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The Best Activities for Team Building in Paris

Paris is a city with so much to offer – especially for a corporate event. It can be challenging though to find a way to make the most of it – to combine your corporate goals with your attempts to build team relationships all the while experiencing the city itself, so we’ve come up with this list of advice for your team building in Paris.

Team building in Paris is likely one of the biggest elements of your corporate trip.  You’ll want to find a way to get everyone involved in something together.  We’ve made a list of our top team building activities in Paris, and whether you are a small group or a large group there’s something for you.

Scavenger Hunt

Groups, Friends, Paris, Eiffel Tower Prices, team building in Paris

A scavenger hunt anywhere is a great way for people to work together and form relationships – and what could be better than participating in one in the center of Paris.  You can create these yourself, or you can use an outside company to plan it for you, but either way, it’s definitely a great way to tour the city while also building connections with your team.

Cooking Class

Cooking class in Paris, team building in Paris

Food is a huge part of what makes Paris so famous, from its delicious boulangeries to its classic French restaurants there’s so much to try.  What better way to experience their yummy foods than by taking a cooking class. A class will give you and your team the chance to not only learn how to make certain recipes or a chance to try foods, but also the opportunity to work together and get to know one another in a fun setting.

Wine Tasting Class

Team Building in Paris

Not only can a wine tasting class be fun (and surprisingly educational!) but it can also be a great activity for team building in Paris.  It’ll give your team a chance to be around one another in a very comfortable setting, and to bond over a shared experience.  Often these classes encourage talking among your group as well as engaging with the topic at hand so it’s a great way to spend time with your corporate group.

Boat Cruise

3 Reasons Boat Cruise Paris Trip Tour, romantic places in paris, corporate trip to Paris

Dinner in the Boat

Along the Seine, you can see many of Paris’s famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral so it’s definitely worthwhile.  A great way to make this a bonding experience for your team is by organizing a dinner cruise.  This gives people a chance to both see all these landmarks, and to talk and laugh together in a fun and unusual setting.

Escape the Room

lock, team building in Paris

You can find these in many cities all over the world, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a great activity for team building in Paris.  Escape the rooms often require you to break into smaller groups which can be an excellent way for your team to bond really closely with a few others.  You can find many of these spots all over the city but just be careful to choose one at your desired level of difficulty.

City Tours

team building in Paris

Segway tour in Paris

There are numerous options for a tour of Paris, from busses, to bikes, to even Segway’s and all of them can be a great chance for you team to bond as well as to explore and get to know the city.  Make sure you check all the options available before booking, because there may be special deals available for groups.

Day Trip Somewhere

loire valley day tour,Loire river cruise, business trip to Paris, team building in Paris

If you have time during your trip, you may want to go out of Paris for the day.  This is a great idea because your team will have a chance to spend the entire day together exploring and getting to know one another.  It will also allow you to see some new sights outside of the main city.

For help planning your team building activities in Paris or your whole corporate trip click here and ParisByM will be happy to help.

Paris guided tours, Paris group, group activities in Paris

3 Recommended Group Activities in Paris for Your CTrip

Traveling to Paris for a business trip is a great choice! With many great conference centers and hotels, you really can’t go wrong!  Corporate trips though require a balance of meetings and fun activities.  We know it can be hard to decide the best things to do with your whole crowd, so we have a few recommendations for group activities in Paris for you to make the most out of your trip.

Book a Tour of Paris

team building in Paris, group activities in Paris

A tour of Paris obviously a must if you’re visiting for any length of time, because you’ll want to see all the famous monuments and attractions.  A tour is also one of the best group activities in Paris because it gives everyone a chance to really experience the city together.  You can also make it even more fun and unusual by straying from the traditional hop-on hop-off bus tour.  Why not try something different? Maybe a Segway tour for example, or an off the beaten path walking tour.  For some recommendations of some other unusual ways to tour Paris, click here.

Take a Dinner Cruise

Seine River Cruise, corporate event in Paris, group activities in Paris

You’ve got to eat! So, why not make the most of one of your meals and of the beautiful city, by combining the two! A dinner cruise is one of the best group activities in Paris. You can book for a variety of numbers, times, and through multiple companies, but in all cases, the cruise will take you almost the entire stretch of the Seine River.  This will allow you to see monuments like Notre Dame, the Louvre exterior, the Eiffel Tower, and so much more, all while enjoying a delicious three course meal.  A long and entertaining dinner is also a great way for your team to bond because they’ll be sitting all together, talking and eating, while also experiencing the city together.

