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Adventurous Things to do in Paris

Adventurous Things To Do in Paris

Each traveler is different. Many of their decisions are based on their interests. For intense, when you are interested in history, Italy or Greece may be your preferred destination. If you like to lounge by the water, the Bahamas or Hawaii may be your next planned trip. There are some places that you would never even consider going to because you don’t believe they are in-line with your preferred activities. For intense, Paris may be higher on the list for someone interested in fashion than in camping. However, little does that someone know there are plenty of adventurous things to do in Paris. Here is a list of the top 10 adventurous activities in Paris.

1. Explore Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Buttes-Chaumont is one of the most beautiful and largest parks in Paris. With a beautiful lake and waterfalls, it is a wonderful place to explore to escape the city. The park is located on a high hill which will be fun for the adventurer in you to walk and hike and find the hidden treasures of the park.


2. Row Boats in Bois de Boulogne

Bois de Boulonge is also a beautiful park located in Paris with open land and a beautiful lake. Take a picnic to relax and spend the afternoon rowing a boat through the park to witness the natural beauty that is preserved in the large city. Walk or ride the trails of the forest to become one with nature.


3. Bike

Bus tours are great, but bike tours allow you to see the city and learn about the history while biking through the city. Navigating your way through the busy streets of Paris is adventurous enough as you try to dodge both tourists and taxis all around the city.

Adventurous Things to do in Paris

4. Climb the Steps of the Great Monuments

Getting to the top of the famous monuments in Paris is no joke. Whether you are climbing the steps of the Sacre Coeur Dome or the Arc de Triomphe, you with find yourself winded as you emerge from the spiraling stair cases. Each monument has around 300 steps to reach the top which is not for the weak lunged. Race your friends to the second level of the Eiffel Tower and see who is able to climb the 668 steps of the Tower in the least amount of time.


5. Horseback Ride

A great way to view the parks on the outskirts of the city is on the back of a horse. Explore the Kings’ old hunting grounds in a manner similar to the Kings themselves by riding through the parks and garden on the back of your noble stead.

Adventurous Things to do in Paris


6. Water-ski on the Seine

Who knew that there were places to water-ski or wake-board on the Seine? This is not within Paris strickly speaking as the traffic on the river would make it too dangerous, but just outside in nautical clubs where you can also usually practice rowing.

Adventurous Things to do in Paris

7. Hot Air Balloon Ride

See the city like you’ve never seen it before. Head to the south of Paris for a panoramic view of the city including all the beautiful rooftops and monuments that make the city famous. Although the balloon is stationary, this is a great way to view the entirety of the city from such a great height.


8. Helicopter Ride over Paris 

Another  option besides the hot air balloon is a helicopter ride over Paris. This will also be able to give you the best views in Paris; however, unlike the balloon, this trip wouldn’t be stationary. How many people can say they’ve seen Paris from a helicopter? My guess is not many.

Adventurous Things to do in Paris

9. Zip-line from the Eiffel Tower

The newest addition to the adventurous activities in Paris is the Eiffel Tower Zip-Line. Zip-line over the Champs de Mars from the first level of the Eiffel Tower. However, you will have to be on the watch as this is only a special event that happens for only a few weeks from time to time! Keep an eye out for the next time this event comes to town.


For more adventurous things to do in Paris, contact us at to help you plan the perfect vacation for you and those you are traveling with. We can help with all of your thrill-seeking desires.

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Rooftop in Paris, conference hotels in Paris

Enjoy a City View on a Rooftop in Paris

A charming city view on the Eiffel Tower, a cocktail in your hand and a loved one by your side, who would not be pleased? Rooftops are the ideal place to take a rest during your holidays. But you’re sure where to go? ParisByM will help you to choose a rooftop in Paris, to see the city of light in all its glory!


Galeries Lafayette

During your shopping session, take a break on the Galeries Lafayette’s rooftop and rest on one of the comfy chairs located on the 7th floor of La Coupole. You will be able to appreciate a great view over Paris from this rooftop, while enjoying a drink in the Cube Bar.
For more information, click here.
21 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

Rooftop Paris

Rooftop Galeries Lafayette


The Rooftop of the Montparnasse Tour

Visit the rooftop of Paris’ highest skyscraper, the Montparnasse Tour: a dynamic place where many activities happen, like meditation classes or trampoline sessions. With a view of 360° from a height of 210 meters, it is surely one of the most breathtaking views from a rooftop in Paris. You will be able to see all the most famous monuments of the capital.
For more information, click here.
33 Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris


The Rooftop of the Grande Arche

In the business district of Paris, La Défense, the rooftop of the Grande Arche offers you 1 000m2 of open air areas with a garden. Admire all the Parisians monuments while walking along the promenade deck. Different activities are offered, like an outdoors cinema or an ice-skating ring in winter. In addition, photo-journalism exhibitions are often displayed. 
For more information, click here.
1 Parvis de la Défense, 92800 La Défense

Rooftop in Paris

La Grande Arche, La Défense @Wikipedia


Le Perchoir Marais

Chill at Le Perchoir Marais: drink cocktails and eat tapas at the hottest rooftop in Paris. Located in the Marais district, it is “the place to be” for Parisians and tourists alike. Transformed during winter in a cosy and warm style, you can enjoy a drink throughout the year
For more information, click here.
33 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris


43 Up on the Roof

Take a rest on the top of the Holiday Inn hotel : on the menu, delicatessen, wine and cocktails. Surrounded by palm trees and nature, discover Notre Dame de Paris cathedrale and the city from a different perspective. The idyllic setting will take you to cloud 9! 
For more information, click here.
4 Rue Danton, 75006 Paris

Rooftop in Paris

43 Up on the Roof


Lounge Bar View Rooftop

If you want a calm and casual place, far from touristic areas, this is the rooftop you need to go to. Simply furnished, you will feel at home, but with the addition of a gorgeous view, French specialities to taste and affordable cocktails as a bonus. 
For more information, click here.
257 Rue de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris


