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Restaurants in Paris

Restaurants in Paris

Looking to dine in Paris but aren’t too familiar with the area? Have no fear! We have compiled a list of great restaurants around Paris ranging in all sorts of cuisines and price ranges.

Restaurants in Paris

Le Moulin De La Galette (83 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris, France)

Le Moulin de la Galette is a lovely restaurant in Paris situated in a historic old mill. Here, you will find great classics of French cuisine, based only on fresh and seasonal produce. The restaurant is expensive but worth every penny. The staff is very kind and eager to answer any questions that might arise. This restaurant accepts reservations so I highly recommend making one before you go! If the weather permits, dining outside on their terrace is a charming way to enjoy the afternoon in Paris.

Pink Mamma (20 Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris)

Ok, if you are looking for authentic ItaliaRestaurants in Parisn pasta this is the place! Nestled on a calm street corner right around the block from Moulin Rouge, you will stumble upon Pink Mamma. This restaurant belongs to the Big Mamma group. The Big Momma group owns trattoria style restaurants throughout the city of Paris. You can’t make reservations at any, and they are only open from 12-2pm and 6:45-11:30pm each day, so if you want to try it out I suggest you head there about an hour to 30 minutes before opening hours in order to reserve your  place in the inevitable line that forms around their door. The restaurant has very tasteful yet trendy décor which really helps set the ambiance.

Le Babalou (4 Rue Lamarck 75018 Paris, France)

Restaurants in Paris Le Babalou is known for their fabulous Italian pizzas (also a hot spot for locals). This restaurant can be found right at the foot of the Sacre-Coeur – great for a pre or post meal. The menu offers elaborate and seasonal Italian pizzas, but also serves fresh pasta, a range of cheeses, cuts of delicious Italian charcuterie accompanied by a fantastic dessert menu (we recommend the tiramisu!) The dining space feels comfortable with tasteful patterned wallpaper. There is limited outside seating but it is available if you arrive at the right time!

Le Chamarré Montmartre (52 Rue Lamarck 75018 Paris, France)

Le Chamarré Montmartre is one of the best restaurants in Paris for traditional gastronomic French cuisine. The chef, Antoine Heerah is well-known for providing signature creations that include roasted cod, pan-fried cuttlefish with anchovies and garlic cream, crispy tandoori scallops with celery mousseline, and rack of suckling pig with red cabbage and polenta. For seating, you have the option to dine inside or on the tastefully decorated terrace outside. If you are looking for a classy yet intimate culinary experience, this is the restaurant for you!

Miss Kō (50 ave Georges V Paris, France 75008)

Restaurants in Paris

If you are looking for “cool” restaurants in Paris, Miss Kō is where you need to be. Miss Kô offers it all under the guise of an offbeat, after-dark Tokyo atmosphere, with its large and colorful murals mimicking Japanese prints, its street-food, and open-style kitchens. The menu is eclectic and features primarily Asian cuisine. This restaurant is a little untraditional or maybe “out-of-the-box” but very chic none the less!

L’Orangerie (31 Avenue George V | Four Seasons Hotel)

Restaurants in Paris

L’orangerie is located within the four seasons hotel and while many might fear the final bill, it is absolutely 100% worth it. Here you will find an ambiance of warmth, competence, and informality – but with many of the trappings of formality. The food is outstandingly delicious and creatively presented. The is staff genuine and educated, elevating the experience to new levels! L’orangerie thinks out each detail, down to the bread and butter. So if you are looking for an exquisite dining experience in Paris, this is the restaurant for you!

Ramen Bowl (44 Rue de Ponthieu 75008 Paris France)

Ramen Bowl is a Japanese style restaurant in Paris that incorporates the classic Japanese culture with modern times. The decor feels young and trendy as you walk through and look at the cool art displayed on the walls. The kitchen is open, so if you are curious one, you have the opportunity to watch how the chef prepares multiple dishes from the menu. At Ramen Bowl, they are most commonly known for their famous broths. 

