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Duration 3 sessions of 3 hours each
Sights Paris, several location
Price €395 / person
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✓ French Lessons

✓ Intercultural Workshop 

✓ Guided Tour 

✓ Meet unforgettable people 

  • The Frenchessence program is designed to make you discover the quintessence of the French culture.
    It is divided in 3 different sessions.

    Session 1: Intercultural coaching

    This workshop will make you understand cultural differences and give you clues about how to integrate into a different environment. To reduce the cultural gaps and avoid the misunderstandings during your stay in France, learn and understand the French culture, and all this in a friendly atmosphere

    This workshop will be an introduction to intercultural exchanges where you will discuss your own experience and your co participants’ one. Your coach will lead the discussion to help you understand how to deal efficiently in intercultural situations.

    Session 2: French lessons

    To cross the language barriers, enjoy tailor made French lessons to communicate and feel at ease in your French environment. This session is divided in 2 workshops of 1:30 each. 
    The first part will take place in a class where you will learn in a relaxed atmosphere the basis of French language linked to your touristic visit (session 3). For the second part, you will extend your learning and put your new knowledge into practice in an informal place (café …)


    Session 3: Touristic discovery

    Open Paris’s doors and discover its secrets, its treasures, its stories and even more with a passionate guide. Learn how to integrate into your new environment, use the transportation system or shop at the food markets; discover funny anecdotes about Paris most famous cemetery « inhabitants » (Père Lachaise cemetery) or walk the hidden streets of famous neighborhoods like the Montmartre village, the Quartier Latin and St Germain des Prés for instance. Also, while learning new things during the tour, communicate and put into practice what you learned with your language teacher. 

    Feedback session

    At the end of the program, you will have the option to gather with your fellow participants in the program in a bar, around a drink offered by Frenchessence, to give your feedback about the program in an informal way and to tighten the bounds with your new friends met during the program. This is only the beginning of new friendships for you!


    Get an unforgettable lifetime experience!

    Your stay in Paris will be a unique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. How? First, you will learn French in a fun way and you will learn how to manage cultural differences, which will be helpful for the rest of your life, wherever you go; then you will discover French culture and Paris in an interactive way; and finally you will meet unforgettable people, make great friends and expand your network.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new things while growing personally!


  • Intercultural Coaching, with Ithacoach:

    1 workshop of 3 hours with a small group of 4 to 6 people.

    French Language Class, with The French Touch LC:

    1 workshop of 1:30 in a coworking with a small group of 4 to 6 people.
    1 workshop of 1:30 at a café with a small group of 4 to 6 people.

    Touristic Discovery, with ParisByM:

    1 guided walk of 3 hours with a small group (4 to 6 people).



  • What is included in the price?

    • 1 guided tour
    • 1 session of French language class
    • 1 session of intercultural coaching
    • 1 informal feedback session including one drink

    What is NOT included in the price?

    • Entrance tickets for museums (contact us if necessary)
    • Accommodations
    • Lunch / Meals
    • Transportation within city
    • Personal expenses


  • → Session of 4 people minimum and up to 6 people maximum. In case the minimum number of participants is not reach for a session, the Frenchessence program might cancel the session and offer to reschedule it to join another group. Reimbursement will be offered in case this solution not possible.

    → The sessions will be divided on several days according to a schedule taking into consideration your availability as much as possible.

    → The intercultural and tourism sessions can be held in French, English and Spanish, but not in other languages for the moment, sorry! Please contact us in one of these languages.

    → The workshops aim at giving you a first approach of each of the 3 topics (language, intercultural coaching and tourism). You can choose one specific topic individually afterward to deepen your knowledge.

    → 100% refund up to 2 months in advance, 75% refund before 1 month, 50% before 2 weeks, no refund after 2 weeks.



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