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Chenonceau Castle

Chenonceau Castle

The Chenonceau castle had in the past the same name of the region where it stands: Chenonceaux. However, Louise Dupin, owner of the castle in 18th century, changed its name removing the “x” of the name as a symbol of the French Revolution and as an approax to the people.


As you may be wondering, this castle has a huge history in its backwards, and played a prominent role in the French history. Do you want to know why this castle is considered “the castle of the ladies?” Let´s take a look back to the history:

Chenonceau castle

Credit: ParisByM

A necessary mention about the castle is the fact that Diane de Poitiers, Duchess of  Valentinois and Étampes, had her residence in the building after the King Henry II gave it to her since she was his favourite secret lover.

In addition, Cataline of Medecis also lived within the big walls of the castle since she took over the management of the castle in the XVI century.

You also will be able to visit La chambre des cinq Reines, a bedroom where up to 5 queens and high rank ladies lived.

Back to its foundation, in 1431, Jean Marques ordered to re-built up the castle after King Charles IV “the Crazy” ordered to throw it down in 1411. However, the castle suffered many modifications and restorations as a result of that many other families lived in the castle during the history. Nevertheless, the building has been well preserved until our days.

In the castle, you will be able to find the bedroom where Diane lived, the work gabinet of Cataline of Medecis,  as well as contemplating the Renaissance style, modyfied and adapted by the most famous owners.

Chenonceau Castle

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Chenonceau castle

Credit: imagesdemarc

Discover all the history that this castle can tell, go for a walk around the beautiful and green gardens and appreciate the beatiful landmarks that this places offers.

The Diane of Poitiers garden, the Cataline of Medecis garden, and the Laberynth garden are one of the most important and beautiful gardens that you can find in the place, and why not? Around Loire Valley too.

In addition, near the castle you will be able to find a hot air balloon company, it is a good way of contemplating the beautiful landscapes that Chenonceaux region offers, BUT it is not the same company as the castle’s itself and may be really expensive.

Chenenceau castle

Credit: ParisByM

Last but not least, you also will be able to find a guided tour in the site, which is highly recommended to take. But if you prefer to go on your own way, you have also the chance of taking an audio guide of 40 minutes, or 90 minutes for the extended version, available in 11 languages. We recommend to take a guided tour since this castle is one of the most importants of France, as well as it shows a better way to understand some facts about the French history.



Hours: From 9am to 5/8 pm depending on the season.

Prices: Adults 12,50€. 9,50€ under 19 and students. Free under 7.

Access: By car or buss.

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