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eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

10 Places for Eating Gluten-Free in Paris

Eating gluten-free in Paris, the home of bread, croissants, pastries and more bread, could seem like the impossible task. However, we have found the best gluten-free options for you so that you can enjoy the culinary delights that the city has to offer and enjoy your trip here without worrying about what’s in crepe or croissant. Feast your eyes on our list of the best places for eating gluten-free in Paris.

1. Parisian Macarons


Glorious news for celiac or those suffering from a gluten intolerance, Parisian macarons are traditionally gluten-free, rejoice! These beautiful and colourful delights can be found all over the city. The best macarons are known to be found in Ladurée or Pierre Hermé so make sure to start there and sample the crème de la crème of Paris’s, fortunately gluten-free, delights!


Pierre Hermé

2. Chambelland

eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

14 Rue Ternaux, 75011 Paris

01 43 55 07 30


Thank the gluten-free gods for Chambelland.  Packed to the rafters with homemade gluten-free breads of every variety you could possibly imagine, and the creators of some of the best gluten-free treats in the city with brownies, tarts, muffins and many more., Chambelland is a gluten-free heaven on earth. It’s a well-known favourite and not one to be missed.

3. Helmut Newcake

eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

28 Rue Vignon, 75009 Paris

09 81 31 28 31


Another well-known and well-loved gluten-free patisserie, Helmut Newcake offers a grand variety of traditional French patisseries made with gluten-free recipes, and sometimes even dairy-free. The menu includes lemon meringue tarts, beautiful cheesecakes and even éclairs. They also have a lunch menu, if you are after a savoury gluten-free fix. Everything is well priced and extremely tasty.

4. Noglu

eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

16 Passage des Panoramas, 75002 Paris

01 40 26 41 24


Home to what some are calling the best gluten-free burger in Paris, Noglu is a firm favourite amongst gluten-free diners in the city. There are now three different Noglu restaurant-cafes in Paris, each providing something a little different but each wonderful and well-thought out. You will find scones, croissants, pains aux raisins and also burgers, club sandwiches, fish and meat dishes and dairy-free and vegetarian options.

5. Biglove Caffé

eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

30 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris

01 42 71 42 62


A cosy corner in the heart of the city, this place should definitely be on your list when eating gluten-free in Paris. They are widely known for their gluten-free pizzas which are some of the best in the city. With a rustic, homely ambiance, extremely aesthetically pleasing as well as delicious, Biglove Caffé provides the ideal haven for a gluten-free brunch, lunch or a sweet treat.

6. Bears and Racoons

eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

21 Rue Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris

09 51 67 87 71


On their website, they say they offer a healthy canteen with fresh, gluten-free products. They do not disappoint on the taste-front. Their sandwiches are generous in portion and they do not skip out on the quality either.  An extraordinarily relaxed dining experience where you will find the best gluten-free fast food in Paris, make sure to give this a try.

7. Thank you, My Deer

eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

112 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris

01 71 93 16 24


A small café-restaurant, exclusively gluten-free, Thank you, My Deer is a restaurant and coffee shop with 100% gluten-free, homemade and natural products. On top of providing some of the best gluten-free food in Paris, you will find that their coffee is also of excellent quality. Dairy-free milks are on offer for the hot drinks, so why not go and enjoy an almond-milk hot chocolate with a gluten-free pear and chocolate muffin, or a sandwich. You won’t be disappointed.

8. Foucade

eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

17 Rue Duphot, 75001 Paris

01 42 36 11 81


A vegetarian patisserie and entirely lactose and gluten free, Foucade is famous for its beautiful dessert and patisserie selection.  Healthy and luxurious, Foucade is found in a very central location and ideal if you are looking for a healthy lunch or guilt-free cake or dessert. Not one to miss in this gluten-free Parisian line-up!

9. Rozell Café.

eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

24 Rue la Vieuville, 75018 Paris

01 49 25 39 47


If you’re a crêpe lover and want a veritable Parisian crêpe experience, Rozell could be the answer. They offer incredible savoury buckwheat options which are beginning to overtake their regular option in terms of popularity. A family run business and situated in Mont-Martre, this is a nice option for a quick yet delicious gluten-free pit-stop.