Travel Somewhere Outside of the City

Student Tours in France, Group Activities in Paris

Paris is obviously a wonderful city and a great place for your corporate trip, but what you may not know, is how much there is to do and see beyond the city itself.  You can spend the day exploring one of France’s many stunning castles – Versailles Castle, Fountain Bleu, and Chantilly Castle are just a few examples of great spots only a short train ride away.  You could also visit the Champagne region of France – getting to explore the Champagne Houses and Cellars is an experience like no other.  Another excellent area is the Loire Valley – if you love wine, this is definitely the place for you! You could even spend the day at a theme park – Disneyland or Park Asterix would have to be our top choices.  Any of these day trips would be a great group activity.  A day trip allows you all to bond and take on a new experience together.

How Can We Help?

Honfleur France Normandy, Group Activities in Paris

We understand that planning a corporate trip to Paris can be overwhelming and extremely challenging.  We hope this list of group activities in Paris has aided a little in your planning process.  For more help with planning – of activities, or any and all other elements of your trip – visit us here at ParisByM.

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Corporate offer, conference hotels in paris

5 Reasons to Stay in Conference Hotels in Paris

We highly recommend visiting Paris for your corporate trip, but we understand how much thought and time it takes to plan.  One of the biggest decisions you have to make it where to stay.  We’ve compiled this list of reasons to stay in conference hotels in Paris during your Ctrip.

They have all you need in one building

Business Hotel in Paris, conference hotels in Paris

Conference hotels in Paris are designed especially for business travelers, which means they have virtually everything you could desire (for the business side of your trip) under one roof.  While obviously you’ll have to venture out for attractions and museums, within conference hotels, you will have all your rooms, meeting spaces, and conference spaces.  On top of this, conference hotels in Paris are often equipped with speedy Wi-Fi, a coffee shop, a business appropriate restaurant, and a concierge with recommendations targeted specifically toward business groups like you!

Their locations are strategic

Corporate offers, conference hotels in Paris

You probably already know this, but there are different spots in Paris that are perfect for a different audience to stay.  For example, the perfect spot for a young family is not that for a group of college students, or a corporate team, and hotel companies know this and place themselves strategically in the ideal location for their target markets.  Conference hotels in Paris know that you don’t necessarily want to be staying directly next to the busiest street for nightlife, but that you also don’t want to be situated in the middle of nowhere.  They have done the research and found what they believe to be the ideal spot for corporate groups such as yourself so it’s extremely logical for you to benefit from this research and stay in their hotels.

They can accommodate groups of almost any size

Corporate event, Paris Conference Center, conference hotels in Paris

During your corporate trip, you probably want your entire group to be staying under the same roof.  This will make it easier to plan activities, schedules meetings and conferences, and just to have your trip run smoothly.  Often, corporate trips mean large groups, and this may be the case for you, which can make it quite hard to find a place to accommodate everyone.  This is where conference hotels in Paris can be great – because they are built purposely for corporate groups.  This means they often have the space to accommodate large groups.  The Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center for example, has over 750 rooms, 55 conference rooms, with one space that holds up to 2,000 people.

Their reviews are relevant to you

Rooftop in Paris, conference hotels in Paris

As mentioned, conference hotels in Paris are specifically targeting business travelers, which means their previous guests have been those requiring a similar experience to you.  With this in mind, the hotel reviews are likely more reliable for you and your group so you can make a much more informed decision after reading them.

You can find one for virtually any budget

Paris in 2 days, night in a 5-star hotel, bordeaux 5 star hotel, conference hotels in Paris

Photo Credit: Hotel d’Aubusson website

Obviously different trips have different budgets, and we get that!  Thankfully corporate hotels do not accommodate only the luxury travelers or only the budget travelers.  Their prices and amenities vary drastically, which makes it possible to find the perfect spot for virtually any budget.  With a smaller budget, you will obviously be sacrificing some aspect, and with a luxury budget, you’ll be given more.  This is where a trip planner can be especially helpful, because they can understand your groups needs and wants and help you with recommendations of where to save and where to spend throughout your trip – and your hotel booking.

For help planning your corporate trip to Paris, click here!

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The 5 Best Day Trips to Take During Your Business Trip to Paris

A great way to get your team to bond during your business trip to Paris is to spend one day being tourists together. Paris is a great city to tour and explore, but it also has many surrounding areas that may be perfect for your group, depending on what everyone is interested in.  Here are our top suggestions for day trips from Paris with your corporate group.


