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10 Unique things to do in Paris

10 Unique Things To Do in Paris

If you are tired of doing the same old thing when you are in Paris, here is a list for you. We have compiled a list of 10 things to do in Paris that are not the everyday google responses!

10 Unique things to do in Paris

1. Parks

Buttes-Chaumont is one of the most beautiful and largest parks in Paris. With a lake and waterfalls, it is a wonderful place to explore and to escape the city. The park is located on a high hill which will be fun for the adventurer in you to walk and hike and find the hidden treasures of the park. Sit by the little lake and watch as the ducklings swim to the waterfall for the first time. Another park that is often overlooked is the Bois Boulogne, also a beautiful park located in Paris with open land and a beautiful lake. Take a picnic to relax and spend the afternoon rowing a boat through the park to witness the natural beauty that is preserved in the large city. Walk or ride the trails of the forest to become one with nature.

2. Tour Montparnasse

Most tourists coming to Paris are dead set on climbing the Eiffel Tower to get an amazing view of Paris. But what is an amazing view of Paris if you cannot see the Eiffel Tower in it? That is why I recommend going to the Tour Montparnasse. This skyscraper is the tallest building in Paris. The viewing deck is easier to get tickets to than the Eiffel Tower, and you get to see the beauty of the city with the Eiffel Tower still in the scenery which makes it all the better. Tour Montparnasse also has a restaurant similarly to the Eiffel Tower that also has an amazing panoramic view and amazing food.

3. Rent a private boat for dinner

A Seine dinner cruise is always a great option for a romantic evening in Paris; however, renting a private boat for dinner gives you more privacy and freedom. This boat ride will be able to bring you through the city as you marvel at the beauty of the buildings and monuments as the sun begins to set. I can’t think of a better atmosphere to eat dinner in Paris. However, this option is definitely targeted to those who are not afraid to spend a pretty penny on a luxurious activity.

4. Le Marais

Le Marais is a very fashionable district in Paris and not as commonly known as the Latin Quarter by tourists. The streets are full of restaurants, bars, and cute boutiques. This lively neighborhood cannot be missed when you are visiting Paris. Go in the afternoon and join the Parisians as they sit down for their after-work drink. You will love the atmosphere and never want to leave.

10 Unique things to do in Paris

5. Literature Tour

Walk off the beaten path with your guided tour about the literary landmarks that fill the city. You will stroll along the streets that were once walked by philosophers and see through the eyes of history’s literary geniuses the Paris that once was their inspiration. Let your guide bring you back in time to revisit the frequented cafes of Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald or stumble upon the breeding grounds of Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin’s greatest philosophies. This tour is especially special for all book-lovers but is enjoyable for people of all interests and a great way to see Paris.

6. Ateliers des Lumières

Ateliers des Lumières is one of our favorite art museum of all time. It is not a traditional art museum as the exhibition projects different paintings over the walls throughout a large room. The art work is paired with music that compliments the feeling of the painting. It is a really enjoyable experience and the exhibition changes often so it is never the same visit twice. We would definitely recommend going here!

7. Fontainebleau or Giverny

When most people come to Paris, they immediately think of going to Versailles for a day trip. Versailles is absolutely beautiful, so we do not blame them whatsoever; however, if you have already been there or you rather do something a little different, Giverny or Fontainebleau are two great options for you. Personally, Giverny is one of our favorite places. The gardens of Monet are absolutely beautiful and the small village around his house is charming for a nice afternoon stroll. Fontainebleau is also a great option, especially if you were looking forward to seeing a luxurious palace, way less crowded than Versailles!

8. See a movie in French

Seeing a movie in French is a great option for you to immerse yourself further into French and Parisian culture and it is not generally an activity people think about doing during their vacations. Several theaters in the area have special events where you can see a popular French film with English subtitles. There are sometimes even discussions before or after the movie where you may have the chance to meet someone new to learn more about their culture. This could be a great learning experience and a fun way to learn more about the city.

9. Perfume Creation

Perfume is a luxury item that has been associated with high class society and fashion for ages. Here in Paris you can discover your personal fragrance by creating your own perfume. Learn about the creating process by completing it yourself. With your expert teacher, you will learn how to design a signature scent by using a variety of ingredients and subtle techniques to compose your own tailored fragrance. Not many know about this kind of workshop, but it is always a fun time for all who take part in it.

10 Unique things to do in Paris


10. Louis Vuitton Foundation

When tourists are coming to Paris, they mainly look to visit the history and art museums. But in the fashion capital of the world, a lot of the fashion museums are overlooked by most people coming to Paris. That being said, so you don’t miss out on such an amazing experience of admiring Parisian couture, the Louis Vuitton Foundation is the perfect place to go if you have an interest in fashion. The collection is a combination of works both by Louis Vuitton himself as well as Bernard Arnaut. Not only does the foundation showcase the amazing design that have made the Louis Vuitton brand throughout the years, but the museum is also home to many modern pieces of art that make this a wonderful activity for your Parisian vacation.

25 Movie about Paris, movie locations in paris

25 Movies About Paris

Sure – Paris is one of the most famous metropoles but did you already know that it is also a popular scene for movies? We have prepared a short overview of movies about or set in Paris.

Amélie Poulain (2001) – Romantic Comedy

25 movie about Paris

Credit to AlloCine

Amélie Poulain was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet with Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz and Isabelle Nanty in the leading role. Amelie is a waitress for a small café in Montmartre. She gave up her sentimental life after love failures.  Her life will change after the death of the princess Diana on August, 31st 1997.


Paris brûle-t-il (1966) – Historical Movie


25 movie about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

Paris brûle-t-il directed by René Clément with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer and Leslie Caron in the leading roles. It is an historical movie that shows the French resistance and military actions against the Allies who occupied the city. Will they be able to get away from the Allies ‘control?

2 days in Paris (2007) – Romantic Comedy

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to wikipedia

2 days in Paris was directed and produced by Julie Deply with her, Adam Goldberg and Daniel Brühl in the leading roles. Marion, played by Julie Deply, is a French photographer who lives with her boyfriend in New York City. They will spend 2 days in Paris but the journey will be difficult, she will be struggled between her ex relationship and her parents’ reactions. This movie received the Coup de Coeur Awards (Mons International Festival of Love films) and the Prix Jacques Prévert du Scénario for the Best Screenplay.


Chacun recherche son chat (1996) – Romantic Comedy

25 movies about Paris

Credit to AlloCine

Chacun recherche son chat (1996) was directed by Cédric Klapisch, with Garance Clavel, Zinedine Soualem, Renée Le Calm and Oliver Py. Chloé, played by Garance Clavel, is a make-up artist who decides to take vacations. To do so, she needs to give her cat to her neighbor. The old woman will lose the cat in the crowd, in a famous area. Will they be able to find the cat again?

Midnight  in Paris (2011) – Romantic Comedy

25 movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

Midnight in Paris was directed and written by Woody Allen, with Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard in the leading roles. In 2013, this movie received the Golden Globe Awards for the best Screenplay Gil (Owen Wilson) and Inez (Rachel McAdmans) are two American fiancé who want to get married. They spend few days in Paris, Gil fall in love with the city and decide to stay here against the others ‘opinion.  While he travel over the city, to find inspiration for a new novel to write, he fall in love with Adriana (Marion Cotillard). Who will he choose between Inez and Adriana?

Tout le monde dit I love you (1966) – Musical Comedy

25 movies about Paris

Credit to Allocine

Tout le monde dit I love you (1996) is an American musical comedy directed by Woody Allen with himself, Julia Roberts and Goldie Hawn for the leading roles.  This movie deals with the romantic adventures.

Moulin Rouge (2001) – Musical

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

Moulin Rouge was directed by Baz Luhrmann with Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent, Richard Roxburgh and John Leguizamo in the leading roles. Christian (Ewan McGregor is a young poet. He moved to Montmartre and met Henri de Toulouse Lautrec (John Leguizamo) who convinced him to write a play for the Moulin Rouge. This movie won more than 15 awards and was also nominated for a lot.

Da Vinci Code (2006) – Thriller

25 movies about Paris

Credit to Sony

Da Vinci Code was adapted from Dan Brown’s detective novel of the same name. The movie was directed by Ron Howard with Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Ian McKellen and Alfred Molina in the leading roles. One day, the professor Robert Langdon who study the symbols, was called to the Louvre Museum. The Sainère died, and left a symbol behind him, we need Professor Langdon to solve this mystery.

Le dernier métro (1980) – Romance

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Allocine

Le dernier metro is a french movie directed by François Truffaut with Catherine Deuneuve, Gérard Depardieu and Heinz Bennet in the leading roles. The movie took place during the time when the Allies occupied the north of France. Marion Steiner (Catherine Deneuve) only thinks about the rehearsals of a play. The play was at first directed by her Jewish husband. While everybody think that Lucas Steiner (Heinz Bennet), her husband has left France, he is hiding in the basement of the theater.  This movie have received a lot of awards for the best movie, best scenario etc.

La traversée de Paris (1956) – Comedy

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

La traversée de Paris is a franco-italian comedy movie directed by Claude Autant –Lara with Jean Gabin, Bourvil and Louis de Funès in the leading roles.  Marcel Martin (Bourvil) is an unemployed taxi driver who earns money by delivering things on the black market. One day, he will have to deliver by foot, 4 suitcases which contains pork. This movie received the best French film of the year.

La Grande Vadrouille (1966) – Comedy

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

La Grande Vadrouille is a movie directed by Gérard Oury, with Louis de Funès, Bourvil and Terry-Thomas in the leading roles. This is the story of two Frenchmen who works for a British Air Force. The two Royal Air bomber try to avoid being caught by the Germans, who occupied France. For more than 30 years, la Grande Vadrouille was the movie with a successful cinematography worldwide, before being outdated by Titanic in 1998. For more than 40 years it was the movie with the biggest success the French territory before being outdated by Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis

Intouchables (2011) – Comedy

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

Intouchables is a French comedy movie directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toleadano, with François Cluzet and Omar Sy in the leading roles. It is the second movie with the biggest box office in France. Omar Sy received the César Award for Best Actor. The movie starts with Driss (Omar Sy) and Philppe Maserati (François Cluzet) being chased by the police as Driss drive at high speed. Then Driss said that Maserati has an epileptic seizure and that he needs to be driven to the hospital rapidly. See this movie to know more about their one of a kind friendship.

La haine (1995) – Drama

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

La haine is a french black and white drama, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz with Vincent Cassel, Hubert Koundé and Saïd Taghmaoui in the leading roles. It was nominated for the Cesar Award 11 times and won 3 times for the Best Movie. The movie starts with the aftermath of riots which opposed the youngster and the police in a suburb. It follows the adventures of 3 young friends of Abdel Ichaha: Vinz (Vincent Cassel), Hubert (Hubert Koundé) and Saïd (Saïd Taghmaoui).

Ratatouille (2002) – Animation

25 movies about Paris

credit to Wikipedia

Ratatouille is an American animation film directed by Brad Bird, provided by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The title of the movie refer to a famous French dish. Remy is a rat who wants to become a cook.  He will meet Alfredo a young man who works at a famous restaurant. One day, Alfredo Linguini, a garbage man for a restaurant, will be in trouble, he will spill accidently a soup but he can’t cook. Remy will help him to cook the soup again.

