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Places to visit in France

France has got a lot to offer. There’s no question about it. But how to choose from this wide range? We have created a little overview of the must-see places to visit in France.


A selection of the best tours in Paris, Eiffel Tower Prices, places to visit in Paris

Certainly, Paris the most visited place in France. The City of Lights invites everyone who is planning to do some sightseeing, those who are interested in culture, art and architecture as well as guests who just wish to go out and have a good time. The surrounding area around Paris should be mentioned. For example, you can go to Versailles and visit the breath-taking castle of the former French kings and its marvelous gardens. For those who feel like having a bit more action can visit Disneyland.

Champagne region

places to visit in FranceIn the Northeast of France, the Champagne region is most famous for its production of fine sparkling wine – the real Champagne. Wine lovers can visit vineyards and wine cellars or participate in wine and Champagne tastings.

Reims is one of the cities in the Champagne region with several monuments designated to the UNESCO world heritage, like its giant cathedral. Especially for those who are interested in medieval traces, the castles in the region are worth a visit, for example the Castle of Sedan.

On top of that, the landscape of the Champagne region is particularly charming because of its many lakes and forests, for example in the natural park Montage de Reims. There are even limestone caves tourists can visit.

NormandyMont Saint Michel, places to visit in France

Apart from beaches, cliffs and museums, you can visit Mont Saint-Michel – a small fortified town on a tidal island on the coast of Normandy. Don’t miss visiting the Abbey and the winding alley of the town below. Learn more about Mont Saint-Michel here.


strasbourg, france in 15 days all inclusive, places to visit in FranceLocated in the region of Alsace, Strasbourg is the capital of Europe and seat of the European parliament with numerous museums. Besides, the Roman-gothic cathedral is one of its most important sights. The architecture of Strasbourg is particularly charming because of the great number of half-timbered houses of Alemannic and South German style. Since it there are two rivers, you can participate in a boat cruise to see all the monuments and sights. Especially in Christmas time, the center of Strasbourg enchants with its Christmas markets.

Loire Valley

This region captivates tourists with breath-taking landscapes, ancient castles and fortresses, old villages and impressive monuments. For example, you can visit the UNESCO-designated cathedral in Nantes. Learn more about travelling to Loire Valley here.Loire Valley 2 Days, loire valley private in 1 day, places to visit in France


Provence, Lavender, places to visit in FranceEspecially in summer, the Provence region in the south of France is worth a visit because of its amazing landscapes with olive trees and the fragrant lavender fields. The Provence region also has some wonderful cities. Marseille is the second biggest French city after Paris. Located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, it does not only offer culture but also magnificent beaches. If already in the Provence region, make sure you stop by Arles and Aix-en-Provence – two cities full of ancient Roman and medieval traces.


lyon, france in 15 days all inclusive, places to visit in FranceLocated in the Southeast, Lyon is one of the best places to visit in France. It is the third biggest city of the country and its old town was designated to the UNESCO world heritage. Amongst other things, you can visit its religious buildings like the Saint-Jean Cathedral or the Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvière.

Don’t miss the capital of French gastronomy! Great chefs like Paul Bocuse left their marks on the regional cuisine of Lyon. The small restaurants serving traditional regional dishes attract lovers of good food from all over the world. The regional food is simple but exquisite using the huge variety of cheese, fish, vegetables and fine wines from all around the city.


bordeaux, bordeaux wine trip, places to visit in FranceBordeaux is probably most famous for the regional fine wine. It is the largest wine region in the world and offers a great deal of culinary delight. Besides, it is a university city and the political and intellectual center of the Southwest of France. The city has got a lot to offer – art, culture, museums and extraordinary architecture. Visitors are attracted by its impressive ecclesiastical buildings, for instance the Saint-André Cathedral.

French Riviera

The French Riviera is certainly one of the most important places to visit in France! It is a popular destination for both French and foreign tourists because of its magnificent beaches and cities, such as St-Tropez, Cannes or Nice.