Versailles, Palace of Versailles, palace of versailles, business trip to Paris

The Chateau and Gardens are some of the most famous in the world, and just a short and direct train ride from the center of Paris!  If you’re thinking of taking a day trip during your business trip to Paris, you should definitely consider Versailles.  As home to the previous Kings of France, each room is lavishly decorated and a tour allows you a glimpse into the lives of those who came before, it’s a great for those with an interested in European Monarchies.  You’ll also find the infamous hall of mirrors during a tour of the castle.  Also, at Versailles, you can explore the incredibly beautiful and well-maintained gardens – we recommend going on a warm day so you can spend as much time as you like outside!  Finally, if this weren’t enough, you can walk a little deeper into the gardens for a tour of Marie Antoinette’s house, as well as the houses of other mistresses of the previous Kings.  Versailles is definitely top of our list of day trips.

Disneyland or Park Asterix

Disneyland 1 day, business trip to Paris

© Disneyland Paris

When you think Disneyland, your mind likely does not immediately jump to a business trip to Paris, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t! What better way to bond with your co-workers than to get to be a kid again for the day.  Disneyland, or Park Asterix, really let you completely free your mind of all work responsibilities and just immerse yourself in a fun day out.  The benefit to parks like these as well is that they have such a variety of activities, from roller coasters, to small rides, to games, so it’s a great day out for virtually anyone!

Champagne Region

Champagne houses in Reims, business trip to paris

Did you know the Champagne region of France is only a short train ride from Paris?  If you just head a couple of hours outside of the city, you can arrive at any one of the towns in the region and have a day to explore the champagne houses, the cellars, and a smaller French town.  The tours can get booked up fairly quickly, so you’ll probably want to choose one or two houses to visit and book in advance, but it’s definitely a great way to have fun during your business trip to Paris – and to get to try some authentic champagne!


Normandy Battle Tours, Business Trip to Paris

The beaches of Normandy and Mont Saint Michel can be an extremely great way for your team to bond during your business trip to Paris.  The towns of Normandy have various WWII museums for you to explore and get a real understanding of what exactly occurred on these beaches.  You can also visit Mont Saint Michel and explore the beautiful castle and get fantastic views.  Make sure you check the timings of the trips to the castle though and book yourself on an official tour!

Loire Valley

loire valley day tour,Loire river cruise, business trip to Paris

Located just a couple of hours outside of Paris, the Loire Valley is the perfect destination for your day trip from Paris.  Not only is this region famous for its wine, but also for its stunning castles.  You can have a guided tour of the area and see the interior and exterior of the castles and the wine region! This is great for a business trip to Paris because it’s an excellent cultural experience, and also gives your team a chance to relax and unwind.

For help planning your business trip to Paris, click here!

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What to Pack for a Business Trip to Paris

With the largest Convention Center in Europe, countless great hotels, and numerous Trade shows year-round, it’s not difficult to see why Paris is a great spot for Corporate Trips.  If you’re planning on coming to Paris for your business trip, you’ll want to pack efficiently and effectively, and you won’t want to forget a thing!  That’s why we have created this packing list; to make the preparation for your business trip to Paris much easier.

Should I Take Only Hand Luggage or A Checked Bag?

Student Trips to Paris, Business Trip to Paris

The answer to this question is really dependent on how long you’ll be in the city for, as well as exactly what your itinerary is.  A busier and more diverse itinerary for your business trip to Paris requires a different volume of things than a small two-day trip for example.

If you’ll only be here for a few days and can fit everything you will need into a small suitcase, then it’s definitely in your best interest to only travel with hand luggage.  This can save you time in the airport because you can skip the luggage collection process and head straight to the city upon arrivals.  It can also just be physically easier for you because you won’t have to worry about carting around more than one bag for such a short trip.

Corporate Offers, Business Trip to Paris

For a longer business trip to Paris, with a more diverse itinerary, we recommend a hand luggage case as well as a checked bag.  This will allow you to bring everything you could need, including shoes, toiletries, formal outfits and casual outfits, as well as all other bits and pieces that we will detail for you.  If you decide to bring both a carry on and a checked back, we recommend packing a few necessities in your carry on just in case.  Including a change of clothes, a toothbrush, an adaptor, headphones, and anything else you think you couldn’t live without for a night or two.

So, What Do I need?

