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5 Star Hotels in Paris

Enhance your Paris experience and treat yourself to a 5-star hotel easily managed by ParisByM's for your convenience. ParisByM offers custom packages based on your time, budget and interests. Simply call or inquire today.
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rainy day, Paris, top 5, activities, rain, bad weather, things to do

Top 5 Rainy-Day Activities in Paris

The team at Paris by M have compiled together a list of our favourite rainy-day activities in Paris so that you can stay warm and dry whilst enjoying the best sights and attractions that our city has to offer.
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carnival in France

The best places to experience carnival in France

Carnival is traditionally celebrated in France during the last day before the beginning of fasting, the so-called 'Fat Tuesday'. Traditionally, pancakes, waffles or beignets are eaten in the carnival. Carnival festivals and parades are also organised in a number of cities that...
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Loire Valley Wine Tasting : Ideal For Wine Lovers

Wine Tasting is more than only drinking wine, it is a real experience where you learn about wines. How to differentiate them ? What does an appellation means ? How to properly taste wine like a professional ? We see, scent, taste and evaluate the wine quality. Since Loi...
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Where To Stay In Loire Valley : Hotels Guide

A lot of impressive castles from the Renaissance are scattered throughout the region. From the famous castle of Amboise to the outstanding castle of Azay-le-Rideau, this region is really filled with history. We also can’t forget to talk about the wine of the region, known...
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French Riviera tours : the best places to visit

You would not fully receive and integrate what French Riviera offers if you didn’t have a good tour plan before setting off.
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Paris Landmark

Discover Paris Landmarks to prepare for your visit in Paris

Paris is known for its cultural places and beautiful landmarks full of history. Here is an overview of the most important ones.
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5 Reasons to Visit the Fragonard Perfume Museum in Paris

Settled in the middle of Paris 150 meters away from the south-west to the Opéra Garnier you will find the Fragonard Perfume Museum. Unique in its kind, the Fragonard museum of perfume is absolutely worth a visit during your stay in Paris.
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5 places for Valentine's day in Paris

5 Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris

There is no better place to spend Valentine's Day than in Paris. The City of Love has an abundant amount of romantic locations. Find the ideal one for you here!
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Rooftop in Paris

Enjoy a City View on a Rooftop in Paris

Notice to all lovers of art, Paris will make you fall in love! Not only is Paris the city of love or the city of fashion, but it is also a cultural place, where plenty of artists are based. Whether in the Marais, Saint Germain des Prés or in the 13th district of Paris, there is...
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cafes in Paris

Which cafes in Paris you won’t want to miss?

Paris is considered to be a romantic city. On a cafe terrace, we always see Parisians enjoying the sunshine and talking with their friends. Easygoing and relaxed. If you want to behave like a Parisian, you must step inside the cafes in Paris while visiting the city. Famous cafes...
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Champagne region France

The Champagne region in the north of France is of course the first place known for the champagne, the world-famous wine produced here. But also small and large cities like Reims, Châlons-en-Champagne, Epernay, Troyes and Langres make a weekend or holiday in the Champagne region...
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City trip Paris

Paris: the city of light, the city of love, a city full of art, culture and history and above all, one of the most beautiful cities in the world . This legendary city hardly ever needs an introduction. After all, Paris is the most popular city in Europe, and with a good reason....
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Paris flood

Paris flood : Seine River floodwater continues to rise

When we talk about the Seine, perhaps all of us will have a romantic image with elegant Parisians walking along the river under the sunshine. However, the River Seine is not that calm this winter. In fact, the Seine is sometimes quite precarious because of flooding.   Since...
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cooking tours in Paris

Discover the city you never see with cooking tours in Paris

Are you going to visit Paris soon? No matter whether you already know this city, or if it will be your first stay, you may be in search of a new traveling experience. Perhaps doing some local activities as a Parisian, such as untraditional cooking tours in Paris can give you an...
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Fragonard Museum Paris

Fragonard Museum of Perfume, an olfactory trip in Paris!