Hotel Raphael

Enjoy delicious dishes one of the most charming rooftops in Paris, just around the corner of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The enchanting hanging garden in a luxury rooftop, combined with an exceptional service, look totally like heaven! 
For more information, click here.
17 Avenue Kléber, 75116 Paris

Rooftop in Paris

@Hotel Raphael


Café de l’Homme

Not a real rooftoop, but located on a hill and therefore overlooking Paris, this elegant place will allow you to eat dishes and drink cocktails in a very French-style decor. The chef mixes French local products and flavors from all over the world, creating incredibly tasting gourmet meals, and this in addition to the stunning view of the Eiffel Tower. 
For more information, click here.
17 Place du Trocadéro, 75116 Paris


The Molitor’s Rooftop

From this flowery summer rooftop, you can have a gorgeous view over most of Paris landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, and over the famous Molitor’s swimming pool, renovated a few years ago only. In this colorful place, you will find a Clarins’ spa and numerous activities. Open from May to September.
For more information, click here.
6 Avenue de la Porte Molitor, 75016 Paris

Rooftop in Paris



The Terrass

On the 7th level of the Terrass’Hotel, close to the Sacré-Cœur basilica, you will find a restaurant and a bar with large bay windows, and a green terrace with a romantic atmosphere. The view on Paris completes this ideal place to share a sweet moment with your loved one. 
For more information, click here.
12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris

Rooftop in Paris

@Terrass’ Rooftop


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Art Galleries in Paris

Art Galleries in Paris : The Ultimate Guide

Notice to all lovers of art, Paris will make you fall in love!

Not only is Paris the city of love or the city of fashion, but it is also a cultural place, where plenty of artists are based. Whether in the Marais, Saint Germain des Prés or in the 13th district of Paris, there is no shortage of art galleries in Paris. Intrigued visitor or art expert alike, you will definitely find a treasure. To not be overwhelmed by all of these art galleries in Paris, ParisByM has made a selection for you.

Here are our selection of the most influential art galleries in Paris by district…



There is no need to introduce the district of the Marais where artists are present on every street corner. It is the most abundant district of art galleries in Paris, a must-go place for an art lover.


Galerie Art : Concept

Founded by Olivier Antoine, this gallery moved from the 13th district of Paris in 2010. With a prominent role on the international scene, its program includes contemporary art from artists as Michel Blazy, specialist of the organic or Roman Signer, who is known for his humorous work.

4, passage Sainte-Avoye
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 11h-19h
Website :

Art Galleries in Paris

Galerie Art : Concept


Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger

Founded in 1925 by Jeanne Bucher, this art gallery celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2015. She revealed many artists including some precursors of modern art who are now historic like Giacometti, Mondrian or Masson. The art gallery also promotes contemporary artist like Jiechang Yang, Paul Wallach or Michel Branco. It also owns another gallery in Paris, located in Saint Germain, as well as one in Lisbon.

5-7, rue de Saintonge
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 10h-19h
Website :


Galerie Perrotin

Renowned globally, the iconic art gallery of Emmanuel Perrotin has been in operation since 1989. Among his 8 galleries, some are based in New York and in Asia (Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo).
The total surface area of Perrotin’s art galleries in Paris amounts to 2 300 m2. Some 50 artists are displayed there, including Asian artists, thereby demonstrating Perrotin’s interest for Asian art. In particular, you will find artworks from Takashi Murakami.

76, rue de Turenne
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 11h-19h
Website :

Art Gallery

Galerie Perrotin


Galerie Almine Rech

Specialized in conceptual art and minimal art, the gallery shows contemporary art through all types of art from sculpture to photography. It is distinguished by strong individualities. For instance, Jeff Koons or Jannis Kounellis are on display.

64, rue de Turenne
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 11h-19h
Website :


Saint Germain des Prés

The Quartier Latin can boast, some of the most important art galleries in Paris can be found here! Located in the heart of the 6th district of Paris, you would not be wrong to walk around the neighborhood!


Galerie de l’Europe

This international gallery is separated in two parts, with a space dedicated for photography and a space for painting expositions, with an interest for figurative art. It promotes young artists of contemporary art such as Alain Pontecorvo or Yan Marczewski by organizing personal and collective exhibitions since its opening in 1997.

55, rue de Seine
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 10h30-13h, 14h-19h
Website :


Galerie Georges-Philippe and Nathalie Vallois

Thanks to the duality between contemporary and new realism, the gallery has gained a lot of attention since its creation in 1990. Gilles Barbier and Vincent Lamouroux, one of the artists behind the exhibition “Constellation”, are the cutting-edge artists of the gallery.

33-36, rue de Seine
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 10h30-13h, 14h-19h30
Website :


Galerie Loevenbruck

Opened in 2001, the 130m2 are used to promote contemporary art from pop art to art installations. Not only does the gallery highlight rising French artists but as well international artist like the Irish Blaise Drummon. Their key artists are Philippe Mayaux and Bruno Peinado.

6, rue Jacques Callot
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 11h-19h
Website :



The youngest district of art galleries in Paris, Belleville, is full of promising artists. The contemporary art that is exposed, reflects the dynamism and the blazing passion of the district artists’ youth. Here is the most famous one…


Galerie Air de Paris

Exhibiting since 1990 engaged art, Air de Paris remained true to the young image of the district by breaking the codes. The virulent image boosted the dynamism of French art. You will find displayed the artwork of Enrique Metinides, Bruno Serralongue, or Shimabuku.

32, rue Louise Weiss
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 11h-19h
Website :




Galerie Arludik

The first gallery exposing artwork from pop-culture universe, comics, or even videogames. It has been exposing entertainement contemporary art since 2004. Some of their represented artists are Mr Garcin or Scott Campbell.

12-14, rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 14h-19h
Website :


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Musée Picasso

The musée Picasso of Paris was created in 1968 thanks a French law permitted to pay inheritance taxes with works of art instead of money. When the wife of Pablo, Jacqueline Picasso died, her daughter paid the taxes with works art. The collection has grew up thanks many works purchased or gifts.


Why should you visit Musée Picasso?

