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Outdoor Activities in Paris

Outdoor Adventures in Paris

While museums are amazing, they can sometimes be a little bit stuffy. You can’t spend your ENTIRE vacation indoors. Everyone needs some Vitamin C. Luckily, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities especially during the summer. Here are some ideas of outdoor activities in Paris for when you need to escape.

Outdoor Activities in Paris

Explore Paris

The great thing about Paris is the outdoors are just as packed with art and history as the museums. The statues and monuments that are scattered through the city are innumerable and the natural beauty of the city in the summer time is unbeatable. Paris is by far the best city for romantic strolls. Take a walk along the Seine and stop to get a drink by the river or explore the exquisite grounds of the parks. During my time in Paris, I have personally found that walking is the best way to see and understand the layout of city. With the confusing and winding streets, it is very easy to get lost, but as you walk the entirety of the city, you will be able to get a better idea of where everything is. Paris is such a large city that you will never be at a loss for a place to take a nice walk and discover areas that you have never come across before. Did you know the perimeter of Paris is 35 miles? Try walking all of that and get back to us on how long it took you! We’d love to know.

Outdoor Activities in Paris

Take a Dip

In the hot summer sun, you may feel overheated as your walking through the city streets. Thankfully, there are plenty of pools scattered throughout the city. Outdoor swimming pools may be able to help you cool down and enjoy the warm weather while indoor pools are able to give you a break from the intense rays from the sun. These pools are a great way to let your family cool off while also admiring the city. You can also bring your younger kids to splash playgrounds around the city. The other day, I even saw a bunch of bouncy house water slides in the 19th arrondissement where toddlers escaped the current heat wave. And just across the park, teens and young adults were jumping into the Canal de l’Ourcq. Some were even jumping from the bridge that hovered over the canal.

Outdoor Activities in Paris

Roam through the Markets

If you came to Paris to shop, les puces are a must-do. Les Puces de Saint-Ouen is the largest flea market in Paris. From small trinkets to fur coats, you can find hundreds of different souvenirs here to take home for your friends and for yourself. If you are looking for expensive brands, the flea markets are the place to go to try and fetch a bargain. Since there is such a variety, you will need to rummage through somethings to find your diamond in the rough. It will all be worth it when you find that treasure that you can bring home to remember Paris forever.


These are just a few ideas of what is possible to do in Paris outside. However, there are so many things that you and those who you are traveling with are able to do when you come to Paris. If you need more ideas for your trip to Paris, contact us to help you plan your itinerary perfectly tailored to your interests.


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