In Paris, we usually struggle to find a place to visit which is pleasing, delicate and low-cost at the same time. In this regard, ParisByM have recently discovered a very delightful place that will offer you a unique and memorable experience! So, let us talk you about the...
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Art Galleries in Paris

Art Galleries in Paris : The Ultimate Guide

Notice to all lover of art, Paris will make you fall in love... Among the numerous art galleries, we made for you a selection of the best art galleries in Paris!
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Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the most famous building in France and Paris. The three hundred-metre-high tower was built for the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889. Because this exhibition took place exactly 100 years after the outbreak of the French Revolution (1789), it was...
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Loire Valley castles

The 6 most beautiful Loire Valley castles

The Loire Valley, known as “Le Jardin de la France (the garden of France)”, was being the favorite residence for the French kings during the Renaissance, and these buildings are mostly built or substantially reworked during the Renaissance in France. ParisbyM will present you...
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What Not to Miss on a One Day Tour of Paris, 1 day in Paris, Eiffel Tower Prices

Eiffel tower hours of operation

The Eiffel Tower When you think of Paris you immediately think of the Eiffel Tower, one of France’s most iconic constructions. This monument is the most visited sight in France. Every year, more than seven million people visit the Eiffel Tower, making it the most visited...
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Paris cafe

Paris cafes and places to taste French delicacies

Are you planning to visit Paris but get tired of traditional tourist activities? Then why not take a bite of great chocolate, taste French pastries or simply spend a relaxing moment in a café? I am sure that visiting Paris cafes and places to taste French delicacies can give you...
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Paris Breaks, is it safe to go to paris

Main reasons to take an all inclusive package for your trip to Paris

Are you planning to visit Paris but you are travelling on a budget, are too busy and don’t really know, what to visit or in which Hotel stay ? Then, all-inclusive packages may be perfect for you. These packages includes lodging and other services like a visit to the...
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Chateau des ducs de Bretagne Chateau de France

Which chateau de France you should visit

Confused which chateau de France to visit? This article may help you to have a better understanding to French castles!
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Top 5 Christmas Market, France, Xmas, Noël, market, gifts, Christmas presents

Top 5 Christmas Markets in France

Are you visiting France this festive period and wondering where you can get your dose of European Christmas magic? Well, look no further than our list of the top 5 Christmas Markets in France. Step into the country's fairytale-like towns which are transformed into glowing, joyful...
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Top 5 Christmas Markets in Paris, Christmas, Market, Paris, presents, shopping, festive

Top 5 Christmas Markets in Paris

Yes, the sad news is true. The Christmas Market on the Champs Elysée has been cancelled. However, we must not be disheartened for there are still many places in Paris where you can get your dose of festive cheer and partake in the magic of the capital at Christmas.
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eating gluten-free in Paris, gluten free, food, Paris

10 Places for Eating Gluten-Free in Paris

We have found the best 10 places to eat gluten-free in Paris so that you can enjoy the culinary delights that the city has to offer and enjoy your trip here, without worrying about what's in your crepe or croissant!
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10 places to eat vegan in Paris, vegan, food, veganism, Paris

10 Places for Eating Vegan in Paris

Veganism has been on the rise in Paris and you can now be sure to find some incredible vegan treats. We have put together a list of 10 places to eat vegan in Paris so that you will never go hungry in the city of love!
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Top 5 Historical Monuments in Paris

There is no better way to discover the city’s past and culture than by visiting some of its astoundingly beautiful historical monuments, which are scattered in and around the capital. To help you, we have narrowed it down to a top 5, must-see, line-up so as to ensure that you do...
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Paris Segway Tours, team building in Paris

Team Building in Paris

Explore the city of Paris with these high adrenaline, adventurous team building activities! It will be a exciting way to better know people in your group.
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paris airport transfer, apps to download before going to paris

Apps to Download Before Going to Paris

Planning a trip? Make sure you download all right apps so everything you need is at the touch of your fingertips. Look at these apps we've recommended!
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kid-friendly restaurants in Paris