Musée picassoThe Parisian collection of Picasso is the only one in the world to set out with a specific record sculptures, engraves, paintings, studies, notebooks and illustrations. The whole in order to recreate the artist’s creative process. The Musée Picasso Paris collection comprises over 5,000 works and thousands of archived pieces.


History of the place

The Musée Picasso is located at Hotel Salé, a palace built 1656 in the middle of in Marais district. Hotel Salé designed by the architect Jean Boullier it is considered one of the finest historic houses of the area. After some national debate the Hotel Salé was selected for to be Musée Picasso. Link to Wikipedia website for more information.


What will you see?

Musée picassoAt the Musée Picasso you will  admire the permanent collection which includes:

300 Paintings among the most important large preparatory paintings for the “Young Ladies in Avignon” ; ”Still Life with Chair Caning” large Cubist paintings “Man with Guitar and Man with Mandolin” ; an exceptional series of assemblages, decoupages and constructions from his Cubist period (1912-1916); then “Women at a Fountain or “The Pipes of Pan” and  “Memento mori”.

Picasso’s sculptures: which Pablo made up to celebrate his paintings. These sculptures are one of the most comprehensive collection artist’s objects.

Prints and engravings

Library and documentation of 11,000 publications

Giacometti Furnishings: 50 items of furniture designed by Diego Giacometti exclusively for Hôtel Salé.

In addition the permanent collection, at Musée Picasso will take in place several special expositions: 

musée picassoPicasso Sculptures: March 8 – September 18, 2016

Miquel Barceló. Sol y sombra: March 22 – end of June, 2016

Picasso-Giacometti: October 2016 – January 2017


Who is it for?

The musée Picasso is suggested for who is interesting in Picasso’s works or would like to discover his incredible artistic life. Couples, senior citizens and families are welcome to the museum.


How to plan your visit?

The Musée Picasso is located in 5 rue de Thorigny 75003 Paris. The place is reachable by metro getting out in Hotel de Ville, Saint Paul line 1 or Chemin Vert, Saint Sebastien – Froissart line 8. Admission to the museum is free for disabled visitors and one accompanying person.

For individual tickets – Musée Picasso official website – From 12.50€


For small groups we suggeste – “Le Marais Art Walking Tour + Skip-the-Line Picasso Museum – From 45€


You will explore the Le Marais district in a 1.5-hour guided tour and you will discover the many famous painters who have lived and worked there. After that you will reach the Musée Picasso and with your skip-the-line ticket you are ready for a self guided-tour.

  • Explore  the Marais district in a 1.5 hour walking guided tour
  • Led by a local guide
  • All the entrance fees are included


Location of Musée de Picasso

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Paris museum pass





paris museum pass

Paris museum pass

Paris is one of the cities with more heritages in the world. If you are planning your visit in Paris and you are a museum lover you cannot miss any of them. Without wasting money, the Paris museum pass is the adapted solution for who wants learning and improving their own knowledge from the magnificent museums and attractions of Paris.


Why the Paris museum pass is worth ?

paris museum pass

credits: Flickr

Imagine to buy tickets for all these attractions!

Arch de Triomphe 13€, Centre Pompidou 14€, Musee du Quai Branly 9€, Musee du Louvre 15€, Tours de Notre-Dame 10€, Musee d’Orsay 12€, Pantheon 8,50€, Musee Rodin 10€, Sainte-Chapelle 10€, Chateau de Versailles 18 €

Total amount should be:  118.50 €

Instead with Paris museum pass the cost will be:

  • 2 consecutive days 48 €
  • 4 consecutive days 62 €
  • 6 consecutive days 74€

Get the pass in advance! BUY NOW

Why choosing the Paris museum pass?

paris museum pass


The Paris Museum Pass provides you the visit to over 50 museums, monuments and permanent collections, in Paris or around its region. Based on your trip duration the Paris museum pass has three options: 2(48 €), 4 (62 €), or 6 (74€) consecutive days in order to progressively save money with an option of more days. It depends how you organized your Parisian time trip. In every case the Paris Museum Pass will give you the chance to avoid the queue and having a free entry (not guaranteed in case of checks for specific security reasons). Further, don’t be afraid to miss any painting or sculpture, with this pass you will have unlimited number of visits in each museum.  With the Paris museum pass you will have a flyer which gathers all the details about the museums and monuments included in the offer.

Helpful advices

The first day, before beginning your visit remember to write on the Paris museum pass your surname, first name and the day’s date! It will be useful in case of validity recognition and loss.

Bear to mind the Paris museum pass does not include entry to temporary exhibitions or conference visits. Passes are either taken back or exchanged. Furthermore, if you will not have time to visit all what previously planned you can consider to visit few museums the evening. The museums the evening are very relaxing and you will have the right concentration to focus on each fantastic heritage.


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Day trip from Paris

3 Cities to Include in your European Tour package

I hereby want to complete a guide, whereas you can pick from our selection of 3 cities in your European tour packages…

Barcelona – the charming and diverse city!

European Tour package

Barcelona is an amazingly beautiful city.

Barcelona is known for being an more and more international, beautiful and a city with a lot of possibilities for everyone, no matter age and gender. Barcelona is set on the northeastern Mediterranean coast, and has a warm, pleasant climate, sandy beaches, really good cuisine and excellent art and architecture!

You can either walk through Barcelona, to get that genuine, authentic experience that you only can do by walking through the streets, and perhaps getting in touch with other tourists or the locals… You can, however, also discover the lovely Barcelona by a hop-on-hop-off-bus, with an open-top.

There are three different routes included in one ticket and 44 stops at interesting places, such as Plaza de Cataluña, Via Layetana, the cathedral and its cloister, Gothic Quarter, Plaza Sant Jaume, Sagrada Familia, Parque Guell, Villa Olimpica and the Port Olimpic, up the Montjuïc Mountain for a panoramic view of the city and harbor and perhaps visit the Poble Espanyol, which is a Spanish village.

Barcelona is the perfect place if you want to shop, or walk around the amazing Ramblas! The Gothic Quarter is very famous, and for those interested in art; there are many museum, which includes the Picasso Museum!

London – one of the greatest cities in the world!

European Tour package

London is full of activities and sightseeings!

