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Things to do in summer in Paris

National Museum of Natural History and Jardin des Plantes

The French National Museum of Natural History, founded during the French Revolution but established already in 1635, is the National Natural Museum  of France, composed of 12 sites throughout the Country, with four sites located in Paris.

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The main museum is situated in the 5th arrondissement at the Jardin des Plantes, one of the seven departments of the National Museum of Natural History. Here there are laboratories, exhibition galleries, a zoo and educational institutions. In fact, this is also a botanical school where scientists construct gardens to make research about biotic diversity. The museum is committed to two main missions related to nature and environmental awareness.

School Trips

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First of all, it is a research centre of the Sorbonne University: here, researchers do laboratory work, but also organize worlwide expeditions to collect evidence for their studies and to expand its collection. You will find taxidermists conducting experiments on specimens, gardeners trying to growing plants in different climates, and many other experts working in order to promote nature.
The other mission is to share knowledge through educational activities and experiments, in order to make understand easily to everyone the importance of nature and its protection.
Accessible every day except on Tuesdays, from 10am to 6pm, this is an interesting and educational idea for both a family or a school trip.