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Our Business Travel Tips

Traveling for business can be incredibly exhausting and stressful. After a long day of flying, you’re expected to look and act professional. To help your travels go smoothly, we have compiled a list of business travel tips for you!

Corporate event, corporate event in Paris, business event in paris, business travel tips

Business Travel Tips:

  1. If you are checking bags, try to fly in meeting attire, so you won’t be stuck scrambling for a new suit if there is a luggage disaster. You could also pack an emergency carry-on bag containing a nice change of clothes and important toiletries. However, whenever possible, avoid checking a bag at all to save time at the airport.
  2. Try to stay in a hotel that is close to your main meetings so that you don’t have to worry about traffic.
  3. Get a frequent flyer number and start adding up points! You get rewards, like free flights and cheaper seat upgrades.
  4. Check in ahead of time to skip the long line at airports and the stress of dealing with automated check-in machines. When you get an email from your airline 24 hours before your flight, don’t ignore it!
  5. Try not to finalize travel arrangements until you have confirmed your scheduled meetings. Switching around flights and hotels is a lot more stressful than waiting an extra couple of days to book them.
  6. If you can, try to arrive a day early to your destination. This will help you overcome jet-lag and give you time to explore. Getting accustomed to where you are traveling before your meetings start will decrease stress!
  7. Do research on the social and business etiquette of your destination to avoid accidentally committing any faux pas. You might even receive extra kind treatment by respecting and abiding by the culture of your destination.
  8. Invest in a backup portable phone charger, and don’t forget to charge it before your flight.
  9. Sign up for TSA Pre-Check for domestic travel and Global Entry for international travel to save time at the airport. The less time you spend waiting in line, the happier you will be!
  10. If you hate waiting around the boarding gate and want somewhere to freshen up before or after your flight, consider purchasing an airport lounge membership.

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  11. Try to use the same bag for your carry-on and work bag to save space.
  12. Bring small bills in local currency for tips so that you can tip your driver and the hotel staff.
  13. If you struggle with jet lag, workout in the morning and when you land. Nothing quite does the trick like getting your blood pumping!
  14. Stick to your daily routine as much as possible when you travel. This will help you feel more at home in any destination. Similarly, stay in touch with your family to stay calm and grounded.
  15. Bring a good book. You never know when you will find yourself waiting around.
  16. Try to squeeze in sightseeing during your business trips. Pick at least one thing you really want to see and commit to seeing it! It would be a shame to only see the inside of your meeting rooms.
  17. Do you usually spill coffee or wine on yourself? Bring dark colors to avoid stains!
  18. To minimize what you have to pack, bring only versatile pieces of clothing and shoes. You probably don’t need that one standout outfit.
  19. Avoid layovers whenever possible. Note that a direct flight might stop (although you will not need to get off the plane), whereas a non-stop flight won’t.
  20. Bring a tennis ball in your carry-on luggage to roll out your feet, legs, and back. This small item will you bring you extreme relief after a long flight.
  21. If you want to go to sleep as soon as possible, order a vegetarian or kosher meal to get served first.
Corporate event, Paris Conference Center, conference hotels in Paris, business travel tips


We hope that you found these business travel tips helpful. If you are interested in planning sightseeing activities or logistics for your company, reach out to us here at ParisByM. We would love to help you organize your corporate trip!


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budget hostels in Paris

The Best Located Budget Hostels In Paris

Why stay in a hostel during your next trip to Paris? You’ll get to socialize with other travelers, enjoy amenities like a communal kitchen and a terrace, and save a lot of money. Don’t let concerns about your hostel being in an unsafe location or being too far away from the main sight-seeing areas discourage you. Our team here at ParisByM has done the hard work for you: Here are the five best-located budget hostels in Paris that will make your trip unforgettable!

