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Flying to Paris, Paris Breaks

Flights to Paris: Flying From Australia

Flights to Paris can seem awfully far away, especially when there is over 24 hours of air travel involved in flying from Australia. It’s true for our Aussie friends that flights to Paris could be a lot easier. Fortunately, there are a multitude of airlines that are more than willing to go the extra mile to make your long flight as comfortable as possible.

Flying to Paris, Flying from Australia

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Cheap flights:

In flying from Australia these are good options for travelers who are looking to save some serious money. These flights are significantly cheaper than some of the other options out there. Keep in mind, however, that these airlines will not offer the same luxurious seating options in flying to Paris.  These flights have fewer eating options and may include two or more layovers. For what they lack, they sure do make up in price in flying from Australia.

Round-trip flights start as low as $2,000 AUD.  Depending on the season you book your flight for, the price may fluctuate up or down. Some airlines that offer these kind of long distance, low cost travel are: Qatar Airways, China Southern Airlines, and Air Berlin. Travel websites like Flight Centre, TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Kayak can help you find which airline is right for you and see competitive prices.

First class:

Flying to Paris, Flying from Australia

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A flight that is longer than 24 hours can definitely warrant a first class seat. Why not spoil yourself? These first class options offer luxurious seating options with chairs that recline fully and full dining options. Certain airlines like Singapore Air, Thai Air, and Air China offer similar luxuries for business class seats. Prices start around for a round trip ticket at $11,000 AUD.


This is going to be a long flight my friends. Make the flight easier on yourself by stopping off in Singapore or other layover stations. This will break the length of your

Flying to Paris, Flying from Australia

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trip up so you will have two sections of flight (generally around 10 – 12 hours each) instead of the 22-26 hours that these flights may take as a whole.

Remember the sooner you book your flight the better rate you are going to get. Studies suggest that when you book your tickets six to eight weeks before you want to leave for your trip, you will find the best price. Make sure that you look up the specific regulations for check-in, luggage restrictions, and security measures for the airline you are planning of utilizing. While we are able to give generalizations of common regulations, each airline is a little different and you will want to be prepared before your departure.

Your Guide to Finding Your Perfect Flight to Paris

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