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A Day in the Life of an Intern at ParisByM

You might be wondering, “What is it like to intern at ParisByM?” Last Friday, I had one of the best experiences by far at ParisByM. I was told that we would be meeting with a company to help design ParisByM’s website. I figured we were attending a consultation where the company would take our thoughts into consideration and present some ideas for the website that same day, but it was not at all what I had expected!

Work experience as an Intern at ParisByM

Delicious snacks and coffee!

When we arrived, we received a warm welcome from Lemon Interactive, and some delicious snacks. There were three representatives from the company that would be with us throughout the day’s workshop. Before starting the activities, the representatives explained the purpose of the workshop and established the “rules” (i.e. no cell phones, being courteous during discussions) to make the day productive. These are some of the activities we participated in throughout the day.

Activity #1: Drawing a boat, tree, or house

Work experience as an Intern at ParisByM

Mat’s boat drawing for this activity accompanied by some yummy treats to keep us going!

In this activity, we were given paper and markers to draw a boat, tree, or house that represent how we currently view ParisByM. After everyone explained their drawing, we were told to add things to our drawings to show how we would like ParisByM to be improved.

At first I was a bit lost because I am not the best at drawing and it was my first week at ParisByM, so I didn’t have a full understanding of what ParisByM was, let alone what I wanted it to be.

After listening to everyone’s additions to their drawings, I realized that although it seemed like a simple task, it was a neat way to get us thinking of what we envision for ParisByM and set the foundation of what we wanted to accomplish at the end of the day.

Activity #2: Creating a Customer Profile for Individuals, Schools, and Corporations

In this activity, we divided up into pairs and each pair was assigned a different type of customer (Individuals, Schools, Corporate). We were responsible for creating a profile that included the customer’s history, personality, goals, fears, needs, etc. in regards to planning their trip with ParisByM.

Work experience as an Intern at ParisByM

Morgane creating her customer profile on Elizabeth, an HR Manager planning a conference trip.

I worked with Mat, and throughout the activity we built off each other’s idea to make sure our “School Profile” included all possible details. At the end of the activity, each pair shared their profile with the others. This was very helpful because every pair was criticized, and received comments on what could be added or changed to improve the profiles.

Since it was my first week, I didn’t have a solid understanding of the factors that had to be considered with each customer. I found this activity very interesting because although some factors seemed bizarre, they also play a key role in making sure that all customers are satisfied. At the end, I had a better understanding of what each type of customer is like and possible ideas to meet their needs.

Activity #3: The Buying Process for Individuals, Schools, and Corporations

In this activity, we worked in the same pairs from the previous activity and used post-its and poster paper to lay out the steps of each customer’s buying process.

The team discussing the buyer process for a “School” customer.

Mat and I started off with obvious steps, such as “Planning” and “Buying”, and then we added smaller details along the way. We also included information on the things ParisByM does “behind the scenes” at every step of the customer’s buying step. When it was time to share, the other pairs elaborated on any step they felt needed more information or added steps we had missed.

I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me understand each type of customer in more detail. It was also interesting to see that by identifying each step of the buying process, we came up with possible ways that ParisByM could make the process easier and more convenient for the customer.

Overall, I was very impressed by the workshop! Whenever I had questions, I would make sure to ask for clarification or further explanation so that I were all on the same page. I was very excited to share my ideas with the rest of the team. Although it might seem like we had a long day, it was a day filled with fantastic activities that will help develop ParisByM and my own personal skills!


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