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Duration 10 hours
Sights Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Seine River
Price 900€ for 2
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Mrs. Fao
900€ for 2 people

✓ Private driver and guide

✓ Fast Track tickets to Louvre, Arc de Triomphe & Eiffel Tower

✓ Discovery Cruise on the Seine


  • Mrs. Fao and her husband had only approximately 10 hours to spare in Paris and wanted to make the most of their brief stay. They wanted everything private so that their time was as intimate and special as possible.


  • Experience

    The couple had a few ‘must do’s’ they made us aware of. We were able to offer them a discovery cruise along the Seine River where they could see Paris from the water while enjoying a nice lunch on board. This tour lasted approximately 1 hour, after what their driver escorted them to the Eiffel tower, where they received breathtaking views of Paris. After the Eiffel Tower, we organized a visit to the Louvre with fast track tickets, where they spent about 1.5 hours to cast a glance at the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory of Samothrace and other masterpieces the museum has to offer. Finally, the driver took the couple back to the airport, where the two jetted off to their next destination!


    After discussing further what exactly the pair wanted to discover in Paris, we were able to coordinate a private driver to pick them up from the airport. The driver also served as a guide and gave the couple a city tour of Paris. They were able to quickly see many popular sites and monuments while also learning facts from the driver about what they were viewing.



  • The price for this excursion was 900€ for 2 people. We were able to include:

    • Private driver and guide around Paris
    • Fast track tickets to the Louvre
    • Tickets to the Eiffel Tower
    • Discovery Cruise and lunch on the Seine


  • 100% satisfaction



100% satisfaction

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