Our 5 Recommendations:

Le Village Montmartre

budget hotels in paris

At Le Village Montmartre, you can stay in a private room with one bed, a quadrupole room with friends, or a shared dormitory room – there are truly options for every type of traveler! Rates start at 44 euros per night, with WiFi and breakfast included. There is also a pub called “On the Road” located in the hostel, where you can hang out with other guests and unwind after a long day of exploring. You’ll be walking distance from the Moulin Rouge and the Sacré-Coeur basilica, making this one of the best budget hostels in Paris.

BVJ Opéra Montmartre

BVJ Opéra Montmartre offers dormitory style rooms for 19 euros and private single occupancy rooms for 29 euros per night. This hostel is less than a fifteen-minute walk from the Grévin wax Museum, the Moulin Rouge, and the Théâtre de Paris. Its small private courtyard, where you can enjoy a daily all-you-can-eat breakfast, features a one hundred-year old fig tree. While there are no elevators or kitchen facilities, BVJ is well-cleaned, incredibly charming, and run by an amazing staff!


For 37 euros a night, plus a yearly membership fee of 5 euros, you can stay at Adveniat. It is located just steps away from les Champs-Elysées and the Grand Palais and is a 15-minute walk from the Musée de l’Orangerie. Although this hostel is run by a Christian community and offers daily mass services, it welcomes guests of all faiths. If you want to eat dinner with a Parisian family during your trip to better discover genuine French culture, Adveniat will help you organize this unique experience. Plus, it is a particularly great budget hostel option if you are travelling as a family, since it offers special deals for those travelling with children.

Auberge de jeunesse MIJE Fourcy

Auberge de jeunesse MIJE Fourcy is located in the lively le Marais district and is just a 12-minute walk to Notre Dame, the Musée National Picasso, and the Congnacq-Jay museum. Prices start at 27 euros per night for a bed in a shared dorm-style room, with daily housekeeping and breakfast included. Auberge MIJE Fourncy also offers film screenings and discussions in the common area, facilitating interactions with fellow travelers. If you stay here, be sure to try the famous L’As du Fallafel a couple blocks away!

budget hotels in paris


Young and Happy

A five-minute walk from the Ecole Normale Supérieure and under a 15-minute walk from the Jardin du Luxembourg, Young and Happy is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Its rate per night starts at 46 euros, with private lockers and WiFi included. There is also a bar area, with guitars available for use, if you want to keep your musical talents sharp during your trip. But there is no elevator, so watch out if you have heavy bags or cannot take the stairs!

budget hostels in Paris

We hope that you consider staying in one of these five centrally located budget hostels in Paris for a truly unforgettable trip. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to have the experience of a lifetime! Staying in a hostel can be comfortable, convenient, exciting, and easy. Contact us here at ParisByM for help planning the rest of your personalized, budget-friendly trip to Paris!


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event management companies in paris

The Top Event Management Companies in Paris

Looking for an event management company in Paris to help you plan and execute your next event? Our team at ParisByM has organized a list of 4 of the best event management companies in Paris. Together, these companies can help you with a diverse range of events, whether your birthday party or a corporate cocktail party!


4 Event Management Companies in Paris:


For smaller events: Groupe Vista

Groupe Vista is a Paris-based event management company consisting of 35 event management experts. They follow a start-up driven approach, and I would recommend them for small to medium sized events. They recently organized a team-building activity in Canada for 50 managers in the finance and insurance industry after a merger. The event helped integrate the new employees, encouraged them to solve challenges together, and was a fun and exciting bonding experience.

event management companies in paris

Source: Groupe Vista – Team building event in Canada

For creative, large-scale events with a global reach: Prelude Events

Prelude Event Architects has a global presence and was founded in Paris in 2005 by Wendy Von Fries. In France, they work in Paris, the French Riviera, Champagne, Normandy, the Loire Castles, and the French Alps resorts. They follow a problem-solution approach that allows them to conceptualize and deliver innovative and personalized events. Prelude can provide you with services including corporate entertainment, exhibitions, trade shows, helicopters, marketing campaigns, and celebrity search and management. You should also consider this company if you require multilingual meetings.

