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The Top Event Management Companies in Paris

Looking for an event management company in Paris to help you plan and execute your next event? Our team at ParisByM has organized a list of 4 of the best event management companies in Paris. Together, these companies can help you with a diverse range of events, whether your birthday party or a corporate cocktail party!


4 Event Management Companies in Paris:


For smaller events: Groupe Vista

Groupe Vista is a Paris-based event management company consisting of 35 event management experts. They follow a start-up driven approach, and I would recommend them for small to medium sized events. They recently organized a team-building activity in Canada for 50 managers in the finance and insurance industry after a merger. The event helped integrate the new employees, encouraged them to solve challenges together, and was a fun and exciting bonding experience.

event management companies in paris

Source: Groupe Vista – Team building event in Canada

For creative, large-scale events with a global reach: Prelude Events

Prelude Event Architects has a global presence and was founded in Paris in 2005 by Wendy Von Fries. In France, they work in Paris, the French Riviera, Champagne, Normandy, the Loire Castles, and the French Alps resorts. They follow a problem-solution approach that allows them to conceptualize and deliver innovative and personalized events. Prelude can provide you with services including corporate entertainment, exhibitions, trade shows, helicopters, marketing campaigns, and celebrity search and management. You should also consider this company if you require multilingual meetings.

Prelude is one of the best event management companies in Paris. They recently organized an incredible customer reception for Cisco that aimed to facilitate networking and appeal to Cisco’s top clients. They called the event “Becoming Marie Antoinette” and situated it in a 19th century palace. Satisfaction was 100 percent both onsite and after the event, and Cisco has rehired Prelude for their next event (Here’s to hoping we can snag an invite!).

event management companies in paris

Source: Prelude Events – Cisco’s “Becoming Marie Antoinette” Event

For high-end weddings and private events: Rendez-Vous

Rendez-Vous Paris was founded by Heather, a former corporate professional who believes that “true luxury is an experience.” I recommend them for large-scale, private events, such as high-end weddings. Heather is also bilingual in French and English, so she can work smoothly with a variety of professionals and clients across the globe. Rendez-vous mainly manages events in Paris, Champagne, New York, Rome, Israel, Greece, et Cote d’Azur. They can accommodate you in amazing and unique locations, such as the VIP salons at the Grand Prix of Monaco and the red carpet at the Film Festival of Cannes.

event management companies in Paris

Source: Rendez-Vous Paris – Wedding

For servicing large-scale, high budget events: PRG Group

Production Resource Group (PRG) France has over 35 years of experiencing servicing trade shows, corporate events, concerts, musicals, fashion shows, and other large-scale events. Because they only work with budgets starting at 20,000  euros (5 to 7 digit budgets), I recommend PRG if you are a large company or planning a major event. Their impressive list of clientele includes Red Bull, Google, Dior Culture, Mercedes-Benz, the Backstreet Boys, Audi, and the FIFA World Cup. Internationally, they work with 3000 professionals in various sectors of the event industry. PRG is constantly innovating its technology in order to provide the best audio, video, and lighting services. For instance, they created custom solutions for rigging and video for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. You can check out more of their work and technologies on their blog.

event management companies in paris

Source: PRG France – 2019 Eurovision Song Contest


We hope this post helps you navigate the vast industry of event management companies in Paris! Bonne chance with your next event and feel free to contact us at ParisByM if you would like to organize a corporate trip or experience in France!


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