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Things To Do with Kids in Paris

The 5 Best Day Trips to Take During Your Business Trip to Paris

A great way to get your team to bond during your business trip to Paris is to spend one day being tourists together. Paris is a great city to tour and explore, but it also has many surrounding areas that may be perfect for your group, depending on what everyone is interested in.  Here are our top suggestions for day trips from Paris with your corporate group.


Versailles, Palace of Versailles, palace of versailles, business trip to Paris

The Chateau and Gardens are some of the most famous in the world, and just a short and direct train ride from the center of Paris!  If you’re thinking of taking a day trip during your business trip to Paris, you should definitely consider Versailles.  As home to the previous Kings of France, each room is lavishly decorated and a tour allows you a glimpse into the lives of those who came before, it’s a great for those with an interested in European Monarchies.  You’ll also find the infamous hall of mirrors during a tour of the castle.  Also, at Versailles, you can explore the incredibly beautiful and well-maintained gardens – we recommend going on a warm day so you can spend as much time as you like outside!  Finally, if this weren’t enough, you can walk a little deeper into the gardens for a tour of Marie Antoinette’s house, as well as the houses of other mistresses of the previous Kings.  Versailles is definitely top of our list of day trips.

Disneyland or Park Asterix

Disneyland 1 day, business trip to Paris

© Disneyland Paris

When you think Disneyland, your mind likely does not immediately jump to a business trip to Paris, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t! What better way to bond with your co-workers than to get to be a kid again for the day.  Disneyland, or Park Asterix, really let you completely free your mind of all work responsibilities and just immerse yourself in a fun day out.  The benefit to parks like these as well is that they have such a variety of activities, from roller coasters, to small rides, to games, so it’s a great day out for virtually anyone!

Champagne Region

Champagne houses in Reims, business trip to paris

Did you know the Champagne region of France is only a short train ride from Paris?  If you just head a couple of hours outside of the city, you can arrive at any one of the towns in the region and have a day to explore the champagne houses, the cellars, and a smaller French town.  The tours can get booked up fairly quickly, so you’ll probably want to choose one or two houses to visit and book in advance, but it’s definitely a great way to have fun during your business trip to Paris – and to get to try some authentic champagne!


Normandy Battle Tours, Business Trip to Paris

The beaches of Normandy and Mont Saint Michel can be an extremely great way for your team to bond during your business trip to Paris.  The towns of Normandy have various WWII museums for you to explore and get a real understanding of what exactly occurred on these beaches.  You can also visit Mont Saint Michel and explore the beautiful castle and get fantastic views.  Make sure you check the timings of the trips to the castle though and book yourself on an official tour!

Loire Valley

loire valley day tour,Loire river cruise, business trip to Paris

Located just a couple of hours outside of Paris, the Loire Valley is the perfect destination for your day trip from Paris.  Not only is this region famous for its wine, but also for its stunning castles.  You can have a guided tour of the area and see the interior and exterior of the castles and the wine region! This is great for a business trip to Paris because it’s an excellent cultural experience, and also gives your team a chance to relax and unwind.

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What to Pack for a Business Trip to Paris

With the largest Convention Center in Europe, countless great hotels, and numerous Trade shows year-round, it’s not difficult to see why Paris is a great spot for Corporate Trips.  If you’re planning on coming to Paris for your business trip, you’ll want to pack efficiently and effectively, and you won’t want to forget a thing!  That’s why we have created this packing list; to make the preparation for your business trip to Paris much easier.

Should I Take Only Hand Luggage or A Checked Bag?

Student Trips to Paris, Business Trip to Paris

The answer to this question is really dependent on how long you’ll be in the city for, as well as exactly what your itinerary is.  A busier and more diverse itinerary for your business trip to Paris requires a different volume of things than a small two-day trip for example.

If you’ll only be here for a few days and can fit everything you will need into a small suitcase, then it’s definitely in your best interest to only travel with hand luggage.  This can save you time in the airport because you can skip the luggage collection process and head straight to the city upon arrivals.  It can also just be physically easier for you because you won’t have to worry about carting around more than one bag for such a short trip.

Corporate Offers, Business Trip to Paris

For a longer business trip to Paris, with a more diverse itinerary, we recommend a hand luggage case as well as a checked bag.  This will allow you to bring everything you could need, including shoes, toiletries, formal outfits and casual outfits, as well as all other bits and pieces that we will detail for you.  If you decide to bring both a carry on and a checked back, we recommend packing a few necessities in your carry on just in case.  Including a change of clothes, a toothbrush, an adaptor, headphones, and anything else you think you couldn’t live without for a night or two.

So, What Do I need?

Whether you bring only hand luggage or a checked bag, and whether your business trip to Paris is two days or two weeks, there are a few things you will need no matter what.  Here’s our list, but let us know if we’ve missed anything!

Student trips to paris, Business Trip to Paris

  • Adaptors – European outlets are different to those in all other continents and there is nothing worse than arriving in a new country with no way to charge your phone or computer! Make sure you think about this before you leave and pack one or two adapters for the duration of your trip.
  • Euros – Although most places will take debit or credit cards these days, it’s a good idea to have some of the local currency on you at all times just in case! We recommend getting some euros before even arriving in Paris to make sure you’re completely ready when you land.
  • Medication – Remember when abroad it can be hard to get your hands on the medication you’re used to and you really don’t want to arrive in a foreign country and have to search high and low for something you know you have at home. If there’s anything you need to take on a schedule, make sure you pack this in your hand luggage just in case something happens to a checked bag!
  • Any travel documents or itineraries – For your business trip to Paris, you may need a visa or supporting documents, if this is the case, make sure you have them on you at all times. Also, you have probably been provided with an itinerary for the trip; keep this on you always so that if you are delayed or late for some reason, you know exactly where to go at any given time.

For more tips or help planning your business trip to Paris, click here and ParisByM would be more than happy to help.

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