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Duration 3 days
Sights Paris/ Arc de Triomph/ Champs Élysées/ Montmartre/ Notre Dame/ Orsay Museum/ Louvre Museum
Price € 277 / person
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Paris in 3 days
€277/ person

✓ Must see sightseeings

✓ Fast track tickets

✓ Free time to enjoy the city

✓ Central accommodation


  • Self-guided walking tours Self-Guided Walking Tours in Paris - Do you want to discover Paris like the Parisians do? With a written itinerary by ParisByM you can navigate through your chosen area. Read more here to learn about the areas you can choose from.
    Paris in the Rain, Orsay museum, top 10 masterpieces orsay museum Orsay Museum - It was a train station before becoming known worldwide for the impressionist art. The Orsay museum was firstly inaugurated by François Mitterand in 1986. From this year forward, the museum has been housing one of the most important impressionist collections in the world. Check out more here!
    Paris Bus Tour City Bus Tour - A bus tour is a great way to get an overview of Paris, especially if you’re only in the city for a short time. Check here what you should expect to see and experience!
    seine, river, cruise, rive gauche area paris, best things to do in Paris at night Seine River Cruise - Float comfortably along the Seine River and see famous monuments as you pass by on your boat cruise. To learn more about river cruises and what to expect you can read more here.
    Louvre museum Louvre Museum - The Louvre museum has many things to see! Find some tips for visiting it. Hours, prices, most famous everything about the Louvre.


  • Day 1: Start with an overview of the city

    Spend your first morning in Paris on a morning bus tour giving you a fabulous view of the City of Lights from the top of a double decker bus. The tour provides various circuits that will take you past different famous and historical monuments and landmarks. Get out and explore the different neighborhoods and landmarks that interest you by hopping on and off the bus at many different bus stops.

    After lunch, you can discover one of Paris’ most beautiful and historic neighborhoods with the provided self-guided walking tour. Navigate through the historical center around Notre Dame Cathedral and discover the remarkable districts and buildings that are historically significant as this area was the birthplace of the city.

    In the evening, you will take a discovery cruise on the Seine River for one hour. Float peacefully along the Seine and be wowed by the many celebrated bridges and buildings that you pass by on your cruise. Paris was built around the Seine River, and as such many of its landmarks are positioned along the Seine.

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    Day 2: Explore the Louvre Museum and Champs Elysées

    Begin your second day off by viewing some of the world’s artistic masterpieces at the famous Louvre Museum. You’ll avoid waiting in long lines by using your fast-track entrance ticket to get in. Choose to see either the main masterpieces (think Mona Lisa, Venus of Milo, etc.) or you can get lost in discovering the amazing Louvre.

    After lunch take your second self-guided walking tour of the Champs-Elysées neighborhood. You’ll get to experience the bustling shopping avenue and you’ll also get to discover the area around this main touristic destination. If you see a store you want to stop in, ofcourse take advantage of this time to shop.

    As you end your walking tour you’ll be right near the Arc de Triomphe. Take the time to snap all your photos of this beauty and then climb up the Arc de Triomphe with your provided tickets. You will have one of the most spectacular views of all of Paris from the roof of this monument. If your time it right you can be up there just as the sun sets.

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    Day 3: Feel the village atmosphere of Montmartre

    For your third day in Paris you will get to experience another of Paris’ most celebrated museums – the Orsay Museum. With your fast-track tickets you’ll skip the normal line and get in right away. Admire the architecture of this former train station and contemplate the chef d’oeuvres (masterpieces) of the famous artists.

    During the afternoon explore and uncover all that the Montmartre neighborhood has to offer. Your self-guided walking tour will take you through this artistic neighborhood to discover the character and heart of the neighborhood, with its village atmosphere.



  • 3-star hotel: Hotel Royal Magda

    Credit: Royal Magda Etoile Hotel

    This hotel is located mere minutes from the Arc de Triomphe and the world-famous Champs-Élysées avenue. This hotel also has comfortable accommodations and great service according to international standards.

    For more information click here




     4 star hotel: Hotel Edouard 7

    Credit: Edouard 7 Hotel

    This hotel is conveniently located near the Louvre and Opéra Garnier. The metro is nearby from which you can access all of Paris. This step up in hotel standard can be seen in its more elegant rooms and services. The hotel also has an upscale restaurant.

    For more information click here



    5 star hotel : Hotel d’Aubusson

    Credit: Hotel d’Aubusson

    Enjoy this luxurious hotel and its sumptuous and spacious accommodations. This hotel is located in Saint Germain area nearby to Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum, and the Orsay Museum.  You will receive top of the line service and have access to the elegant café.

    For more information click here




    Note: the name of the hotel selected will be confirmed once the payment is processed. You will be accommodated in hotels equivalent to the ones listed above, according to availability at the time of booking.



  • Customize your trip by adding additional activities and visits here!


  • Price is from 277 € per person, based on double occupancy of a 3-star hotel room, for 2 nights. It may vary depending on the options you select.

    Please note: for groups of 6 or 7 people, please make 2 reservations (ex: 5 + 2). For groups of more than 8 people, please check our section Groups or contact us directly here.

    What is included in the price?

        • Accommodation in central Paris
        • Hop On, Hop Off bus tour of the city
        • 1 hour discovery cruise on the Seine river
        • Fast track entrance ticket for the Louvre Museum
        • Fast track entrance ticket for Orsay Museum
        • 3 itineraries for self-guided walking tours: historical center around Notre Dame, Montmartre, and the Champs Élysées.


    What is not included in the price?

        • Meals (breakfast can be added in option)
        • Private expenses
        • The add-on, customize your trip options


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    •   We recommend that you consider at least 2 hours to visit the Louvre Museum to focus on the main masterpieces. We will provide you with a masterpieces itinerary in our package. If you really want to see some other specific pieces, you should plan it out in advance so that you do not waste time and get lost in the museum (which is easily possible!).

      ✓    For the cruise: bundle up if you wish to stay on the deck as the wind can be chilly especially during Fall/Winter.

        Think about your meals in advance. Parisians tend to eat much later than Americans and some restaurants close at odd times to change the service. For example, peak hour for dinner is from 8 to 10pm, a much later time, but peak lunch hour ranges from 12pm to 2pm. For fancier restaurants reservations made in advance are highly recommended. Otherwise, a lunch on the go is a great option too as some Boulangeries offer great “menu” options for lunch; you will be ablet to get a couple items for a set price.

          Wear comfortable shoes for your self-guided walking tour. High heels are not recommended due to the older roads made from stones.

      ✓     To lessen the amount of walking you have, or even to experience the historic and daily Parisian transportation, you can buy metro tickets by the unit or a pass valid for a full day unlimited (which includes access to metro, bus, tram, RER).


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