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How to find a room in Paris

How to find an accommodation in Paris

Finding a room in Paris can be very challenging, especially for short periods. But don’t worry! Here are a few tips and information that can be useful for your research.

How to find a room in Paris

Types of accommodation

– “Studio”: a one room apartment with a little kitchen, bed and bathroom (consider that some studios may have shared toilets and/or showers). The price for a studio can go from 500€ per month.
– “Colocation”: a room in a flat shared with other people. Usually, you share kitchen and bathroom, but if you want a cheaper solution, you can also share the room. Prices for a single room can go from 400€ per month. If possible, try to meet your flat mates before, or at least to get information about them.
-“Chez l’habitant”: to live with a host family. Normally you will have a room and, if included in the price, some meals. It can be a nice chance to get to know better French culture, but consider that you may be asked to respect some rules. This kind of accommodations can go from 500€ per month.
-“Residence”: a room in a building shared with other students, where you usually have bathroom and kitchen in common. Interns may also be accepted under specific conditions. This is the cheapest solution, it can cost from 300€ per month. Keep in mind that places are limited, and the bureaucratic procedures are long and complicated.

How to find a room in Paris

Steps to find the right accommodation

1) Start to look in advance: the demand is very high in Paris, so the sooner, the better.
2) Landlords want to make sure that you will pay your rent: prepare a folder with ID, your last three payrolls, your previous landlord’s statement where he/she declares that you always paid your rent. If you don’t have these documents, ask a member of your family to be your guarantor.
3) If possible, go to Paris. It is always better to meet the landlord in person, to check the condition of the accommodation and to make sure you are making a good deal. If you can’t and if you know someone in Paris, ask him/her to go on your behalf. If you don’t know anyone and you want to be sure about your accommodation, contact a real estate agency, they will help you find an accommodation (under the payment of a fee).
4) Once you’ve found your appartement, you will sign a contract (not always if you are in subrent) and pay a deposit. Never transfer your money until you’ve seen the apartment and you’ve met the landlord. It is very common to find scams. Also, beware of very cheap accommodations in fancy neighborhoods: they might not be real.

Where to stay

The Parisian region is composed of Paris Centre and the suburb. We suggest you look for an accommodation in the city center, possibly avoiding the 18th and 19th arrondissements and the train station areas. They may be fine during the day, but at night they are not completely safe.
If you want to live in an animated neighborhood, look for an accomodation in the Latin Quarter (5th and 6th arrondissements),in the Marais (3rd and 4th arrondissement), in the 13th, in the 15th or in the 11th arrondissements. If you prefer a more chic or residential area, try Saint-Germain-de-Près (6th arrondissement), the 8th, the 14th and the 16th arrondissements (where we are).

Useful Websites to start your research

Websites with colocation and studio postings: Appartager, La carte de colocs, Erasmusu, Pap.fR.
Agencies: Paris Attitude, Lodgis, Paris Housing, Airbnb.
Facebook Groups: PARIS a LOUER – bouche a oreilles, PARIS: Location Appartement, Colocation, Sous-Location chambre à louer. If you are a foreigner, we suggest to look for your community’s Facebook group and ask if anyone is renting his/her room or studio.
Residences: CROUS, Melon District.

Luxury Paris Accommodation

Paris is an amazing city filled with endless possibilities for activities and experiences. When you visit Paris, it is important that you make the absolute most of your trip and take advantage of all that is offered. This includes yourParis accommodation, which should provide you with the relaxation and luxury that you deserve while on holiday.

In this article, we will show you the best luxury hotels in Paris that will make your visit to Paris unforgettable. Whether you are here for a night or a few weeks, these luxury, five star hotels will make your stay worthwhile.

  1. Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel & Spa

    Credit: Trip Advisor

If you are looking for a stellar five-star luxury hotel, Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel & Spa is the perfect place for you. Located a few blocks away from the Seine and very close to the top tourist sites such as the Eiffel Tower and a variety of museums, Le Narcisse Blanc is the definition of a perfect living space in Paris. This hotel, besides its amazing location, is also filled to the brim with amenities such as room service, restaurants, a sauna, and even airport transportation. Le Narcisse Blanc is renowned for their exceptional customer service and kind approach to communication with visitors. If you choose to stay in this incredible hotel, you will be well taken care of, that is a guarantee.