Les bossus de notre dame (1996) – Animation

25 Movies About Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

Les bossus de Notre-Dame is a Disney animation movie produced by Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise and Tab Murphy. This movie was inspired by the novel “Notre-Dame de Paris” of Victor Hugo. It was successful that there was a second volume in 2002. The movie start in 1482, Clopin is a gypsy who came to Paris 20 years ago. He makes laugh the children in front of a theatre. Claude Frollo, is an evil judge, he chase the gypsies who illegally entered Paris.  Will Clopin be able to make a living in Paris? This movie was nominated over 15 times and won 7 awards.

Un American à Paris (1951) – Musical

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

This movie is a musical directed by Vincente Minnelli, with Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Oscar Levant and Georges Guétary in the leading roles. It was inspired by the orchestral composition of George Gershwin: An American in Paris. The movie took place in Paris, Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly) is a young painter who fall in love with Lise (Leslie Caron) who already have a fiancé.  Will they be able to be together? This movie received a lot of awards for Best Art, Best Picture etc.

Ne le dis à personne (2006) – Thriller

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to ParisByM

Ne le dis à personne is a french thriller directed and produced by Guillaume Canet with François Cluzet, André Dussollier, Maria-Josée Croze and Kristin Scott Thomas in the leading roles.  This movie is a remake of the same name novel of Harlan Coben.  Margot and Alexandre are each another madly in love. To celebrate their love, they have a regular anniversary. Margot and Alexandre were assaulted: Mary died and Alexandre was in coma during few days. Once he wake up, he is suspected by the police. Will he be able to clear his name?


Taken (2009) – Thriller

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

Taken is a French thriller, directed by Pierre Morel with Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, and Leland Orser in the leading roles. Bryan (Liam Neeson) is a retired CIA who lives alone. His wife, Lenore (Famke Janssen) and his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) lives together. Kim comes to France with her friend Amanda to visit her father. While their trip, Amanda and Kim will be kidnapped by sex trafficking organization. Here start the hunting of Bryan, who will do everything to find his daughter.

Le diner des cons (1998) – Comedy

25 Movie About Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

Le diner des cons is a French comedy, directed and written by Francis Veber, it was inspired by his play. We have Jacques Villeret, Thierry Lhermitte, Francis Huster and Alexandra Vandernoot in the leading roles.  Pierre Brochant is a publisher who regularly organize “idiots’ dinner” with his friends. Each of the people who participates have to bring a dumb person.  Nominated 6 times at the Cesar Awards in 1998, it received 3 awards: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Writing.

Inception (2011) – Science fiction

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

Inception is an American science fiction directed, produced and written by Christopher Nolan, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon –Levitt and Marion Cotillard in the leading roles.  Dominick Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) are outlaw extractors. They get information by spying the subconscious of some people thanks to a new technology developed by the United States. Saito (Ken Watanabe) is a Japanese business man who is targeted by Dom and Arthur.  Saito will make a deal with them: if they prove his innocence, he will give the “Inception”.

Les misérables (2012) – Romantic Musical

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

Les miserable is a romantic musical directed by Tom Hooper with Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried in the leading roles. This movie was inspired by Victor Hugo’s novel: les Misérables. During the XIX Century, Jean Valjean is a former convicted who has to take care of Cosette, the daughter of Fatine, a estate woman who had to prostitute to make a living for her and her daughter. This movie had won more than 30 awards.

Aristochats (1970) – Animation

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to Wikipedia

Aristochats is an animation movie of Walt Disney productions that was produced by Wolfgang Reitherman. It was inspired Tom McGowan and Tom Rowe. Duchesse is a cat who lives in a house of a former opera singer, Adélaide Bonnefamille, in Paris with her 3 kitten: Marie, Toulouse and Berlioze. This rich old woman is making her will, she will have to give all her legacy to someone but she doesn’t have anyone beside her cats. Edgar, the major- domo of the house, who is unhappy about Adélaide’s will. What will happen between Edgar and the cats?

Les rivières pourpres (2000) – Thriller

25 movies about Paris

Credit to wikipedia

Les rivieres pourpres is a French movie directed by Mathieu Kassovitz with Jean Reno, Vincent Cassel, Nadia Farès, Dominique Sandra and Karim Belkhadra in the leading roles . It is a remake of Jean Christophe’s same name novel. Pierre Niémans (Jean Reno) is a French police officer who investigate about a murder. Max Kerkérian (Vincent Cassel) is a lieutenant in a small city, who also investigate about a hit-and-run case.  The two cases are similar, Niémans and Kerkérian are looking for the same person.

Un monstre à Paris (2011)  – Animation

25 Movies about Paris

Credit to wikipedia

Un monstre à Paris is a French animation movie directed by Bibo Bergeron and produced by Luc Besson. The story happen in 1910, during the flood of Seine River. Two friends: Emilie and Raoul, create a monster accidentally in the scientific lab. The monster is terrifying all the inhabitants.  Lucille, friend of Raoul, is a singer for a successful cabaret : “l’oiseau rare”. One day, she met the monster and discovered his hidden singing talent. Will the monster be still terrifying for everyone?

Dernier Tango à Paris (1972) – Drama

25 Movies About Paris

Credit to wikipedia

Le dernier tango à Paris is a French and Italian drama directed by Bernardo Bertolucci with Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider and Jean-Pierre Léaud in the leading roles. Paul (Marion Brando) is a 40 years old man who is married to a hotel owner. Rosa, the hotel owner cheats on Paul with a lodger and one day she kill herself. Jeanne (Maria Schneider) is a young woman who lives with her widow mother. Those two want to leave their house and are looking at the same apartment but they will be engaged in a relationship even if they don’t know anything about each another.

5 day Paris itierary for the second time visitor

Paris Off-Beaten Paths

Everybody visits the Eiffel Tower. But what about doing something else for a change? Have you ever considered exploring Paris off the beaten path? Here’s the top list of things to do and not stick to the iconic things to experience once-in-lifetime off-beaten paths Paris.

1. Parks

Jardin Des Plantes

One of the main botanical garden in France, and not just in Paris. It is one of seven departments of the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle. It is situated in the 5ème arrondissement on the left bank of the river Seine. Very lovely to take a walk and watch out for different species of plants. Recommended for off-beaten Paths Paris. 

Off-Beaten Paths Paris

Buttes Chaumont

Vast green space filled with exotic, indigenous trees and numerous birds – seagulls, moorhens, and mallard ducks. Very enchanting to go for a picnic on a sunny noon on a weekend.

Palais Royale

The garden revolves around stupendous architecture which was once prestigious heritage. The octagonal columns are definitely worth a visit and are one of the symbols of Paris.

Off-Beaten Paths Paris

Pare Monceaur

It is an unusual French park, very English in-style. Today the park has play areas for children and remains very popular with local people. The site is an active free wifi, in case, you want to sit in the garden and do some work.

2. Walks

Passage Couverts

Paris is of course famous for its world class shopping and café culture, however, most people who visit the city for the first time head straight to the Champs Élysées and fail to experience the city’s less touristic side.  For this, one need only venture slightly off the beaten path to one of Paris’s quaint Passages Couverts.  These galleries are the perfect place to spend the day exploring, shopping, and unwinding with a  drink on one of Paris’s less sunny days. Read more here. Worth doing this off-beaten Paths Paris.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Within its walls lie leading lights like Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Collette, Gertrude Stein, Modigliani and so many more of the most celebrated dignitaries  the world has ever known. Established in 1804, Père Lachaise is the largest cemetery in the city of Paris. One of the best off-Beaten Paths Paris. Read more, here. To book a guided tour, the one which you wouldn’t regret, contact here

Off-Beaten Paths Paris


Around Montmarte Area

It is flooded with tourists, but you got to step outside of the Sacre-Coeur and you get into area where once Picasso and Utrillo were living, square in 18th arrondisement, lined with cobbled streets and tiny alleyways, monuments and statues can be spotted, and few vineyards. If you fancy small traditional cabaret shows, they can be seen too, which are very authentic in nature.

Flea Markets

Discover an impressive vintage focused area with 14 different markets and more than 2000 shops and get a customized experience to help you get the best shopping in Paris. Depending on your needs, we will reach and explore in depth some of the following markets : Malassis, Dauphine, Vernaison, Biron, Paul Bert, Serpette and Jules Vallès. Explore, your knowledgeable guide will explain the history of the market, which dates back to 1885, while showing you many of the secret corners of the vibrant market.

Off-Beaten Paths Paris

3. View

Tour Montparnasse

Coming to Paris and seeing Eiffel tower and Arc De Triomphe is good, yes. But wouldn’t you want to do something off-beaten? We suggest you to do Tour Montparnasse. Tour Montparnasse is a skyscraper located in the Montparnasse area of Paris.

Off-Beaten Paths Paris


Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

Have you been looking for that perfect rooftop terrace where you can both relax and enjoy a spectacular view, and shop till you drop? Galeries Lafayette Haussmann’s roof terrace is one of a kind – provides a magnificient view over all of Paris and its monuments.

Shopping in Paris, Off-Beaten Paths Paris


Drinks with a view in paris

After a tour, before a museum visit, or basically whenever you feel like it… here are some good places in Paris to have drinks with a view in paris. Check it, here

4. Activities

Cooking Tours

Learn and experiment with local recipes and the conventional French gastronomy such as learn how to bake a baguette, or bake a french loaf called as pain de campagne by taking amazing cooking classes. If you wish to take a cooking tour, you can book here.


Explore wine tasting in Paris’ historical Wine Cellars with Wine Tasting by imbuing yourself in France’s wine-making heritage without ever leaving Paris. You can have a look at cooking vacation on Paris, here.

Cooking Vacations, Off-Beaten Paths Paris

Segway Tours

Paris segway tours will take you past many different iconic landmarks such as l’Hôtel Invalides, the Louvre, and even the Eiffel Tower. Long walks can leave you feeling tired and drained, making you too exhausted to truly enjoy the entirety of your day. A Segway tour will make exploring the city of lights a breeze. Check it here.

Paris Segway Tours, Off-Beaten Paths Paris

Photo Credit: ParisByM

Rent a private boat for dinner

Rent a private boat for dinner in a small group of more than eight people. Also, There are four main types of Paris boat tours that each create a unique experience viewing the city. Read about it here. 

5. Museums

Louvre and Orsay are the most visited ones but Paris is bursting with mysterious spots, and there are infinite architectural exploits and places imbued with history to discover amidst its streets.

Musée Picasso Paris  

This museum contains over 5,000 works and archived pieces and is considered the most comprehensive representation of the artist’s creative process

Musée de Carnavalet

For a wonderful stroll through the history of Paris, the Carnavalet museum contains a unique and varied collection of artifacts, mostly from during the Haussmann reconstruction in the late 19th century. Located in the Marais quarter, the surrounding area has a lot of pedestrian streets that are great for window shopping.

Off-Beaten Paths Paris

Musée Zadkine

Near the Jardin du Luxembourg is the Musée Zadkine, dedicated to the work of the sculptor Ossip Zadkine. The museum has a beautiful garden, features hundreds of sculptures, paintings and drawings charting the artist’s work, and also hosts regular contemporary art exhibitions.

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The Conciergerie, Student Tours of France

The Conciergerie

The Île de la Cité is in the center of Paris where you can visit the Conciergerie, an important place that is related to French History. This place has its own particular story which you can’t even imagine.

