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Our Business Travel Tips

Traveling for business can be incredibly exhausting and stressful. After a long day of flying, you’re expected to look and act professional. To help your travels go smoothly, we have compiled a list of business travel tips for you!

Corporate event, corporate event in Paris, business event in paris, business travel tips

Business Travel Tips:

  1. If you are checking bags, try to fly in meeting attire, so you won’t be stuck scrambling for a new suit if there is a luggage disaster. You could also pack an emergency carry-on bag containing a nice change of clothes and important toiletries. However, whenever possible, avoid checking a bag at all to save time at the airport.
  2. Try to stay in a hotel that is close to your main meetings so that you don’t have to worry about traffic.
  3. Get a frequent flyer number and start adding up points! You get rewards, like free flights and cheaper seat upgrades.
  4. Check in ahead of time to skip the long line at airports and the stress of dealing with automated check-in machines. When you get an email from your airline 24 hours before your flight, don’t ignore it!
  5. Try not to finalize travel arrangements until you have confirmed your scheduled meetings. Switching around flights and hotels is a lot more stressful than waiting an extra couple of days to book them.
  6. If you can, try to arrive a day early to your destination. This will help you overcome jet-lag and give you time to explore. Getting accustomed to where you are traveling before your meetings start will decrease stress!
  7. Do research on the social and business etiquette of your destination to avoid accidentally committing any faux pas. You might even receive extra kind treatment by respecting and abiding by the culture of your destination.
  8. Invest in a backup portable phone charger, and don’t forget to charge it before your flight.
  9. Sign up for TSA Pre-Check for domestic travel and Global Entry for international travel to save time at the airport. The less time you spend waiting in line, the happier you will be!
  10. If you hate waiting around the boarding gate and want somewhere to freshen up before or after your flight, consider purchasing an airport lounge membership.

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  11. Try to use the same bag for your carry-on and work bag to save space.
  12. Bring small bills in local currency for tips so that you can tip your driver and the hotel staff.
  13. If you struggle with jet lag, workout in the morning and when you land. Nothing quite does the trick like getting your blood pumping!
  14. Stick to your daily routine as much as possible when you travel. This will help you feel more at home in any destination. Similarly, stay in touch with your family to stay calm and grounded.
  15. Bring a good book. You never know when you will find yourself waiting around.
  16. Try to squeeze in sightseeing during your business trips. Pick at least one thing you really want to see and commit to seeing it! It would be a shame to only see the inside of your meeting rooms.
  17. Do you usually spill coffee or wine on yourself? Bring dark colors to avoid stains!
  18. To minimize what you have to pack, bring only versatile pieces of clothing and shoes. You probably don’t need that one standout outfit.
  19. Avoid layovers whenever possible. Note that a direct flight might stop (although you will not need to get off the plane), whereas a non-stop flight won’t.
  20. Bring a tennis ball in your carry-on luggage to roll out your feet, legs, and back. This small item will you bring you extreme relief after a long flight.
  21. If you want to go to sleep as soon as possible, order a vegetarian or kosher meal to get served first.
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We hope that you found these business travel tips helpful. If you are interested in planning sightseeing activities or logistics for your company, reach out to us here at ParisByM. We would love to help you organize your corporate trip!


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