Prelude is one of the best event management companies in Paris. They recently organized an incredible customer reception for Cisco that aimed to facilitate networking and appeal to Cisco’s top clients. They called the event “Becoming Marie Antoinette” and situated it in a 19th century palace. Satisfaction was 100 percent both onsite and after the event, and Cisco has rehired Prelude for their next event (Here’s to hoping we can snag an invite!).

event management companies in paris

Source: Prelude Events – Cisco’s “Becoming Marie Antoinette” Event

For high-end weddings and private events: Rendez-Vous

Rendez-Vous Paris was founded by Heather, a former corporate professional who believes that “true luxury is an experience.” I recommend them for large-scale, private events, such as high-end weddings. Heather is also bilingual in French and English, so she can work smoothly with a variety of professionals and clients across the globe. Rendez-vous mainly manages events in Paris, Champagne, New York, Rome, Israel, Greece, et Cote d’Azur. They can accommodate you in amazing and unique locations, such as the VIP salons at the Grand Prix of Monaco and the red carpet at the Film Festival of Cannes.

event management companies in Paris

Source: Rendez-Vous Paris – Wedding

For servicing large-scale, high budget events: PRG Group

Production Resource Group (PRG) France has over 35 years of experiencing servicing trade shows, corporate events, concerts, musicals, fashion shows, and other large-scale events. Because they only work with budgets starting at 20,000  euros (5 to 7 digit budgets), I recommend PRG if you are a large company or planning a major event. Their impressive list of clientele includes Red Bull, Google, Dior Culture, Mercedes-Benz, the Backstreet Boys, Audi, and the FIFA World Cup. Internationally, they work with 3000 professionals in various sectors of the event industry. PRG is constantly innovating its technology in order to provide the best audio, video, and lighting services. For instance, they created custom solutions for rigging and video for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. You can check out more of their work and technologies on their blog.

event management companies in paris

Source: PRG France – 2019 Eurovision Song Contest


We hope this post helps you navigate the vast industry of event management companies in Paris! Bonne chance with your next event and feel free to contact us at ParisByM if you would like to organize a corporate trip or experience in France!


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hostels in paris france

The 3 Best Hostels in Paris, France

Looking to stay in a hostel during your next trip to Paris? Luckily, we are here to tell you about your three best options! By staying in one of the best-value and nicest hostels in Paris, France, you can save money and have a unique and adventurous travel experience.

The 3 best hostels in Paris:

Les Piaules

Why stay in Les Piaules? This is our number one recommendation out of the hostels in Paris, France. It is located in the heart of Belleville, an artsy and cosmopolitan neighborhood in the 11th district of Paris. The hostel is walking distance from the Belleville metro station and just a short ride away from Le Marais and the Louvre. Their “the cosy one” option, which includes a private bathroom, is an excellent choice for solo travelers and couples. You can choose a private room with rooftop access, which we recommend if you’re visiting during the warmer months (Don’t worry, there is air conditioning everywhere in the hostel). You can also stay in a room with 4, 6, or 8 beds if you’re traveling in a group or want to save some extra money. Each bed contains a blackout curtain and a power plug to make your stay more convenient and comfortable. They also have a restaurant and bar, with affordable breakfast, snack, dessert, and drink options. Be sure to try one of their homemade alcoholic slushies if you go to the bar!

hostels in paris france

Source: Les Piaules

Beautiful Belleville Hostel

Another great option in Belleville is the Beautiful Belleville Hostel. It’s located on a relatively quiet street near the Parc des Buttes Chaumot and the metro. While Belleville is not walking distance from many of the main tourist attractions, it provides you with a relaxing, local neighborhood to return to after an exhausting day of adventure. This hostel has private hotel room options starting at 60 euros and shared room options starting at 30 euros per person. All rooms contain a private bathroom and are equipped with towels. Children are welcomed to stay in the private rooms, but not the shared hostel rooms. Breakfast is offered each morning for free (breakfast at Les Piaules is not included) and communal kitchens are available for use 24/7. Lastly, Beautiful Belleville has an elevator, so you don’t have to worry about lugging your suitcases up the stairs!