London is a diverse and exciting city with some of the world’s best sights, attractions and activities, and for good reason; there is a lot of things to do, and some days London is like a bag of candy, that never gets empty; always something to see, and always something to explore. You should definitely include it as part of your European tour package. You can either stroll down Oxford Street to shop, dine and explore, or you can take an open-top sightseeing bus tour, so you have a choice of routes around famous landmarks so you may get on and off wherever you wish.

From here, you will be able to view the city’s iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Madame Tussands just to mention a few…

And the extra plus? You can go from silver to gold in an short amount of time; you can take the train from London to Paris! You can make your own way to London St. Pancras railway station and take a beautiful train ride to Paris, romantic French capital. You will have a chance to enjoy a bit of the countryside in the comfort of a high-speed train.

Paris, the City of Lights

European Tour package

Paris with a view on the Eiffel Tower…

So you arrived to the most beautiful city, and the opportunities are many… You can find one of our many guides or blogposts on ParisByM, when you include Paris in your European tour package. You can enjoy a full-day sightseeing tour of Paris, in a hop-on hop-off double-decker coach, and from here view all the famous landmarks such as the Opéra, Place Vendôme, Concorde Square, Champs-Elysées Avenue, Arch of Triumph, Eiffel Tower, Invalides, Orsay Museum, the Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Sorbonne, Pantheon Church and more. Do not forget to buy one of our packages at ParisByM, for your perfect Parisian experience!


Is Montmartre in Paris worth the visit?

Montmarte is definitely worth the visit, if you have extra time. It is actually rising above Paris’ panorama, and Montmarte is different than anywhere else in Paris… It is a historic distric with history, character, and beautiful, and artsy streets with many hidden treasures. When you visit Montmartre in Paris, you will feel like being in a magical and imperfect village, far away from Paris. But when going to Montmartre in Paris on a visit, what to explore and discover?

Paris Sightseeing, Montmartre Paris

Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Montmartre

Montmarte is an artistic and bohemian village, which hosts some of the best known festivals in Paris during each year, and while being quite small regarding size, it has enough interesting sights for you to dedicate an entire day of your sightseeing in Paris to exploring the original, and timeless Montmartre.

You do have to explore Montmartre’s artistic heritage, where the great artists lived. The drank their coffee in the cafes, played music and danced the night away. You get the sense when you are there; that Montmartre was and still is the artists’ community. To mention some former artists living in Montmartre, it is: Salvador Dalí, Max Jacob, Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. Seen that movie by Woody Allen “Midnight in Paris”? Well, Montmartre is where Gil Pender meets some of these world-known artists.

Montmartre Paris

Evening in Montmartre…

When in Montmartre, you do not want to miss the vineyards in rue Saint Vincent. The vineyards in Montmartre presents a Parisian winemaking tradition, and and in the fall Montmartre hosts an autumn wine harvest festival that is truly a treat to attend if you’ll be in Paris in October!

You also have to check out the adorable bakeries in Montmartre – and the cafes and bistros… So factor some time in your Montmartre sightseeing schedule to relax and have a glass of wine or a café – and be sure to try some of the cakes, pies and patisserie goodies of Montmartre.

Of course, last but not least, you have to go to the very famous Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur, which is Paris’ highest point, and you can either hike up or take the tram, in order to go to the top and get an breathtaking view… You can also see the Eiffel Tower from here. Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur took about 40 years to build, and was completed in 1914. It is Montmartre’s biggest monument, so make sure not to miss.

Montmartre Paris

An artist is drawing the portray of a young man on the Place du Tertre in Montmartre in Paris.

Remember that we on ParisByM have some packages, which includes a guided your in Montmartre with a possibility to try a wine tasting with high quality wines… Check it out!

Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, 3 Paris Day Tours, places of interest paris

3 Paris day tours you should try

In the hustle and bustle in Paris, it can be hard to pick day tours, you want to try. We all know, that a powerful characteristic of the French people is the regard they have for their history, and the restoration of their national monuments. The result of this preservation of the past has greatly contributed to the beautiful state of Paris today. I will hereby complete a guide, whereas I pick out 3 Paris day tours you definitely should try!

Paris, Eiffel, view

Paris with a view on the Eiffel Tower

First time in Paris

If you want to enjoy some of Paris’ greatest monuments in your day tour, you should try our “First time in Paris”-package, which you will find on ParisByM. In the day tour the highlights are included for first time visitors, so if you are coming to Paris for the first time, this is a package especially aimed for you…

You will explore the Louvre Museum, which for over two centuries has been one of the biggest museums in the world. Here, you have to see the famous Mona Lisa by Da Vinci. But even though Louvre is best known for this masterpiece, there is so much more to explore. You can easily spend a whole afternoon here!

Next up, you can go to Arc de Triomphe at Place de l’Étoile at the top of the Champs-Élysées. Arc de Triomphe is a symbol of the French nation, which links the old and new Paris, and is located on the highest point of the line running from the Louvre to the Grande Arche de la Défense. You have to go up and experience the amazing view of Paris. Overwhelming and beautiful!

By afternoon, you can go on a cruise on the Seine River. Many of the most famous Paris landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame cathedral lie along the banks of the river – and a Seine Cruise gives you a whole new perspective on these wonderful monuments. A cruise down the beautiful Seine River shows you the wonderful architecture and café lined boulevards of Paris. Buy tickets at ParisByM, and enjoy a dinner cruise with your loved one.

Paris day tours

Seine Cruise – imagine enjoying a dinner here, while the greatest monuments pass you by? Whoa.

Off the beaten path

Option two, is possibly my personal favorite… The “Off the Beaten Path”-package, which allows you to get a guided tour through the famous and beautiful district Montmarte. You can see the famous Sacré-Cœur Basilica here, and you can either take the tram or hike up to enjoy an amazing view from the Roman Catholic church. Afterwards, you can go on a wine tasting tour with high value French vines, and a guided tour to the home of the world-known “Phantom of the Opera”; Opera Garnier. The Palais Garnier is “probably the most famous opera house in the world, and you will be overwhelmed by the amazing architecture, and the romantic atmosphere… Make sure not to miss. Definitely one of the 3 Paris day tours you should try.

