians, and Sword Beach for Anglo-Canadians and French Forces.

Operation Overlord

The successful operation Neptune, and more generally of Operation Overlord, owes much to the success of Operation Fortitude, code name of the operation of disinformation and diversion of the Allies : not only were they able to hide the actual place of the invasion from the German General Staff; but they also succeeded in fooling the Germans, by letting them believe it was only a secondary landing diversion, so that they would not send major reinforcements to Normandy, what could have derail the invasion. Along with the diversion organised by the Russian army on the eastern front, this led to a dispersion and confusion of the army of the Reich.

The number of dead is unfortunately up to greatness of the events : on the 287 000 persons who boarded the ships of the allies on D-Day, 156 115 soldiers and paratroopers had succeeded into entering  Normandy by the evening of June 6th, but losses amounted to more than 10 500 troops on the Allied side, against 10,000 men on the side of the German forces. U.S. lost nearly 3,000 men, including 2,500 on Omaha Beach, Canadians lost more than 2100, including Juno, and more than 1,000 British soldiers died on Sword and Gold Beach.

It is above all the sacrifice of these men and of their fellow survivors that the world honors and thanks today.

American cemetery in Normandy

To commemorate: a duty, to understand and be moved.

Bundeskanzler Kohl in Frankreich 1984 / Gedenken der gefallenen Soldaten in VerdunCommemorations are essential to keep alive the memory of the past. In addition to the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings today, the world also commemorates this year the beginning of the First World War. The duty of memory is particularly important for the young generations who were lucky enough not to know war, and it is for seniors to share their memories. We remember the strong image left by the French President Francois Mitterand and his German counterpart Helmut Kohl during the tribute to the dead of the Great War in Douaumont on September 22, 1984. Their posture, hand in hand, marked the public imagination. Today, how can we pass on to our children the memory of our past?

To visit memorials is a strong family experience. To see parents, or even grandparents, explaining history to young children is particularly moving.

If you want to visit Normandy, the museum of the landing at Utah Beach, the Omaha Beach Memorial, the Juno Beach Centre, the American, Canadian, British, German, Polish and French cemeteries, and more than 35 other places will make you relive the History. In the Somme, the Meuse or in Alsace-Lorraine, the high places of the First World War also awaits you: the Australian National Memorial, the Museum of the Great War, the ossuary and the Fort in Douaumont, the trenches of bayonets, the “destroyed villages”…Theses places and other are witnesses of History. And even when staying in Paris, you can take part in the public homage: the Memorial on the Mont Valerian, the Museum of the Resistance and the Liberation of Paris, or the flame under the Arc of Triumph, places to meditate and transmit memories are many. Whether in Paris or outside, ParisByM may include these visits and excursions in the organization of your stay, as in the historical trip for instance. Because it is important to remember. Because their story has become our History.

Veterans of the French Air Force about to rekindle the flame of the Unknown Soldier

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Every evening at 6.20 pm, a new regiment has the honor to rekindle the flame of the Unknown Soldier beneath the Arc of Triumph. Very popular with tourists who have the chance to be there on the right moment.


Official website of the Battle of Normandy
Places of remembrance in France


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visit paris and france Paris luxurious event

Hermès honored in the most beautiful setting

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All horses and riding lovers have heard about it : this past weekend (14-15-16 March), the Grand Palais in Paris hosted for the 5th time the now famous Saut Hermès (Hermès Jumping Grand Prix). Even for all those who do not belong to the world of riding, it is a magical experience and a beautiful event to attend.

 Le Saut Hermès au Grand Palais à Paris


The story of Hermès is closely linked to horses. In 1837, Thierry Hermès (yes, it is originally a family name, nothing to do with the roman god) opened a factory specialised on saddles and riding equipment. Horses were indeed the main way of transportation in those days, this industry was therefore flourishing and thanks to a prize won at the Universal Exhibition in 1867, Hermès gained an image of luxury and quickly attracted wealthy and famous customers. After the 80’s, under the supervision of Thierry’s successors, the brand develops its production towards other leather goods, first big bags tailored for horsemen, and later travel bags adapted to the new mean of transportation : the car, and even later clothing and perfumes. But horses and riders remained central in Hermès production and history (just have a look on most of the designs of the “carrés” and other scarves), and that is why the famous brand launched its own competition five years ago, now a well known rendezvous in the world of ridding.

Saut Hermès

Le Saut Hermès

More information about the competition itself and the results on the official page of the Saut Hermès here


Sac Kelly by Hermès

The world-famous bag Kelly by Hermès is in fact a derivative of the “Tall Bag with Straps” launched in 1882, that was made for horsemen to transport their riding boots and their saddle. In 1935, Hermès launched a smaller version for women. The actress Grace Kelly discovered it in 1954 and immediately fell in love with it while working with the costume designer on accessories to be used in Hitchcock’s movie, To Catch a Thief. The princess-to-be began a collection of this bag, and when she was photographed in 1956 holding the bag in front of her belly to hide her not-yet-official pregnancy, the success became craziness. Women began to ask for the “Kelly bag”… the success was such that Hermès decided to rename the bag after the princess name !




Le Grand Palais à Paris

The Grand Palais was built for the Universal Exhibition hold in Paris in 1900. To enter the new century, the idea was to surpass in boldness what had been realised for the previous exhibition in 1889 (including the Eiffel Tower !). A competition was launched to gather ideas, and the accepted project suggested to link the Champs-Elysées with the Invalids by opening a new avenue and building a bridge (Alexandre III bridge) over the Seine. Some candidates proposed to build two palaces for fine arts along the new avenue : the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais, facing each other.


Construction began in 1897… with a deadline of no more than 3 years for such a huge project ! But working night and day, the Grand Palais was finally ready just in time for the Exhibition. Praised for its exceptional architecture of steel, stone and glass, it was dedicated “by the French Republic to the glory of French art”, and it hosted throughout the century not only shows and exhibitions, but also fairs and sports competitions.  Listed as a historic monument, the whole palace is indeed a wonderful setting for such events, and the glass roof providing natural light during the day (the largest in Europe) gives the feeling to be outdoors while enjoying the cosiness of being indoors…

Le Saut Hermès

La verrière du Grand Palais / The Grand Palais and its glass roof

DID YOU KNOW IT ? During the First World War, the Grand Palais was turned into a military hospital. The injured soldiers were recovering in the galleries, and convalescents walking around the Nave before returning to battle…

Want to visit the Grand and the Petit Palais this year ? Here are some of the exhibitions and fairs that will be displayed soon :


I, Augustus, emperor of Rome, 19 March 2014 to 13 July 2014

Robert Mapplethorpe, 26 March 2014 to 13 July 2014

Bill Viola, 05 March 2014 to 21 July 2014


Art Paris Art Fair, 28 March 2014 to 30 March 2014

Fair of old books, prints and drawings / Salon du livre ancien, de l’estampe et du dessin, 11 April 2014 to 13 April 2014

Tour Auto Optic 2000, 07 April 2014


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