10. Wild and the Moon

eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

55 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris

01 86 95 40 46


Speaking of pit-stops, Wild and the Moon is a lifestyle movement instilling the principles of unprocessed, pure food and offer a great selection of their famous juices whilst also having several salads with quinoa, acai bowls, chia puddings and breakfast options such as banana bread and granola with fruit. An excellent option for vegans and vegetarians, make sure to pop into Wild and the Moon!


Although it may seem a daunting spectacle, this list and these wonderful restaurants, cafes and patisseries all mean that your tastebuds will be fully satisfied without compromising your gluten-free diet. Bon appétit!

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10 places to eat vegan in Paris, vegan, food, veganism, Paris

10 Places for Eating Vegan in Paris

In the home of croissants, cheese and other butter and egg-based delights, it could seem like an impossibility to find good vegan food in Paris. However, Veganism has been on the rise in the city and you can now be sure to find some incredible vegan treats in Paris. We have put together a list of the top 10 vegan eateries in Paris so that you will never go hungry in the city of love!

1. VG Pâtisserie

123 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris

09 67 80 13 42


Here you will find some of the most beautifully crafted vegan creations in the city, with desserts and pastries at reasonable prices. Come here if you are after a coffee and a cake and you will not be disappointed. Organic, vegan and scrumptious pastries, a welcoming ambiance, VG Patisserie is perfect for a vegan in Paris. Big plus: you can taste macarons cooked without eggs. The real Parisian experience!

2. Vegan Folies

53 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris

01 43 37 21 89


Well-known for their incredible vegan desserts, Vegan Folies is our next installation in our top 10 vegan eateries in Paris. They also offer some savoury options such as some sandwiches and their well-loved lasagnes. The cheesecakes are some of the best vegan desserts in the city and are sure to please, along with the friendly staff and large portions.

3. Cloud Cakes

6 Rue Mandar, 75002 Paris

01 42 33 95 45


100% Vegan, specialising in cupcakes, situated centrally near Les Halles, Cloud Cakes provides some of the best vegan sweet-treats in Paris. This coffee shop is perfect for a pit-stop or place for breakfast or lunch. They have wonderful, and extremely well-priced lunch options such as soup and salad for only 9,50€. This vegan treasure is not one to miss.

4. Loving Hut Paris

92 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75011 Paris

01 48 06 43 84


Next on the list of top 10 vegan eateries in Paris, Loving Hut Paris is home to yet another delicious homemade vegan cheesecake and some extremely tasty, Asian-influenced, savoury options. Some of their most popular dishes include their samosas and vegan quiche. This restaurant is a must on your list of vegan eateries in Paris.

5. L’As du Fallafel

32 Rue des Rosiers, 75004

01 48 87 63 60

Some of the best falafel in the city, at this Kosher Middle Eastern restaurant you will find extremely reasonably priced (less than 10€) vegan falafel that is renowned throughout the city, if not the world, for being some of the most delicious in Paris. The long queue speaks for itself.

6. Hank Burger and Hank Pizza

55 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris

09 72 44 03 99


Called by many “the best vegan burger in Paris”, the Hank Burger restaurant is a must. Their pizza restaurant also provides some of the best vegan pizza the city has ever seen. It is well known that their fries are also delicious, so make sure to try them! Entirely affordable and with gluten free options on the menu, it’s obvious why Hank is one of our top 10 vegan eateries in Paris.

7. Hot Vog

10bis Rue Vavin, 75006 Paris

01 42 49 36 69


Vegan hot dogs? Yes, please! Artisanal levels of care and attention are put into the making of these extremely affordable hot dogs, and they do not disappoint. Their best-seller costs only 5€50 and is packed with delicious fillings and flavours. A simple, yet wholly satisfying vegan meal in Paris.

8. Le Potager du Marais

24 Rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris

01 57 40 98 57


Since 2003, this vegan gem has been adapting traditional French foods into vegan delights. 100% Vegan and entirely French-feeling, if you are after a traditional, Parisian restaurant experience with a vegan twist, then this is perfect for you. They have everything from onion soup, to crème brulée. This is about as vegan as Paris gets.

9. Le 42 degré

109 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009 Paris

09 73 65 77 88


The 42 degré is the place to go if you want to combine tasty cuisine and vegan options. From starters to desserts, you can order a 100% raw menu and live an experience that is not only healthy and light, but also heavenly good.

