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Macaron workshop

Macaron Workshop in Paris, a Real Parisian Experience!


macaron, macaron workshop, macaron making class,

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Do you like delicious sweet macarons? Yummy! Yes, you do right? We know that you already imagine those colorful macarons in your mind. Have you ever tried to make them at home? Or have you never been brave enough to make macarons at home on your own because you find it very hard and complicated? We have good news for you! It is not impossible to make perfect macarons at home anymore! Get ready, fasten your seat belts and keep reading! You are on your way to being an expert on macarons thanks to this workshop.

Macaron workshop

Photo Credit: ParisByM

French pâtisserie is the best to discover plenty of foodies. The macarons are the classics and one of the most popular sweets in the French cuisine. If you are willing to have one step closer to French culture, macaron workshops are for you! Since the real delightful macarons are very expensive in Paris, you will be able to learn how to make macarons for yourself with a local Parisian chef in this workshop. Plus, you will be able to take these fresh handmade macarons home with you! Let’s see why you need to consider macaron making workshop as a must-do in Paris.


Macaron, macaron making class, macaron workshop

Photo Credit: ParisByM

Paris is such a big touristic city with many hidden gems inside to be discovered. Although there are many different activities to do in Paris, unfortunately, people are stuck to do the same activities with their family, children or friends. Here, we come up with an amazing proposal for you.

Macaron workshops usually take place in local pâtisseries in the heart of Paris. It is such a great opportunity for you to have fun, at the same time learn and practice how to make macarons from a patient and knowledgeable chef. You will be able to have international friends and you will socialize if you would like to attend the workshop with other people. If pairing for the class, you will collaborate with your partner and later you will share the proud about your macarons at the end of the workshop. This interactive activity will give you a real French culture taste.


During the approximately 2-hour macaron workshop, you will be able to discover the unique tricks of your French chef which you may never find out on the internet.

These tips and information will improve your macaron making skills which will be helpful for you once you try to bake them at home. Your chef speaks English so there will be no language barrier. All of your questions will be answered gladly. The most important thing is your chef is so talented and he/she has great knowledge about pastry to share with you.

Theoretically, you will learn how to make Italian meringue, how to use a pastry bag, how to bake the biscuits, how to prepare a “ganache“, how to add colors and flavors for the fillings and finally how to stuff the macarons. You will go through each step slowly with practice. When there are other participants in the workshop, each participant will be able to make different fillings and flavors.

It will enable you to have different macarons at the end of the workshop. Do not worry! You will be able to get the special recipe of macarons by email including the photos taken during the workshop. Indeed, it will be an unforgettable experience for you! I am happy to tell you that you will be given a box to take the macarons you baked with you. Now, you have a right to be proud of your own handmade macarons.

Enjoy the sweet delicate result with your family! If you prefer, eat all of them alone! 😊


Group, Macaron workshop, macaron class

Photo Credit: ParisByM

Either alone or with a group, you will be able to enjoy this macaron workshop. Would you like to have a private macaron workshop? Or would you rather prefer to be with other foreigners and socialize with them? Maybe, you already have a group. So, why don’t you have this experience altogether? Macaron workshop is available for all who would like to be a master of macarons in Paris.
A promise of a delightful moment to repeat at home and to impress your friends and family!


 Et Voilà !

macarons. macaron workshop, two ladies, cooking macarons

Photo Credit: ParisByM



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