Whether you bring only hand luggage or a checked bag, and whether your business trip to Paris is two days or two weeks, there are a few things you will need no matter what.  Here’s our list, but let us know if we’ve missed anything!

Student trips to paris, Business Trip to Paris

  • Adaptors – European outlets are different to those in all other continents and there is nothing worse than arriving in a new country with no way to charge your phone or computer! Make sure you think about this before you leave and pack one or two adapters for the duration of your trip.
  • Euros – Although most places will take debit or credit cards these days, it’s a good idea to have some of the local currency on you at all times just in case! We recommend getting some euros before even arriving in Paris to make sure you’re completely ready when you land.
  • Medication – Remember when abroad it can be hard to get your hands on the medication you’re used to and you really don’t want to arrive in a foreign country and have to search high and low for something you know you have at home. If there’s anything you need to take on a schedule, make sure you pack this in your hand luggage just in case something happens to a checked bag!
  • Any travel documents or itineraries – For your business trip to Paris, you may need a visa or supporting documents, if this is the case, make sure you have them on you at all times. Also, you have probably been provided with an itinerary for the trip; keep this on you always so that if you are delayed or late for some reason, you know exactly where to go at any given time.

For more tips or help planning your business trip to Paris, click here and ParisByM would be more than happy to help.

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5 situations where a Paris trip planner will help

Most tourists book their trips online with suggestions and information available on the internet, blogs and websites such as There are however situations where it would better to contact a trip planner or a travel agent. Here is our list of the 5 most common situations where a Paris trip planner may help.

Louvre museum, Paris trip plannerInsights from a local trip planner in Paris

The main reason people contact a trip planner for arranging a trip to Paris is because they want to get local knowledge for arranging their trip: where to stay in Paris, what to do, what are the trendy spots, the main attractions that cannot be missed? A guide book will tell you all this, however what about new restaurants that opened up just a few months ago, or how to get the best ticket deals for climbing the Eiffel Tower, where to stay if you love old buildings, or if you have a more limited budget for your trip? A trip planner will help you solve all these questions.

A local Paris trip planner will also guide you in your choices. Versailles for instance is a big attraction close to Paris. But if you have only 2 days and you are coming in Winter, it would be better stay within the city. There is already so much to be visited there.


Small Luxury Hotels in Paris, paris trip plannerExclusive trip to Paris with a trip planner

Another situation where a trip planner will be of great help is for those who do not have much time to dedicate to planning a trip, yet want a perfectly planned and arranged program in Paris. It takes a lot of time to organize and process the booking of hotels, tickets, and meals. Not only does planning a trip take a significant amount of time, but to get the best choices you need local expertise. A full program offered to you by a trip planner can include: a selection of hotels suited to you and a full itinerary with all the tickets booked in advance.  In this way you save time before departing by letting a trip planner organize all the details of travel and also when you arrive, because you won’t have to queue.

A local trip planner will help you decide on your program based on your tastes, choices, budget, and time.


paris trip plannerGroup trip

For groups of more than 10 people, you need to plan your trip in advance. Whether you come with relatives, your colleagues, or for a corporate event, all these situations need advance bookings. Finding a hotel for more than 10 may be tricky, especially if you are looking for attractive prices. Besides the accommodation, you had better plan all activities and your itinerary in advance, to avoid loosing time while in Paris. Monuments visits are not everything, we also recommend booking the restaurants in advance if you are more than 10 people, otherwise you may end up eating at the hotel most of the time. The food may be good, but you will miss out on a Parisian experience.

A Paris trip planner will be of great assistance in choosing your hotel, negotiating the prices, arranging an itinerary and booking your restaurants in advance. You will probably end up saving money as well since group prices can easily be negotiated, as long as they are agreed on in advance.


group trips to Paris, paris trip plannerCorporate event or seminar

Organizing a corporate event in Paris will definitely give motivation and rewards to your employees and add prestige to your company. This is true as long as your event is precisely prepared and organized. A group trip for more than 10 people must be planned in advance. Especially if this is a business trip, as people tend to complain more when a corporate events has little flaws.

A Paris trip planner will arrange the hotel, to your company’s budget, design a program combining Paris visits & team building activities and agree with you in advance on a 100% tailor-made offer.


Specific requests

Besides all those cases, as soon as you have specific requests, such as transport to/from other cities, a precise idea of what kind of hotel you want or any specific requests you should definitely contact a Paris trip planner to ask for suggestions, advice and price quote.

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