  1. Le Cinq Codet

    Credit: Trip Advisor

Le Cinq Codet

is a wonderful, five-star hotel located in the seventh arrondissement. This hotel is a lovely place for your home base while visiting Paris. La Cinq Codet is in a very central location near a lot of the popular tourist spots like the Eiffel Tour and the Musée d’Orsay, so guests get the best of both worlds, being able to go out and explore the city, but also have the luxury of returning home after a long day to a sizable, comfortable suit. All of the rooms available have all of the amenities one will need such as fast WiFi, room service, a restaurant, and even a spa, which is a great aspect of the hotel to take advantage of after a long day of walking around the city. With Le Cinq Codet’s floor to ceiling windows, spacious rooms, and amazing location, you are guaranteed to have a great stay.


  1. Le Bristol

    Credit: Trip Advisor

Le Bristol Hotel

offers amazing accommodation in Paris.This hotel goes above and beyond anyone’s expectations for a five-star hotel, making it out number one favorite! When staying here, you will surly feel well-catered too throughout at leave impressed with the accommodation and service. Located in the seventeenth arrondissement, Le Bristol hotel is surrounded by a great variety of things to do in Paris, including the Champs Elysees. At Le Bristol, aside from basic amenities, there is also a restaurant, spa and pool, making it the perfect place to come home to.


  1. Hotel Keppler

    Credit: Trip Advisor

Located in the sixteenth arrondissement, the Hotel Keppler is considered a boutique hotel and is situated right near the Champs Elysees. Although on the smaller side compared to the above hotels, the Hotel Keppler is special because of its custom-designed furniture and amazing décor. With full amenities as well as room service and restaurants, the Hotel Keppler will not disappoint you during your next visit to Paris, and you will feel well rested and taken care of when returning back from exploring the city.



  1. Saint James

    Credit: Trip Advisor

The Saint James Hotel great if looking for Paris accommodationsthat will make you feel like royalty. Also located in the sixteenth arrondissement, the Saint James hotel is over one hundred years old, and offers guests a spacious living space including gardens and decorative rooms. This hotel is, like others, located very close by to a variety of the main tourist attractions, so you will have a handy route to explore Paris is you stay here. On the other hand, the Saint James does not have room service or a restaurant so be sure to not count on getting dinner of other meals at the hotel. Besides that, staying at the Saint James Hotel will be an amazing, luxurious experience within a historical, decorative space.


Although Paris has a wide variety of accommodation possibilties, these hotels will provide you with luxury housing during your visit to Paris and make your stay even better. We hope that you found this aritcle helpful!

Cheap Accommodation In Paris

Paris is a great city to explore historical sights and popular tourist attractions, and you would think that it would be difficult to find a place to stay while traveling that is not very expensive, costing you money that could otherwise be spent on souvenirs or Parisian cuisine. Thankfully, there is a variety of cheap accommodation in Paris available to you just a click away. This article will help to direct you the best bargains for cheap accommodation in Paristhat will allow you to explore the city and variety of tourist attractions while staying in reasonably priced, great housing.

Hostels are always a great option for cheap accommodation, and you can definitely find a hostel in Paris that will suit you, for it has a multitude of options to pick from. Whether you are looking for a young, modern location with a lot of night life, or a more main-stream, classic place, in the heart of the city or in a more relaxed area, we can assure you that you will find something in Paris if wanting to stay in a hostel. Small boutique hotels and even Air B&Bs are also a great option if you are looking for cheap accommodation in Paris. With smaller, more personal living spaces, you could have the chance to stay in cozy, homey bedrooms, or modern, Parisian apartments. Other benefits include access to amenities, and even getting a sense of Parisian life while staying in a local home. Below you will find our recommended places to stay for low a low cost for your next Parisian experience. These locations for housing are also a great option for their low prices, some with beautiful views or modern apartments, allowing you to feel truly immersed in the beautiful city of Paris.

1. Generator Paris

Generator Paris is a great spot if looking something young and hip, but also want something a little bit off the beaten track. Generator Paris is located in the 10tharrondissement, which is definitely not right in the of Paris, but an efficient metro ride into the city center. Being a fairly large location, there is also a lot to do in the hostel itself. Generator has a café, eating area, and even a rooftop bar, making the atmosphere young and hip, perfect for young travelers looking for a relaxed hostel while having access to all that Paris has to offer. Whether you decide to have a drink at the rooftop bar, sit down and read a book in the cafe, make the most of the free internet, or leave for the day to explore the beautiful sights that Paris has to offer, you will feel comfortable and safe while staying at Generator Paris.

Credit: Generator Paris. Hostelworld.

