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Which Paris visit card to use?

paris visit card,

Be organized in your trip! Having a Paris visit card can help your program and gives a chance to save lot of money. Visit all of the wonderful Paris beauties without losing time and/or wasting money. Here are 4 suggested options, based on your personal features and needs.


Paris is full of lesser known museums and if you are a museum lover and you don’t want to lose time of your stay you should try this perfect solution.  With free entry and without queuing you can enjoy monuments and museums’ permanent collections with unlimited number of visits. Further you can choose from a card of 2 (48 €), 4 (62 €), or 6 (74€) consecutive days in order to plan your stay and progressively save money with an option of more days.

Link to ParisMuseumpass website

paris visit card


The Paris visit pass is a transportation pass that will give you the possibility to visit Paris from north to south and from west to east discovering all the Paris unique corners. This card is valid for 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days and allows you to travel on all the transports (metro lines, buses…). This will provide you with some advantageous museums discounts which with the unlimited transportation will be really profitable as Paris visit card.

(zones 1-3) 1 day 11,15€; 2 days 28,15€; 3 days 24,80€; 5 days 35,70€ (children 50% off)

(zones 1-5) 1 day 23,50€; 2 days 35,70€; 3 days 50,05€; 5 days 61,25€ (children 50% off)

Link to Ratp website

paris visit card, transportation system

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It is a Paris visit card made up of 3 passes (Paris Museum pass, Paris Attractions pass, Paris Visite Travelcard).You will admire the 60 world-class museums, art galleries and monuments in Paris without being afraid of missing any details because you can visit them as many times as you want.

Not satisfied with museums and monuments only? You have the chance to become visit 8 Paris attractions paying less money than if you would have visited just one or two (details about what is inclueded on the web-site below). Furthermore you will move free and easily across Paris with  access to all Paris transports networks.

Adult: 2 days 129 €; 4 days 189 €; 6 days 229€ (18 year olds and above)

Teen: 2 days 79 €; 4 days 105 €; 6 days 121 € (12-17 year olds)

Child: 2 days 44 €; 4 days 55 €; 6 days 72 € (4-11 year olds)

Link to Parispass website


The Tailor-Made ParisByM Package is more than a Paris visit card, it is an alternative option fully adapted to your requirements. Get in touch with a professional travel agency to design and plan your trip. This solution will help you discover the city at your own pace since ParisByM will help you get the tickets for only the museums and monuments you are interested in and for the dates you need to visit them. Therefore, you will not spend more money than needed on activities you will not have time to do, and with this package you will have a program fitting the exact time you have in and around Paris.


paris visit card

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organizing a trip to paris

3 Mistakes Every Tourist Makes When Organizing a Trip to Paris

Tourists often think that they can handle organizing their trip to Paris on their own. However, it is important to remember that, not only is Paris a foreign city, for many, it is also a foreign country. While planning a trip to Paris may not seem like it will be much work, many tourists still end up making these 3 common mistakes.

organizing a trip to paris While tourists often realize the importance of booking a hotel as soon as possible, they don’t often realize that there are other aspects of their trip that need to be booked, as well. For example, to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower, you have to wait in extremely long lines for hours, taking time away from your vacation. Because of this, it is highly advised to book yourorganizing a trip to paris tickets to the main attractions (as well as hotels, flights, and transportation) at least 3 months in advance.

To find out how to avoid the lines to the main attractions, click here.


organizing a trip to paris Although you are in fact a tourist, to get the most out of your Parisian adventure, you have to think like a local. Of course you should visit the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but remember that there is much, much more to Paris than its most famous attractions. Take the time to explore less popular areas to get to know the real, authentic Paris.

Try to avoid souvenir shops as much as possible. They are often full of overpriced, cheap-looking trinkets many of which aren’t even made in France. The same goes for street vendors. While those little Eiffel Tower trinkets may look enticing, selling them on the street is actually illegal. Instead, try to check out some local shops off the beaten path to find a quality souvenir that fully embodies your Parisian experience.

organizing a trip to paris As a tourist in a foreign country, it’s easy to feel out of place and a little homesick. While many familiar chain restaurants have made their way to Paris, you should definitely try to avoid them. You are coming to Paris to experience French culture (including delicious food), and frequenting chain restaurants will cause you to miss out on the opportunity to try the authentic French cuisine in the most gastronomic city in the world.

organizing a trip to paris When planning your trip, it’s easy to forget the most basic preparations. As Paris is a major metropolitan city, tourists often think that everyone speaks English and that it is not necessary to know any French. While many Parisians do in fact speak English, you should still come prepared with a list of basic French phrases. Even if you butcher the language, the fact that you made an effort goes a long way with a Parisian.

In addition to familiarizing yourself with basic words and phrases, you should also ensure that you have properly addressed safety concerns. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially in major tourist areas, and avoid carrying money or valuables in open pockets. However, you don’t want to make it obviousorganizing a trip to paris that you’re a tourist, so avoid hiding bulky valuables under your shirt or speaking English loudly on the metro.

In addition, you should come with a list of emergency contact numbers. In Paris, there is not one single 911 number for any emergency, but separate numbers for English-speaking police (17) and medical assistance (15). Be sure you know the country code for France (+33), as well.

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