hostels in paris france

Source: Beautiful Belleville

Le Village Hostel

Le Village is located in the charming, hilly Montmartre district, just a few minutes from Sacré-Coeur. They offer private rooms, triple rooms, quadruple rooms, co-ed dorm rooms, and women only dorm rooms. If you are a solo female traveler looking for a cheap hostel option, we recommend the all-female rooms for you. If you are travelling with small children, baby cribs are available for free upon request. You can also rent a bike or a car and organize your airport transport through the hostel, although we recommend utilizing Uber and public transport once you are in Paris. Each room is serviced with daily housekeeping and there is an elevator, terrace, and shared kitchen. The communal spaces are vibrant and fun, with northern African décor, making this a particularly good option if you are a young traveler looking to socialize with other guests.

hostels in paris france

Source: Le Village Hostel


When browsing your hostel options, be sure to look out for reviews about the cleanliness of the beds and bathrooms. Also, do not assume that all hostels have elevators – many require you to take the stairs! Here at ParisByM, we have also written about the best-located budget hostels and youth hostels in Paris, France, so feel free to take a look at those articles below if you are curious about your other options!


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Eiffel Tower and River Seine, cheap places to stay in paris

Cheap Places to Stay in Paris: Short-term Rentals

Having trouble finding cheap places to stay in Paris? Luckily, there is a huge short-term rental market in Paris for tourists. Here are 4 of your best options and some advice for how to navigate them.

4 Options for Short-Term Rentals:


Airbnb is a great option to find cheap places to stay in Paris and the most popular short-term rental option. It was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky to provide tourists with local, diverse experiences and to empower people to become hospitality entrepreneurs. While you can use Airbnb in nearly 100,000 cities, Paris is the most visited city worldwide for Airbnb users. This means that there are great options for you!

cheap places to stay in Paris

Source: Airbnb – “Comfy studio in Montmartre,” posted by Soline

Abritel HomeAway:

HomeAway seeks to make each vacation location in the world accessible for all travelers. It was founded 17 years ago and has close to one million postings in 190 countries. While there are less options on HomeAway than Airbnb, we have found that they often post cheaper rentals. The rentals also tend to have more reviews than those on Airbnb, which creates an extra sense of security for your trip.

cheap places to stay in Paris

Source: Homeaway Paris – listing posted by Marc Pelissier


Homestay provides both long-term and short-term room rentals in Paris and the B&B experience. If you are looking to rent a room, as opposed to an entire apartment, we recommend that you give Homestay a try. Unlike Airbnb, hosts cannot work with you through a third party. They are expected to personally help you settle in, beyond just handing you the keys. By staying with a family or a host, you get a truly immersive experience. However, your host is not your personal tour guide and is not expected to be around 24/7. If you want a best friend to help you plan your time in Paris, contact us at ParisByM!

cheap places to stay in Paris

Source: Homestay – Jean Michel’s posting in Temple, Paris

Parisian Vacation Apartments:

Parisian Vacation Apartments differs from the other sites we have discussed because you are not renting from an individual. Instead, you are renting an apartment that the company itself has acquired with the sole purpose of renting it out to visitors, like you! All of their apartments are renovated, clean, and central, and most have an elevator and air-conditioning. Many of their options are fairly expensive, but you can find some great options for around 100 euros per night. Plus, their team is all Paris based, fluent in English and French, and available 24/7 to help you!

cheap places to stay in Paris

Source: Paris Vacation Apartments – Invalides

Our Advice:

The search:

There are some questions you should be sure to ask yourself as you search for cheap places to stay in Paris: Is this a location where I want to be? Is it safe? Is it close to the sites and the neighborhoods I most want to see? Do I want a private room or an entire apartment? Is the host reputable and does he / she have good reviews? Many of us or our friends have stayed in rentals and loved the experience. Some have faced unpleasant surprises and entirely regretted their choice to rent, rather than stay in a hotel. In order to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible, you need to do some research about these questions in advance.