10. Café Ginger

9 Rue Jacques Cœur, 75004 Paris

01 42 72 43 83


Perhaps saving the best for last, this vegan delight makes up the final instalment of our top 10 vegan restaurants in Paris. Delicious food, fantastic service, Café Ginger is sure to please. Reasonably priced, excellent salads, soups, quiches and plenty of other hots and cold delights. With a Japanese influence and gluten free options, be sure to have dinner here.

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Indian Food in Paris

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Indian food in Paris

Indian Food in Paris

Ever wanted to experience the different cultural dishes from around the world? Look no further! Little do people know, Indian food has a huge presence in Paris. Now, more than ever, there are a bunch of new places to try great Indian cuisine! Here is a list of top 10 restaurants to find delicious Indian food in Paris.

1. Le Maharaja

48 Rue de la Condamine,

Paris, France 75017

Tel: +33 1 42 94 96 72

Enjoy friendly customer service while dining on classical Indian and Sri Lakan cuisine. This restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and the dal makhani is a must try. Vegetarian friendly, this place will sure sooth your taste buds.

indian food in paris

2. Kashmir House

36 Rue de Chabrol

Paris, France 75010

Tel: +33 1 40 22 00 89

This is an indo-Pakastani restaurant house. This restaurant has a typical Indian setting with woodcarvings and exquisite furnishings. Its two Indian food specialties are its tandoori chicken and lamb Kashmir. This place is special because it allows you to privatize the restaurant for big parties.

indian food in paris

3. Bollynan Montorgueil

12, rue des Petits Carreaux

Paris, France 75002

Tel: +33 1 45 08 40 51

This restaurant is great for both lunch and dinner, and can even make a good place to visit for drinks if you’re looking for good Indian food in Paris. They serve both Indian and French food, so it would be perfect to try cuisine from two different cultures in one spot. It’s the perfect spot to get some take-out if you’re on a time crunch.

indian food in paris

4. Restaurant Buddha

13 rue Saint Hippolyte

Paris, France 75013

Tel:  +33 1 43 36 34 41

While this restaurant serves awesome Indian food, it also has Himalayan and Nepalese dishes as well, prepared by a Nepali chef using a real oven in Tandoori. While it has the classic dishes, they also serve homeland specialities including Mixed Pakoda or Bara (black lentils with Nepalese spices). Do not forget the delicacies like the Gulaab Jamun. Book reservations through today.

indian food in paris

5. Les Jardins de Shah Jahan

179, rue de Vaugirard

Paris, France 75015

Tel: +33 1 47 34 09 62

This Indian restaurant is ran by a team of experienced professionals who will greet you with a warm welcome. Located in the 15th arrondissement, Les Jardins de Shah Jahan brings you authentic Indian food at great prices. There are even discounts on the à la carte menu for take-out. Be sure to try their curry and nan bread specialties.

indian food in paris, restaurant

6. Le Jardin du Kashmir

60 rue Legendre

Paris, France 75017

Tel: +33 1 85 09 01 88

This Indo-Pakistan kitchen offers a fine and neat cuisine. The decor in this restaurant is oriental with stunning woodwork and paintings on the walls. Most importantly, they offer great specialties of the region which are displayed à la carte: chicken tikka, sheek kebab, lamb curry or shrimp masala. Rich and sweet flavors of all Indian food in Paris are on the menu!

indian food in paris, lamb curry

7. Lakshmi Bhavan

57, rue Rodier

Paris, France 75009

Tel: +33 1 45 26 61 87

This restaurant offers its guests with a one of a kind experience in the heart of the 9th district in Paris. Serving traditional Indian cuisine, the restaurant is also vegetarian friendly, and can be privatized for a large group event. With menus under 25€, be able to experience flavorful food at reasonable prices. You can also book reservations online!

indian food in paris, nan bread

8. Palais de Raja Maharaja

21 rue d’Ouessant

Paris, France 75015

Tel: +33 1 43 06 50 39

For over a decade, Le Palais de Raja Maharaja has been serving Indian food to its visitors. Recently, the owner of the restaurant stated, “We strive to offer our customers a memorable experience, and this accolade (TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence) is evidence that our hard work is translating into positive traveler reviews on TripAdvisor.”

