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things to do in berlin

Best Things To Do In Berlin

Berlin is a fantastic city to explore many places and do many things. Although all touristic spots are well known, there are still unknown places to visit and unknown activities to do in Berlin. If you are wandering what are the best things to do in Berlin, keep reading this post. You will see a variety of choices you can enjoy. From indoor to outdoor, from eating to visiting, we are sure that you will love those to-do ideas in Berlin.

1. Visit The Classic Remise Berlin

things to do in berlin

Photo Credit: Ruud Onos

This place looks like a museum but actually it is not!  For car lovers, it’s a Paradise!  When you visit Germany, why would you miss something that Germans are great at!

Walk around, explore and cherish some German delicious delights to savor your taste buds at the restaurant at the Remise. You should add this on your list as one of the best things to do in Berlin.

If you would like to know more about the Remise, you can opt for either its exclusive guided tours in German or in English.

2. Relax At The Tiergarten Park

things to do in berlin

Photo Credit:

Tiergarten Park is the second-biggest inner-city park in Germany.  This park was once a forest which was considered to be the perfect place for hunting deers and wild animals.  

This park has great beauty with varied landscapes of lawns, meadows, ponds, flower beds that can be seen along the long paths and shaded paths.  There is a lake that can freeze during the winter and offers a beautiful winter landscape while in summer it becomes a perfect place to have a picnic. 

3. Experience The Berlin’s Tiniest Disco

things to do in berlin

Photo Credit: Secret City Travel

For all the party lovers there is fantastic news for you!

Berlin is considered one of the greatest party hubs in the world. It has quite surprisingly fascinating clubs and discos.

This secret spot has no bouncers or line. It is a converted phone booth complete with dry ice, strobe lights, obligatory mirror ball and a choice of tunes. Apparently, it is the smallest disco in the world. Just for 1!

Nothing like exploring out of the box which would leave you with an unexceptional memory of the nightlife in Berlin. Enjoying the teledisco is one of the unusual things to do in Berlin.


4. Have An Underground Dinner

things to do in berlin

Photo Credit: Joselu Blanco


If you are vegan or vegetarian, you are sure to find nice options in Berlin as the city is full of delicious meat-free restaurants. One of the chicest herbivore haven, Cookies Cream, is a top-end vegetarian restaurant which isn’t so easy to find… To find its entrance, you’ll have to walk through the Westin Hotel’s service alley, which leads to an industrial-chic loft.

There, you will enjoy one of Berlin’s finest meat-free dishes, which are as nicely presented in your plate as they are delicious in your mouth.

However, if you are craving some meat, you can visit Crackers, which is run by the same team and is located in a former cinema below. Do not miss this hidden gem during your Berlin trip. 


things to do in berlin

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

5. See The Amazing Views from Viktoriapark

Berlin being pretty flat, there are only a few spots from where you will have a view over the whole city. Of course, you can wait in line to climb the Reichstagskuppel but instead, we suggest you head to Kreuzberg’s Viktoriapark. Not as famous as the other places, this is, in fact, the highest point in Berlin and it, therefore, offers grassy areas with a lot of space, which is ideal for a picnic.

In the park, you will also find a beer garden (of course!), a pond, a beautiful waterfall, and on top of the hill, you will discover a Prussian National Monument for the Liberation Wars, very similar to a Gothic church spire. The view from up there is beautiful, and you won’t regret the little trek to reach it.


6. Do Shopping At The Flea Market And Karaoke At The Mauerpark

The Mauerpark is a park located in the north of Berlin. On Sundays, many people gather around live bands playing randomly in the park. You will also find there a large flea-market with secondhand products.

things to do in berlin

Photo Credit: Stas Rozhkov

Another attraction of the park is the open-air karaoke with just the good mix of talented/funny singers, old/young and male/female. With such good vibes, you can spend hours listening to others, or even participating!

We also recommend you try the local dishes prepared by Berliners in the market to make your stay really local and a great experience.


