Choco-Story, the Museum of Chocolate in Paris!

Do you know the origin of cocoa and chocolate? And which country is the world’s largest producer of chocolate? Did you know that the cocoa bean has long been used as a standard currency in many parts of the world? And most importantly… do you know how to prepare an Aztec hot chocolate, where honey and pepper play equally with your taste buds? Well, at ParisByM, we do! Here’s some information about Choco-Story, the chocolate museum of Paris. The visit to the museum, which takes about one hour, interests both children and their parents. There is information available for both children and adults. There are signs in French, English and Spanish that explain the history of chocolate at eye level for adults and a meter lower, panels with toys turn the history into an entertaining experience for the kids. You will travel through time, from the time of the Mayans and the Aztecs through the Renaissance period and the 18th century until present-day. You will discover a particularly fine collection of chocolate cups and chocolate pots, which you will learn are different from coffee pots. And finally, you will finish your visit with a demonstration by chocolate masters and of course, the best part, with a chocolate tasting! What would a chocolate museum be without a tasting? And Choco-Story understands this concept quite well, which offers not only a tasting at the museum, but also excellent workshops for children and adults to learn how to make your own chocolates. And so, ParisByM tested one of these workshops for you. This takes place in the lab of the museum, with a group of a dozen people. With aprons, gloves and headwear, within an hour, we learned how to make “orangettes” and “mendiants”, how to use a pastry bag, and how to decorate our own lollipops in chocolate. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate… Everything goes! The biggest challenge? Do not eat everything you made before you get home! Because, in the end, you can go back home and proudly show off your own creations to your friends and family: “These orangettes? I made them myself! “   Duration: 60 min to visit the museum, 60 to 90 min for a workshop Languages: French, English and Spanish. Workshops in French and English For whom: children and adults (over 5 years old), gourmands and gourmets, those who want to discover an unusual and fun activity Are you looking for tips & ideas to visit Paris and France?