The risks:

versailles, grand trianon, cheap places to stay in paris

By staying in someone else’s home, you have the opportunity enjoy an authentic Parisian experience and possibly have an entire apartment to yourself, all while staying within your budget. However, there is always a risk involved when you are renting from a stranger. It is possible that your host will cancel just before your trip or lack the proper permits to rent.

If you prefer not to take the risks involved with short-term rentals, contact us at ParisByM to explore your hotel options. We would love to help make your dream trip a reality. You can have an incredible trip to Paris and stay within your budget!


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The Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

Looking to eat well while in Paris without breaking the bank? Our team at ParisByM is excited to share 7 of the best affordable restaurants in Paris with you.

Our 7 Favorite Affordable Restaurants in Paris

La Becane A Gaston

La Becane A Gaston won the 2018 Trip Advisor Certificate of excellence and is ranked in the top 50 restaurants in Paris. We recommend trying this restaurant for its familial ambiance (it is owned by 2 sisters!) and its fresh, local dishes. Expect to spend between 15 and 30 euros for a delicious pasta, meat, or seafood dish. To avoid disappointment, be sure to book your table in advance. It’ll be worth it, trust us!

affordable restaurants in paris

Source: La Becane A Gaston, Instagram

Grenouilles Paris

If you’re looking for the best sandwich in Paris, we highly recommend Grenouilles. They use exclusively French and fresh products, like raclette and ham, and serve granita slushies, wine, and ciders. Seating is minimal and service is very casual, making this the perfect place to stop during your trip to Montmartre’s Basilique du Sacré-Coeur. If you visit Paris during the warmer months, we recommend taking your food to go and sitting on the steps outside the church!

affordable restaurants in paris

Source: Grenouilles, Yelp

Les Crepes de Louis-Marie

No list of the best affordable restaurants in Paris is complete without a creperie…That’s why we have included this incredible option, located in the 5e arrondissement between the National Museum of Natural History and the Jardin du Luxembourg. You can sit inside or outside and enjoy a galette priced between 8 and 9 euros or a sweet crepe priced between 4 and 7 euros. They are open from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 23:00. They offer gluten free crepes, student deals, and a frequently changing menu. We especially recommend trying out this creperie if you are travelling with your family and want to avoid the mess of chocolate dripping down your little one’s shirt as he tries to eat his crepe to go!

affordable restaurants in paris

Source: Instagram @curvymatters, Les Crepes de Louis Marie

Bistrot des Victoires

This authentic French bistro is located just minutes away from the Palais Royal and Louvre Museum. You should expect to spend about 10 to 15 euros for a dish and drink — We recommend trying the French onion soup, the duck confit, and the crème brûlée. They are open from 8 to 23:30 on weekdays and 10 to 23:30 on Saturdays and Sundays.

affordable restaurants in paris

Source: Bistrot Victoires, Trip Advisor

Bal de la Marine

Come to Bal de la Marine to enjoy a seafood lunch with the perfect view of the Seine and Eiffel Tower. We recommend trying the oysters and the mussels and lingering with a glass of wine while you enjoy the live band. If dining in the Eiffel Tower is out of your budget, this is a great, nearby alternative and one of the best affordable restaurants in Paris.