Paris day tours

The golden interior of Opera Garnier in Paris. Amazing.

Museum lovers

Last but not least, you should try our “Museum Lovers” package, and the title speaks for itself; If you want to experience the history of the City of Lights while discovering all of its other monuments, this package is dedicated to you! Visit the World-famous Louvre, the Sainte Chapelle, and a tour to the Notré Dame – besides you will get to experience a cruise on the Seine. Discover the world-known Louvre where not a corner are left out, go afterwards and enjoy Saine Chapelle, which is a masterpiece of Flamboyant Gothic architecture built by Saint Louis in the heart of the Palais de la Cité on the Ile de la Cité in Paris. Discover its unique stained glass windows rendering the air iridescent with light and colour, symbols of the Heavenly Jerusalem. This is a royal medieval Gothic chapel, and you will be able to enjoy a concert here! Look at for the upcoming concerts in 2015.

Paris day tours

Saine Chapelle in Paris… Overwhelming experience.


Afterwards, go and enjoy Notre Dame and get a guided visit by an experimented guide, which will give you wisdom about the importance of the Cathedral in Parisians’ life!


Museum Lovers, 2 Days in Paris, Can't-Miss, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Seine, Notre-Dame, Montmartre, What to See in Paris in 5 Days, Paris day tours

Notre Dame in Paris!

At dinner time, go to a Seine Cruise. You do not want to miss this… A cruise down the beautiful Seine River shows you the wonderful architecture and café lined boulevards of Paris. Buy tickets at ParisByM, and enjoy a dinner cruise with your loved one. What’s not to love?

Hope you enjoyed my personal pick of 3 Paris day tours you should try!



Loire Valley, France

How to travel from Paris to Loire Valley?

When you visit Paris, and have a bit more time, you definitely have to see the Loire Valley, which is studded with fairytale villages, and the famous châteaux de la Loire. The areas are like postcards; so beautiful and peaceful that it could win the Nobel peace prize. Magic corners everywhere, and not to talk about the breath-taking castles…

Book ParisByM day tour from Paris to the Loire Valley. You will see the main castles: Chambord, Chenonceau, Azay Le Rideau and Villandry gardens.

Book ParisByM day tour from Paris to the Loire Valley. You will see the main castles: Chambord, Chenonceau, Azay Le Rideau and Villandry gardens.

In other words, the Loire Valley is an outstanding cultural landscape of overwhelming beauty, historical villages and towns, and if you are interested in architecture? Then Loire Valley is perfect for you. The landscape contains great architectural monuments (the châteaux), and cultivated lands formed by many centuries of interaction between their population and the physical environment, primarily the river Loire itself.

Loire Valley Castles, Paris packages

Loire Valley, France, Pinterest

If you decide to visit the Loire Valley, there are several transportation options available; buses and trains can carry you to the main towns of the three Loire provinces—Anjou (to the west), Orléans (to the east), and the center ring of the show, Touraine.

If you want to get a full package, whereas you also can explore the amazing Mont Saint Michel, you can go to ParisByM and order one of our packages, which includes everything you need for your tour: transportation in an luxury, air-conditioned bus, accommodation in an great 3 star hotel with double room, and guided tours to the areas and the wonderful monuments! Note, that a guided visit of the Château de Chambord, which is the largest and most imposing castle in the Loire Valley, is also included in the packages! Something you don’t want to miss for sure…

We just released the packages, because of a great demand. More and more people discover the Loire Valley, and want to see the magical landscape with their own eyes – and we do understand why.

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Things not to do on a short trip to Paris

Paris’ seductive charm are legendary, and for a very good reason. A very wise man once told me that Paris is the runway model of all cities, and I tend to agree. At every turn, and every corner Paris is confident, charming, inspiring and beautiful. But with that said, when I had my first visit to Paris, and found myself elbow to elbow on Champs-Élysées avenue with so-called stereotype tourists; their camera bigger than the Eiffel Tower, trying to capture everything and pushing other people in order to do so, with no regret, I wondered what all the fuss was about.


So from that experience, I want to complete a guide about what not to do and where not do go – especially when on a short trip to Paris.

The Champs-Elysées was once – and alright, still is – the most beautiful avenue in the world. However, the assets have risen and fallen many times over the years, and if you do not know better, you will find yourself visiting only the global chain stores, and oh.. if you want to cure your hunger on the restaurants on the avenue? Well, try not to. The cafés are full of tourists, and you are very lucky if you find a local sitting on one of those. They would rather be caught dead, I’ve been told.  Instead, if you want to experience that old-fashioned Parisian life, go to Paris’ covered passages, because these used to be Paris’ very first malls, and there you will find French designers, antique book dealers, art galleries, funny Parisian toyshops if you bring your child(ren) and I can go on, and on. I highly recommend Galerie Vivienne, which is north of the Palais Royal. You won’t regret. This is one of my advices, of what not to do, when on a short trip to Paris.

Vivienne, Galerie, Paris

Upscale shopping mall in Paris at the Palais Royal. This photo was taken on June 30, 2011 by AJ Brustein.

Regarding searching for the perfect place to dine and wine with your loved one, try not to get stuck in an over-priced restaurant. And dear God, there is many of those. A pure-tourist trap, and is among what not to do on a short trip to Paris!

Paris is known for holding no less than 66 Michelin Restaurants, but unless you want to spend as much money on a something-course dinner, as you did on your plane ticket, you should instead go to this article to find whereas you can get fine French cuisine for affordable prices, or go through this article, which shows the best meals, desserts etc. for under 10 euro.

If you find yourself in Paris in the middle of the highseason, and go to Louvre or Musée d’Orsay, do not be disappointed if there is a crowd bigger than the Universe. It can easily happen. Instead, try to explore the less known! Actually there is a lot of Paris’ lesser-known museums, which contains just as important and beautiful art – and you can make sure you will not be elbowed out of the way by a photo-snapping arm. You’ll find Monet’s famous Nymphéas (water lily) murals in the Musée de l’Orangerie, at the far end of the Tuileries Gardens. The Musée Marmottan is home to the world’s largest collection of Monets. And the Musée Rodin, housed in a luminous villa with a lovely garden, is one of the most romantic places in all of Paris. Do not miss!