The Conciergerie

Credit to Wikipedia

The Conciergerie, was a neo gothic ancient royal palace of the King Philip the Fair that turned into a prison in the 14th Century. Those who acted during the French Revolution were convicted in the Conciergerie. Between 1793 and 1794 more than 2 600 prisoners were to be executed, among them there was Marie Antoinette and Madame du Barry.   The Conciergerie has three towers and the Tour de l’Horloge (Clock Tower) which was the first public clock in Paris. In the Conciergerie there are the Guards Room and the Hall of soldiers, where there are permanent exhibitions about the French Revolution. These exhibitions aren’t always the same, it may differ according to the season. You can also find a reconstitution of Marie Antoinette’s prison cell with wax characters. The Conciergerie, is worth a visit, you can  experience again the French Revolution. At the end of your visit, you will be able to see this beautiful chapelle which is not far from the Conciergerie.


Why is it worth a visit?

The Conciergerie

Credit to ParisByM

If you visit the Conciergerie, you will be able to see an exhibition once you pay a small fee. Currently, there is a photography exhibition named Corps & Âmes which is available until May 22nd. For those you want to get more information about the Conciergerie during the visit, documents are available in different languages, such as in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.  There are many things to do after the visit. If you are hungry there are many restaurants in the area, you can sit and have a lunch, with a nice view of the city, sitting on a terrace.


Guided tours

The Conciergerie

Credit to Wikipedia


If you think that you won’t be able to see everything, tend for a guided tour of the Conciergerie. You have many options :

Paris Walking tour- The French Revolution is 2 two hours guided tour which allow you to explore one of the important moment of the French history.

Book – €20

The Private Tour: Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sainte Chapelle and the Conciergerie is a 3 hours guided tour

Book – €115

I recommand the Heart of Paris Tour: Notre-Dame and Ile de la Cite with wine tasting, a 3 hours guided tour where you can visit this site like a Parisian.

Book – €39

You can buy a package to visit 4 places of Paris’ most essential historical landmarks for you to experience during your stay in this beautiful city: Château de Versailles, Sainte-Chapelle, the Conciergerie, and Notre Dame.

Book Now


How to get there

The Conciergerie

Credit to ParisByM

The Conciergerie is located at 2, boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris. The nearest station are Châtelet (métro line 1,4,7,11,14 or R.E.R line A, B and D) Saint-Michel (metro line 4 or R.E.R line C) and Cité (metro line 4). You can go by metro, R.E.R or bus (21, 24, 27, 38, 58, 81, 85, 96 or Balabus). If you want to plan your journey to the Conciergerie, check this website.


Ticket and Hours

The Conciergerie

Credit to ParisByM

It is opened every day from 9:30 AM to 6 PM, except January 1st, May 1st, and December 25th. The last admission is 30 minutes before closing time. There are different rates for the tickets according to your age and status. The full price is 8. 50 euros and the reduced one is 6. 50 euros. If you are a group of 20 people or more it’s 6. 50 euros. There is free admission for those under 18, students within the EU, people with disabilities and jobseekers. As most of the attractions in Paris, the entries to the Conciergerie are free every first Sundays of the month. There is another possibility: buying a combined ticket to visit the Conciergerie and the Sainte –Chapelle. As these two places are nearby, it won’t take you a lot of time and they are kind of related because of the neo gothic style of the buildings. Get more information in the officiel website.

Or you can buy your ticket now!


Sainte Chapelle


Credit: Wikipedia, ParisByM


Other attractions that could interest you :

Top 10 Attractions in Paris

Discover Sainte Chapelle

Itinerary – 4 Days in Paris – First Time


Arc de triomphe, les choses a voir a Paris en deux jours

Discovering the Arc de Triomphe

Located in the 8th District of Paris, the Arc de Triomphe is one of the most important monuments of French culture. In fact, Napoleon ordered its construction. Once you are there, you can appreciate a beautiful view of Paris.

Why should you visit this monument?

Arc de Triomphe

Credit: ParisByM

You should visit this monument for two reasons. The first one is that it is one of the most iconic monuments of French culture. Once you arrive in Paris, you cannot leave the city of lights without having a look at the Arc de Triomphe. In fact, it is one of the most iconic symbols of  France and more specifically, to French military victories. Moreover, the location is great, especially if you have planned to visit the other emblematic monuments of France. In fact, the Arc de Triomphe is situated between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde. So, if you are a tourist walking on Champs-Elysées Avenue, we suggest that you admire this beautiful monument at the end of your trip.


Arc de Triomphe

Napoleon Bonaparte Battle of Austerlitz – Credit: Wikipedia

Napeleon was the one who decided to build this monument. In fact, the French Emperor wanted to extend his empire, especially after the Austerlitz battle. This conflict opposed the French, Russian and Austrian troops during the Napoleonic Wars. As a symbol of his accomplishment, Napoleon commissioned Jean François Thérèse Chalgrin (a French architect) to design a monument that represents its remarkable armed forces called the Grande Armée. This monument remains one of the most glorious emblems of Napoleon’s victories.

What will you see?

Arc de Triomphe

Stairs in the Arc de Trionphe – Credit: Flickr

Once you arrive at the Arc de Triomphe, you will be able to discover this giant monument and its architectural secrets. You can climb to the top and admire a wonderful view of Paris. If you are not interested in climbing, other activities are available. If you look inside the arch, you can see the names of the several generals of the French army. Some details within the arch reminds you of the face of Napoleon. The tomb of a WWI soldier has been under the arch of the Arc de Triomphe since 1921. Every evening at 6.30 PM, a ceremony is held under the arch to rekindle the flame of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This soldier is unknown but his tomb has been set up there in memory of all the soldiers killed during WWI.

How to plan your visit?

Arc de Triomphe

The Charles de Gaulle station – Credit: common.wikipedia

You have different ways to go to the Arc de Triomphe by train. Either you can take the metro (the train that circulates within Paris) or the RER (a commuter that serves Paris and its suburbs). If you have planned to use the metro, you have to stop at the station, Charles de Gaulle Etoile. The following lines stop there: lines 1, 2 and 6. But if you are in Paris’ suburbs, you can take the RER A (which is indicated with a red line) and stop at the station, Charles de Gaulle Etoile.

How can you buy your tickets?

Arc de Triomphe

Ticket Arc de Triomphe – Credit: wikipedia

There are prices on the official website, but you can also buy your tickets filling this Form

If you are interested in having a guided tour that will show you the Champs Elysées and its wonderful areas, have a look Here


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The Cluny Middles Ages Museum, Paris museums

The Cluny Middle Ages Museum

Located in the 5th district of Paris, the Cluny Middle Ages Museum holds one of the largest medieval art collections in the world.  Whether you have a passion for Medieval History and the Middle Ages or not, the visit is worth it!

Why should you visit this museum?

The Cluny Middle Ages Museum

Inside the museum – Credit: ParisByM

In the heart of the Latin Quarter, this museum is brimming with  history and is the perfect place for history buffs. In fact, the Cluny Middle Ages Museum mixes Gallo-Roman and medieval architecture which reveal all its historical treasures.





The Cluny Middle Ages Museum

Alexandre du Sommerard – Credit: Wikipedia

This museum has met a few shifts among centuries. Originally, it was known as a town house of the abbots of Cluny. Then, it became a hotel that hosted royalty like Mary Tudor. It was purchased during the 15th Century (1485) by Jacques d’Amboise, a French bishop. In fact, Amboise’s aim was to enhance his power through the construction of a palace with elaborate decoration. At the end of the 19th Century, this hotel was turned into a museum by Alexandre du Sommerard (a French archaeologist and art collector). Alexandre du Sommerard bought it because he wanted to display his art collection. Now, it remains one of the largest Renaissance and Middle Ages art collections in the world.

What will you see?

The Cluny Middle Ages Museum

La Dame à la Licorne – Credit: ParisByM

This place is filled with history and holds artifacts which date from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. Moreover, you will have access to many medieval tapestries, the most famous one being La Dame à la Licorne (The Lady and the Unicorn) series (5th Century). The outside of the museum is as important as the inside. In fact, the museum is made up of two buildings. The first one is younger out of the two, Cluny Abbey Hotel, and the other one is a series of Gallo-Roman baths. You will be able to admire the known Roman thermal baths that were built around 2000 AD which contain a set of Jewish gravestones that date back to Roman times. They represent some of the best preserved remnants of the Gallo-Roman city of Lutetia.

 Services provided

The Cluny Middle Ages Museum

Audio guided museum – Credit: Wikipedia

There are audio guides available at the museum for a fee of €1. Different types of tours are offered by the museum, like group or guided tours. If you are interested in a more comfortable visit of Parisian medieval monuments, you can book a combo tour which includes other medieval places.

Book here for a combo

Should you need further information about additional services in the museum, go to their official websiteThis museum caters to everyone but will be even more appreciated by history lovers. If you are not a history aficionado but just a curious person that is visiting Paris, we advise you to go there anyway.

How to plan your visit?

If you want to visit the Cluny Middle Ages Museum, opening hours are from 9.15 AM to 5.45 PM, except on Tuesday when it is closed.  Moreover, the museum closes its doors thrice a year: on January 1st, May 1st and December 25th.

The Cluny Middle Ages Museum

Saint-Michel station – Credit: Wikipedia

Several public transportation services are available.

The Cluny Middle Ages Museum by RER: you have to stop at the Saint-Michel station (RER B or RER C).

The Cluny Middle Ages Museum by metro: you can stop at stations: Odéon (line 4), Saint-Michel (line 4) or Cluny-Sorbonne (line 10).

The Cluny Middle Ages Museum by bus: several bus lines stop in front of the museum (line 21 – 27 – 38 – 63 – 85 – 86 – 87).

The Clunny Middle Ages Museum

Tickets – Credit: ParisByM

The ticket prices can vary. The full ticket is €9. However, if you are willing to visit various museums in Paris, you can get the Paris Museum pass where you will have free access to more than 60 of them.

Get your Paris Museum Pass here

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3 Areas among the Best to Stay in During Your Trip to Paris

Where is the best area to stay in Paris? Finding the perfect area might be easier than you think. Below, we have listed our selection of the best areas to stay in in Paris. We have carefully selected these areas based on a range of factors. Check out our descriptions of each area and pick which one you like the most!

Marais and Hotel de Ville – 3rd and 4th arrondissements

best area to stay in ParisThe Marais area of Paris is one of the city’s most diverse quarters filled with dozens of small roads and passages. It is truly a unique environment for visitors to discover. The Jewish community received ownership of many buildings in the area and as years passed by, the style of these buildings has slowly transformed. The synagogue on Rue Pavée and the museum of Jewish Art and History are two significant representations of the Jewish community in the Marais.

Right next to the Marais neighborhood is the Hotel de Ville. This is the Town Hall of Paris, where the majority of the administrative workers in the city gather. During the day, you can find trendy fashion boutiques, quiet cafés, art galleries, narrow streets, and Jewish bakeries. The Musée Picasso and Musée Carnavalet can be found in the area and are two places that should not be missed. Thanks to all of the bars and pubs found on almost every corner near the Hotel de Ville, the nightlife is vibrant and diverse.

Although it is not one of quietest quarters in Paris, there are a ton of things to see and do. If you choose to stay in one of the area’s old, unique buildings, you will feel truly immersed in Paris city life.