Berlin has full of hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do. They are waiting for you to explore as a Berliner. Given 6 top things to do in Berlin will inspire you!



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best things to do in rome

Best Things To Do In Rome

Rome is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in the world. While walking in the city, you will feel like you are in an open air museum. Rome offers many touristic attractions as well as unknown hidden gems. Are you wondering what are the best things to do in Rome? We gather here some ideas for you. Prepare your time in Rome before your visit and read our post!

1. Enjoy The Sunset In The Garden Of The Oranges

the best things to do in rome

Photo Credit: Italymagazine

The garden of the oranges is just above the river on the Aventine Hill. It is also known as Parco Savello, which is considered one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Rome.

What characterizes the garden is definitely the fountain at the entrance created by an Italian artist. It is one of the city’s most beloved natural areas where the locals go to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset. 

We recommend you to visit the place during the sunset or sunrise. It is one of the best things to do in Rome.


2. Relax In The Villa Ada and Visit the Catacombs

the best things to do in rome

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Did you hear about the Savoy? They were Italy’s formal royal family in Rome. Villa Ada was the residence of this Royal family. It is now one of Rome’s largest public parks.

You can do numerous activities here as you can walk, jog or rent a bike, but if you want to simply relax, you can set up a picnic and enjoy your lunch surrounded by green.

Apart from being a great place to spend some time in nature, Villa Ada is also packed with historical sites. First and foremost, there are several catacombs, the cemeteries of early Christians, before Christianity was recognized as a religion.


3. Experience The Italian Indoor Architecture in Basilica di Santa Cecilia in Trastevere

the best things to do in rome

Photo Credit:

Another of the best things to do in Rome is visiting Basilica di Santa Cecilia in Trastevere. Not being so touristic and popular, this Basilica is neglected.

Quite unassumingly from outside, the interior is finely decorated and bears the final resting place of Santa Cecilia, the saint patron of music, whose body was moved here from the previous tomb in the Catacombs of St. Callixtus.

Don’t forget to go down one level and visit the luxurious crypt and then down again for an ancient Roman Domus.

Beautiful architecture and the vast history will mesmerize you with an impact of the early Romans.


the best things to do in rome

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

4. Discover Roman Classic Art In the Galleria Sciarra

Just a couple of minutes away from the stunning Trevi Fountain, you may reach this pretty Galleria (gallery). It is one of the worthy places in Rome which need to be covered during your trip.

The colors and the lights reflected by the mirror give an extra touch to its beauty. You will see beautiful Roman classic architecture here. It is a nice and cozy place to have some Italian deliciousness cuisines at the chic restaurants situated around the place.

Must say that it is one of the best things to do in Rome.  Surely, you won’t regret!


5. Explore the Roman Gallery In The Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

Palazzo Doria Pamphilj is definitely one of our favorite and we highly recommend you explore it! It is the best-known private gallery in RomeBuilt just a few steps away from the famous Piazza Venezia which is among all the beautiful buildings in Rome.

It’s not only beautiful from outside but from the inside as well. The paintings are in an order that has not changed over time

Definitely consider adding the visit of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj to your list of the best things to do in Rome. 

the best things to do in rome

Photo Credit: Suchart Boonyavech/ Shutterstock


6. Walk Through Roman History In The Baths of Caracalla

The best-preserved public baths in Rome. There are considered to be the second-largest baths in Rome. Here you can admire the ruins from ancient times. Thermae of Caracalla were considered one of the seven wonders of Rome in Ancient Times, the place where people would take baths, explore sports and spend time together socializing or worshiping the gods.

Escape from the major touristic spots and still be in touch with the Roman ancient history. While walking, you will see the ground floor of the buildings and a large part of the impressive walls that formed the precinct remains. That is how we would define and consider it worth to visit!  

the best things to do in rome

Photo Credit: Loneylyplanet


Rome is a big city which contains many touristic attractions inside. There are plenty of well-known places to visit in Rome. Here, you have 5 different the best things to do in Rome. Consider our recommendations while you are planning what to visit in Rome. Enjoy Rome… Do as Romans do! 


