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Markets in Paris

Markets in Paris

A great way to gain a deeper understanding of Parisian culture is to take part in traditional activities, such as going to one of the many markets across the city. With a little bit of searching, it is possible to find just about anything you might be looking for. Food and flea markets are located throughout the city on all days of the week. This is definitely something you need to do during your vacation. Here are a few potential markets to hit during your time in Paris.

Market in Paris

Discover Parisian markets during city walks organised by ParisByM

Food Markets

Marché Maubert

Marché Maubert is a small market located in the Latin Quarter. If you are looking for a traditional experience, Marché Maubart is not considered a very touristy market and you will be able to find all kinds of fresh produce here. This market is easy to get to, and only a 10-minute walk to the Notre Dame. Grab a carton of delicious strawberries in the summer and go for a nice picnic on the Seine, you won’t be disappointed!


Marché Mouffetard

If you are dying to see the streets of Paris that Hemingway beautifully described in his many novels and short stories, you must wander down the cobblestone streets of the Marché Mouffetard. Also located in the Latin Quarter, Hemingway describe the “wonderful, narrow crowded market street” of Marché Mouffetard in A Moveable Feast. This market holds many stalls that sell tasty organic and fair-trade goods that will send your taste buds soaring.


Marché Président-Wilson

Marché Président-Wilson is an open-air market that runs the length of Avenue Président-Wilson. Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, this market is great for discovering all kinds of tasty things. You will be able to find foods from all kinds of nationalities, so you might want to take a couple of laps to make sure you didn’t miss any hidden treasures. Don’t miss a thing and see the sunrise from the Trocadéro then head to the market to be there right when it opens at 7 am.

Market in Paris

A sunny day at one of our city’s many markets.

Flea Markets

Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

Les Puces de Saint-Ouen is one of the largest flea markets in Paris. Les Puces, for short, is in northern Paris and easy to get to on the Metro. This is a great place to go for your idyllic Paris antique market. Marché Vernaison is a fantastic market to begin with. The entrance is on Rue des Rosiers and leads to alleyways filled with little boutiques. For the next few hours, dig and search through the 15 separate markets that make up the Puces. You are bound to find your diamond in the rough among all the specialty antique items.


Les Puces de Vanves

Here, you will be able to find affordable antiques and treasures of all kinds. As the second largest flea market in Paris, Puces de Vanves will shock you with its wide variety of trinkets. And if you don’t like the price, don’t be afraid to bargain with the merchants. If you and the merchant can agree on a price, you both win.


Les Puces de Montreuil

Les Puces de Montreuil is the most exciting flea market in Paris, as it is very hit or miss. While you might not always be lucky here, occasionally you will find an extraordinary antique or vintage piece. There are many different new and used objects here, but it may require a little bit more digging than in the markets previously mentioned. If you are looking for higher-end antiques, les Puces de Montreuil may not be the best place to look.


While these are just a few ideas for your next trip to Paris, ParisByM has many knowledgeable employees that would be happy to help you find the perfect market for what you are looking for. Contact us, so we can help you find the treasure of your dreams.


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Market Tours

Market Tours In Paris

You wouldn’t want to visit Paris and not take the sneak peek of the city’s Market Tours. There’s more that awaits on a trip to Paris than sculptures and monuments. One of the best ways to discover a culture is through its culinary delights and flea markets. Paris is widely considered a top destination for gastronomes and flea markets from around the world. Paris continues receiving accolades for its food products and flea markets, which undoubtedly form a cornerstone of the French way of life.

Market Tours

What to expect

Each district in Paris has its own weekly, bi-weekly, or quasi-daily market. Neatly stacked fruits and vegetables, bundles of carrots, ruffles of succulent butter lettuce, and baskets golden Chanterelle mushrooms will catch you off guard with the intrinsic beauty of French Fresh Produce. Visit to a fromager’s stall to view the delectable wares on display, such as artisan raw-milk cheeses so special they’re unavailable anywhere else in the world or take in charcuterie, homemade paté, and foie gras at the boucherie stand.

Food Market Tour

The Marche d’Aligre is just the perfect spot to explore typical Parisian market shopping experience.

The Aligre is an  open air market and is covered by Marche Beauvau markets, surrounded by flea-market stalls making it, a three in one market, and is  best place to get a real taste of the cosmopolitan nature of Paris. There are different types of stalls selling all sorts of products  from vintage and contemporary bits of crockery to clothes and last century’s gramophone players. Make sure you are not late or  you may miss out on the best things the market might have an offer on that particular day.

Market Tours

For a Small-Group Marché d’Aligre Food Walking Tour in Paris,

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Traveling alone and want to take a market tour, we got you as well,

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Market Tours in Paris will take you to experience immense gourmet experience and discover some of the most famous Parisian food markets known for the quality of their products including Batignolles Market, Aligre Market, Montorgueil and Levis street. 

Small-Group Gourmet Food and Market Tour of the Bastille District in Paris

The Marché d’Aligre has an array of products from les fleurs (flour) to fruits, with variety of many other things. Has long history of serving its quartier (quarter)—the market was inaugurated in 1781— some even consider it le Second Ventre de Paris (Second Belly of Paris), based on Émile Zola’s famous novel, set around Les Halles, the enormous, busy central market of 19th Century Paris. Stroll through the maze of stalls, hand-picking seasonal produce. Explore how the market system works, food origins, and the core idea of terroir , or how Parisians go about shopping for their food and the consequences and significance of this on the French cuisine.

Flea Market Tours

Paris markets, Market tours

The Dauphine market one of the 14 markets in the Saint-Ouen fleamarket – Credit: Wikipedia

Paris’ St-Ouen flea market, known as Marché aux Puces St-Ouen or Les Puces de St-Ouen, is one of the largest flea markets in the world. Discover an impressive vintage focused area with 14 different markets and more than 2000 shops and get a customized experience to help you get the best shopping in Paris. Depending on your needs, we will reach and explore in depth some of the following markets: Malassis, Dauphine, Vernaison, Biron, Paul Bert, Serpette and Jules Vallès. Explore, your knowledgeable guide will explain the history of the market, which dates back to 1885, while showing you many of the secret corners of the vibrant market.

Small-Group Paris Walking Tour: St-Ouen Flea Market

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Paris Private and Customized Vintage Shopping Tour at St Ouen Flea Market

 As you stroll through the market, have a throwback to a different era, learn all about know-how’s of bargain in the market: how to distinguish junk from genuine gems, where to go for the biggest discounts, and who sells what and where. Hear tales of famous celebrities like Sharon Stone and Madonna, who’ve been known to shop here, and learn about their favorite market shops at St-Ouen Flea Market: Bargain-Hunting Tour in Paris

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