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How to Choose a Business Hotel in Paris

If you’ve decided to plan a corporate trip to Paris, you have already made one step in the right direction.  You will now have to start planning every element of the trip, likely starting with accommodation.  It can be overwhelming to start searching for a place for your whole group to stay, so we have some recommendations for how to narrow down your search for a business hotel in Paris.

Where do you want to be?

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The first step to finding a business hotel in Paris is deciding on a location.  Before you begin looking, you will probably want to have a rough idea of any activities you may want to have your group participate in as this will likely determine the best area for you to stay. Once you have a concept of the activities, you can narrow your search to a specific area – maybe you want to be close to the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre? Just make sure you know before looking otherwise your options are virtually endless. On top of your general location, you will likely want to be close to a metro station or some type of public transport to make it much easier for your group to get around.  Always keep this in mind when looking for a hotel because you don’t want to get caught out and lose money and time being away from public transport.

Do you need conference rooms?

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Since you’re coming to Paris as part of a corporate trip, you’ll likely need meeting and conference rooms booked before arrival.  These can be in your hotel or in a secondary location; it’s entirely up to you, but is very important you make this decision before booking a hotel.  Many business hotels in Paris do have conference rooms within them, but it’s not always guaranteed so be sure to keep an eye out for this when searching for your hotel.

How many rooms do you require?

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Before you even look for a hotel, you’ll need to know how many rooms you need, meaning how many people are joining you on the trip.  A lot of business hotels in Paris are on the larger side so they will likely be able to accommodate an entire group but in order to guarantee this, you should book as far in advance as possible.  You may also decide to use more than one hotel if your group is that big – just be aware of their proximity to one another if this is the case.

Is the brand important to you?

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We all have our own way of doing things, and maybe you and your company have a specific hotel chain that you always stay in when traveling.  This is fine, but make sure you check the hotel in Paris actually has everything you need for your stay.  You also may find in a city as big as Paris that your hotel chain of preference has more than one location, so just explore the details of all of them carefully before booking.

Should you use a trip planning agency?

Business Hotel in Paris

Planning a trip for a large corporate group can be very challenging; beyond just booking a business hotel in Paris, you have to think about activities, transportation, and conferences. Travel agencies in Paris can help you with all elements of your trip, starting with the booking of a hotel! They’ll know the best locations, the best companies, the best deals, and they’ll be able to book it for you.  For more information on how ParisByM can help you, click here.

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