affordable restaurants in paris

Source: Bal de la Marine, Trip Advisor

Baoli Bao

Baoli Bao offers Asian fusion, vegetarian-friendly cuisine near the Opéra. Their menu is incredibly creative and you won’t be disappointed by the taste. You can order bubble tea, ramen burgers, black bun burgers, gluten free and vegetarian burgers, and coconut rice. Expect to spend between 12 and 20 euros for a main dish and drink at dinner, or come during lunch to enjoy one of their three lunch specials.

affordable restaurants in paris

Source: Baoli Bao, Trip Advisor

Le Vaudésir

Le Vaudésir is located in the 14e arrondissement at 14 rue Dareau. It won the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2017-2018, and we recommend it for locals and tourists alike. Expect to spend between 5 and 20 euros for simple, traditional, and fresh French cuisine. It is a hidden gem with amazing food and service and a welcoming atmosphere and owner. There is no menu online, as the available dishes change daily. You may get to try their quiche of the day, stewed pork, or chocolate mousse. We are confident that you will enjoy this local, family restaurant and encourage you to venture out of the traditional tourist areas to give it a try. Note that they are not open on Mondays for dinner (only breakfast and lunch) and that reservations should be made before noon.

affordable restaurants in paris

Source: Le Vaudésir, Trip Advisor


If you are looking for more recommendations or advice for your trip to Paris, be sure to send us a chat or email here at ParisByM. We would love to be your best friends in Paris!


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Transportation in Paris, student trips to paris, metro tickets paris

The Best Metro Tickets in Paris for Tourists

The vast options for public transport in a new city can be overwhelming. If you are looking to better understand the metro tickets in Paris, keep reading! Find out which of our 5 recommended options is best (and most cost efficient) for you.

Paris, metro, transportation, school trips to Paris, metro tickets paris

Credit: ParisByM

T+ Tickets

This should be your default option. Each t+ ticket costs 1.90 euros and is valid for a single, one-way trip. For a period of two hours, you can use one ticket to transfer between metros, between the metro and RER lines, and between RERs. For 90 minutes, you can transfer between buses, between buses and trams, and between trams. You cannot use these tickets for the Orlybus or the Roissybus (airport transport options) and you can only use the RER in zone 1 (this covers central Paris). Most importantly, if you purchase a pack of 10 t+ tickets, you only pay 14.90 euros. This is a great deal and you should definitely consider this for your metro tickets in Paris! Additionally, if you are traveling with children between the ages of 4 and 10 or with groups of at least 10 children, you are eligible for a reduced fair on your 10 pack.

Metro tickets Paris, metro tickets paris

Navigo Pass (monthly and weekly)

If you purchase a Navigo Pass, you will have access to essentially all of the transport you will need during your trip. You will need to purchase a pass that allows you to access all of the zones (otherwise central Paris will not be included). A weekly pass costs 22.80 euros and a monthly pass costs 75.20. I recommend that you order your pass online and then get it delivered to where you are staying or pick it up at an ATM, ticket counter, or authorized retailer. Remember, these passes use calendar weeks (starting Mondays) and calendar months. This means that the period does not necessarily start on the day you purchase the pass — If you buy a weekly pass on a Thursday and leave the following Thursday, you cannot use the same pass! In this case, I would recommend buying t+ 10 packs.


If you plan to use more than 14 t+ tickets per week, the weekly pass option is cheaper than purchasing t+ tickets, including the 10-pack special. When calculating how many tickets you plan to use, don’t forget that you cannot use the same t+ ticket for the bus and the metro. If you are staying in Paris for 3 weeks or less, purchasing a weekly Navigo pass is cheaper than purchasing a monthly pass. Similarly, if you are staying for the duration of a month, but not a clean calendar month, the monthly pass is not your best option.

metro tickets paris


Mobilis tickets

This option provides you with unlimited travel for one day. You will likely only be using zone 1, so your ticket will cost 7.50 euros. I recommend this option if you plan on using more than 4 t+ tickets and are only in Paris for one day. If you are in a group, you may want to consider getting a 10 pack of t+ tickets instead because you can split the ticket bundle to save money (the Mobilis option is only valid for one customer). The ticket period for Mobilis tickets begins at 12am on the day of purchase and ends at 11:59pm.

