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5 Original Dining Experiences in Paris

When planning a trip to France, tourists often look for original dining experiences that allow them to see Paris in ways they never imagined. Eating in a restaurant on a Parisian street might be amazing, but imagine the effect a cruise dinner, or a dinner show can make. With endless options to choose, here are five original dining experiences to try in Paris if you’re tired of the traditional restaurant atmosphere.

Dinner Cruise

     What better way to tour Paris at night, than by taking a dinner cruise on the Seine river? Not only can you enjoy a romantic gourmet meal, but you can also take in the sights around you.  The Eiffel Tower, flawless architecture, and beautifully lit up streets surround the water. The tours typically last from 1.5 to 4 hours, with varying options. Pricing also changes depending on the length and the quality of the cruise’s amenities/food. You can pay anywhere from 100 to 300 euro per a person. Some also include enjoyable live bands and entertainment throughout the night.

original dining experiences in Paris

Cruise in the Seine River


Food Tour

     Another original dining experience you can have in Paris is by booking a food tour. With so many flavorful foods to taste, you can enjoy a wine, chocolate, or a cheese tour. More specifically, you could take a dinner walking tour, where you can experience all the different food options the streets/markets have to offer in Paris. These guided tours educate you on French foods while you enjoy the scenery. Fill your stomach trying a variety of dishes and foods from different shops. Feel like a true Parisian as you’re immersed in the culture, enjoying market hot spots and dig-in favorites.

Original dining experiences in Paris

Cooking Class

     You don’t always have to be sitting waiting around to get your food. You can make your dinner time a truly memorable experience by helping cook what you eat! Cooking classes in Paris are available for people at all levels, ages, and different languages. Not only are there classes where you can cook a fully authentic French meal, but there are also courses where you focus on specific categories, like French desserts and pastries. You can meet new friends by doing a class with strangers, schedule a big group, or have your own family/couple private cooking night. Regardless of your choice, you’ll love the experience, and hopefully the food you create!

original dining experiences in Paris

Dinner Cabaret Show

    For a night of music laughter eating, and fun, consider a dining experience you’ll never forget at a Cabaret Show. These exotic, theatrical dancing shows will make you want to laugh, dance, and sing along all while enjoying your meal in your seat. There so many Cabarets to choose from, with of the most famous among tourist being the Moulin Rouge, Lido, and Crazy Horse. There are many smaller ones to visit, although they may all not accommodate non-native speakers. The dinner shows provide a full evening of fun from around 175 to 300 euro

Original dining experiences in Pairs, nightlife in Paris

Credit: Lido Website

Dine in the Dark

      Currently, one of the most original dining experiences you can try in Paris is dining in the dark. This new fad has become popular in big cities around the world, including Paris. The restaurant Dans Le Noir offers guests an hour adventure through their pitch-black restaurant, where they are served drinks and dinner. Not only are they blind, but so are their wait staff. The idea of the dinner is to heighten the senses and make one aware of their surroundings in the creative environment.  This is a must do for travelers looking for a night they won’t forget.

original dining experiences in Paris

View of Your Meal at Dans Le Noir!

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