Musee de l'Orangerie

Musee de l’Orangerie offers a fabulous concentration of masterpieces from the Jean Walter and Paul Guillaume Collection, a highly original insight into modern art featuring Cézanne, Renoir, Picasso, Rousseau, Matisse, Derain, Modigliani, Soutine, Utrillo and Laurencin.


You want to get that authentic Parisian experience? Then walk and dress like Parisians do! This may come off as a bit arrogant, but clothing do says a lot. Try to leave your tourist shorts, white tennis socks in sandals, or any clothes, which makes you look like you’re going to climb Mount Everst. Do not misunderstand me, Parisians tend to wear casual clothes, but in a very clean and coordinated way. Complete your look with your best shoes, as you will be walking for hours like the actual tourist you are. But please, do not commit the fashion faux pas.


Fasion, Parisian, Style

Casual, all black and beautiful! Credit: Pinterest.

Last but not least, I will highly recommend not to explore the city by taxi, when on a short or long trip to Paris. Try to stroll (or in French:  flâner) through the Parisian streets, which is the best way to explore hidden, magic corners by yourself. Or “to walk the city in order to experience it”, which are words to live by in the City of Light. If you cannot walk that much, take the metro to the wished location. There is a metrostation (almost) everywhere.

flaner, paris, strolling, sightseeing

‘Flaner’ in Paris… Credit: Daniela Fili Di Poesia, Pinterest

Lastly I want to highly recommend to buy skip-the-line tickets on ParisByM! It saves you a lot of time, when on a short trip. Or(!) if you want to experience the treasured spots in – or outside of Paris for one day or more, go ahead and check out our VERY beneficial packages. You won’t regret! For me personally, my next to-buy is a trip to Versailles.

This were my recommendations of what not to do when on a short trip to Paris. Beware that this is my own experience, which I gladly wanted to share with you.

Have a really nice day!

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A nice program for a 3 day trip to Paris

Paris is always full of people from all over the World, who comes to see the City of Light, to explore, discover and making memories…

My first 3 day trip to Paris

When I came to Paris the first time, I only had 3 days in Paris to do so.I was having dinner on the most beautiful avenue Champs-Elysees, where I happened to meet a very interesting Canadian couple, who said that they have visited Paris ten times. Yet, they haven’t seen it all, they said. So I was kind of stressed out. Where should I begin? I only had 3 days in Paris , and I did not have any program whatsoever.

3 day trip to Paris

Musée du Louvre, Pinterest


My 3 day trip to Paris recommendation

I decided to complete this 3 day trip to Paris for you, from my own experience. If you furthermore want tips to your Parisian fairytale, go ahead and read our guide here!

From my opinion, you have to explore the Eiffel Tower (read our guide to the Eiffel Tower tours here!) The Louvre (MONA!), Notre Dame, and the Palace of Versailles.

The very first day, I lived in the neighborhood of Montmartre, which is so cozy and full of life… Anyhow, ou HAVE to see Sacre Coeur Basilica, but in order to do so, you have to take the tram – or hike up. You can see Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower from there. There is art galleries, cozy and beautiful shops and much more. After you indulge the atmosphere you can go down and take the nearest metro to the Eiffel Tower.

3 day trip to Paris

Eiffel Tower, Pinterest


It’s easy to stop at the Arc de Triomphe on the route between Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower, so you can easily hop off, take some pictures, and continue your journey. When you arrive to the famous Tower, you have some options – you can take the lift to the observation deck, or you can go all the way up. Remember to purchase tickets at ParisByM before going, so you save some time. Afterwards you can go to the lawn, where you can chill out, listen to some music, eat some cheese, bread, more cheese and drink some rosé. I did. C’est ça, la belle vie.

I went to Louvre the second day. ART, baby! It was amazing. Much more than I expected it to be. There isn’t a corner left out. So captivating, and overwhelming. Loads of people are standing in front of Mona Lisa, trying to take a picture or 50 of her, so beware of the crowd. You may get squeezed a couple of times, but to be quite honest, Mona is quite underwhelming to see. Just my opinion…

After that, I visited Notre Dame, and I have to say that it is really something you CANNOT MISS when in Paris. I have a hard time describing the feeling you get, when you enter the cathedral. The line may seem long, but it goes fast. And btw, it is completely free. If you can miss 5 euros per person to enter the rooms with all of the treasures. It was amazing. Whoa.

Notre Dame, Paris, Skies

Notre Dame cathedral, Bondarisilviuphotography

I strolled down the avenue afterwards to taste macaroons from the famous bakery Paul, which is located a few steps from Arc de Triomphe, and right down the Champs-Elysees avenue.

In the evening, I booked a trip to the Seine River – well, actually a sightseeing-boat, whereas you can capture all of the highlights of Paris. It was very romantic and nice. Dinner was eaten at one of the restaurants nearby Notre Dame. There is so many authentic, cozy restaurants and shops to be found there. Very Parisian.

The very last day, I ate le brekky at Le George V (café) on Champs-Elysees. There you can get a complete brunch which consists of croissants, fresh juice, omelette, coffee and toasts with jam and butter for like 5 euros… And at the same time, you can observe the people walking up and down the avenue – very inspiring!

Paris, Quote, Sign, Love

Sign with quote, Pinterest

I had some magical 3 days in Paris, and this trip actually gave me to lust to be a part of the ParisByM team, and provide fantastic trips to people all over the world, who got the same wanderlust.

I hope you enjoyed looking back at my Paris trip with me, and got some inspiration on the way in order to create your own program.

Oh well, there is really no cure for Paris – at least I know by now.

Did you like this trip testimonial on a 3 day trip to Paris?

