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Children’s Museums Paris

Children’s Museums Paris

Paris is a hub for creativity. There are so many different museums and exhibitions to attend and while most of them are kid-friendly, there are plenty of places to bring your young children to ensure that they have the most memorable time in Paris.


Science and Industry Museum

The Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris is both fun and educational! This museum is especially good for children as it has two sections of the museum strictly intended for children. One part of the museum is for young kids between the ages of 2 and 7. This space allows them to learn and play through different activities which encourage them to play with the other children. The other section targets an older age group, 8 through 12 with more advanced activities to engage the children and help them on their journey to loving science.

Children’s Museums Paris

Chocolate Museum

The Musée Gormand du Chocolat is the perfect place to go with children. Not only does the museum teach about the history of chocolate from ancient cultures to the role chocolate plays in the lives of modern people. The museum has informational videos that explain the process of making chocolate from harvesting the cocoa to the final transformation into your favorite desert. You can even see chocolate creations get made right in front of your eyes including chocolate cakes or pralines. There is even a section of the museum where you can try chocolate from around the world. Your kids will love being able to taste all these different treats while also seeing Parisian monuments crafted by chocolate as well as chocolate dresses created by actual fashion designers and worn by real models.


Wax Museum

Musée Grévin is another popular museum especially for children. This wax museum is home to over 450 wax figures and new ones are added each year. Bring your cameras to get selfies with all your favorite celebrities and historical figures. Your kids will be getting to fist bump Leonardo DaVinci and shaking hands with celebrities like Brad Pitt.  There is also a Hall of Mirrors and a light and sound show that is sure to be a fun experience for your little ones. For a tour of the museum, you can even get led around by an actor in costume pretending to be a famous person who can tell you the history and secrets of Musée Grévin.

Children’s Museums Paris

Modern Art Museum

Centre Pompidou is a famous art museum in the center of Paris that holds a great collection of artists including both modern visionaries and contemporary geniuses. While parts of the museum may not be entirely kid-friendly, the museum has an entire level dedicated to presenting art to younger kids through interactive programs. The mezzanine level of the museum has hours’ worth of activities for ages 2 and up to create things and have fun with one another. There are also many collections throughout the museum that your children will probably find especially interesting for their attractive colors and intricate designs.