trip advisor logo, indian food in paris

9. Samsara

3 rue de Jourdain

Paris, France 75020

Tel: +33 1 43 66 02 65

Samsara is a yet another great option to explore Indian food in Paris and a good way to excite your taste buds. This is a one of a kind restaurant because in addition to table seating and take-out, Samsara delivers! Get the typical Indian cuisine delivered to your doorstep for great quality and low prices.

indian food in paris

10. Au Palais du Grand Moghol

9 rue Gérando

Paris, France 75009

Tel: +33 1 48 74 83 80

Experience the traditional Indian style with carved wood, and red tablecloths directly from India. Since 1979, this restaurant has brought the spices and flavors from India to the city of Paris for multiple people to enjoy. They even have a terrace when you can enjoy your meal while listening to Indian music being played.

indian food in paris

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How to walk the walk like a Parisian, shopping in paris

How to walk the walk like a Parisian

While accommodations and sights are a vital part of your Parisian vacation, there are a few other considerations that you need to keep in mind before your trip. The most important of these things is to walk the walk like a Parisian and not looking like an obvious tourist.  There are numerous ways to transition into the air of the Parisian persona.  We’re going to break it down into three categories for you: the look, the air, the food.

The Look

PhotoCredit: Pixabay

PhotoCredit: Pixabay

Rule number one: leave your brightly colored, branded clothing at home. The French embrace the simplicity of neutral colors and don’t feel the need to advertise the brand of clothing they are wearing.  They let the clothing and its quality speak for itself.  There is no need to advertise the brand you are wearing.

You don’t have to bring your best pieces with you but dressing nicely is some of the best advice we can give you. Your clothing should be prepared to take a stroll through Jardin du Luxemburg, a visit to the Louvre or hold up to the street style of an outdoor café.

PhotoCredit: Pixabay

PhotoCredit: Pixabay

Scarfs are the best accessory you can bring with you. They’re versatile and allow you to change up the same basic outfit. Make sure you bring broken-in, comfortable shoes for the day (you’ll be doing more walking than you thought) and save your heels for dinner. When it comes to your purse or bag, having a bag that zips up and isn’t easy to break is extremely important. It makes it ten times harder for you to be pick-pocketed when you bag is zipped up tight.

The Air

Fasion, Parisian, Style, How to walk the walk like a Parisian

Credit: Pinterest.

We’re not talking about the literal air of Paris her, but the persona that the Parisians have.  They’re confident, serious and they’re never lost.  While everyone hopes to obtain these attributes, it’s pretty easy to fake it until you make it. The way you hold yourself is a key aspect of looking like a Parisian, shoulders back, chin up, don’t slouch: any place you are this will immediately make you appear more confident.  Looking as if you are not lost even if you are, gives the air that you are not to be messed with or targeted.  The best advice for this category is to keep your head up.

The Food

The French take their food very seriously.  There are a couple of big no-no’s when it comes to food, dining and eating in Paris.  Time moves differently in Paris, there is still the hustle and bustle of big city life, but there is also the slow relax demeanor the French are famous for.  There is no need to eat on your way somewhere and to go coffee is only for transport.  Food is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed, thus you need to take time and care while enjoying your food.Le Loir Dans le Thièire salon de thé

Dining in Paris has its own etiquette. Forget what you know and embrace the change. Unlike those who were raised in the States, the French hold their fork in their left hand and their knife in their right hand. Resist the temptation of switching your fork to your right hand.  They say the knife should be held as an extension of your hand. Use the knife to push food onto you fork.

All that delicious bread served with you meal is meant to clean your plate when you have finished your meal. It’s also a great pre-dinner munch.  Make sure you break off just enough bread for a bite and then place the rest off to the left side of the plate on the table. There’s no need to rush while enjoying a meal in Paris, or anywhere in France really.

So, slowly sip your wine and embrace all there is about walking the walk like a Parisian.