Paris Day Trips, places to visit in France

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st-germain, city walk

City walk: Latin Quarter & St.-Germain-des-Prés

Right south of Île-de-la-cité, the Latin Quarter is especially known for its art cinema houses, bookstores and numerous restaurants, whereas St. Germain-des-Prés used to be Paris’ center of intellectuals and philosophers. Stroll along the alleys and get the feeling!

Monuments and History

Latin Quarter, city walkThe Panthéon is one of the most important sights you surely shouldn’t miss during your city walk in Paris. Dedicated to Paris’ patron saint Sainte Geneviève, it was completed in 1791. Its crypt serves as a mausoleum for the “Champions of French liberty” such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Pierre and Marie Curie and many others.

If you are interested in a more ancient part of history, visit the Arènes de Lutèce, a gallo-roman arena from the 1st century.


Grande Mosquée, city walk, Latin QuarterRight next to the metro stop St.-Germain-des-Prés, you will find the St. Germain-des-Prés church which gives the neighborhood its name. Its foundations were laid during the 6th century but only the church is left. The other parts were destroyed during the French Revolution. At night, the surrounding area is full of artists and mimes.

St. Sulpice church is one of the biggest churches of Paris with an extraordinary façade, designed by Giovanni Servandoni. Among other things, it is famous for having been featured in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

Furthermore, you should not miss the Great Mosque of Paris. It enchants with blue and green mosaics and a marvelous garden on the inner courtyard.


Your city walk will certainly lead you to some wonderful museums. The Cluny Museum hosts an enormous selection of medieval art. Otherwise known as Le Musée National du Moyen Âge, it is considered one of the most important sights in Paris. Its most famous piece is a series of tapestries called The Lady and the Unicorn. Moreover, the National Museum of Natural History located in Luxembourg Garden and the Institut du Monde Arabe are definitely worth a visit.

lady and the unicorn, musée du moyen âge, city walk, quartier latin


rue mouffetard, city walk, latin quarterExplore the narrow alleys between Rue du Petit Pont and St.-Michel boulevard! On Rue de la Huchette and Rue de la Harpe, restaurants and street cafés follow one another. In fact, this is a rather touristy area. If you prefer a more authentic atmosphere, Rue Mouffetard is probably the right place to go. At night, numerous restaurants, bars and cafés open their doors. From Tuesday to Sunday, Rue Mouffetard has one of the most beautiful markets of the city.

Don’t miss the venerable cafés in St-Germain-des-Prés during your city walk! The Procope was Paris’ first coffee-house. It was frequented by famous intellectuals and philosophers like Rousseau or Voltaire. The Café de Flore, the Deux Magots and the Brasserie Lipp have a similar history. Rue des Canettes, Rue Guisarde and Rue Princesse assemble to a very lively quarter with more bars and restaurants.

Parkscity walk, fontaine medici, luxembourg garden, latin quarter, st-germain-des-prés

Queen Marie de Médicis established the Luxembourg Garden in 1612. On a surface of more than 60 acres, it includes various gardens, playgrounds, the Pavillon de la Fontaine, the Medici fountain as well as the Musée du Luxembourg and the Palais de Luxembourg, the seat of the Sénat.

The Jardin des Plantes is the main botanical garden of Paris. Among other museums, it houses the National Museum of Natural History, an aquarium and a zoo.

Other places you should not miss

The Sorbonne University lies behind a small square framed by trees and cafés. In 1253, the Sorbonne was established as a theological school and gives the Latin Quarter its name since Latin used to be the language of scholars. Renowned high-schools are located all around the neighborhood. Therefore, this area is still lively and full of students.

South of Notre-Dame Cathedral, Shakespeare & Company is a bookstore known for its great selection of English books. It is an important place of literature and history since it was frequented by famous writers like Ernest Hemingway. Its extraordinary interior creates a cosy and even mysterious atmosphere.
city walk, shakespeare and company, Latin Quarter

Guided Walking Tours

Of course, you can book various walking tours guided by locals who give insider tips. If you are interested, please check the offers online. Still, if you prefer to discover the city independently, go your own way. Take your time and get the Parisian feeling wandering through its beautiful streets!


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