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Paris

Finding restaurants to suit families with young children can be quite the hassle. Don't worry about that anymore because Paris offers dozens of kid-friendly places to eat, relax, and enjoy your time as a family. Click here to find out what they are!
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Indian food in Paris

Indian Food in Paris

Want to experience more than just French food in Paris? Check out our selection of best Indian cuisine Paris has to offer. The flavors and spices will leave you wanting more!
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Corporate event, corporate event in Paris, business event in Paris

How to Organize A Corporate Event in Paris

Discover all the user-friendly tips, tricks, and strategies on how to plan a successful corporate event in Paris. In just 5 easy steps, you can have the experience of a lifetime!
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classification restaurants paris, brasserie

Famous Brasseries in Paris

Take a look at our selection of 20 famous brasseries in Paris, all serving delicious types of food. You'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for!
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galeries lafayette, shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris – La Vallée Village

Calling all shopaholics! Come visit La Vallée Village which has served as a shopping haven for people around the world. With discounted prices, you are able to get the ultimate chic shopping experience at affordable rates. This outlet mall offers great deals and discounts that no...
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best area to stay in Paris, 20 songs about paris

Top 10 songs about Paris

Discover our selection of top 10 songs about Paris from famous musicians and singers.
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Market Tours

Market Tours In Paris

You wouldn’t want to visit Paris and not take the sneak peek of the s of the city’s market tour.Walk through one the most colorful markets of Paris. There's more that awaits on a trip to Paris than sculptures and monuments.
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Discover the markets of Paris

You have to know that in Paris we have several markets. There are markets about almost everything: books, flowers and obviously food. Let's discover our selection of market places in Paris.
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25 Movie about Paris, movie locations in paris

25 Movies About Paris

Check out our selection of 25 movies about or set in Paris!
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Arc de triomphe, les choses a voir a Paris en deux jours

Les choses à voir à Paris en deux jours

Deux jours à Paris ne sont pas assez de temps pour voir toute la ville, mais si cela est tout ce que vous avez, ne vous inquiétez pas.
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london excursion paris eurostar

Aller à Londres lors d’une excursion de Paris avec Eurostar

When traveling with Eurostar, London is just a short 2 hours away from Paris. See what this classic city has to offer with an excursion to London from Paris!
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sightseeing in paris, le mathusalem paris, typical brasseries

Notre sélection des brasseries typiques

Si vous êtes à la recherche pour certains endroits où dîner et que vous voulez sentir et voir le vrai Paris, vous avez besoin d’aller à une de ces brasseries typiques !
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Marais, best areas to stay

3 Endroits à Rester dans Paris

From over 2000 hotels to just 1, narrow down your hotel search in Paris with our review of these 3 places to stay in Paris.
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What to do in Paris for a Week

Quoi faire à Paris en une semaine

L’intention de passer une semaine à Paris ? Il y a tellement de choses à voir et à faire, mais avec ce guide, vous saurez exactement quoi faire.
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Disneyland Paris in 1 day, planifier vacances paris enfants

Planning a Trip to Paris with Kids

Thinking of taking your kids on a vacation trip to Paris? It could be difficult to understand what there is to do. Here are 10 things to do when you plan vacations to Paris with kids.
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Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, 3 Paris Day Tours, places of interest paris

5 monuments à voir à Paris

Discover the places of interest in Paris you cannot miss while visiting the city. Here goes a quick selection to help you plan your trip.
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Seine river cruise, Conseils pour planifier le voyage parfait à Paris

Conseils pour planifier le voyage parfait à Paris

Planning your trip to Paris doesn’t have to be stressful! Here’s a list of our favorite tips to help you plan your trip of a lifetime!
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D Day sites: american sector

D Day sites: The American Sector

On 6th of June of 1944, the largest naval battle in history occurred in Normandy, with more than 155.000 soldiers and 14.000 war ships.
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Paris in 2 days, paris all inclusive

Qu’est-ce qu’un offre des vacances tout compris à Paris ?

