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ParisByM receptive travel agent
Duration 3 days
Sights Paris & Normandy
Price 445€ per person
Peggy – Large family group trip
445€ per person

✓ Hotel accommodations for part of the group

✓ Private/guided group tours to major sites

✓ Full transportation during stay



  • Peggy reached out to us looking for help organizing her large family group trip to Paris. She contacted us to help organize 3 days in Paris for her large family group (approximately 27 people). She was coming to Paris with her husband to celebrate their anniversary and had invited her family and her in-laws to join them.


  • Accommodation

    We arranged hotel accommodations for 10 people in the group for 2 nights. We were able to arrange a 3 star hotel for these guests. Another request from Peggy was a full day of discovering Paris as well as transportation to Normandy on their final day.


    We were able to offer her group a guided tour of the Louvre museum, the Eiffel tower as well as a 2 hour private/guided bus tour of the city. Additionally, we provided the group with an amazing discovery cruise on the Seine where they were able to see many famous monuments that border the river and enjoy a nice lunch. Another opportunity we arranged for the group were tickets to the Arc de Triomphe.


    We provided full transportation while they were in Paris as well as transportation from Paris to Normandy! Traveling with a big group can be overwhelming, so we made sure Peggy and her family had everything they needed to ensure a positive experience in Paris!



  • The price for this excursion was 445€ for per person. We were able to include:

    • 3-star hotel accommodations for part of her group
    • Guide tour of Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and 2 hour private bus tour
    • Discovery cruise + lunch on the Seine
    • Tickets to the Arc de Triomphe
    • Full transportation during stay
    • Transportation to Normandy from Paris


  • 100% satisfaction



100% satisfaction

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