Book one of our Paris vacation packages to fully discover the city within your time and budget constraints. The Paris weekend escape is aimed at people who already came to Paris and want to discover new things this time. Limit your trip to Paris cost., brunch spots in paris, student hostels in paris, Must try foods in Paris

Top 10 Brunch Spots in Paris

Here is a Top 10 Brunch Spots in Paris presenting all the best types of brunches you can find. First you will discover typical French brunch spots; then if you feel homesick (and if you are American) we selected the worthiest American brunches. Finally, if you are as curious as greedy, you will find a suggestion of uncommon and international brunch spots. They will appeal to your food lover palates for sure!

Typical French Brunch Spots

brunch spots in paris

1. Les Mauvais Garçons – 4th arrondissement –25 €

Here is a very Frenchy Brunch: consisting of baguette toasts, jams and viennoiseries but also salty pies you really have to taste! For salt amateurs as for those with a sweet tooth, it will undoubtedly suit everyone’s palate!

2. Liberté Ménilmontant – 20th arrondissement – 27 €

The famous pastry chef Benoît Castel will house you every week-end in his bakery/cake shop for a self-serve brunch buffet. The choice is huge there, from classic viennoiseries and cakes to vegetables, quiches and pizzas!

brunch spots in paris

Credits : Le Quai

3. Le Quai – 7th arrondissement – 35 €

Located on a floating terrace, this is the best place to chill and have a delicious brunch. Viennoiseries, toasts, fruits, pancakes as well as salmon, eggs, ham and cold meats… Could you even ask for more?


4. Café Français – 4th arrondissement – 30 €

This restaurant turns into a brunch place for the weekends, and it won’t disappoint you! It offers a very Frenchy Brunch with viennoiseries, ham, eggs, bacon or salmon, a salad and a choice of desserts… All this on its pleasant terrace if you want!

brunch spots in paris

Credits : l’Atlas

5. L’Atlas – 6th arrondissement – 27 €

Along with a delicious brunch made of French toasts and a very tasty ceasar salad among other delightful dishes, this place will also charm you because of its location in the very lively and pleasant street of Buci in Saint-Germain-des-Prés district!




Best American Brunch Spots

brunch spots in paris

Credits : Eggs&Co.

6. Eggs and Co – 6th arrondissement – 22 €

Our Top 10 Brunch Spots in Paris continues with this American restaurant in which, as you probably understood, the egg is the shining star! You can eat it in various ways, so let your imagination go! The place is small but very cute and the massive pancakes are said to be delicious!

7. Marcel – 7th arrondissement – Variable price

This restaurant offers the typical American Brunch on weekends: with many different types of egg, pancakes and waffles, salads, avocado bagels and tasty deserts such as cheese cakes! How can you resist this?

brunch spots in paris

8. Holybelly – 10th arrondissement – Variable price

Create your own brunch among the huge choice offered in the menu: of course you will find granola, pancakes, eggs with various sides, homemade cakes and many different drinks! And there is a special dish every weekend…

9. Bob’s Bake Shop – 18th arrondissement – Variable price

Very famous and popular, this brunch spot offers a lot of bagels (with cream cheese, avocado, salmon, or even tomato…) but there are also irresistible desserts such as cheesecakes, fruits pies or cookies!

10. Breakfast in America – 4th arrondissement – 18 €brunch spots in paris

Here the menu is quite simple but made of various dishes: you have to pick one type of egg, one type of dessert and one drink. Also nicknamed the B.I.A, it is a famous meeting point for the Americans living here or those just having a good time in Paris!



International Brunch spots you shouldn’t miss

brunch spots in paris

Credits : Vino e Cucina

Vino e Cucina – 2th arrondissement – 35 €

Now let’s go to Italy! The brunch in this charming restaurant will delight you. For the sweet tastes: panettone, toasts, cakes, tiramisu, granola and others… And for the salty dishes: eggs, cold meat, mozzarella, vegetables and salads!


Kinugawa – 1st arrondissement – from 37 € to 45 €

If you are more into Japanese food, here is something to please you! This restaurant offers a Bento Brunch every Sunday, with miso soup, rice, salad, meat and sushis. Don’t hesitate to taste their deserts… This original Brunch must meet your Asian food expectations.

