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Visit France and Paris attractions with a tailor-made package

Tailor-made programs and itineraries in Paris

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ParisByM acts as your best friend to help you plan tour trip to Paris

“We trusted ParisByM to propose a fantastic Paris package that was suitable for us.

Thanks for you expert help!” Peter, from the UK

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Get a full France and Paris tailor-made package

Day tours from Paris to Loire Valley, Champagne, Normandy...

Days getaways to tours of France up to a few weeks

Transportation and local accommodation included

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Professional Paris travel agency

Contact us now and get a tailor-made trip proposal within 48 hours

Full transparency on your package price

Tailor-made program for your trip to Paris and France within 48 hours

Get in touch with a professional Paris travel agency to design and plan a tailor-made program

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Get ideas to plan your trip

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Paris 3-day Itinerary

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Your Guide to the 20 Neighborhoods of Paris

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Hotel & Accommodation

ParisByM will take care of your accommodation for you, depending on your tastes. As a Paris travel agency, we visit all places before booking them - no bad surprise upon arrival.
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Day-to-day program

ParisByM will define with you a full tailor-made program tours and visits you want to make in Paris and France, including how much visits, city walks, and free time you would like.
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Fast-track tickets

At ParisByM, we will provide you with skip-the-line tickets in advance for Paris attractions, or suggest the best time to go for your visits of the main attractions so that you do not have to queue.