Montmartre – 18th arrondissement

Where to stay in Paris

Credit: wikipedia

If you would like to get away from all of the noise and traffic found in the center of Paris, think about choosing the neighborhood of Montmartre. Thanks to its unique geography (full of hills, stairs, and tiny streets) and incomparable atmosphere, Montmartre is one of the most requested areas to stay in Paris.

Stop in one of the small corner bars to get a classic French crêpe or simply drink a glass of wine. The tops of the hills offer many amazing views of Paris. From many of the buildings, you will have a unique panorama of 360 degrees, especially during sunset, showing all the monuments in Paris.

You will not regret choosing Montmartre during your stay in Paris.

Bercy – 12th arrondissement

best area to stay in ParisBercy is a lesser-known but equally nice neighborhood in Paris. Although it is outside of the city center, it offers travelers who are on a budget the option to stay within Paris without spending too much money. The neighborhood is safe and quiet, located off of the Line 14 Bercy metro stop. You can easily access central Paris via the Line 14 metro, so even though you will be staying slightly east of the city, it will not be hard to reach the more popular spots. You will find plenty of things to do in Bercy as there is a nice selection of bars and restaurants as well as attractions. The famous Bibliothèque François-Mitterand, a huge library named after the former president of France, can be found in Bercy as well as the Musée des Arts Forains, the beautiful Bercy Park, and the Palais Omnisport, a sports arena.

If you are considering visiting Paris, take these three locations into mind when choosing where to say. The Marais area, Montmartre, and Bercy are unique neighborhoods in Paris with a lot to offer to tourists.

Cosa vedere a Parigi

Cosa vedere a Parigi: le 10 top attrazioni della città.

Con così tante cose da vedere a Parigi sarà dura capire con cosa cominciare! Per aiutare la vostra scelta abbiamo preparato una lista di 10 attrazioni che devono essere assolutamente viste venendo in vacanza nella famosa City of Lights.

1) Torre Eiffel

top 10 attractions in paris L’icona principale di Parigi, la Torre Eiffel anche se non è sempre stata amata come lo è tuttora. Fu costruita da Gustave Eiffel nel 1889 per l’esposizione universale e la sua permanenza all’interno del contesto parigino non era pianificata. Sia odiata che amata, la Torre Eiffel riusci a evitare di essere abbattuta grazie ai molti investitori che videro nella torre uno scopo be preciso: utilizzarla come antenna per l’appena inventata radio. Più di 100 anni più tardi, la Torre Eiffel è riuscita ad attrarre più di 220 milioni di visitatori e probabilmente sarà sempre in cima alla vostra personale lista di cosa vedere a Parigi. La notte, l’intera torre viene illuminata, scintillando la propria luce ogni 5 minuti.

top 10 attractions in parisConsigli dell’esperto:  Se desideri cenare o pranzare sulla Torre Eiffel assicurati di acquistare il biglietto in anticipo. Inoltre, se non riuscite a raggiungere la vetta della torre, potete provare a salire sull’Arc de Triomphe, il quale regala una vista mozzafiato della torre e di Parigi in generale.




2) Musée du Louvre

top 10 attractions in paris Il Museo del Louvre è l’ex casa reale francese ed è diventato il più grande (e probabilmente migliore) museo d’arte al mondo.  Mettiti in posa per fare una  foto con la famosa piramide del Louvre e entra all’interno per visitare i classici, tra cui la Gioconda, la Venere di Milo e la Vittoria Alata. Con una collezione di oltre 300.000 oggetti, 35.000 dei quali sono esposti in modo permanente, si è sicuri di non annoiarsi.

Consigli dell’esperto: è possibile visitare Louvre da soli o con una guida, ma in ogni caso è buon consiglio, riservare molto tempo alla visita di questo museo.

3) Arc de Triomphe

top 10 attractions in paris Situato alla fine dei Camps-Elysèes, l’Arco di Trionfo non può mancare
tra cosa vedere a Parigi. Commissionato da Napoleone nel 1806 è stato costruito come celebrazione delle vittorie militari francesi. Ora è la tomba di molti soldati e in modo da ricordare tutti coloro che sono morti in battaglia, ogni giorno tra le 18.00 e le 18.30, viene accesa una fiamma. Scalando i 234 gradini fino alla cima, è possibile scoprire tutti gli storici significativi dettagli che sono impressi sulle pareti.

Consigli dell’esperto: Tieni conto che non c’è un ascensore, quindi se hai problemi di mobilità o bambini a seguito, può non essere una buona scelta salire fino sulla cima.


4) Notre-Dame de Paris

top 10 attractions in paris Una delle chiese più riconosciute di tutti i tempi, la cattedrale di Notre-Dame è una rappresentazione impressionante di architettura gotica francese. Costruita a metà del 12 ° secolo, la cattedrale è conosciuta come il luogo di incoronazione di Napoleone, così come la creazione di Victor Hugo del “Il gobbo di Notre-Dame”. La visita alla cattedrale è gratuita, la coda è  inevitabile con un tempo di attesa di circa 30 minuti. Se te la senti, i 422 gradini possono essere saliti fino alla cima, dove si trovano i doccioni, le famose vetrate, spesso raffigurate su molti giornali e anche una campana da 13 tonnellate di nome Emmanuel. A causa dei limiti di quota c’è sempre un tempo di attesa per visitare le torri, che può arrivare fino a 2 ore o più…Questa visita è indipendente dalla visita della cattedrale stessa.

Famous gargoyles of Notre Dame overlooking Paris (compos)

Consiglio dell’esperto: Arrivare al mattino presto prima dell’apertura al fine di evitare le lunghe file o prenotare con largo anticipo una visita guidata dopo gli orari di apertura regolari.



5) Sacré-Cœur Basilica

paris_sacre_coeurConsacrata nel 1909, la Basilica del Sacro Cuore si affaccia su uno dei quartieri più artistici di Parigi: la collina di Montmartre. Qui, si trova la famosa Place du Tertre, dove si può posare per un ritratto da uno dei tanti artisti di strada.
Per raggiungere la basilica, che si trova in cima a una collina, si può prendere la funicolare o salire i 222 gradini e arrivare direttamente all’ingresso. Anche se faticoso ne vale la pena. Passando tra le bianche mura esterne si arriva all’interno, dove vi aspetta un mondo di opulenza, oro, rosso, e con decorazioni di mosaici blu con conseguente raffigurazioni di figure religiose mozzafiato.

top 10 attractions in paris Consiglio dell’esperto: Tenete a mente che Montmartre non è solo il Sacro Cuore o la Place du Tertre. Concedetevi il tempo di vagare per le strade più piccole dove si trovano alcuni dei tesori più nascosti del quartiere, tra cui una serie di piccoli negozi o piccoli vigneti privati.



6) River Cruise on the Seine

top 10 attractions in paris Con diverse aziende stimabili tra cui scegliere, le crociere fluviali sono una delle attrazioni più popolari di Parigi. Fiancheggiando le sponde si potranno vedere una serie di monumenti famosi, tra cui la Torre Eiffel, la Cattedrale di Notre-Dame e il Musée d’Orsay.

top 10 attractions in paris Consiglio dell’esperto: Una crociera normale dura circa 1 ora. Per un’occasione speciale è possibile gustare un pranzo al sacco o sfruttare i ristoranti a bordo. You can check out our review of a Seine dinner cruise here.


7) Reggia di Versailles

top 10 attractions in paris top 10 attractions in paris Il Palazzo di Versailles è veramente un luogo da non perdere. Viene considerato uno dei più grandi e opulenti palazzi esistenti, è stato inoltre la casa dei più grandi re francesi a partire da Luigi XIV fino al 1789, quando fu ribattezzata la Culla della Libertà in onore della rivoluzione. All’interno delle mura del palazzo è possibile esplorare oltre 700 camere stravaganti, così come la famosa Sala degli Specchi, i quali riflettono più di 250 acri. Il giardino del palazzo è considerato il più grande in Europa e possiede fontane e statue imperdibili. Versailles si trova alle porte di Parigi, raggiungibile con il treno ad alta velocità o con auto privata. A causa della distanza e le immense dimensioni della proprietà, si dovrebbe riservare almeno una mezza giornata per esplorare questo sito.
Consiglio dell’esperto: Tenete presente che i biglietti sono separati: ingresso al palazzo, giardini, il Trianon, e il dominio di Maria Antonietta. Tutti preferibilmente acquistabili in anticipo per saltare la coda.


8) Centre Pompidou

top 10 attractions in paris Noto per la sua vasta collezione di arte moderna e contemporanea del 20° secolo, il tema è visibile sia dentro che fuori, con tubi e impianto idraulico a vista o con gli ascensori che coprono le pareti esterne. Inaugurato nel 1977, questo edificio eclettico è sede di diversi musei d’arte dello studio Brancusi di una biblioteca, 2 cinema, un teatro, e anche un ristorante panoramico. Come visitatore, avrete la possibilità di vedere opere provenienti dal Museo Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, cenare al suo interno, o assistere a uno degli spettacoli in programma.

Consiglio dell’esperto: Oltre a visitare gli oggetti esposti, si avrà la possibilità di acquistare il biglietto per andare esclusivamente sulla cima per una vista panoramica del quartiere Beaubourg, nonché di Parigi.

9) Jardin du Luxembourg

top 10 attractions in paris Originariamente di proprietà del duca di Lussemburgo, il sito è stato acquistato, nel 1612, dalla vedova di Enrico IV, Maria de Medici. Originaria di Firenze, la regina è stata ispirata dalla sua casa d’infanzia, il Palazzo Pitti e dal suo Giardino di Boboli. Durante la Rivoluzione, i giardini furono ampliati e hanno adottato uno stile più francese. Il Palais du Luxembourg, privo di reali, era divenuta una prigione temporanea, ora invece, utilizzato come sede del Senato francese.
Il Jardin du Luxembourg è diventata una destinazione popolare per i turisti, ma anche per la gente del posto. Al centro del parco si trova una vasca ottagonale chiamata il Grand Bassin, dove i bambini possono noleggiare piccole imbarcazioni. Inoltre, il giardino offre molte altre attività a misura di bambino, tra cui un parco giochi, merry-go-round, dei pony e uno spettacolo di marionette. Gli adulti potranno godersi il campo da tennis o la musica al padiglione.
Consiglio dell’esperto: Assicuratevi di controllare una delle mostre temporanee presenti al Musée du Luxembourg o di godervi la vista mozzafiato dalla Fontaine Médicis.


10) Il cimitero di Père Lachaise

top 10 attractions in paris Père Lachaise può essere considerato il cimitero più famoso di Parigi. Inaugurato nel 1804 sotto il regno di Napoleone, il cimitero era un luogo di sepoltura impopolare a causa della sua distanza dal centro della città. Tuttavia, dopo che i resti di Molière e La Fontaine sono stati trasferiti in questo sito, la popolarità è aumentata drasticamente dato che tutti volevano essere sepolti vicino alle stars.
Oggi il cimitero è sede di molte sculture in decorazione delle tombe. Oltre a Molière e La Fontaine, si trovano i resti di un numero variato di artisti famosi, musicisti e leggende letterarie tra cui Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Gertrude Stein, e Oscar Wilde.
top 10 attractions in paris

Il consiglio dell’esperto: Il cimitero è molto grande (la dimensione del Vaticano), quindi è una buona cosa, organizzare il proprio tempo per individuare tutti gli uomini e le donne famose sepolte in questo cimitero. Per facilitare questo processo offriamo un pacchetto con una visita guidata facoltativa dove è possibile visitare i 10 siti di celebrità più popolari.