Wondering what a Paris All-Inclusive package is? Here’s your guide to what is (and what’s not) included.
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Normandie, Normandy, etretat cliffs


Étretat is a village in Normandy best known for its chalk cliffs: these cliffs, very similar to those which can be found in Dover, soar above the gravelly beach and form natural arches and complex formations.
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festivals in france

Top 5 Festivals in France

Here is a Top 5 Festivals in France organized in different categories so that whoever you are, you will undoubtedly find the one that suits you.
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The top 10 day trips from Paris by train

Discover beautiful places near-by Paris and learn more about France and its many charming regions.
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Top 3 Souterrains in Paris

The Top 3 Souterrains in Paris

Discover the magical underground attractions in Paris. Find historical and mystical place that you did not expect.
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hotel boutique paris, best boutique hotels paris

Best Boutique Hotels in Paris

Don't want to live in the standard hotel when you travel to Paris? Want to explore some interesting and unique Parisian style hotel? Check out the best boutique hotels in Paris!
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Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Hotels in Montmartre

Nice Hotels in Montmartre

Do you feel like exploring the historical and artistic area of Montmartre? Here are some hotels right in the heart of the neighborhood!
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loire valley bike tours

Loire Valley Bike Tours

Do you want to spend your vacation in a more active way, out of the loud and busy city? Learn more about how to experience the area of Loire Valley by bike!
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champagne tasting, corporate event in Paris

Champagne Tasting

Champagne is THE sparkling wine worldwide! Visit the region where it comes from and take a sip of excellent champagne!
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Night Clubs in Paris

Get a little change from all the sightseeing and go out to one of the trendiest night clubs in Paris! Here's an overview.
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Paris by night, Eiffel Tower, Paris, nightlife districts in paris, hop-on hop-off tours

Nightlife Districts in Paris

You feel like having some change of sightseeing in Paris and experience the city at night? Check out one of the popular nightlife districts of Paris!
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visit paris and france The Paris attractions trips package is Paris all inclusive package, Paris tour packages

Nos top 3 offres des vacances à Paris offers several holiday package options to suit all tastes and interests. Here’s a breakdown of our top 3 holiday packages.
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exotic garden of monaco, the french riviera

Exotic Garden of Monaco

In the Exotic Garden of Monaco you can see several different types os succulent plants, as well as an old prehistoric cave.
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the catacombs

The Catacombs

Bored to death of the same ordinary touristic paths? Come and visit the Catacombs, of the best hidden spots in Paris! Here, you can find old skulls and bones and you will have the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience!
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luxury european holidays

Notre sélection des vacances de luxe européennes

Here's our selection of European luxury holiday destinations, including accommodations, spas, activities, and cuisine.
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hidden gems paris

6 Trésors cachés à Paris

Alors que Paris est connue pour ses principaux attractions, il y a également beaucoup d'endroits d'intérêt moins connus, y compris 6 de nos favoris.
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Bastille Day

Bastille Day

Wondering how to spend Bastille Day in Paris? Here's our suggestions on how to spend the French national holiday in the City of Lights.
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Paris guided tours

What tourists enjoy in Paris guided tours

If you’re traveling in Paris and don’t know what to do – take a guided tour of Paris . Here’s why:
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Book one of our Paris vacation packages to fully discover the city within your time and budget constraints. The Paris weekend escape is aimed at people who already came to Paris and want to discover new stuff this time., weekend break

Venez à Paris pour vos week-ends

Que ce soit seul, avec des amis ou votre autre significatif, Paris est un lieu enchanteur pour échapper pour le week-end. Voici quelques idées.
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10 must see places in paris in summer

10 lieux incontournables à Paris en été

Avec des températures moyennes autour de 70°F, Paris est le lieu idéal pour des vacances en été. De manger sur le toit pour se promener dans les parcs…
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Hotels Near Gare de Lyon

Hotels Near Gare de Lyon

Staying near this major transportation hub really can't be beat! We've compiled a list of some of our favorite hotels near Gare de Lyon to help you make the most of your next trip to Paris!
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Shopping in Paris, Paris Off-Beaten Paths