2. Les Piaules

Les Piaules is an excellent option for young travelers going through Paris for a night or two. This hostel has full basic amenities along with a bar and restaurant available. Yes, this really is a great place for younger travelers, and despite having to possibly share a room, this hostel offers housekeeping and 24-hour security if needed. Although this hostel is located in the 11tharrondissement, what makes this hostel, arguably, even better, is this fact that it is extremely close to metro stops that will bring you right into the city, with destination stops for the most popular tourist spots. With great security, fast and free internet,  food and dining services, and close to transprotation, you will definitely feel motivated to make the most of your visit to Paris whiule staying in this comfortable, ideal hostel.

Credit: Les Piaules. Hostelworld.

3. Yooma Urban Lodge

The Yooma Urban Lodge is a cheap, pleasant option if wanted to stay closer to the city center of Paris and be able to have fast access to popular tourist spots. This hostels colorful rooms and full amenities will make your stay enjoyable while being able to wonder the city by simply stepping outside your door. This hostel is only a ten-minute walk away from the Eiffel Tower, confirming that it really is the perfect location, for you can walk along the Seine or picnic in nearby parks without the hassle of traveling on the metro. The Yooma Urban Lodge is a great place for you stay, with vibrant interiors and idela ammenities, you will certainly get your money’s worth, all the while being able to walk to the Eiffel Tour in just a few minutes.

Credit: Yooma Urban Lodge. Hostelworld.

4. C.O.Q Hotel

C.O.Q Hotel is a boutique hotel you have been dreaming about. With modern wooden kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, and bohemian sunrooms, this hotel will blow you away with its quality and style, all the while paying a reasonable price. In staying here, you will right at home among the views of the city, plant covered living spaces, and Instagram-worthy breakfasts. For a great, modern vibe stay in Paris the C.O.Q Hotel is perfect for you. We highly recommend that you check out C.O.Q Hotel for your next trip to Paris because it will offer you the perfect homey vibe to return to after a long day of exploring the city.

Credit: C.O.Q Hotel.

These options are our top picks that we think will make your next trip to Paris worth it. With all that you want to see and do while in the city, it can be difficult to try and save money for soveniers and cusine, which is why you should stay in places like these, so that you can make the most of your visit and experience Paris, while also saving money and staying in great places.

Why a boutique hotel in Paris?

3 Places to Stay In Paris

Where to stay in Paris?

Student Hostels in Paris

Hostels for Every Student Trip

Finding a reasonably priced hotel can be difficult in large European cities, especially for large groups. Hostels, however, are a great solution for you and your next class trip. Whether you are a group of University students backpacking through Europe or high school students on an educational adventure in Paris, there is reasonably priced accommodation for all ages at European hostels. But before you press that “Book It Now!” button, there are a few things you should know about student hostels in Paris.

Much like hotels, every hostel has their own unique identity. This being said, not all hostels are friendly to all ages. Your stay and experience can differ greatly depending on the atmosphere of the accommodation.  Some hostels provide a more quiet, relaxed environment, while others attract those looking to party.

Here are some of things to know before booking a hostel for your student group.  


For High School Students Traveling with Teachers: Ages 13 to 16

Student Hostels in Paris

Before booking your hostel, one thing you need to check is the age restrictions. Many hostels will not accept groups under the age of 16. Furthermore, hostels that do accept student groups at this age may have terms that your group must follow. For example, there may need to be a certain number of chaperones on the trip to make a reservation and they must all be present at check-in to ensure the group is adequately supervised. For groups in this age range, the hostels are more likely to be located in safe neighborhoods located near schools and neighborhoods saturated with families. These areas are safer for the younger students and offer more security for the groups. This type of hostel is quieter and more relaxed which allows students and teachers to enjoy the educational experience and provides the parents with a sense of serenity knowing their children are safe.

For University Students Traveling with Teachers: Ages 17-22

Traveling in groups at this age may also require a few verifications before booking. In student groups ages 16 to 18, a chaperone is required to complete the booking and to be present at check-in at most hostels. You will also have to make sure the hostel knows the number of students, between the ages of 16 and 18, coming on the trip or the hostel has permission to cancel the booking upon arrival. For groups over the age of 18, there fewer restrictions to complicate planning; however, it is important for teachers and older chaperones to know that many hostels will not allow adults over the age of 40 to stay in a shared room. When booking for this age group, hostels that are on the trendier side may be the most popular choice. These hostels provide nice and clean accommodations that are also sociable, yet respectful. They are also located in more local areas which can provide your students with an educational and authentic experience.

For University Students and Post-Graduate Students Traveling Together: Ages 18+

Student Hostels in Paris

Hostels are great, affordable places to stay when traveling from country to country with large groups of friends. The types of hostels best suited for these students are laid back and more rustic for young adults on a budget. The atmosphere entices sociable explorers to partake in an adventurous experience where they are able to meet other interesting and outgoing individuals.  There are not many limitations that these groups need to be made aware of, their job is to be focused on finding a hostel that will help them in their quest for an incredible journey. These hostels can be found in major cities with unbeatable prices at their unbelievably low rates.


