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Experience Paris like a Parisian

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Looking for an authentic Parisian experience? With our Paris like a Parisian package, you can! Enjoy a wine tasting featuring wines from 6 different regions in France, a top-notch theatrical performance, and an exclusive dinner in a Parisian apartment.”

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See a Show
See a show in Paris
3 different show options
Theater, cabaret, or comedy
English surtitles
Over 300 venues
Wine Tasting
Discover regional wines
Taste 5 different wines
+1 champagne included
2-hour lesson by a sommelier
Wine appreciation techniques
Dine with a Local
Dine in a Parisian apartment
Chance to meet locals
Choose from a variety of hosts
Prepare French cuisine
Make lifelong friends
Combo Package
/Price on request
Mix and match 2 or 3 options
Discover French culture
Get the full Parisian experience
Flexible dates
Live like a local



Paris like a Parisian

For this 2-hour tasting, you will learn how Champagne is made, how to properly taste wine, and what makes each grape unique. In addition, you will learn the vocabulary of wine tasting, how to readParis like a Parisian a wine label, and where to find the best value wine in France.

In total, you will experience 6 different wines (including 1 Champagne) each representing a different region in France. From Sancerre to Burgundy, from Bordeaux to the Rhône, you will leave the tasting with a broad knowledge of French wines and their important historical significance.



Paris like a ParisianAfter your wine tasting, you will make your way to one of Paris’s 300 prestigious venues for a once-in-a-lifetime performance that many tourists never get the chance to see. You will have the choice of a celebrated theatricalParis like a Parisian piece with English surtitles, a cabaret show featuring over 60 dancers and an original score, or a hilarious comedy show addressing cultural differencesof the French and English-speaking worlds.

At the end of the performance, you’ll feel like a real Parisian, having experienced the everyday cultural norm of French theatre. Be sure to stick around, as you may be able to meet the performers!



paris like a parisianNow for the most authentic Parisian experience…dinner with a Parisian! You have a wide range of dining options to choose from, from dinner to lunchbrunch to aperitifs…the choices are endless! If you love to cook, you have the option of helping your hosparis like a parisiant prepare the meal and, in some cases, even take part in the grocery shopping. For those who just want to relax on their vacation and not worry about cooking, there are plenty of options where you don’t have to lift a finger.

Whatever experience you choose, you are in for a real treat! You have the unique opportunity to interact with a local, something most tourists don’t get the chance to do. What better way to live like a Parisian!


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