We hope our Top 10 Brunch Spots in Paris helped you to make a choice… Or maybe you should try them all!


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brunch spots in paris, best brasseries in paris

Top 5 best brasseries in Paris

As you know, Paris is known for its brasseries and above all, its « terrasses », and you can not walk on a street without bumping into at least one brasserie. Here, at ParisByM, we have prepared a top 5 of the best brasseries in Paris. Don’t miss out those ones, which were (and are currently) famous for their history and menus (classification is neither increasing nor decreasing).


selection traditional brasseries paris, best brasseries in Paris

1 – La Coupole

In the neighborhood of Montparnasse (14th district), the brasserie La Coupole is an emblematic and artistic place of Paris.
At la Coupole, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at prices varying from €11.90 to €59.00. What is better than eating well, feeling the artistic atmosphere of the place, in the heart of Paris? Founded in 1927, this brasserie has directly become a great success and personalities and artists such as Jean Cocteau, Man Ray, Georges Braque, Brassaï, Picasso, Edith Piaf, and even Ernest Hemingway, were regular customers.The artistic legacy of the place is also defined by the numerous interventions of artists who came to add color to the famous “pillars” of the restaurant and to paint. This brasserie is particularly frequented, especially by those who want to regain the atmosphere of the book “Paris est une fête” written by Hemingway .. You can click here for more information.

102 Bd du Montparnasse 75014 Paris

Access : Vavin (Metro line 4)



best brasseries in paris

Credit : wikipedia

2 – Bouillon Chartier

Classified as a historical monument, there is no doubt that Le Bouillon Chartier is a must among the best brasseries in Paris. Created in 1896, it has kept the same architecture of the XIXth century. It is a landmark in the history of Parisian brasseries. Everything has remained faithful, even the prices: the main course do not exceed €13,50 (from €8,50), the entries range from €1,80 to €6,80, and the desserts €2.20 to €4.00. Click here to check their website.

7 rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009 Paris

Access : Grands Boulevards (Metro lines 8, 9)



3 – Le Bon Bock

Le Bon Bock is the oldest brasserie in the artistic and very parisian neighborhood of Montmartre. Also here, the greatest artistic figures such as Picasso or Apollinaire came to have a drink in this brasserie created in 1879. The prices are quite reasonable for a big parisian and historical brasserie, such as for example the starter Gratinée de Mamie à l’Oignon for 6,80 €. Find all the information here.

2 Rue Dancourt, 75018 Paris

Access : Abbesses (Metro lines 2, 12), Anvers (2), Pigalle (2, 12)



4 – Le Café du Commerce

This brasserie serving traditional food is leveled on three floors, in the middle of which you can admire a patio of plants, open sky over Paris. Le Café du Commerce was founded in 1921 and is one of the most trendy and best brasseries in Paris of the XXth century, just like the Bouillon Chartier. The formula Main course + Dessert + Coffee at 17.50 € largely worth it! Check the menus here.

51 rue du Commerce, 75015 Paris
Access : La Motte Piquet Grenelle (8, 10, 6), Avenue Emile Zola (10), Commerce (8)



5 – Polidor

This traditionnal brasserie located in the Latin Quarter (6th district) is a place full of history. Created in 1890, it welcomed street artists and very known writers, such as Paul Verlaine or Victor Hugo, the author of the Hunchback Of Notre Dame, who was a regular customer. The meetings of the Collège de Pataphysique were organized here in the 1950s. If you do not have to miss one of the best Parisian brasseries, this is THE one. There is something for every taste, from the classic « oeuf-mayo » (egg mayonnaise), to the blanquette de veau, or beautiful entrecôtes. More information on their website.

41, rue Monsieur Le Prince
75006 Paris

Access : Odéon (4)

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Paris Food

Paris Food

Wondering where to buy good quality cheese in Paris? Questioning why Parisians carry a baguette with them everyday? Confusing the meaning of boulangerie and patisserie? Here is some vocabulary you need to know about Parisian food before coming to Paris.