How can you find the best hostel for your group?

As with most things, the internet is a great place to start your search for the ideal hostel for your group’s needs. Hostels can be found on many booking websites and reservations can be made online. Hostels can also be contacted directly by phone. Another option is contacting a travel agent to help you book your student trip. By explaining your situation, the travel agent will be able to use their industry expertise to find the hostel that best fits your group’s specifications with a pricing model that matches your trip’s budget. Your travel agent will ensure that your students get an educational and unforgettable experience at an affordable price under a safe and secure roof.




Ten Tips for Staying in Student Hostels in Paris

What to Consider When Booking a Youth Hostel in Paris for a School Trip

Where to Find the Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris for Your Group


Student Accommodations in Paris

Are you planning on coming to Paris for an extended period of time? Finding student accommodations in Paris can be tricky, especially when there is a language barrier involved. Luckily there are many services out there on the web who aim to make the process much less stressful for you. Continue reading for companies we feel are the best for helping arrange accommodations in Paris!

Student accommodations in ParisParistay is a real estate company whose goal is to help english speakers find student accommodations in Paris. They have a large choice of housing options for short and long term stays. Their site includes a plethora of pictures describing the apartments they offer, maps, metro destinations near by, appliances and amenities offered, a price simulator and previous guest reviews in order for you to feel the most comfortable in making a decision, because housing is important! Whether you are looking for private or shared housing, is a great site to get you situated in your new home!

Student accommodations in ParisParis Attitude

Paris Attitude is a real estate agency in located in central Paris. They specialize in short and long term furnished rentals. Like Paristay, they offer a wide range of apartments that come furnished and fully equipped. Some examples include: studios, apartments with 2 bedrooms, luxurious lofts, and even townhouses. The nice thing about Paris Attitude is that they have you fill out a request form (for free) where you can describe what your looking for, your budget and the reason for your stay. Shortly after submitting your request an agent will get back to you with a more refined list of potential apartments!

Student Accommodation in ParisComforts of Paris

Comforts of Home is another great resource for finding  spacious, quality apartments in Paris. They offer real, authentic apartments in residential neighborhoods that fit within your location needs! Each apartment offered has a charm of its own – none are the same! Comforts of home does not provide private accommodation, so if you go this route you should expect roommates, however they ensure you won’t constantly be surrounded by others. Additionally, comforts of home promises you the peace-of-mind in knowing where you’re going to live in advance, native English-speaking customer service, 24/7 emergency assistance, and even an in-house maintenance team that makes sure everything works while you’re in Paris!

accommodations in ParisFac-Habitat

Another site worth checking out from student accommodations in Paris is Fac-Habitat. They manage over 7000 housing units in more than 62 residences dispersed around the central university areas in Paris. Fac-Habitat has built partnerships with local landlords that enables them to offer a range of accommodations, from studios to 2 bedroom apartments…. but the real attraction here is their prices, they are extremely competitive to similar rental sites in Paris. If you decide Fac-Habitat is the route you want to take, you have the opportunity to benefit from:

  • Administration support
  • Living close to your place of study
  • Turnkey rental
  • Functional accommodation with a kitchen and bathroom

I highly recommend checking out this site, especially if you are on a tight budget!

Paris Housing

The last site I am going to recommend checking out for student accommodations is Paris Housing. They have developed a “range of Paris real estate services including a dedicated student department.” Paris housing helps in each step of the way. They visit the apartments, sort out the utility bills and more! Whether you are a student, a corporation, or just looking to rent in Paris, this website is an excellent resource. Some sites require you to rent for a minimum time frame, but with Paris housing, the time period for rental is up to you and what your schedule demands!


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Hotels Near Gare de Lyon

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon

Staying near this major transportation hub really can’t be beat! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite hotels near Gare de Lyon to help you make the most of your next trip to Paris!

Hotel Palym – from €121

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon


At just a 2-minute walk from Gare de Lyon, the Hotel Palym is a superb choice if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck. One of the best lower-price hotels near Gare de Lyon, this 2-star hotel features reasonably-priced rooms and basic comforts that will ensure you have an enjoyable stay.

Why Stay at Hotel Palym?

Accommodations are available for a variety of requests, including disability services, family rooms, non-smoking rooms and English-speaking assistance. The rooms feature free WiFi, cable television, private bathrooms and, for certain rooms, there’s even a fireplace!