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B&B Parigi

b&b Parigi

Parigi è una delle città più visitate al mondo e con il passare degli anni i prezzi degli alloggi sono cresciuti sempre di più. Nonostante ciò, la città riesce ad offrire delle soluzioni economiche grazie alla presenza di numerosi B&B. Siamo felici di consigliare alcune opzioni di B&B Parigi mantenendo i prezzi bassi non perdono però, in qualità.

B&B Paris – La Chambre Parisienne 


B&B parigi


La Chambre Parisienne B&B è situata in 8 Rue Du Delta nel nono arrondissement di Parigi a soli 700m di distanza dalla basilica del Sacre-Coeur. Sono disponibili camere doppie che dispongono di un bagno privato con doccia o vasca da bagno. Tutte le stanze sono di buone dimensioni e hanno al loro interno una macchina del caffè e un armadio. Il prezzo è di 130€ per notte con colazione e Wi-Fi inclusi.

B&B Paris Chambre d’Hôtes Annelets


B&B parigi


Chambre d’Hôtes Annelets è situato in 4 Rue des Annelets nel 19esimo quartiere di Parigi. L’intera area è tranquilla, sicura e facilmente accessibile grazie alla linea 11 della metro, la quale si ferma a Place des Fetes o a Jourdain, due delle stazioni che conducono direttamente a Place de la Republique. Inoltre la linea 7bis si ferma a Botzaris. Questo B&B Parigi è molto vicino al Parco des Buttes-Chaumont, dove una piacevole passeggiata respirando aria pulita è sempre uno sfogo gradito in una grande città come Parigi. Scopri anche il tempio de la Sybylle all’interno di questo parco. Chambre d’Hôtes Annelets offre una camera doppia privata con bagno privato la quale dispone di armadio e accesso ad un cortile. Il proprietario prepara tutte le mattine la colazione per i suoi ospiti. Il prezzo è di 110€ per notte con colazione e Wi-Fi incluso.

B&B La Cour du 5ème – Chambre d’hôtes


b&b Parigi


Questa chambre d’hôtes è situata esattamente al centro del quinto arrondissement di Parigi ed è a soli 10 minuti a piedi dai giardini di Luxembourg ed ha una stazione della metro a soli 300 metri di distanza. Questo alloggio dispone di una camera suite, decorata con tonalità di bianco e nero, di un bagno privato e di tutti i servizi necessari. La colazione è preparata giornalmente e inoltre gli ospiti avranno accesso illimitato alla macchina del caffè nella propria stanza. A soli 250m di distanza si trova Rue Mouffetard, la quale è una via piena di deliziosi ristoranti e bar.

B&B: My Open Paris


B&B parigi


B&B parigi

B&B My Open Paris è situato nel 12esimo quartiere di Parigi a 10 minuti a piedi da Place de la Bastille e non troppo distante dalla stazione dei treni Gare de Lyon. Inoltre da qui, Notre-Dame è facilmente raggiungibile in 20 minuti. Questo B&B Parigi offre appartamenti privati e studiò con stile un po’ antiquato e rifinito con arredamento tradizionale, caratterizzato da pavimenti in legno. Ogni appartamento e studiò ha accesso su un giardino. Lo studiò standard e quello superior sono consigliati per le coppie o a 2 amici, mentre gli appartamenti possono ospitare fino a 4 persone. Alcune camera hanno una Tv e un DVD player e la cucina disponibile per gli ospiti, è totalmente fornita. Il prezzo è di 180€ per notte con colazione e Wi-Fi incluso.

Perché dovresti scegliere un B&B come soluzione per il tuo viaggio?

Un B&B è una soluzione per le persone che sono alla ricerca di un qualcosa di differente dalla solita opzione hotel. Inoltre alloggiare presso un B&B ti permette sicuramente di risparmiare soldi. Attraverso il nostro articolo avrete la possibilità di scoprire come sono caratterizzati i B&B a Parigi. Alloggiare presso uno di loro è un po’ come stare a casa propria, godere dei confort di un hotel e allo stesso tempo sfruttare gli spazi e la libertà di una casa. L’ospitalità dei proprietari è garantita. Inoltre con questo tipo di alloggo avrai una camera privata e spesso un bagno privato, in alcuni casi la cucina è condivisa tra ospiti e proprietario. Neanche da dire, la colazione è sempre inclusa.

Location delle 4 raccomandazioni di B&B Paris

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nice hotels paris

Nice hotels in central Paris

The following article talks about nice hotels in central Paris, based on the specific comparison parameters of hospitality, service and customers satisfaction. What you see below is a scattered selection of 4 nice hotels in central Paris.  Have a look and feel free to follow one of our recommendation.

Hotel Elysees Ceramic


Nice hotels in paris Hotel Elysees Ceramic is a 3 stars hotel located 2 minutes walking from Ternes metro station and 5 minutes from Arc du Triomphe. Hotel Elysees Ceramic  is in one of the most elegant avenues of Paris which is full of shops and it is well-linked to Eiffel Tower Palais des Congres and Paris’s airports. The building was built in 1904 by a French creative architect donating the typical Art Nouveau design that characterized that time. The face is made up of a spectacular ceramic works and with the balconies of iron make the face unique and unmissable.

nice hotels in parisA beautiful and calm courtyard is hidden at the back of the hotel offering you a refuge away from the noise and traffic city center. This ideal space will be perfect to enjoy a glass of wine or having your peaceful breakfast in the summer time.


Hotel des Arts – from 110€


nice hotels in paris Hotel des Arts is located a 10 minute-walk from Sacré-Coeur with a special view of Paris.  The hotel, exposing the works of local artists celebrates their legacy. As a 3 stars-hotel it has rates a little higher with a range of 110 € – 200 € per night, but it is worth it thanks to comfortable rooms and artistic décor which create a memorable experience.


Crystal Hotel – from 230€


nice hotels parisCrystal Hotel is located in 24, rue Saint-Benoit in the Saint-Germain district of Paris. It is a historical building which began to be famous thanks artists and writers who stayed there for the last 60 years. The entire surrounding area is crossed by narrow streets where you will enjoy antique shops, art galleries and restaurant as the famous Procope cafè. The Medieval Museum is to a 10-minute walk and Jardin du Luxembourg is just 500m away. Some parts in the hotel have just been renovated and the new reception area provides a big and light space in order to welcome in the best way their guests.


Hotel le Petit Paris – from 200€


nice hotels in parisThe 4 stars Hotel le petit Paris is located in rue Saint Jacques right in center of Latin Quarter. The Pantheon and Luxembourg Gardens are just within few minutes walking. During the Napoleon III time the building was a home and during the Belle Époque it became a hotel hosting lot of artists of Montparnasse. The famous singer Jim Morris stayed there for a while.

nice hotels in parisThis boutique hotel has been designed by Sybille de Margerie, an interior design with a well-established reputation in that field. Every room is specially designed to convey a unique sensation of quietness. The style is a combination of contemporary light with fine fixtures and furniture. At Hotel le petit Paris the guests have access to a library lounge; city garden and public car close by. Complimentary tea and Coffee are available throughout the afternoon in the lobby.

Here are the locations of nice hotels in central Paris


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Galeries Lafayette

Discover the hundreds shops at Galeries Lafayette shopping plaza, which has the biggest choice of clothes brands in Paris.

galeries lafayetteThe Galeries Lafayette is a French store chain with its flagship store based in Paris on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th district. The chain was born in 1895 thanks Theophile Bader who opened a fashion shop. Only 10 years after, the company had in its property 3 entire buildings, included the current of Boulevard Haussmann. The group is involved to promote the French “Art of Living” creating a special atmosphere inside their store. The Galeries Lafayette earnings are over the 1 billion per years. The store is run by a family and as the years passing by, they continue to improve invest and anticipate the future in order to give an always better option to their customers.

Why should you go to Galeries Lafayette?

Galeries Lafayette
First of all, go at Galeries Lafayette means falling in love for shopping. If you are a shopping lover you cannot miss this huge store in Paris. It gives the biggest brand options in all of Paris, there you will find brands as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Marc Jacobs and hundreds of others among the most and the least luxury. You will discover all the best brands in the world in a cosy and family environment where the hospitality, the good service and the variety of choice is guaranteed. Two floors are dedicated for the Lafayette Gourmet providing the best food and daily fresh grocery among regional and international specialities. Furthermore a tea room, reading room and a smoking room complement the interior area in order to give customers a relaxing moment after shopping. At the top, the roof offers a delightful view of Paris. Galeries Lafayette hosts many people which are just interesting in the building architecture. The dome which rises a height of 43 metres, and the Neo-byzantine style glass windows, soon became the symbol of Galeries Lafayette.

Who is it for?

Go at Galeries Lafayette is a really Parisian experience unmissable for everyone. For senior citizens the visit is suggested outside the weekend time for crowding reasons.


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How to find the best Paris vacation rentals?

When visiting Paris, I am sure we all want something that is worth the price, whether it is the accommodation, food, tickets to several activities and monuments and so on…

When it comes to vacation rentals in Paris, there are a whole lot to choose from. But how to find the best ones?

paris vacation rentals

“Living room view from the beautiful apartment I stayed in, one of many wonderful properties by Paris Perfect”- Georgianna Lane

First of all, the website PARIStay offers a wide range of both long – and short term rentals in Paris. You can rent an apartment in the very city center, or a bit outside of Paris. Prices are affordable, and you can choose the style of the apartment you want to stay in during your Paris vacation!

Secondly, another great website for finding vacation rentals in Paris is ParisAttitude. There is a great range of vacation flats and apartments in Paris… Choose your favorite! There is a very clear overview of the process of renting an apartment, and you can just type in the dates of when you want to visit Paris, and the best available apartments comes up! Make sure not to miss checking this website out, when you are choosing your Paris vacation rental.

paris vacation rentals

Enjoy Paris, while living in an beautiful apartment…

Third website we recommend is ParisPerfect. As they explain: “Your Paris Perfect experience begins with a hand-picked rental from the most trusted agency in Paris. Our expert team will help you plan your vacation from start to finish to ensure a trip of a lifetime.”

The website contains an great overview of the apartments provided, and as extra info there is several guides for your Parisian stay!

Last but not least, we all know Airbnb, which is just becoming more and more famous… Live like a real Parisian, by renting out an apartment of a host living in Paris! It doesn’t get more authentic than that.

Did you like this article on finding vacation rentals in Paris?

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Is Montmartre in Paris worth the visit?

Montmarte is definitely worth the visit, if you have extra time. It is actually rising above Paris’ panorama, and Montmarte is different than anywhere else in Paris… It is a historic distric with history, character, and beautiful, and artsy streets with many hidden treasures. When you visit Montmartre in Paris, you will feel like being in a magical and imperfect village, far away from Paris. But when going to Montmartre in Paris on a visit, what to explore and discover?

Paris Sightseeing, Montmartre Paris

Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Montmartre

Montmarte is an artistic and bohemian village, which hosts some of the best known festivals in Paris during each year, and while being quite small regarding size, it has enough interesting sights for you to dedicate an entire day of your sightseeing in Paris to exploring the original, and timeless Montmartre.