metro tickets paris

Source: Global City Cards

Paris Visite Travel Pass

This pass has 1-day to 5-day options. It is valid for zones 1 to 3 and includes airport connections. This means that you can avoid paying the extra fee for an airport ticket if you plan on utilizing public transport to go to the airport.

metro tickets paris

Source: Wikipedia

Airport Ticket

There are various airport ticket options to CDG, ORY, and Paris-Beauvais. The price is contingent on your destination and desired travel time. If you plan on using public transport to get to the airport, this a great option!

metro tickets paris

Source: Places and Foods

We hope that this information about metro tickets in Paris helps prepare you for your trip! If you have more questions about navigating and exploring Paris, reach out to us here at ParisByM! We would love to help.


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Paris museums, best museums, paris museums list, beautiful places in Paris to visit, best museums in paris

Our Favorite Paris Museums

Having trouble navigating the massive number of Paris museums? Here are some of our favorites to get you started.


Paris Museums – Our favorites:

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou opened in 1977 and houses the biggest modern and contemporary art collection in Europe. Its exhibitions have an international outlook and you can also enjoy shows and concerts at the Centre. Practical information about your visit can be found here.

paris museums


The Louvre Museum was created in 1793 during the French Revolution. While you may know it as the home of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, it houses so much more (Don’t forget to grab a map of the 5 levels and 3 interconnected wings!). If you are looking to spend only a few hours in the Louvre, I recommend visiting the Denon Wing for a mixture of sculptures, antiquities, and paintings (including the Mona Lisa)!

paris museums

Musée d’Orsay

The Musée d’Orsay is my personal favorite museum in Paris…Don’t miss it! It used to be a railroad station and houses a famous clock facing the seine (Some say it’s the best photo spot in Pairs, so don’t forget to snap a photo). You can find an amazing collection of impressionist art and sculptures in this museum, including the Little Dancer Aged Fourteen by Degas.

paris museums

Grand Palais

Starting at the end of 2020, the Grand Palais will begin a 3 year renovation, so be sure to see it soon! It features a large glass dome and large-scale exhibitions on artists that have marked the history of art, like Picasso, Hopper, Renoir.

paris museums

Petit Palais

In the Petit Palais, just across from the Grand Palais, there is a museum of fine arts. Entrance to the permanent collection is free and there is a beautiful garden where you can sit and relax. The museum features European art from antiquity to the 20th century.

paris museums

Musée Yves Saint Laurent

The well-curated Musée Yves Saint Laurent is a must see if you are a fashion lover. You can see pieces from YSL’s collections, visit his studio, and watch a documentary film. You can even look at the cute little dish he used for his dog near his desk!

paris museums


Paris Catacombs

If you want to venture twenty metres underground, take a trip to the Paris Catacombs! There are six million remains from the end of the 18th century to the mid 19th century (when the Parisian cemeteries were closed for health reasons). The catacombs are a great change of pace and a beautiful ode to Parisian history. Be sure to bring a sweater, it can get chilly down there!

paris museums

Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimonie

The Museum of French Monuments, which was integrated with the larger Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimonie in 2004, encourages the spread of architectural culture. It seeks to help the members of the general public (that’s you!) become active participants in architecture and urban development. Here, you can explore the history of architecture from the Midlde Ages to the present day. We definitely recommend this museum if you geek out about architecture or urban planning!

paris museums


Musée National de Clouny

The Musée National de Clouny / Musée du Moyen Age is located in the 5e arrondissement. You can view tapestries, architecture, ceiling vaults, sculptures, and stained glass from the Middle Ages and sit in the lovely Middle-Aged style garden.

