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The Best Metro Tickets in Paris for Tourists

The vast options for public transport in a new city can be overwhelming. If you are looking to better understand the metro tickets in Paris, keep reading! Find out which of our 5 recommended options is best (and most cost efficient) for you.

Paris, metro, transportation, school trips to Paris, metro tickets paris

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T+ Tickets

This should be your default option. Each t+ ticket costs 1.90 euros and is valid for a single, one-way trip. For a period of two hours, you can use one ticket to transfer between metros, between the metro and RER lines, and between RERs. For 90 minutes, you can transfer between buses, between buses and trams, and between trams. You cannot use these tickets for the Orlybus or the Roissybus (airport transport options) and you can only use the RER in zone 1 (this covers central Paris). Most importantly, if you purchase a pack of 10 t+ tickets, you only pay 14.90 euros. This is a great deal and you should definitely consider this for your metro tickets in Paris! Additionally, if you are traveling with children between the ages of 4 and 10 or with groups of at least 10 children, you are eligible for a reduced fair on your 10 pack.

Metro tickets Paris, metro tickets paris

Navigo Pass (monthly and weekly)

If you purchase a Navigo Pass, you will have access to essentially all of the transport you will need during your trip. You will need to purchase a pass that allows you to access all of the zones (otherwise central Paris will not be included). A weekly pass costs 22.80 euros and a monthly pass costs 75.20. I recommend that you order your pass online and then get it delivered to where you are staying or pick it up at an ATM, ticket counter, or authorized retailer. Remember, these passes use calendar weeks (starting Mondays) and calendar months. This means that the period does not necessarily start on the day you purchase the pass — If you buy a weekly pass on a Thursday and leave the following Thursday, you cannot use the same pass! In this case, I would recommend buying t+ 10 packs.


If you plan to use more than 14 t+ tickets per week, the weekly pass option is cheaper than purchasing t+ tickets, including the 10-pack special. When calculating how many tickets you plan to use, don’t forget that you cannot use the same t+ ticket for the bus and the metro. If you are staying in Paris for 3 weeks or less, purchasing a weekly Navigo pass is cheaper than purchasing a monthly pass. Similarly, if you are staying for the duration of a month, but not a clean calendar month, the monthly pass is not your best option.

metro tickets paris


Mobilis tickets

This option provides you with unlimited travel for one day. You will likely only be using zone 1, so your ticket will cost 7.50 euros. I recommend this option if you plan on using more than 4 t+ tickets and are only in Paris for one day. If you are in a group, you may want to consider getting a 10 pack of t+ tickets instead because you can split the ticket bundle to save money (the Mobilis option is only valid for one customer). The ticket period for Mobilis tickets begins at 12am on the day of purchase and ends at 11:59pm.

metro tickets paris

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Paris Visite Travel Pass

This pass has 1-day to 5-day options. It is valid for zones 1 to 3 and includes airport connections. This means that you can avoid paying the extra fee for an airport ticket if you plan on utilizing public transport to go to the airport.

metro tickets paris

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Airport Ticket

There are various airport ticket options to CDG, ORY, and Paris-Beauvais. The price is contingent on your destination and desired travel time. If you plan on using public transport to get to the airport, this a great option!

metro tickets paris

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We hope that this information about metro tickets in Paris helps prepare you for your trip! If you have more questions about navigating and exploring Paris, reach out to us here at ParisByM! We would love to help.


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Transportation in Paris


How do metro tickets work in Paris

Paris Metro Prices

How do metro tickets work in Paris

For all the needs, RATP, the public transport society of Paris, provides you many possibilities of choice for metro tickets in Paris and not only. Single ticket, ticket comprehensive of travel pass to visit Paris, return ticket to the airport or unlimited ticket for traveling throughout the capital. We list for you the different ticket options with unrestricted access to all public transport in the Ile-de-France region. There are available special offers, designed for tourists and occasional travelers.

Paris Visite

Metro tickets ParisIt is a travel card valid for 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days in zones 1-3 or 1-5. The validity period starts at midnight on the first day and ends at midnight on the last day. Based on which zones you chosen, Paris Visite allows you to travel on: metro lines, RER lines,(RATP and SNCF) Transilien SNCF, Ile-de-France, the Orlyval line,(linking Orly Airport to the RER B) and the Montmartre funicular. It is the most complete solution of metro tickets in Paris.


Ticket t+

Metro tickets ParisIt costs 1.80€ and from all the metro tickets in Paris is the most appropriate solution for occasional travellers and visitors not wishing to use the Paris Visite travel card. If you buy 10 tickets in the same time you will save money.(14.10€ compared to 1.80€*10=18€) Ticket t+ allows you the access to all the public transport in the Ile-de-France region and the following connections:

  • metro/metro
  • metro/RER and RER/RER within Paris
  • bus/bus
  • bus/tram and tram/tram for 90 minutes between the first and last validation

Link to RATP website for more information.

Others interesting transport ticket:


It costs 11€ and it links “Operà” to “Charles de Gaulle Airport”. It takes 75 minutes and departs in 11 Rue de Scribe – 75009 Paris. The frequency is every 15/20 minutes.


It costs 7.70€ and it links “Place Denfert Rochereauto” to  “Orly Airport”. It takes 25/35 minutes and departs in Place Denfert Rochereauto – 75014 Paris. The frequency is every 8/15 minutes.


It is a train ticket and it costs 9.30€. It links “Antony station” to “Orly Airport”. It takes 6 minutes. The frequency is every 4/7 minutes.

Open Tour

From the the open top deck of our buses you can enjoy amazing views. It is a travel card valid for 1, 2 consecutive days for 4 routes and 5 connation points and more than 50 stops in order not to miss anything.


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