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Must Do In Paris By Night

Do you want to know a secret? Paris is more beautiful than ever during the night. Paris is full of monuments and lights which shine after the sun goes down. Night and Romance walk hand in hand.. Have you ever wondered why Paris is called the ‘city of romance’ and the ‘city of lights’? There must be a strong connection. Read what are the top must do in Paris by night.

1. Enjoy The Seine River

must do in paris by night

Photo Credit: Flickr

This city serves its own special vibes during the night. The Seine is considered as the blood of the city for Parisians. Walking by the river, under the clear sky with dreamy views surrounding you, is like a dream! Paris has a beautiful charm during the day but it completely changes during the night and makes you feel like a dreamland.. like magic

The Seine river will reflect all the lights back. When there is a clear sky, take a good bottle of wine, some cheese and a fresh baguette to sit on the banks along the seine river. You will feel like Parisian once you taste this must do in Paris by night.

Not just that, this city is among the few in the world where you can do anything you want during the night! Undoubtedly, this city has so much to offer before you sleep…

2. Visit Museums By Night

must do in paris by night

Photo Credit: Needpix

This dramatic city has much more to offer when the sun goes down.

There are many museums in Paris which are visited by hundreds of tourists every day.  Have you ever experienced museums during the night time? There are certain special dates during the year when you have almost all the major museums staying open at night time. Even the most famous museum ‘The Louvre’ museum can be visited at night.
Check here to see the times and museums which are open all night in Paris. It is a must do in Paris by night before you end your trip.

3. Have A Dinner In A Luxury Cruise or Luxury Bus

must do in paris by night

Photo Credit: ParisByM

Depending upon your tastes and your budget, you can choose a number of activities which can be experienced during the night time. Doing something unique, you do want to try having dinner while enjoying a luxury cruise or in a luxury bus. Seine river dinner cruise will allow you to have a panoramic view from aboard an all-glass boat. You can enjoy the live music while you are having dinner with breathtaking views. Alternatively, the dinner bus may take you all around the city covering the major touristic attractions.

4. Have An Illumination Tour

If you are in Paris during the winter season, you also have the opportunity to enjoy an ‘illumination tour’. You will take a seat on the open-air bus which would take you to the most magical places in Paris for an hour. Discover the magic of Paris by night! Relive the history of Paris while discovering the illuminations of the capital. Believe us, your eyes will see the most beautiful lights!

must do in paris by night

Photo Credit: Francetourisme

5. Visit Christmas Markets in Paris

Holiday Trip to Paris, must do in paris by night

Paris Christmas Market

During winters, the cold nights in Paris are like being in fairytale land, with decorated streets, lights all around and the famous Christmas markets. If trying something extraordinary is your thing, then add visiting one of these markets in your must do in Paris by night list! 

These markets open during the month of November until January. It is a perfect place to experience the special local ‘hot wine‘ and traditional food from different French regions, such as the pretzels, locally produced cheese, and meat. For those looking up for a Christmas gift for their friends and family, these markets are the best places to shop and take a souvenir from Paris as a gift for your loved ones.

6. Experience French Humor

If you are a comedy lover, there are certain comedy shows in Paris which run through the night. You might want to try this experience and admire the ‘French Humor‘ along with the local Parisians. You may find comedy shows either in English or French. It will be a great experience to sit down with other locals or international travelers and laugh together. Check here to see where to find comedy shows in English in Paris.

must do in paris by night

Photo Credit: Piqsels

All in all, this city not only amuses you during the day, you have so many things to do, to explore and experience at night. The city will be remembered with the lifetime memories that you will take back home with you.  These 6 ideas as must do in Paris by night are just fascinating!

