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Credit to ParisByM was founded by 2 true Parisians, born and raised in Paris, deeply in love with the City of Light, but also great travelers themselves. They founded the company with the idea of designing trip itineraries within France that will be tailor-made, considering who the traveler is, his tastes, and including any specific situation request. At ParisByM we consider every traveler is different and is expecting to live their own experience of the city. We have only one philosophy: any and everything is possible!

You can either find a pre-designed travel plan that fits what you would like to experience, or you can contact us for a tailor-made travel plan. After a first contact we will act as your Paris trip planner and adapt your trip program in order to make you a personalized proposal. All our plans can include accommodation, museum entrances, activities and / or restaurants and show bookings based on what you require: a full package, flexibility, specific requests…



Morgane is the founder of ParisByM. She has developed a great experience as a Paris trip planner over the years. She started to design and plan trips to Paris for friends while living in Paris and decided to make it her work after a few years.Morgane is the founder & General Manager of Prior to starting the company, she worked as a financial adviser for international clients at Société Générale, a leading European bank, as an international executive headhunter and in public relations for an adventure & travel organization. She has lived in Montreal, Buenos Aires and is now back in Paris. She believes that it takes careful preparation, good contacts and a great deal of passion to organize the perfect trip. She likes walking along the river Seine, waking up early to admire peacefully the monuments, going out to cafés and new restaurants, following unusual guided-tours and getting the most up-to-date tips on new shop openings. She has been a Paris trip planner for a while. She started early by advising her friends who were on visits to Paris and they convinced her to start a travel agency dedicated to Paris and France.

Paris trip plannerMatt is the co-founder of Prior to co-founding the company, he worked for an international consulting firm. He has lived in many countries including the US, Argentine, Spain, Germany and Finland among others. He now lives full-time in Paris. He believes that planning your travel ahead will help you get the best value for money. He likes running in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris’ biggest park, going downtown to take photos, enjoying a theater show or a concert in the city, planning a dinner with friends in a brasserie, or a lunch in a public garden, discovering new things on Paris and new places, shopping in local markets, cooking and buying wines from the Bordeaux area.



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By Lin Kristensen from New Jersey, USA is registered in Paris as an SARL, the French equivalent of Private Limited Company. It has been granted a specific licence to operate in the tourism industry by Atout France, the French national agency for tourism, an organization administered by the Ministry of Tourism. Thanks to this licence can act as a Paris trip planner to advise you how to design your trip program carefully. We can also perform all the bookings for you which makes things easier for you.

As a member of several organisations and insurance companies (SNAV, APST, Hiscox France), is insured against all damages. The quality insurance cover its clients as well. This allows clients to feel completely reassured as to our reliability. In addition the  company has its own extensive quality requirements policy to select accommodation providers (such as hotels or apartment owners) and other service providers (for activities, shows etc) only after having carefully reviewed and tested the services offered. is independant from any other site or company using the name or the words “Paris by…”.

Are you planning a trip to Paris?

If you are, you should have a look to our tips pages, you may find it helpful. You can also check out our offers for Paris vacation packages or contact us to get a tailor-made trip proposal.



    How nice it is when visiting a place to have a friend who knows everything about it and who shows us the secrets of it... At, we want tourists to have the best experience ever when visiting Paris ! That's why we do not consider tourists as customers, but rather as friends who we lead through the canvas of the City of Light.


    For you to experience a great trip, it takes some preparation upfront. takes time to carefully prepare your trip ahead and helps you with any questions you might have, might it be before coming to Paris or once you have arrived. You know you have a contact dedicated to you and your well being, on whom you can rely for everything!


    When you are on holiday, you just want to rest and relax, and the last thing you want to do is to double-check that all has been done on time and correctly. At, we know how reassuring it is to deal with people who show real professionalism, and we are proud to be considered as exceptionally reliable travel partners by our guests. Our expertise and knowledge of the city is our raison d'être.


    At, we take into consideration everyone's personality. Each and everyone of us are different, with different tastes and needs. That is why we want to offer tailor-made programs that will suit you.

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    Everyone at is a true lover of the beauties of Paris. We are proud to live in such a beautiful and vibrant city, and we want tourists to get the most of it. Sharing our experience and our love of Paris with our guests is definitely our main objective!