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Chateau de Vincennes

Chateau de Vincennes, a medieval castle a stone’s throw from Paris

Just outside the doors of Paris stands the last royal fortified castle still standing in France.  Alternately a hunting lodge, a royal residence, a state prison and an arsenal, Vincennes is not as famous as Versailles, which was built later. And yet, its history is rich: the Marquis de Sade, Voltaire, Mirabeau, Diderot were imprisoned there; a French prince was murdered in its moats on Napoleon’s orders; after WWII, President Charles de Gaulle made plans to move the presidential palace there…Dunjeon of the castle of Vincennes

With its 52 meters, the highest dungeon in Europe is a witness of French history. Conscious very early of the importance to leave the seething heart of the capital, to better control and contain all possible riots initiated by a warm-blooded Parisian population, the kings of France decided to have this castle built 8 km outside of Paris. The same reasoning led to the construction of Versailles a few centuries later. From a simple hunting lodge constructed around 1150 in the heart of the forest of Vincennes, it was turned into a real fortress in the 13th century.

Dungeon of the Vincennes castle

King Louis IX (Saint Louis) was fond of the castle. While waiting for the Holy Chapel of Paris to be ready to receive them, he had the relics of the Crown of Thorns temporarily housed there. A fragment that remained behind received its own chapel at Vincennes, chapel which is worth visiting. Built on only one level, with beautiful coloured stained glass contrasting with the whiteness of the stone, it is at least as majestic as its illustrious sister on the Ile de la Cité in Paris.The Holy Chapel in Vincennes castle

In 1804, before the French Empire was establish, Napoleon had the Duke of Enghien, of royal blood, murdered in the moats of the castle, after a sham judgement, to prevent any possible coup from the royalist party and to quiet any possible domestic resistance to his rising power. “It was worse than a crime; it was a blunder”, analysed a famous state man of the time. The Duke’s remains were exhumed from the gross tomb where he had been hastily buried in the moat and placed in the Holy Chapel of the castle in 1816.Assassination of the Duke d'Enghien in the moats of Vincennes Castle

Closer to us, in 1964, French President Charles de Gaulle raised the idea to transfer the presidential palace from the Elysée palace to the castle of Vincennes, considering that the Elysées was too closed in and not prestigious enough. But the idea was soon abandoned. Nevertheless, there still exists a plan to move the seat of the presidential power to Vincennes in case the Seine River would overflow, as the Elysée is located in the flood zone. Who knows: maybe we’ll have an official speech from a president one day from the heights of the dungeon?…

 For additional photos of the castle, check this album on our Facebook page.

For whom: everyone
Hours: open every day
From May 21st to September 22nd: from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (access to the Holy Chapel from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm, and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm).
From September 23rd to May 20th: dungeon opened from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and access to the Holy Chapel from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm, and from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm).


Go Self Tour, discover Paris while driving

Go-Self Tour, the movie of your discovering of Paris

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The first time we discover a beautiful monument or a beautiful landscape, we are always amazed and our reactions are sometimes fun to watch. It is this experience that the company Go Self Tour offers to live.

Go Self Tour allows you to discover Paris by yourself at the wheel of a tiny vehicle, following routes well studied that allow you to see the most famous monuments of Paris. The vehicle itself is for the least original: imagine a construction vehicle cabin to which an electric motor was added. This gives you a funny Estrima Biro, handy and lightweight, where 2 people can seat side by side (if not too corpulent!). Of course, comfort is far from that of a big BMW, and you soon realize that Paris is a historic city indeed where many streets are still paved … Pregnant women and people with back problems, this is not for you!

All vehicles are equipped with a tablet that serves as your guide and displays photos and videos of places and monuments you pass on your way (don’t forget to park on the side before launching the videos, safety comes first). The large screen GPS is also very helpful to follow the route easily.

But the most interesting innovation is the onboard camera filming your experience from two angles: what happens outside the vehicle and the places you see, but also what is happening in the vehicle and your own reactions when you discover this or that monument. At the end of the tour, the Go Self Tour team shows the movie made from these two videos, with the route you followed also displayed in parallel. This gives a funny little movie, and as you’ll have forgotten soon after the departure that you were filmed, your spontaneous reactions are often very funny to discover. And if ever you have children with you, their own reactions are often funnier and even touching. And should you want to keep it, the video is for sale (€ 30) and is delivered on a USB key in credit card format. For those who want to keep a personal souvenir of their stay, it is an experience to recommend!


Duration: from 1:15
Price: from 55€
For whom: those who like to walk by. Those who want to live a unique experience in Paris or who want to “live like a Parisian,” couples, friends, tourists who want a quick overview of the first Paris autonomously.
Please note: the activity is available subject to having the license B (France) or an international license valid since at least 2 years before.


visit paris and france Visiting Paris by car by yourself

Twiztour, Fun Electric Twizy Car Tour in Paris!

Have you ever seen this cartoon that represents Europeans through their most stereotypical but still funny flaws? The perfect European should cook like a Brit, organize like a Greek, be flexible as a Finnish, be as humble as a Spanish, stay sober as an Irish … and should drive like a Frenchman!

The perfect European should be...

The bad reputation of French drivers is probably a result of the image of anarchy at the Place de l’Etoile, one of the largest squares of Paris, especially at rush hour. Driving in Paris has become almost a myth: if you know how to drive in Paris, you’ll know how to drive in any other big city in Europe! And therefore, some tourists who would love to explore the city by themselves by car do not dare to venture behind the wheel, for fear of being stopped after only 20 meters!

The young start-up, Twiztour, came up with a brilliant solution, permitting visitors to drive safely in Paris. By driving one of these funny electric cars called Twizy, from the French car-maker Renault, the tourist can finally discover the city at his own pace from the road.

How does it work?

Visiting Paris by car by yourselfTwiztour has implemented various formulas for you to choose the option that best suits you to explore the city. All tours depart from the Eiffel Tower, a particularly convenient location. For classical tours, the company gives you a pre-programmed GPS, where all you have to do is follow the route. There are small devices installed at destinations along the route for you to follow. Don’t worry, you won’t miss any information you would hear from a tour guide, because the GPS has all you need to know programmed into it. “We now turn left into the street… Take a look right now, you can see the famous store, known for such and such a reason.” And in case you miss a turn and find yourself off the planned route, the GPS will help you find the way to get back on track.