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hidden gems paris

Hidden Gems In Paris

Paris is one of the most touristic destinations in the world, and you might have the feeling of being drowned in the mass of tourists when you visit certain places, especially during summer and the peak season. But Paris holds so many diverse aspects that you can easily find other places to discover in a more relaxing way… Below is a selection of some hidden gems in Paris which will allow you to discover Paris in your own way and at your own pace.

1. Le Clos Montmartre and Museum of Montmartre

Hidden gems in paris

Photo Credit: ParisByM

Somewhere in between the streets of Montmartre, few steps away from the Sacré Coeur basilica lies a pretty little vineyard. In an area full of artists and painters, this vineyard is no less than a painting inspiration itself.

Located on the hill and surrounded by cobbled streets, the place will give you a feeling of being in a vintage town out of the city.

If you are looking to escape from a busy daily life, or if you’d rather avoid doing touristic things in Paris and want to have your “me time”, don’t hesitate to push the doors to the Museum of Montmartre and to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the garden overlooking the vineyard. One of our favorite hidden gems in Paris, the museum will allow you to discover much more in just one hour than most of the tourists who go to Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur basilica.

2. The Passages Couverts of Paris (covered alleys)

hidden gems in paris

Photo Credit: Flickr

Unique, extravagant, lavish and mesmerizing, that is how we could describe the Passages Couverts in Paris. Created in the 19° century to all

Now people to go shopping whatever the weather, the covered alleys keep you warm and cozy in winter, and fresh in summer. Not only can you find there a great variety of shops and boutique stores, but you can also go there to chill and grab a coffee with a friend on the terraces of the many restaurants and cafés. 

The Passages Couverts are an ideal attraction for everyone. This is the ideal place for tourists who want to take a break from busy museums and still have the desire of enjoying something beautiful and calm. It is an ideal place for people interested in architecture in general as well as people who want to go shopping at local and traditional French stores (but not only!). It’s one of the hidden gems in Paris which is undoubtful to be discovered.

3. Le Marché des Enfant Rouges

hidden gems in paris

Photo Credit: Flickr

Opened in 1615, this is the oldest food market in Paris. Parisians and tourists alike can find great options to have an amazing lunch, grabbing things from various shops. This semi-open sky market serves you with the mix of taste and culture which is undeniably a typical French lifestyle experience. You can taste the locally produced charcuterie and cheese, or experience international Moroccan, Lebanese or Italian dishes… you can find them all here! Not being the biggest food market in Paris, it’s not as famous among tourists as some other street markets, which really makes it one of the hidden gems in Paris. 

4. Canal Saint-Martin

hidden gems in paris

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Discover a really unusual corner of Paris! We highly recommend you to visit Canal Saint-Martin which holds a gist of the history of Parisian life. This canal was originally used to bring drinking water to the inhabitants of the capital. 

Highlight of the neighborhood, it attracts visitors, walkers, and lovers for a touristic cruise or for a picnic on the canal banks. With a little bit of luck, you can admire the passing of a boat in one of the 9 locks or 2 movable bridges along the canal, a small attraction that participate in the beauty of the canal waters and the walking passage alongside.

During sunny weekends in summer, you will find a lot of Parisians sitting on the banks, relaxing and enjoying a quiet moment far from the busy city life.

5. La Coulée Verte

hidden gems in paris

Photo Credit: Flickr

This is an ideal walk to leave the hustle of the city in the middle of nature. La Coulée Verte was once a set of railway tracks that are now abandoned and gives a perfect example of regenerated abandoned places. The landscape is protected from the urbanized city life and you can discover a biological and green side of the city.

A good half of the Coulée Verte will allow you to overlook the city. After the footbridges, the walk back down to the street level, you will also pass under small tunnels. In short, you will understand, the walk is far from being monotonous is just amazing!

Although Paris has many touristic attractions to visit, the ideas above will take you quite and unusual places. For whom would like to escape from crowded touristic places, these places will be perfect for you! Discover Paris as a local!


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