Book here

Hotel Elysée Gare de Lyon – from €165

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon

Credit: Hotel Elysée Gare de Lyon

Literally steps away from the iconic Place de la Bastille, the Hotel Elysée is full of quaint Parisian charm. Located at 234 rue de Bercy, this 3-star hotel offers a relaxing stay amidst simplistic comforts.

Why Stay at Hotel Elysée?

With its red-and-white decor and black-and-white minimalist artwork, the Hotel Elysée has a unique flair that sets it apart. Rooms feature a flat screen TV, air conditioning, free WiFi and English-speaking staff. In the morning, be sure to take advantage of the breakfast buffet which, for an additional fee, can be delivered right to your door!

Book here

Hôtel Trianon – from €176

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon

Credit: Hôtel Trianon

A 5-minute walk from Gare de Lyon, Hôtel Trianon provides a soothing oasis in the bustling Bastille and its blue and cream interior makes for the perfect place to unwind after a long day of sight-seeing.

Why Stay at Hôtel Trianon?

Hôtel Trianon offers free WiFi, satellite TV and air conditioned rooms. Reception is open 24/7 and English-speaking staff are available. The hotel features a breakfast buffet and room service available from noon to 10:30pm. If you’re looking for the news in your home country, free international newspapers are available upon request.

Book here

Mercure Paris Gare de Lyon TGV – from €216

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon

Credit: Accor Hotels

Located just 1/2 mile from the Bastille Opéra House and a short walk away from the Botanical Gardens, Hotel Mercure Paris Gare de Lyon TGV is perfect for enjoying the cultural beauty of Paris. The hotel features a small food market, M Shop, where you can purchase a variety of products and a work station is available for those wishing to get a little extra work in during their stay.

Why Stay at Hotel Mercure?

At 4-stars, Hotel Mercure Paris Gare de Lyon TGV provides you with all your essentials and then some, ensuring that you have an extremely comfortable,

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon

Credit: Accor Hotels

luxurious stay. Air-conditioned rooms feature free WiFi, bottled water, flat screen TV with satellite channels, hairdryer and bathroom toiletries. Tea and coffee makers are provided to each room and superior rooms feature more luxurious items, including a Nespresso machine, soft drinks, bathrobe and slippers. An extensive digital media library is available, as well, allowing access to magazines, newspapers and other media platforms.

Book here

Novotel Paris Gare de Lyon – from €222

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon


The Novotel Paris Gare de Lyon is a 4-star hotel with a host of luxurious options available. Your stay at Novotel is sure to include free WiFi and 42″ flat screen TV and the vibrant blues, reds, oranges and greens of the hotel create a sleek, modern atmosphere.

Why Stay at Novotel?

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon

Credit: Accor Hotels

Among the many luxurious amenities offered by Novotel is a fitness center and 24-hour indoor heated pool. Luggage storage is available, as is valet parking. This is the perfect choice for travelers with kids, as the hotel provides children’s entertainment options. With a 24-hour reception and à la carte room service, you’re sure to have your needs met no matter the time of day!

Book here

Hotel Paris Bastille Boutet – McGallery by Sofitel – from €343

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon


Located a mere 1/2 mile from the Opéra Bastille, the Hotel Paris Bastille Boutet is one of the best hotels near Gare de Lyon. This 5-star hotel is well-worth the stay, offering everything you could possibly imagine. Situated in the 11th arrondissement, it offers a bit of a different experience than the other hotels, offering access to Place de la République and Place des Vosges.

Why Stay at Hotel Paris Bastille Boutet?

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon


The Hotel Paris Bastille Boutet features a grand spa center, free for guests, complete with a Turkish bath and sauna, as well as an indoor heated pool. Rooms include a variety of amenities, including a Nespresso machine, flat screen TV, iHome docking station and safety box. You can even request a room with a private rooftop terrace!

Book here

Why Stay Near Gare de Lyon?

Gare de Lyon is a major transportation hub connecting the Paris metro and RER network to the main train lines extending into Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain. The station itself is located in Paris’s charming 12th arrondissement, home to the historic Place de la Bastille, former site of the Bastille prison and birthplace of the French Revolution. While in the area, be sure to check out the Opéra de la Bastille where the majority of Parisian operas are performed. If you’re more of a nature lover, head over to the second largest park in Paris, Bois de Vincennes. Situated less than 4 miles away from Gare de Lyon, Bois de Vincennes features an arboretum, a farm, mini-golf, boat rides, horse races and miles of jogging trails – you’re sure to find something here that piques your interest!

Here are the locations of our favorite hotels near Gare de Lyon:

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