Shopping in Paris

Paris is well known for being the capital of fashion: the greatest French designers are based there! If you want to know more about where to go shopping in Paris, check out our selection below.
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Famous Streets in Paris

Famous Streets In Paris

Paris is home to some of the planets most iconic streets and boulevards. Learn more about them here.
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Best Honeymoon Hotels in Paris, Unique Hotels In Paris, unique hotels in paris

Unique Hotels In Paris

ParisByM has rounded up best of Unique Hotels In Paris. Staying in those fancy five-star old world hotels in Paris and beyond is a cliche. These 12 stand out by being contemporary, artsy, eccentric or downright unconventional, yet comforting and stylish.
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How to walk the walk like a Parisian, shopping in paris

How to walk the walk like a Parisian

While accommodations and sights are a vital part of your Parisian vacation, there are a few other considerations that you need to keep in mind before your trip.
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Free Things to Do in Paris

Free Things to Do in Paris

Your trip to Paris doesn't have to be expensive! If you know where to look, you can find plenty of free activities in the city. Check out our favorite free things to do in Paris!
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Paris Segway Tours

Paris Segway Tours

Walking around town is so yesterday... all of the cool kids are segwaying around town these days anyway. Learn more about this exciting experience here!
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Shopping on Sunday in Paris

Shopping on Sunday in Paris

Open or not open?! Sunday stores are not easy to find in Paris! Here, you will find shops and shopping malls that might interest you.
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5 day Paris itierary for the second time visitor

Paris Off-Beaten Paths

Everybody explore's Eiffel Tower, every considered doing the off-beaten path, and trailing off the beaten path? Here's the top list to do things and not stick to the iconic things to experience once-in-lifetime experience in Paris.
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Best Honeymoon Hotels in Paris

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Paris

From boutique hotels to luxurious palaces, Paris offers an infinite number of accommodation options! Here's our list of the best honeymoon hotels in Paris.
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Hotels Near Gare Du Nord

Hotels Near Gare Du Nord

Paris Nord is one of the six large terminus stations in Paris, France. Besides having connections for Paris Métro, RER and buses. It is quoted as one of the busiest railway station in Europe, the 24th busiest in the world and the busiest outside Japan.
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Paris Food, food tours in paris

Food Tours in Paris

Paris Tours For Food take you on a leisurely stroll through the picturesque, winding streets of one of the oldest cities in the different districts of Paris.
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grevin museum

Pourquoi devriez-vous aller au Musée Grévin?

With 450 wax figures to pose with, the Grévin Museum is a perfect place to see if you're looking for a break for the cultural and historical museums of Paris.
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Things to do in summer in Paris

National Museum of Natural History and Jardin des Plantes

The French National Museum of Natural History is the National Natural Museum of France, composed of 12 sites throughout the Country, with four sites located in Paris.
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School Trips

Palais de la Découverte

The Palais de la Découverte is a science museum dedicated to educational activities and experiments, reason why it is a popular attraction for many school trips to Paris.
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Rouen France, normandy in 3 days


Rouen is the capital of the region of Upper Normandy and the historic capital city of Normandy. The population of the metropolitan area is approximately 550 000 people.
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le mathusalem paris

Taste the difference at Le Mathusalem Paris

Find all the information about one of the best traditional French brasseries, le Mathusalem Paris, located in the heart of the 16th district.
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places to visit in france, Calanques France Itinerary

Places to visit in France

France has got a lot to offer. There’s no question about it. But how to choose from this wide range? We have created a little overview of the must-see places to visit in France.
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Versailles, Palace of Versailles,Trips from Paris to Versailles

How to get from Paris to Versailles

Paris is only 12 miles far from the world-wide known Palace of Versailles. You have different ways to reach it, discover here which is the best for you
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paris markets, best food markets in Paris

Best 5 food markets in Paris

If you want to do your groceries or have a quick lunch, follow our guide about the best 5 food market in Paris, where you will find high quality product at very good prices.
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paris in 3 days, nightlife in Paris

Nightlife in Paris

You would like to discover the City of Light at night? Learn more about nightlife in Paris!
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