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Why Study Abroad in Paris?

Why study abroad in Paris? Over 5% of Paris’ population is comprised of university students and around 100,000 of them are foreign. It is an incredible place to spend a summer, semester, or whole year. Still not convinced? Here are 10 more reasons why you should pick Paris for your study abroad.

Why Study Abroad In Paris?

  1. You get to learn and practice French, a beautiful romance language and the 5th most spoken language in the world. Plus, if you don’t already speak French, many Parisians (especially those who work in the tourism industry, restaurants, and hospitality) speak English!
  2. French Food, why study abroad in parisThere are bakeries (or boulangeries) everywhere. I mean, who doesn’t want to start their day with a fresh baguette tradition, a buttery croissant, or a decadent pain au chocolat? It’s pretty commonplace to see locals munching on baguettes in the street, since it’s so hard to resist starting your oven-hot baguette on your walk home. We can attest.
  3. Famous monuments, museums, and shows make for great classroom excursions. The Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, National Opera, and Theater will probably appear on your syllabi at least once. This means that academics will be exciting and integrated with the culture and history of the city itself. Paris will actively play a role in your studies, rather than merely be the backdrop of your semester abroad.
  4. What could be better than studying abroad where it is the norm to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine after a long day of classes or work? Oh, I know: Being able to do this at an outdoor café table that overlooks Notre Dame or the Seine. Plus, as your French improves, you will be able to eavesdrop on the juicy conversations of the Parisians sitting next to you.
  5. You have endless day trip and weekend trip options.
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    By train, you can easily head off to Versailles, Lyon, Champagne, Normandy, Brussels, London, Cannes, and Alsace. The best part is that you won’t even have to go through immigration or customs. If you are willing to take a flight, you can spend a weekend in Greece or Italy (if you can even part with Paris for that long).

  6. You can pop champagne literally anywhere and everywhere. This means that you can post a photo of yourself drinking champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower (and every other famous monument). Or, you can relax by the Seine with some drinks. Either way, casual drinking is a way of life and a reminder to slow down.
  7. Do you have a sweet tooth? Us too. Luckily, there is no shortage of fresh macarons, éclairs, and chocolates in Paris. Put away your bag of Cheetos and opt for the finer snacks in life.
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    You can go to a different market every weekend. Whether you’re a foodie, an antique collector, or a fashionista, there is a market for you! Check out the Marché aux Pouces de St-Ouen in the 18th arrondissement, the Marché Bastille, and the Marché des Enfants Rouges.

  9. There are endless bookstores in Paris. The art of old-fashioned books is not dead in the City of Lights. Don’t speak French? You can either buy French books to advance your vocabulary or check out the world-famous independent Shakespeare and Company bookstore, which has English language books!
  10. You will fall in love. While not necessarily with a significant other, you will definitely fall in love with Paris. Its romantic settings, culture, arts, gastronomy, and sophistication are bound to steal your heart. You might even move there forever.The romantic trip package in Paris is for those coming with their lover and who want to have nice time together, explore the city and possibly make a weeding proposal or celebrate an anniversary. Book one of our Paris vacation packages to fully discover the city within your time and budget constraints, why study abroad in paris


When people ask us “why study abroad in Paris?,” these are our immediate responses. At ParisByM, we are lifelong lovers of Paris and believe that everyone should experience its magic at least once in their lives.

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things to do in Paris on Sunday

Fun Things To Do In Paris On Sunday

There’s nothing like waking up in Paris on a Sunday and realizing that all the shops around you are closed. Don’t worry! There are still plenty of lively places both in and outside of Paris for you to explore on a Sunday.

Things to do in Paris on Sunday

Enjoy brunch

Weekend brunch is a must while you are in Paris! It has definitely become a “thing.” While you can simply stop at any bistro or café, we recommend checking out La Becane A Gaston, Hollybelly 5, Eggs and Co, Zia, or So Nat. Don’t forget to sleep in for a couple extra hours before brunch, if you want to do Sundays like a local!

things to do in Paris on Sunday

Eggs & Co

See a show

Whether you are interested in theater, comedy, or dance, Paris has a show for you! The National Opera of Paris offers operas, ballets, symphony concerts, chamber concerts, and more. Anything you chose to see is bound to be exquisite. The Theater in Paris is also a great place to explore and offers some plays with surtitles shown in English. The Moulin Rouge is also open on Sundays, if you want to enjoy a truly iconic Parisian experience.

Montmartre Tour, things to do in Paris on Sunday

Visit le Marais

Sunday is a perfect day to go explore the trendy le Marais district of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. While we recommend that you simply wander around and enjoy the vibe, there are a few highlights to look out for. Check out le Marché des Enfants-Rouges, which is the oldest covered market in Paris, Place des Vosges, and the Jewish quarter on Rue des Rosiers (don’t forget to try a falafel!). There is also great boutique and chain shopping in le Marais, if you want to pick up some memorable fashion pieces. Because le Marais is one of the few areas allowed to keep shops open on Sundays, it will be crowded with both tourists and locals.

5 day Paris Itinerary for the second time visitor, things to do in Paris on Sunday

Place de Vosges

Go to a flea market

Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, known to locals simply as Les Puces (The Fleas), is at Porte de Clignancourt in the 18th arrondissement. It is the largest antique market in the world and open on Sunday from 10am to 6pm. You can browse the market on a guided tour or guide yourself through the market using this map. While you are admiring the furniture and paintings of the market, be sure to watch out for your bags – Pickpockets are common here. If you like to pick up unique memorabilia during your trips, make Les Puces one of your things to do in Paris on Sunday!

Paris markets, Market tours, things to do in Paris on Sunday

The Dauphine market one of the 14 markets in the Saint-Ouen fleamarket – Credit: Wikipedia

Take a day trip

The Palace of Versailles, the Estate of Trianon, and the Gardens of Versailles are all open on Sunday. You can start exploring the Gardens as early as 8am, which makes Versailles a great Sunday day trip for early risers. You can also visit Claude Monet’s Giverny Gardens on Sundays. We recommend getting there at 9:15am or purchasing a skip-the-line ticket to avoid unpleasant waiting. If you book a private tour, you will also get to skip the line. Be careful when visiting other small towns on Sundays, as many shops and restaurants will be closed.

versailles, grand trianon, cheap places to stay in paris, things to do in Paris on Sunday

Versailles Grand Trianon

Go to a wine bar

We recommend going to at least one wine bar during your stay in Paris! Despite their title, wine bars tend to offers small plates of food, meats, and cheeses. Le Baron Rouge in the 12th arrondissement is open on Sundays from 10am-4pm, so consider stopping in for a midday snack. Be sure to try their fresh oysters and rillettes! L’Avant-Comptoir, a tiny gastropub and tapas bar located in the 6th arrondissement is also open on Sundays from 12pm-11pm. This bar has no seating, but you won’t even realize that you’re on your feet once you start trying their delicious plates and natural wines!

wine tasting Paris, things to do in Paris on Sunday

We hope that list of things to do in Paris on Sunday has assured you that the City of Lights has a lot to offer, even on its beloved day of rest. Don’t despair if you find yourself spending a Sunday in Paris. Instead, embrace and enjoy the laidback Sunday culture.

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