paris museums


Musée des Arts et Métiers

The Musée des Arts et Métiers was founded in 1794 as a repository for the preservation of scientific instruments and inventions. If you are interested in engineering or technical developments, you might find this museum interesting! It showcases mechanics, materials, construction methodologies, and means of communication and transport.

paris museums

Atelier des Lumières

Currently, at the Atelier des Lumières, you can partake in an immersive experience of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. His work is projected in motion and in massive form throughout a disability-friendly loft. We highly recommend the Atelier and look forward to its future, magical exhibits!

paris museums


We hope this list of Paris museums helps you plan your stay! Looking for more advice for your trip to Paris? Feel free to email us here at ParisByM or to explore our predesigned deals online. Bon voyage!


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event companies in Paris

Wedding Event Companies in Paris

Are you hoping to get married in Paris, the famous city of love and lights? Afraid that this dream is impossible if you don’t speak French? Don’t worry, we have done the research for you. Here are the top event companies in Paris that specialize in weddings and can accommodate English-speaking clients.

Our 4 Favorite Wedding Event Companies in Paris:

WeddingLight Events

Their team is completely English speaking and excited to help international clientele create and organize beautiful elopements and weddings. They are a full-service company, which means that you won’t have to worry about coordinating with the photographers or the venue. Instead, you can enjoy your special day and let WeddingLight Events handle the details. Whether you want a large wedding ceremony or an intimate elopement, they have you covered. They have organized weddings in locations such as the Paris Opera, Provence, and Normandy and are able to work with you to select the location of your dreams. Clients have called their work “exceptional” and their team “dedicated.” We are confident that if you trust WeddingLight Events to plan your wedding, you will also have an above and beyond experience.

event companies in paris

Source: WeddingLight Events

Sumptuous Events

Sumptuous events was listed the top 9 most influential wedding planner in the world by ‘Vanity Fair’. They are committed to infusing a unique ‘joie de vivre’ into each wedding and transforming any space into an enchanting scene. Their founder and director, Jean Charles Vaneck, is a degree qualified event manager and wedding planner who has draws inspiration from his visits to over 60 countries. He is incredibly experienced in the fields of luxury and hospitality and has the skills needed to create perfect events. In addition to wedding planning, Sumptuous Events can help you plan birthday parties, corporate events, over the top proposals, and fashion shows. We believe that they are true masterminds in design, décor, and story-telling.

event companies in paris

Source: Sumptuous Events


Rendez-vous in Paris

Rendez-Vous Paris is an excellent on-site planner for destination weddings in France. They hope to plan a wedding that’s distinctive and “unmistakably you.” Once your vision has been defined, they will organize a handpicked team of professions to bring your vision to life. Their founder and director, Heather, used to work in the finance industry but left the corporate world to pursue her dream of becoming an event planner. She has planned celebrity weddings, adds a “little French-touch” to each wedding she helps plan, and has been described as “resourceful” and elegant by her clients. Her work has been featured in E News, Vogue, and Condé Nast Traveler.

event companies in Paris

Source: Rendez-Vous in Paris


DlG Paris

DLG Paris plans and designs unforgettable events for modern, busy couples who desire unlimited correspondence and expert advice every step of the way. They offer multi-day weddings in France over a week or week-end, destination weddings in Provence, intimate weddings in Paris and Provence, and memorable proposals in Paris. Their beautiful Pinterest boards gives me the utmost confidence that they can provide you with a beautiful and elegant experience that truly captures the French ‘joie de vivre’. While their team consists of native French speakers, they are all completely fluent in English and ready to give you the inside scoop.

event companies in Paris

Source: DLG Paris


We hope that this article has made the world of wedding event companies in Paris a little less mysterious to you. Planning a destination wedding in France may seem stressful, but as you have read, there are many amazing, bilingual planners who would love to work with you to make your dreams a reality. If you are hoping to plan a honeymoon or a romantic trip to France, reach out to us at ParisByM. We can provide you with impeccable assistance and the trip of a lifetime.


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