Boulangerie is an essential part of Parisian life; it is the heart and soul of Paris Food. Did you know that on average, 25 million baguettes are purchased and consumed by the French every day? Every second, 320 baguettes are consumed. So, where do all French people buy their “vitamins”? At the boulangerie! Boulangerie means bakery, and it is the most common thing you will see in Paris. At this Parisian’s “favorite place of business”, you can easily buy three meals per day. A buttery croissant or a sweet pain au raisin at breakfast, a ham and melted cheese sandwich for lunch, and a baguette as a side dish for dinner.

When searching for your perfect loaf, make sure you patronized an artisanal bakery (Boulangerie Artisanale) to ensure the bread is made on site from scratch.



How sad would life be without little sweet treats? A patisserie will satisfy every sweet tooth! Want to know what kind of dessert you shouldn’t miss while in Paris? Read more about this facet of Paris food here. You can try some well-known brands like Pierre Hermé, Sadaharu Aoki and Jean-Paul Hévin, but you can also find pâtisseries in almost every bakery. You could even buy a sandwich and macarons to enjoy a picnic under the Eiffel tower!


Nowadays you will always find a Boulangerie and a Pâtisserie in the same place, selling small desserts and bread together.


If you understand how essential“Fromage” is in Parisian food, you understand the very core of food in Paris. The historical French love affair with cheese can be traced back as far as 8000 BC. Traditionally, there were 400 different types of French cheese – today there are close to 1,000 varieties. Can you imagine? Eating  1 different variety of cheese a day, that’s almost three years without eating the same cheese! Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? In France, cheese is usually consumed after the main course and before the dessert. Pair it with a good glass of wine to begin eating like a Parisian! And even though you can find cheese in every supermarket, a real “Fromagerie” is the first stop you should go to select the best quality cheese.


There are some more traditional, specific kinds of stores you will find in Paris such as boucherie, charcuterie, or poissonnerie. People now can find all types of food in giant supermarkets, however French people enjoy the shopping at these traditional specialty stores for high quality products. They like to go to specific stores and searching for their ideal ingredients.


This is where to go if you are looking for meat to prepare your next meal. In a “Boucherie” you can buy raw legs of lamb, steaks, chicken breasts, veal cutlets, and many other types of meats.



You may ask what is the difference between a butcher’s (boucherie) and a charcuterie? In France, a charcuterie is more like a deli that specializes in pork. At a charcuterie, you can get pâté, sliced ham, sausages, rillettes or even pig’s feet.


Nowadays, you can usually buy the 2 types of meat at the same place. On top of that, you will usually find Charcuterie-traiteur or Boucherie-traiteur on the names of these stores which stands for selling prepared dishes and small catering Paris food inside.




Poisson means fish in French and a Poissonnerie is a smaller scaled seafood market. Here you can buy fresh fish, seafood or prepared dishes.

Paris food


The name “bistrot” derives from the Russian word meaning “fast.” During the Russians occupation of Paris (1814-1818), Russian soldiers were not allowed officially to drink wine, but who could resist some good French wine? They could not, and would shout “Bistro!” to the waiters in order not to be seen by their officers… The name then began to describe little restaurants where you can have a meal or drink a glass of wine in no time. Nowadays, bistrot can be small cafés or restaurants in modest settings.  In a bistrot, you can find moderately priced simple meals. It usually serves home-style Paris food.

Bistro Chairs Dining Tables Eat Provence France, paris-food


In a similar setting to a bistrot is a brasserie. Unlike the neighborhood bistrot, brasserie’s  are usually larger and generally serve food all day. Brasserie ( translation of breweries) were traditionally where beer was served, and often dated from 19th or 20th centuries. These days you can still get a beer at brasseries but now they usually accompany food.



Epicerie in France is similar to the notion of a convenience store or a small grocery store. As French people usually say: “La petite épicerie du coin” ( The small grocery store around the corner). There are also large épicerie stores like Monoprix or Carrefour which are the equivalent of a supermarket.

Below is a table we made for you so you can better compare all these Paris Food vocabularies and use these words when you are in Paris next time!

French English
Boulangerie Bakery
Pâtisserie Pastry shop
Fromagerie Cheese chop
Poissonnerie Fish shop
Charcuterie Deli
Boucherie Meat shop
Épicerie Convenience store
Bistrot Bistro


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