Bunch of friends driving in ParisThree itineraries, all starting from the Eiffel Tower, are currently available: in one hour. “The Essential” allows you explore the west of Paris and most of its symbolic monuments: the Eiffel Tower, of course, but also the Arc de Triomphe, the Invalides and the Place de la Concorde. “The Spectacular”, in 2 hours, is a longer drive, where you will be able to discover the historic center of Paris: Opéra, Place Vendôme, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Musée d’Orsay, etc. Finally, the “Unforgettable Montmartre” (in 3 hours) is a good option for visitors who have already seen the historical center and would like to explore other parts of the city. During this tour, you will drive to the neighbourhood of Montmartre, where you will be introduced to its narrow streets and village atmosphere. Since Twiztour is a young and dynamic company, other pre-programmed itineraries are currently in preparation.

There are also other options available. If you fear that you might spend more time staring at the GPS instead of admiring the monuments and enjoying the view, you might want to try the VIP tour. In this case, you are still driving your Twizy, but you no longer need to focus on a GPS because you simply follow another Twizy which will be your personal guide. After discussing the duration and the sites to see with your guide, all you have to do is follow the guide on the route. Connected to your personal guide by a walkie talkie, you can ask all the questions you want while exploring the city. In addition, other options include: delivery and pick-up of the Twizy in front of your hotel and the tour VIP Deluxe with champagne and canapés available at photo stops.

The Car

TTaking photos in front of the Eiffel Tower in Parishe Twizy is a small two-seater electric car with an innovative design. Placed one behind the other, not side by side, the driver and passenger sit comfortably. Don’t worry about leg room, there is plenty of space even for tall people. With a 100% electric motor, the Twizy is completely silent, but it does not go unnoticed in the streets. Its friendly design, with its butterfly doors, made more than one pedestrian turn around to watch us. We had come to admire the attractions of Paris, but what a funny feeling to see that we had become an attraction ourselves, with other tourists and even Parisians taking pictures of us! Of course, one must keep in mind that Twizy is a car made for the city and not for the road. Those who enjoy feedback or a responsive car while driving may find that Twizy lacks a bit of punch, but we must understand that to visit Paris and enjoy the scenery, it is necessary to drive at a slower pace. In addition, the suspension system is not really that of a Rolls Royce, as we can easily feel the uneven ground due to the cobblestones. But once again, given that it is advised to drive slowly and take one’s time, this should not really bother you. I had recommended this activity to a young couple, Ingrid and Raphaël, while Ingrid was 7 months pregnant. Aware of her pregnancy, the Twiztour team had prepared extra pillows for Ingrid to sit comfortably and enjoy the tour. Ingrid found the activity to be enjoyable, although a little bumpy in her condition, but very doable, when being warned and taking a few precautions.


Twizy in front of the Grand Palais in ParisCompared to a conventional tour in a city bus, Twizy provides you with the option to stop at any particular monument you want. You can take photos at your own pace, without being bothered by other tourists who are trying to get the same photo of the same monument from the same angle as you for the 10 seconds you have when you pass it on a tour bus. In addition, you really have the impression of “living in the city”, more than visiting it as a mere spectator. Like true Parisians, you experience driving in Paris, but without the stress of looking for directions and avoiding places where you need to drive like a Parisian like the Place de l’Etoile! This is another way to capture “your Paris” and for those who want a truly personalized experience, the Twiztour is an option that combines fun, unusualness and authenticity!

Duration: 1 to 3 hours, or customizable
Price: 58 € to 350 € (price per car, being for 1 or 2 people)
For whom: for everyone, especially for those who want an unusual experience in Paris or to “live like a Parisian,” for couples or for tourists who want to have a first glance of Paris
Please note the activity is accessible to anyone with a driver’s license from any country in the world.

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Museum of Chocolate

Choco-Story, the Museum of Chocolate in Paris!

museum of chocolate, Choco Story, an original activity in Paris (what to do in Paris around French gastronomy)Do you know the origin of cocoa and chocolate? And which country is the world’s largest producer of chocolate? Did you know that the cocoa bean has long been used as a standard currency in many parts of the world? And most importantly… do you know how to prepare an Aztec hot chocolate, where honey and pepper play equally with your taste buds? Well, at ParisByM, we do! Here’s some information about Choco-Story, the chocolate museum of Paris.

Choco Story, the museum of chocolate : museum of chocolate, Choco Story, an original activity in Paris (what to do in Paris around French gastronomy)The visit to the museum, which takes about one hour, interests both children and their parents. There is information available for both children and adults. There are signs in French, English and Spanish that explain the history of chocolate at eye level for adults and a meter lower, panels with toys turn the history into an entertaining experience for the kids. You will travel through time, from the time of the Mayans and the Aztecs through the Renaissance period and the 18th century until present-day. You will discover a particularly fine collection of chocolate cups and chocolate pots, which you will learn are different from coffee pots. And finally, you will finish your visit with a demonstration by chocolate masters and of course, the best part, with a chocolate tasting!

Chocolate cloves on the tree - museum of chocolate, Choco Story, an original activity in Paris (what to do in Paris around French gastronomy)

What would a chocolate museum be without a tasting? And Choco-Story understands this concept quite well, which offers not only a tasting at the museum, but also excellent workshops for children and adults to learn how to make your own chocolates. And so, ParisByM tested one of these workshops for you. This takes place in the lab of the museum, with a group of a dozen people. With aprons, gloves and headwear, within an hour, we learned how to make “orangettes” and “mendiants”, how to use a pastry bag, and how to decorate our own lollipops in chocolate.

museum of chocolate, Choco Story, an original activity in Paris (what to do in Paris around French gastronomy) - my own production of chocolates !White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate… Everything goes! The biggest challenge? Do not eat everything you made before you get home! Because, in the end, you can go back home and proudly show off your own creations to your friends and family: “These orangettes? I made them myself! “


Duration: 60 min to visit the museum, 60 to 90 min for a workshop
Languages: French, English and Spanish. Workshops in French and English
For whom: children and adults (over 5 years old), gourmands and gourmets, those who want to discover an unusual and fun activity

Are you looking for tips & ideas to visit Paris and France?