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Corporate Trip Ideas In France

Looking to plan a corporate trip to France? Not sure where to go? Whether for a business or incentive trip, here are our favorite locations in France to add to your list of corporate trip ideas.


English is more widely spoken in Paris than in many other French cities, making it a convenient place to travel with English speaking employees and clients. There are also many great venues for business meetings and events, like the Parc des Expositions and the Musée des Arts Forains. If your employees or clients will be spending time in the La Défense business district, they can stay in one of the many excellent hotels nearby. We especially recommend booking the InterContinental Paris on Avenue Marcel for business trips. There are no shortages of fun activities for your employees and clients to do partake in during their downtime. For example, they can visit Le Musée d’Orsay or the artsy Montmartre district. Paris is a great place to combine serious business meetings with fun travel.

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The French Riviera

The main business hubs in the French Riviera are Monaco, Nice, Sophia-Antipolis, and Cannes. We recommend adding the Riviera to your list of corporate trip ideas if you are seeking a little extra glamor, sunshine, and beauty. The variety of landscapes in the French Riviera provide you with both creative and classic location options for meetings and events and beautiful places to explore. For example, visitors can spend one day out on a catamaran and another in a conference room with breathtaking ocean views. For those coming from a colder climate, exploring the Riviera’s beaches and seaside restaurants will be a wonderful break. Plus, Nice and Marseille house an international airport, making the Riviera easily accessible for all employees and clients worldwide.

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You might know Bordeaux for its famous vineyards, but it also features a revitalized and pedestrian-friendly city center, beautiful buildings, a lovely waterfront area with boutiques and cafés, and world-famous art. As many of your activities in Bordeaux will be centered around wine, make sure that your employees and clients are comfortable with drinking before you make Bordeaux your next corporate destination. Because Bordeaux is a major French city, there are plenty of venue options for business meetings, such as the Congress Centre and the Palais de la Bourse. To ensure a successful trip, we recommend using a travel agency to help you plan your vineyard tours, river cruises, and other tourism activities.

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Lyon has an incredible MICE sector and contains many places and monuments that are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, like the Croix Rousse and Bellecour Place. Lyon is also the gastronomic capital of France, which means that you will eat incredible food for every meal. The best business hotels in Lyon tend to be cheaper than those in Paris, making it more affordable for smaller companies or those on a budget. Yet, because Lyon is the 3rd largest city in France, it has a wide range of venue options that can host a large number of guests and an international airport that makes getting there a breeze.

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The region of Alsace contains an international airport and is only 2 hours from Paris by train. Because it is uniquely located on the border of Germany and Switzerland, visitors can enjoy a unique blend of culture and history and incredible sightseeing. “Meet in Alsace,” which includes the three Convention Bureaus of Strasbourg, Colmar, and Mulhouse, provides assistance and solutions for those planning business events in Alsace. With the help of one of these locally specialized bureaus, hosting a business trip in Alsace has never been easier.

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We hope that this article has helped open your mind to some great corporate trip ideas in France. Whichever location you chose, your employees and clients are bound to be incredibly satisfied. If none of these locations seem to fit your needs, reach out to us at ParisByM. We would love to help make your dream corporate trip a reality.


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The Role of Travel Agency Services In Your Trip

Why should you use travel agency services when planning your next trip? Their experience and expertise can make all the difference. However, you must also take an active role in thinking about your trip and deciding which agency to use.

Quels sont les avantages d'un agent de voyage pour votre séjour à Paris, travel agency services

How to make the most of travel agency services:

Know what you want to get out of your trip before you reach out to an agency

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Your travel agent will not be able to plan a successful trip for you if you cannot provide him or her with basic goals for your trip. Do you want to see museums? Explore hidden neighborhoods? Go on food or wine tours? What are your priorities? Do you want to stay in a 5-star hotel? Not only will these questions help your agent create a truly personalized experience for you, but they will also help you pick your agent or agency. Different agencies are good at different types of trips. For example, if you are only looking to see the main tourist sites, maybe a package deal would be a better fit for you than a tailored trip.

Pick an agency that works in your price range

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You will be incredibly frustrated if your travel agent is continually recommending hotels, restaurants, and experiences that are either too expensive or too cheap for your taste. Don’t expect an agency that provides cheap deals to be an expert in couture travel. Similarly, don’t expect a luxury travel agency to provide you with lower quality recommendations. Be up front about your budget during your initial contact with agencies and be sure to check reviews from past clients to get a sense of the price and quality of their trips.