You do have to explore Montmartre’s artistic heritage, where the great artists lived. The drank their coffee in the cafes, played music and danced the night away. You get the sense when you are there; that Montmartre was and still is the artists’ community. To mention some former artists living in Montmartre, it is: Salvador Dalí, Max Jacob, Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. Seen that movie by Woody Allen “Midnight in Paris”? Well, Montmartre is where Gil Pender meets some of these world-known artists.

Montmartre Paris

Evening in Montmartre…

When in Montmartre, you do not want to miss the vineyards in rue Saint Vincent. The vineyards in Montmartre presents a Parisian winemaking tradition, and and in the fall Montmartre hosts an autumn wine harvest festival that is truly a treat to attend if you’ll be in Paris in October!

You also have to check out the adorable bakeries in Montmartre – and the cafes and bistros… So factor some time in your Montmartre sightseeing schedule to relax and have a glass of wine or a café – and be sure to try some of the cakes, pies and patisserie goodies of Montmartre.

Of course, last but not least, you have to go to the very famous Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur, which is Paris’ highest point, and you can either hike up or take the tram, in order to go to the top and get an breathtaking view… You can also see the Eiffel Tower from here. Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur took about 40 years to build, and was completed in 1914. It is Montmartre’s biggest monument, so make sure not to miss.

Montmartre Paris

An artist is drawing the portray of a young man on the Place du Tertre in Montmartre in Paris.

Remember that we on ParisByM have some packages, which includes a guided your in Montmartre with a possibility to try a wine tasting with high quality wines… Check it out!

Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, 3 Paris Day Tours, places of interest paris

3 Paris day tours you should try

In the hustle and bustle in Paris, it can be hard to pick day tours, you want to try. We all know, that a powerful characteristic of the French people is the regard they have for their history, and the restoration of their national monuments. The result of this preservation of the past has greatly contributed to the beautiful state of Paris today. I will hereby complete a guide, whereas I pick out 3 Paris day tours you definitely should try!

Paris, Eiffel, view

Paris with a view on the Eiffel Tower

First time in Paris

If you want to enjoy some of Paris’ greatest monuments in your day tour, you should try our “First time in Paris”-package, which you will find on ParisByM. In the day tour the highlights are included for first time visitors, so if you are coming to Paris for the first time, this is a package especially aimed for you…

You will explore the Louvre Museum, which for over two centuries has been one of the biggest museums in the world. Here, you have to see the famous Mona Lisa by Da Vinci. But even though Louvre is best known for this masterpiece, there is so much more to explore. You can easily spend a whole afternoon here!

Next up, you can go to Arc de Triomphe at Place de l’Étoile at the top of the Champs-Élysées. Arc de Triomphe is a symbol of the French nation, which links the old and new Paris, and is located on the highest point of the line running from the Louvre to the Grande Arche de la Défense. You have to go up and experience the amazing view of Paris. Overwhelming and beautiful!

By afternoon, you can go on a cruise on the Seine River. Many of the most famous Paris landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame cathedral lie along the banks of the river – and a Seine Cruise gives you a whole new perspective on these wonderful monuments. A cruise down the beautiful Seine River shows you the wonderful architecture and café lined boulevards of Paris. Buy tickets at ParisByM, and enjoy a dinner cruise with your loved one.

Paris day tours

Seine Cruise – imagine enjoying a dinner here, while the greatest monuments pass you by? Whoa.

Off the beaten path

Option two, is possibly my personal favorite… The “Off the Beaten Path”-package, which allows you to get a guided tour through the famous and beautiful district Montmarte. You can see the famous Sacré-Cœur Basilica here, and you can either take the tram or hike up to enjoy an amazing view from the Roman Catholic church. Afterwards, you can go on a wine tasting tour with high value French vines, and a guided tour to the home of the world-known “Phantom of the Opera”; Opera Garnier. The Palais Garnier is “probably the most famous opera house in the world, and you will be overwhelmed by the amazing architecture, and the romantic atmosphere… Make sure not to miss. Definitely one of the 3 Paris day tours you should try.

Paris day tours

The golden interior of Opera Garnier in Paris. Amazing.

Museum lovers

Last but not least, you should try our “Museum Lovers” package, and the title speaks for itself; If you want to experience the history of the City of Lights while discovering all of its other monuments, this package is dedicated to you! Visit the World-famous Louvre, the Sainte Chapelle, and a tour to the Notré Dame – besides you will get to experience a cruise on the Seine. Discover the world-known Louvre where not a corner are left out, go afterwards and enjoy Saine Chapelle, which is a masterpiece of Flamboyant Gothic architecture built by Saint Louis in the heart of the Palais de la Cité on the Ile de la Cité in Paris. Discover its unique stained glass windows rendering the air iridescent with light and colour, symbols of the Heavenly Jerusalem. This is a royal medieval Gothic chapel, and you will be able to enjoy a concert here! Look at for the upcoming concerts in 2015.

Paris day tours

Saine Chapelle in Paris… Overwhelming experience.


Afterwards, go and enjoy Notre Dame and get a guided visit by an experimented guide, which will give you wisdom about the importance of the Cathedral in Parisians’ life!


Museum Lovers, 2 Days in Paris, Can't-Miss, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Seine, Notre-Dame, Montmartre, What to See in Paris in 5 Days, Paris day tours

Notre Dame in Paris!

At dinner time, go to a Seine Cruise. You do not want to miss this… A cruise down the beautiful Seine River shows you the wonderful architecture and café lined boulevards of Paris. Buy tickets at ParisByM, and enjoy a dinner cruise with your loved one. What’s not to love?

Hope you enjoyed my personal pick of 3 Paris day tours you should try!



3 days in Paris, Planning Your Trip, Must-See Attractions, Package, Trip to Paris

A selection of the best tours in Paris

When you come to Paris, there is always a bunch of activities that you can do, and it really is a jungle when finding out which ones you should pick. We hereby completed a guide, for our selection of the best tours in Paris, that are original, fun, different and out-of-the-ordinary!

Louvre, Museum Lover Package

Louvre, by Flickr

On ParisByM, we have carefully picked out the most beneficial and interesting tours, which comes in packages. These includes romantic tours, photo tours, sightseeing tours including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Musem, Montmarte, Notre-Dame and also wine-tours, because being in the capital of France, Paris is one of the best places in the World, where you can taste and explore the wide range of quality wines.

Paris, nightlife, eiffel, pinterest

Paris by night, by Pinterest


Our weekend-trip packages allows you to relax, have fun and discover some secret places when in Paris. That is one of our selections for the best tours in Paris, and you will find it on our website here. You will be accommodated in Paris’ historical center, and discover secret and funny activities during your weekend in Paris.

If you are in Paris with your loved one, whether the purpose is a weekend escape, honeymoon, wedding proposal or something else, we strongly advice you to order our Romantic Trip package. Again, one of our proposal for a selection of the best tours! Find it here. The package includes transportation, visit to the World’s most famous museum, Louvre, and a sightseeing in the wonderful Montmarte. Also, you will go and see the Arc de Triomphe. A last walk on the Champs Elysees and the avenue Montaigne will allow you to see the most luxurious neighborhood of the city! What is optional in this package, is to discover Versailles which you seriously do not want to miss, the Champagne region or Loire valley with all of the breath-taking castles!

Loire Valley, Full Day, Guided Tour, visit paris and france

Castle, Loire Valley!


Next up, when selecting the best tours in Paris, we have to mention our “Paris All Inclusive” package, which is ideal if you come to Paris for the first time, and want to see all the attractions without rushing. This package allows you to combine city walks to discover and explore the most beautiful hidden gems in Paris, to get some guided tours, see the main museum and go back in history and much more… Furthermore the top quality accommodation is in the centre! Check it out here!

wine tasting Paris

Wine tasting in Paris!


If you still have some time on your hand when in Paris, and want to do something additional to the packages, we strongly advice you to check out this article from Tripadvisor, which gives you an overview of the most fun and interesting activities when in Paris!

Hope you enjoyed going through our selection of the best tours in Paris with us.

Trip to Paris, package, hidden gems

Parce des Buttes Chaumont

So long, dear followers!


Vivienne, Galerie, Paris

Things not to do on a short trip to Paris

Paris’ seductive charm are legendary, and for a very good reason. A very wise man once told me that Paris is the runway model of all cities, and I tend to agree. At every turn, and every corner Paris is confident, charming, inspiring and beautiful. But with that said, when I had my first visit to Paris, and found myself elbow to elbow on Champs-Élysées avenue with so-called stereotype tourists; their camera bigger than the Eiffel Tower, trying to capture everything and pushing other people in order to do so, with no regret, I wondered what all the fuss was about.


So from that experience, I want to complete a guide about what not to do and where not do go – especially when on a short trip to Paris.

The Champs-Elysées was once – and alright, still is – the most beautiful avenue in the world. However, the assets have risen and fallen many times over the years, and if you do not know better, you will find yourself visiting only the global chain stores, and oh.. if you want to cure your hunger on the restaurants on the avenue? Well, try not to. The cafés are full of tourists, and you are very lucky if you find a local sitting on one of those. They would rather be caught dead, I’ve been told.  Instead, if you want to experience that old-fashioned Parisian life, go to Paris’ covered passages, because these used to be Paris’ very first malls, and there you will find French designers, antique book dealers, art galleries, funny Parisian toyshops if you bring your child(ren) and I can go on, and on. I highly recommend Galerie Vivienne, which is north of the Palais Royal. You won’t regret. This is one of my advices, of what not to do, when on a short trip to Paris.

Vivienne, Galerie, Paris

Upscale shopping mall in Paris at the Palais Royal. This photo was taken on June 30, 2011 by AJ Brustein.

Regarding searching for the perfect place to dine and wine with your loved one, try not to get stuck in an over-priced restaurant. And dear God, there is many of those. A pure-tourist trap, and is among what not to do on a short trip to Paris!

Paris is known for holding no less than 66 Michelin Restaurants, but unless you want to spend as much money on a something-course dinner, as you did on your plane ticket, you should instead go to this article to find whereas you can get fine French cuisine for affordable prices, or go through this article, which shows the best meals, desserts etc. for under 10 euro.

If you find yourself in Paris in the middle of the highseason, and go to Louvre or Musée d’Orsay, do not be disappointed if there is a crowd bigger than the Universe. It can easily happen. Instead, try to explore the less known! Actually there is a lot of Paris’ lesser-known museums, which contains just as important and beautiful art – and you can make sure you will not be elbowed out of the way by a photo-snapping arm. You’ll find Monet’s famous Nymphéas (water lily) murals in the Musée de l’Orangerie, at the far end of the Tuileries Gardens. The Musée Marmottan is home to the world’s largest collection of Monets. And the Musée Rodin, housed in a luminous villa with a lovely garden, is one of the most romantic places in all of Paris. Do not miss!

Musee de l'Orangerie

Musee de l’Orangerie offers a fabulous concentration of masterpieces from the Jean Walter and Paul Guillaume Collection, a highly original insight into modern art featuring Cézanne, Renoir, Picasso, Rousseau, Matisse, Derain, Modigliani, Soutine, Utrillo and Laurencin.


