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How to Find Your Ideal Corporate Event Venue?

Carefully choosing your corporate event venue is a key element in your event success. The selection will depend on various elements, including the type of corporate event you are planning to organize: do you plan to have a big conference or small meetings? Are you considering to organize workshops or an international fair? Choosing a venue for the event is the one decision that will have the biggest impact on your event. We know that choosing the best corporate event venue can be very complicated, hopefully this post can help you check which elements to consider.


corporate events venue, corporate event venue

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1. Finding The Right Capacity And Size

The capacity of the venue is very important. Will your corporate event be a residential event? If yes, you need to find a venue which can accommodate your guests while offering meeting rooms in the same place. Knowing if people will share rooms or not is very important, as it may allow to reduce the number of rooms needed in your corporate event venue. Also, you may want to have some safety margin and find a place with more rooms than needed in fact, just in case… If you confirm 50 attendants, you may want to look for venues offering more than 60 rooms.


event companies in Paris, corporate events venue, corporate event venue

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2. Selection the Right Location For Your Event

event management companies in paris, corporate event venue, corporate events venue

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You will not have the same vibes for your event depending on if the venue is located right in a city center, or in the countryside or even near an airport. If you want to allow your guests to have some free time and discover the city during their free time, then you have to consider finding a venue in a city center. But if you are organizing a working seminar with your team to boost creativity, you might want to go to the green for that…

Other aspect to consider: will you need transportation for your guests? If they will come by their own means, make sure that your venue provides parking space to be used by attendees. If not, you can check if there is a public parking space around the venue and give the information to your guests. Alternatively, you may want to arrange shuttles for your guests. That would solve the parking question. If they will use public transportation, make sure they will be able to access the venue by metro, bus or train easily.

And while considering accessibility, don’t forget to check if your corporate event venue needs to have any specific features for some of your guests. More and more places are accessible to wheelchairs for instance, but you might want to have a confirmation.

3. Checking The Atmosphere And The Layout

corporate events venue, exhibition, venue, corporate event venue

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The atmosphere of the venue is crucial for the attendants. It will set the right mood for your corporate event.

The style of the venue for a leisure gala dinner will not be the same as the one for more business-focused sessions. While workshops, conference and fairs will need business setting, you want to have a more glamorous atmosphere for your gala event.

Lastly,  you need to have clear information about how the venue is designed. The venue having just one big hall or small different halls connecting together will make a difference.

4. Fitting Into Your Budget

The budget is one of the most important variables you need to think about. What will your company cover? Will it cover accommodation, transportation for attendees, rent of the venue, meals, or more? Does the total amount fit within your budget? If your answer to this question is yes, then the venue you are considering can fit for your corporate event.

Last but not least,  don’t forget to check what is already included in the proposal the venue offers. Check what is already included and what still needs to be added in options. Can the venue offer caterer service ? Ask whether furniture as chairs, tables, stands or linens are included. If yes, you will save a lot of money. Finally, you may check if additional expenses like set-up of the room, AV system, cleaning and security crew, or access to the wifi are included. Once you are fully aware of what is included in the price, you may decide what other options you will need to add to the list for your corporate event.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing your corporate event venue. However, if you take the above into consideration when doing your researches, you will find the perfect corporate event venue. But should you want to save a lot of time and be sure to have the most adapted offers for your corporate event, we suggest to get in touch with professional event planners and venue finders.


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