Chose an agency that is familiar with the region you are travelling to

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If you are looking for a “local” travel experience, pick an agency that specializes in and is located in the region to which you are traveling. If you pick an agency with a global approach, check to make sure that they plan trips to your destination frequently. You want to make sure that your agent will have the necessary connections and expertise to make your trip special and smooth.

Trust your agent but stand your ground when necessary

You hired your travel agent for a reason. You should trust their expertise and opinions and really listen when they hint that one of your desires or suggestions should be altered. However, remember that this is your trip. If you are not happy with their ideas or with the itinerary, say something! Only you know your tastes and what will make a trip memorable for you.

Think about the questions your agent is asking you

Student Trips to Paris, travel agency servicesIn order to create the best program possible, your agent is going to ask you questions about what you want to see and the personalities of the people you are traveling with. These questions are extremely important and allow your agent to make a trip that fits you like a glove. Provide as much detail as possible about your expectations and travel circumstances.

Form a relationship with your agent

If your trip was a success and you and your agent meshed well, consider using them again. Stay in touch and provide them with feedback. Overtime, they will come to know your tastes and will be able to design even better programs for you in the future. Plus, you won’t have to go through the stress of finding another agent you trust or that fits your budget well.


Even when you think that you can plan an entire trip on your own, an agent may provide you with invaluable advice and ideas and decrease the stress of planning. We recommend using a travel agent whenever you travel to an unfamiliar destination and hope that this article has provided you with some guidance on how to make the most out of travel agency services.

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Business Incentives for Employees

What is a business incentive, with respect to employees? It is a program or strategy to motivate employees and increase overall employee performance. Although these programs boost morale and loyalty, only 27% of companies invest in them. Here are some ideas for business incentives that you can implement for your company!


Ideas you can implement inside the office:

  • Allow your employees to take advantage of flexible hours, within reason. They will be thankful to have a job where they partially set their own schedule and can enjoy their lives outside the office.

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  • Provide your employees with free coffee, tea, creamers, and cookies. Investing a little bit of extra money in free food and drinks will go a long way to boost day-to-day morale.
  • Offer days off as a bonus, if you cannot afford to increase salaries. We recommend adding these extra days off around holidays so that employees can leave town or spend time with their families. For example, the day after Thanksgiving would be a great bonus day off.
  • business incentivesOrganize a book club or other interest groups in the office. This will allow employees to spend time discussing something other than work and help forge friendships between those with similar interests. Plus, if employees feel like they have a reason to spend time with one another, they are less likely to spend their lunch breaks isolated and more likely to spend time bonding!
  • On days when there is not much work to do, consider letting your employees leave work early. An extra hour, especially during the spring or summer months, can feel like much more. Plus, nobody wants to sit around the office when they feel like they have nothing productive to do.


Ideas you can implement outside the office:

  • If your company requires its employees to travel for business, consider extending the trip by one day Hotels near Eiffel Tower, business incentives and planning bonding events for your employees. These can take the form of dinners, nights out, or more creative events. If you are having trouble coming up with creative ideas, consider getting in touch with an event planner or travel agent. We are sure that your employees will love getting to explore and enjoy new places!
  • Offer travel subsidies for your employees, as long as they agree to have one team lunch or happy hour while away. This is a particularly great idea if you have offices in multiple locations and want to strengthen bonds across all your employees.
  • Take an outing with your employees. These do not have to be expensive. You can go to the movies, mini golf, a happy hour, a concert, a wine tasting, a theater performance, or dinner. Helping your employees share their interests with one another and socialize outside the office will help build trust and genuine friendship. This will improve the workplace environment and increase employee retention.
  • Offer a gym membership to your employees. In addition to being grateful for saving money on often
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    expensive memberships, your employees will benefit from increased physical and mental health. The effects of increasing the overall wellbeing of your employees should not be overlooked. They will become more efficient workers, happier, and require fewer sick days.

  • Offer free courses, seminars, or conferences to your employees. This will improve their skills and help them focus on personal growth. By helping your employees feel like they are dynamic learners, you will encourage innovation and company-level growth. When people learn new skills or have new ideas, they will want to bring them to the table. Because your employees have a day job, consider finding courses offered online, in the evenings, on the weekends, or as one day workshops.


We hope that these business incentive ideas for employees help get your creative juices flowing. While creating good employee incentives may seem like an afterthought, we encourage you to make them a priority. Your employees will be grateful and your company will benefit as a result.


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