You want to get that authentic Parisian experience? Then walk and dress like Parisians do! This may come off as a bit arrogant, but clothing do says a lot. Try to leave your tourist shorts, white tennis socks in sandals, or any clothes, which makes you look like you’re going to climb Mount Everst. Do not misunderstand me, Parisians tend to wear casual clothes, but in a very clean and coordinated way. Complete your look with your best shoes, as you will be walking for hours like the actual tourist you are. But please, do not commit the fashion faux pas.


Fasion, Parisian, Style

Casual, all black and beautiful! Credit: Pinterest.

Last but not least, I will highly recommend not to explore the city by taxi, when on a short or long trip to Paris. Try to stroll (or in French:  flâner) through the Parisian streets, which is the best way to explore hidden, magic corners by yourself. Or “to walk the city in order to experience it”, which are words to live by in the City of Light. If you cannot walk that much, take the metro to the wished location. There is a metrostation (almost) everywhere.

flaner, paris, strolling, sightseeing

‘Flaner’ in Paris… Credit: Daniela Fili Di Poesia, Pinterest

Lastly I want to highly recommend to buy skip-the-line tickets on ParisByM! It saves you a lot of time, when on a short trip. Or(!) if you want to experience the treasured spots in – or outside of Paris for one day or more, go ahead and check out our VERY beneficial packages. You won’t regret! For me personally, my next to-buy is a trip to Versailles.

This were my recommendations of what not to do when on a short trip to Paris. Beware that this is my own experience, which I gladly wanted to share with you.

Have a really nice day!

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Parisian Instagram accounts for inspiration

Instagram has over the years become a very popular social media. I myself follow all sorts of people, who in one way or another inspires me. Instagram can actually be very relaxing to go through. Snapshots from everyday lives, travels, experiences, and memories. However, in that connection, I also do follow Paris-based people, who puts up daily updates of the Parisian life. Those I hereby want to share! is a photographer and designer based in Paris. He captures amazing moments from Paris. I mean, each of them could easily be postcards… Make sure to check him out!

Instagram, Eiffeltower, paris, terrace, view

Picture from Vutheara’s Instagram is also a photographer, who originally is from Poland. Her Instagram pictures from Paris capture her unique point of view, of the city of light. We highly recommend if you want to be inspired!

paris, instagram, village

MissCoolpic’s thumbnail image on Instagram is an artistic director from Paris, who makes sure to inspire you for your next Paris vacation! Her pictures makes sure you can sense the creativity she got. Do not miss out on this one!

Nathparis' Instagram photo

Nathparis’ Instagram photo moved from Stockholm, Sweden to study and “ended up never leaving Paris”, to forward her quote in Instagram. We do understand you, Carin.

Instagram, Parisinfourmonths

Instagram, Parisinfourmonths moved from the United States to Paris. Her motto is “when in Paris, do as the Parisians do!” Shannon captures Parisians in their daily lives, the monuments, the city’s architectures and much more – make sure to check her out on Instagram.

Paris, wheninparis

Paris, wheninparis

Last but not least, make sure you follow ParisByM on Instagram, too! Just press the green button on Instagram for daily updates about new blogposts, events in Paris, or just beautiful moments captured by our fellow Instagrammers!

Also(!) I want to mention a favorite blog of mine,, who is like daily candy of France.. Writer Amandine Péchiodat and illustrator Kanako Kuno shares recommendations on all things and events, which are trendy in Paris through their website and newsletter. Make sure not to miss on this one!

Paris, Eiffeltower, logo, blog

Paris, Eiffeltower, logo, blog

What are your favorite Instagram account?

How to find a cheap accommodation in Paris?

Want to go to the city of love – but rather want to spend your money on Macarons and rosé? No problem! We completed a guide for you for the best cheap accommodations. Paris is so much better when you make it your home. Even if just for a few nights…

Dream of visiting Paris but don't think you can afford this posh city? Here's how to do Paris on a budget!:

Paris, Pinterest

First and foremost; or tip numero uno is to compare hotel rates online, in order to get the best possible rates for your stay. We all know, that hotels in Paris are quite expensive – however, if you do a bit of market research you can get some amazing deals!

Boutique Hostel in Paris

Plug Inn Boutique Hostel, Paris

Another good tip when searching for cheap accommodations, is to look for hotels that are just slightly out of the city centre (but next to a Metro station) and you can save a good amount of cash. Here is some suggestions we found on the Internet, hence beware that we did not personally assess them:

Hotel Georgette which is just a few-minute walk from the Métro (Rambuteau) and also not far from Pont Neuf and Palais Royal. Smart choice and value for money.


Not far from there you find, Hotel Ecole Centrale which is also located right next to a Métro station (Arts-et-Métiers). 


Hotel de la Herse d’Or is located at the heart of the Marais district and just a short walk from the Bastille.


Welcome hotel enjoys a fantastic location right next to Boulevard Saint-Germain, and a short walk from the Seine, Musée d’Orsay, Musée Rodin and the Luxembourg Gardens. 


The Plug Inn Boutique Hostel, in the midst of Montmartre, is very popular and charming, and although it is a hostel, there are also double rooms.


BLC Design Hotel is on Rue Richard Lenoir, between the Bastille and the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery.


Last but not least, Hotel Regyn’s Montmartre is a small, romantic and characterful hotel right in the vivid heart of Montmartre.


Other than that, we strongly recommed Airbnb, where you can rent private apartments – or rooms if you are a single traveller. Note that Airbnb is not always the cheapest possible solution; however this is probably the most authentic choice, for your stay in Paris. Live, eat and sleep like a real Parisian! What is not to love?

10 Paris Airbnb Rentals You Must Stay In Before You Die:

Airbnb rentals in Paris can be quite nice – even on a budget!

Go on and contact ParisByM for further information, or simply if you want to get help to organize your trip – do not hesitate! I hope you enjoyed the round tour of your next cheap accommodation in Paris.

Paris Vacation Packages, Holidays in Paris, Paris All-Inclusive, Paris in 3 days

A Selection of Top Paris Vacation Packages


What to See in Paris in 5 Days, Arc De Triomphe, Can't-Miss, Paris Attractions, Paris Vacation Packages, Holidays, All-Inclusive

Arc De Triomphe

Spending your Vacation in Paris!

Are you interested in spending your vacation in one of the most beautiful and magical cities in the world? If so, come visit Paris! Here are three of our best Paris vacation packages offered at ParisByM.

1. The Romeo & Juliet

There is no question that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. If you’re looking for a charming place to spend your vacation with your loved one, then there is no better place to visit than the City of Love. Our Romeo & Juliet Paris vacation package is filled with fun and charming activities for you and your loved one during your stay in Paris.

From romantic picnics under the Eiffel Tower, to relaxing dinner cruises on the river Seine (tickets here), to incredible private tours of the illustrious gardens of Chateau Versailles, our Romeo & Juliet vacation package has all the necessities for you and your loved one to have the trip of your lives. Click here to check out all of the other romantic activities that this package has to offer!

Paris Vacation Packages, Holidays, All-Inclusive

Romance in Paris

2. The All Inclusive 

All inclusive packages are the best way to experience a trip, especially in a city like Paris that is filled with so many sights and adventures. Having to find a hotel, organize transportation, and plan daily activities separately is a very stressful task. Eliminate this stress by purchasing our All Inclusive package – it will not only save you time and energy – but money as well! (Click here for more info regarding the benefits of all-inclusive packages).

Our All Inclusive deal will provide you access to a 3-5 Star hotel, 3-Star Restaurants and comprehensive transportation around the city. It also features a plethora of activities in Paris’ most fascinating attractions – from a guided tour of the Musée du Louvre to tickets to a Moulin Rouge Cabaret (tickets here) – two things that you don’t want to miss! Click here to find out more about this incredible deal.

Paris Vacation Packages, Holidays, All-Inclusive


3.  The Weekender

Are you coming to Paris for vacation but are only able to stay for a weekend?   Then our Weekender package has you covered with all of the must-see sights and attractions to make your quick stay efficient and amazing.

The package includes Fast Track Tickets to Paris’s most famous museums and attractions – skip the lines and be able to access the top of the Eiffel Tour (tickets), or the entire exhibit of Musée d’Orsay!(tickets)

Paris Vacation Packages, Holidays, All-Inclusive

Musée d’Orsay

Pick any of these Paris vacation packages and have an absolutely amazing time in Paris.  Begin your vacation adventure in Paris by booking now!

3 days in Paris, Planning Your Trip, Must-See Attractions, Package, Trip to Paris

Places to See in Paris in 3 Days

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What to See in Paris in 5 Days, Arc De Triomphe, Can't-Miss, Paris Attractions, Paris, Vacation Packages, Holidays, All-Inclusive, Paris in 3 Days, Planning Your Trip, Must-See Attractions

Arc De Triomphe

Must-See Sights & Attractions in Paris in 3 Days:

Although just 3 days is not enough time to see all of the treasures that Paris has to offer, you can still have a great time if you plan your trip wisely.  Follow the comprehensive schedule below to ensure that you have an amazing stay in Paris!

Day 1

The best way to start off your tour of Paris in 3 days is to hop on a Bus Tour. In 2-3 hours you’ll be able to see many of Paris’ most famous sites, from the grandiose Grand Palais to the historic Moulin Rouge (tickets here).

After riding around the city, stop at Paris’ most iconic landmark – La Tour Eiffel.  Take in all of its beauty by having a picnic on the Champ de Mars, and afterwards take the escalator up to the very top for a stunning view of the city.   (Note: wait times for the escalator is around 2 hours; but you can get an equivalent view by climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, another iconic landmark in Paris. Get ticket here).

End your day by walking along the historic Champs-Elysees, one of Paris’ most lively areas known for its plentiful shopping and tasty cuisine!

Paris in 3 Days, Planning Your Trip, Must-See Attractions

Eiffel Tower

Day 2

Start off your second day by taking a day trip to the world’s most renowned castle – the Château de Versailles, a 1.5 hour train ride from Paris (train tickets here). Take an hour long tour of the exotic interior, and then stroll around the magnificent gardens and fountains.

After Versaillescheck out the Louvre – the world’s’ most famous museum.  Skip the lengthy lines by purchasing a Fast Track Ticket (link here) and begin exploring all of the illustrious works that the museum has to offer, from the Mona Lisa to the statue of Aphrodite.

End your day with a relaxing and romantic river cruise along La Seine. See Paris from a completely different angle –  glistening in the sunlight or illuminated by the moonlight

What to See in Paris in 5 Days, Can't-Miss, Paris Attractions,Paris, Vacation Packages, Holidays, All-Inclusive, Paris in 3 Days, Planning Your Trip, Must-See Attractions


Day 3

Start off your last day by visiting the wonderful neighborhood of Montmartre – the hill upon which lies the magnificent Sacré-Coeur.  Walk around the cobblestone streets of the enchanting 18th arrondissement – the neighborhood that inspired the works of some of the world’s most famous artists, like Pablo Picasso.

Next, go and see some of these outstanding works in Paris’ second most popular museum – Musée d’Orsay – filled with paintings from the world’s most famous impressionists, from Monet to Renoir to Degas.

End your stay in Paris by checking out one of the city’s most marvelous and historic cathedrals – Notre – Dame de Paris. Take a guided tour of the magnificent interior, but come around 9 AM if you’d like to climb up the 387 steps to the top for another wonderful view of the city.

2 Days in Paris, Can't-Miss, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Seine, Notre-Dame, Montmartre, What to See in Paris in 5 Days, Paris Attractions, Paris in 3 Days, Planning Your Trip, Must-See Attractions


There you have it – here’s my comprehensive guide on what to see in Paris in 3 days.  Have a wonderful stay in the City of Lights and Love!

Chateau de Vincennes

Chateau de Vincennes, a medieval castle a stone’s throw from Paris

Just outside the doors of Paris stands the last royal fortified castle still standing in France.  Alternately a hunting lodge, a royal residence, a state prison and an arsenal, Vincennes is not as famous as Versailles, which was built later. And yet, its history is rich: the Marquis de Sade, Voltaire, Mirabeau, Diderot were imprisoned there; a French prince was murdered in its moats on Napoleon’s orders; after WWII, President Charles de Gaulle made plans to move the presidential palace there…Dunjeon of the castle of Vincennes

With its 52 meters, the highest dungeon in Europe is a witness of French history. Conscious very early of the importance to leave the seething heart of the capital, to better control and contain all possible riots initiated by a warm-blooded Parisian population, the kings of France decided to have this castle built 8 km outside of Paris. The same reasoning led to the construction of Versailles a few centuries later. From a simple hunting lodge constructed around 1150 in the heart of the forest of Vincennes, it was turned into a real fortress in the 13th century.

Dungeon of the Vincennes castle

King Louis IX (Saint Louis) was fond of the castle. While waiting for the Holy Chapel of Paris to be ready to receive them, he had the relics of the Crown of Thorns temporarily housed there. A fragment that remained behind received its own chapel at Vincennes, chapel which is worth visiting. Built on only one level, with beautiful coloured stained glass contrasting with the whiteness of the stone, it is at least as majestic as its illustrious sister on the Ile de la Cité in Paris.The Holy Chapel in Vincennes castle

In 1804, before the French Empire was establish, Napoleon had the Duke of Enghien, of royal blood, murdered in the moats of the castle, after a sham judgement, to prevent any possible coup from the royalist party and to quiet any possible domestic resistance to his rising power. “It was worse than a crime; it was a blunder”, analysed a famous state man of the time. The Duke’s remains were exhumed from the gross tomb where he had been hastily buried in the moat and placed in the Holy Chapel of the castle in 1816.Assassination of the Duke d'Enghien in the moats of Vincennes Castle

Closer to us, in 1964, French President Charles de Gaulle raised the idea to transfer the presidential palace from the Elysée palace to the castle of Vincennes, considering that the Elysées was too closed in and not prestigious enough. But the idea was soon abandoned. Nevertheless, there still exists a plan to move the seat of the presidential power to Vincennes in case the Seine River would overflow, as the Elysée is located in the flood zone. Who knows: maybe we’ll have an official speech from a president one day from the heights of the dungeon?…

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Hours: open every day
From May 21st to September 22nd: from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (access to the Holy Chapel from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm, and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm).
From September 23rd to May 20th: dungeon opened from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and access to the Holy Chapel from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm, and from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm).


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Interesting facts about Paris

Find out a few interesting facts about Paris.

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Interesting facts about ParisParis has its own statue of Liberty

The statue is located on Ile aux cygnes (swan island). It’s a true copy of the one 5840 km away on Liberty island, New York. How so? The statue located on Liberty Island was actually a gift from the people of France to the United States of America at the end of the XIXth century. The replica in Paris is only 22 meters high (versus 93 for the original), is facing west, in the direction of New York city, and was given to the City of Paris, in 1889, by the American community of Paris.


Paris is holding the largest Business district in EuropeInteresting facts about Paris

Located in the western suburbs, La Defense counts more than 100 buildings, including the headquarters of 75% of France’s largest corporations. This is the only place in and around Paris where you will see skyscrapers due to strict regulations by the municipality within Paris boundaries.

Interesting facts about Paris

By, via Wikimedia Commons

The name “Paris” comes from “Parisii

The name Paris comes from  a Celtic name: Parisii, designating a Celtic tribe. The Celtic people founded Paris in the 3rd century BC. By the XIIth century, Paris was the largest city in the western world, a trading center, and home to the University of Paris, one of the first in Europe.


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Monuments Men, the true story behind the blockbuster

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Before being a book by Robert M. Edse and a movie directed by George Clooney, the Monuments Men was a true story about an unknown aspect of WWII : the stealing of art masterpieces through Europe by the Nazis and the hunt by the Allies to find them and give them back to their legitimate owners.

Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton inspect looted art.

Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton inspect looted art.

A few days before the breaking of the war, the French National Museums director Jacques Jaujard ordered the closing of the Louvre and the transportation of the masterpieces to safe places, to prevent invaders from helping themselves in the national collections. Here began the secret evacuation of the greatest masterpieces.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace is being prepared for evacuation

The Winged Victory of Samothrace is being prepared for evacuation

Venus de Milo déménagée

Moving of the Venus of Milo

The Mona Lisa was first sent to the Castle of Chambord, were numerous paintings and sculptures were temporarily sheltered. It was then successively moved to the castle of Amboise, the abbey of Loc-Dieu, the Ingres museum in Montauban, Chambord again, before being hidden for some time under the bed of the curator of the Louvre museum (in exil) and then at various individuals’ humble abode… It finally came back home safely in Paris in June 1945.

It is more than 3690 paintings, including the Venus Of Milo, Gericault’s Radeau de la Méduse and the Winged Victory of Samothrace, that were moved into safety. So that when the German armies entered Paris and the Louvre, all that they found were empty walls and hollow frames laying on the floor.

Le Louvre abandonné

The Louvre deserted

Jacques Jaujard

Jacques Jaujard

Needing a warehouse were to stock their “loot” before sending it to Germany, and especially to Linz were Hitler had the megalomaniac design to build the greatest museum of all times with stolen masterpieces, the Germans used for that purpose the museum of the Jeu de Paume, a place in Paris which formerly hosted temporary exhibitions of modern art, and was not in use therefore during the Occupation. It was Jacques Jaujard himself who suggested this location to the Nazis… which allowed him to keep an eye on all the moves of the works of art leaving Paris ! Smart guy… And this was a great idea indeed: Rose Valland, an art historian and employee from the Jeu de Paume (embodied by Cate Blanchett in Clooney’s movie), kept a record of everything, risking her life in the process. She greatly helped the Resistance and the Allies to trace everything and to bring them back home.

Rose Valland

Rose Valland



Gare centrale de Linz, lieu choisi par Hitler pour devenir son musée du III Reich

Linz central station, location chosen by Hitler for the Fuhrermuseum

In the meanwhile, the Germans demanded that the Louvre was reopened as soon as September 1940. But it was purely symbolic, as most of the rooms were deserted, or displayed copies of more or less good quality of hidden treasures. Some of the rooms were even turned into vegetable gardens to provide food, a sign of the war indeed !

During the last year of the war, the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives section (MFAA) was created. This group of Monuments Men was formed of arts specialists: museum directors, curators, art scholars and educators, artists, architects and archivists. Their job description was simple: to save as much of the culture of Europe as they could during combat.

In the years that followed the war, they returned more than five million artistic and cultural items stolen by Hitler and the Nazis. Their role in preserving cultural treasures and memory of humanity was without precedent.

James Rorimer, officier du MFAA, supervisant des soldats américains récupérant des oeuvres d'art au château de Neuschwanstein

MFAA Officer James Rorimer supervising US soldiers recovering looted paintings from Neuschwanstein Castle

Now that you know all that humanity owes to these great men, let’s guess that you won’t visit the Louvre nor the Jeu de Paume the same way next time you come to Paris…

For more information about the Louvre and Art in general during WWII, here are some additional readings :

Exhibition “The Louvre during WWII through photos from 1938 to 1947” (in French)

Article about this Louvre exhibition (in English)

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Jenny, wonder-woman of Paris

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Paris is under the protection of saint Geneviève (full for Jenny of course) since the 5th century.


Ste Geneviève (8)

Geneviève was born in Nanterre (a suburb of Paris) around 420. She was only 7 when the bishop of Auxerre, Saint Germain, noticed her within the crowd that surrounded him and foretold the crowd this little girl was chosen by God to accomplish “great things” in the future. Was that the beginnings of the famous Coué method ? Anyway, Geneviève decided from then on to dedicate her life to God.

A few years later, in 451 precisely, the people of Paris (whose name back then was Lutece) heard about an imminent catastrophe : the Huns, these fierce warriors, were about to invade Paris, led by their chief Attila, (remember, the self-proclaimed “plague of God”, who used to say very humbly that “where my horse walked, the grass will grow no more” ). The people began to panic and to prepare to run away from the city, but Geneviève, whose fortitude and force of persuasion was apparently really impressive, calmed down the people and gave them courage, assuring them the Huns would not ravage Paris. And indeed, Attila spared the city and changed his itinerary. Some rumors say that clever Geneviève may have misled the Huns about a fictitious epidemic of cholera ravaging the region, to discourage them… Anyway, whatever she did was brilliant and prevented the people of Paris from exposing their lives by fleeing outside of the city. From then on, people thought the salvation of the city was due to Geneviève’s prayers, and they started to venerate her as a saint.


But as one time is not enough, she decided to save Paris a second time : in 465, another war leader, Childeric 1st, besieged Paris. But our heroine succeeded in joining the city of Troyes, in the nearby region of Champagne, and in sending back food to Paris several times on boats on the river. The story does not say if she send back Champagne… But Paris was saved again !

Who can refuse something to such a heroine ? Not king Clovis anyway, the first Christian king, from whom she obtained the construction of a new church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul, on the mount Lucotitius… nowadays called Mount Sainte Geneviève, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris !

She died quietly around 510 and was buried in this same church, were she was joined a few years later by King Clovis and his wife Queen Clotilde. The remains of this church (turned later into an abbey), and especially the bell tower known as “Clovis Tower”, are nowadays part of the famous high-school Henri-IV.

Let’s make a big flash forward in time. 1744 : king Louis XV°, very ill, made the vow that should he be saved, he would built a new church in Paris dedicated to Sainte Geneviève. He recovered, and the architect Soufflot was charged with drawing a new map.The remains of the saint were moved for protection to another city in France when the Normans first tried to invade Paris. Some years later, in 853, during a second attempt of invasion from the Normans, the citizens brought them back into Paris, and the presence of the saint gave courage to the fighters who pushed back the invaders. Paris was saved again : there is a saying in French that says “there is never a 2nd time without a 3rd time…” !

But the French Revolution was very anti-clerical. All that was sacred to God and Saints was to be sacred to mankind. That is how the former church Sainte Geneviève was turned into… the Panthéon ! “To great men, the grateful country”, reads the motto on the front of the Pantheon. They did not really consider great women back then, did they ?…



Most of the remains of the saint were burnt during the Revolution, but some parts were saved from the flames, and where later founded and transfer to the nearby church of Saint Etienne du Mont, where a chapel is nowadays still dedicated to Sainte Geneviève.

For the story to be complete : there was another church dedicated to Sainte Geneviève just in front of Notre Dame, but it was destroyed in 1747. We can still see the place where it stood marked on the square.

In 1928, the French sculptor Paul Landowski made a statue of the saint to be erected on the bridge of la Tournelle. From up there, Saint Geneviève still seems to be looking over Paris that spreads to her feet…

Ste Geneviève (4)

Notre Dame (7)