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Student trip to Paris

Hidden Gems on a Student Trip to Paris

Want to make sure your student trip to Paris is unforgettable? You will want to make sure to visit these hidden gems during your time in Paris!

Jardins du Luxembourg

Student Trip to Paris

The Luxembourg Gardens are one of the biggest gardens in Paris, and are located right in the center of city.  The gardens have many water basins, statues and chairs available to the public! It is the perfect place to enjoy a lunch with your students and possibly have some reading time. Depending on your students’ ages, the Luxembourg Gardens offer many fun activities, such as puppet shows, slides, carousels, pony rides for the youngest, but also tennis fields for the eldest! Make sure to check out their calendar for upcoming events to find a date during your student trip to Paris.

Point Zero

In front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, students will find an interesting geographic marker known as Kilometre Zero, or Paris Point Zero, which marks the exact historical center of the city and which marks the beginning of all French roads. Your students will want to capture the moment so make sure to have your camera ready!

Steps of the Sacré Coeur

Student Trip to ParisThe Sacré Coeur is recognized by many for its beautiful structure and rich history. One thing that many don’t realize are the significance of the steps that lead up to the church. You can plan a lunch with your students and sit on the steps of the Sacré Coeur as you enjoy yet another beautiful view overlooking the city. Many times, there are street performers or artists present that your students can watch as they relax on the steps.

Passage des Panoramas

In case of a rainy day, the Passage des Panoramas is the place to be on a student trip to Paris. It is considered the first covered walkway in Paris and it is filled with all kinds of bookstores, souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants. Your students will love to explore the shops and history within the walls of the passage!

The Museum of Modern Art

Student Trip to Paris

The Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The museum offers all kinds of exhibitions to satisfy every student participating in your student trip to Paris. Some exhibitions and works of art are permanent, while others are only there for a limited time. But don’t worry, the museum is free of charge for the permanent collection so you will have plenty of opportunities to return and enjoy all the pieces of work!

La Sorbonne University

Student Trip to ParisLa Sorbonne was founded in 1253, so who wouldn’t want to visit one of the oldest universities in the world? Sorbonne University provides your students with the perfect opportunity to experience what higher education is like in France. Lucky for you, there are tours held almost every day! If a tour isn’t your ideal option, walking around the university’s walls is also a great way for your students to explore the Latin Quarter and learn about the history of this student area.

Rue CrémieuxStudent Trip to Paris

Make your way over to Rue Crémieux for a beautiful sight! Between Rue de Lyon and Rue de Bercy, Rue Crémieux is filled with charming little houses painted in bright colors. This street is so different from the rest of the city that it will feel as if you’ve been transported from Paris to the most colorful place on Earth. It’s a stroll that your students are sure to enjoy!

Canal Saint-Martin

Student Trip to ParisCanal Saint-Martin is a long canal located in Paris, and the perfect spot to have a nice lunch or a relaxing walk with your students. At the canal, your students might be interested in visiting Pink Flamingo. Pink Flamingo is known for delivering pizzas to you anywhere along the Canal Saint-Martin. First you have to order at the restaurant where you will be given a pink balloon. You must hold on to this balloon as you choose a spot along the canal. Within a few minutes, your order will be delivered to you!

The Love Wall in MontmartreStudent Trip to Paris

The Love Wall is a love-themed wall of 430 square feet, created in 2000. The wall features the words “I Love You” over 311 times in 250 languages! The wall includes all major languages, but also some rare ones, like Navajo, Inuit, Bambara and Esperanto. The wall is free of charge so students can take a picture in front of the wall and send it back to their families to spread the love and share all fun they are having on their student trip to Paris!


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A Day in the Life of an Intern at ParisByM

You might be wondering, “What is it like to intern at ParisByM?” Last Friday, I had one of the best experiences by far at ParisByM. I was told that we would be meeting with a company to help design ParisByM’s website. I figured we were attending a consultation where the company would take our thoughts into consideration and present some ideas for the website that same day, but it was not at all what I had expected!

Work experience as an Intern at ParisByM

Delicious snacks and coffee!

When we arrived, we received a warm welcome from Lemon Interactive, and some delicious snacks. There were three representatives from the company that would be with us throughout the day’s workshop. Before starting the activities, the representatives explained the purpose of the workshop and established the “rules” (i.e. no cell phones, being courteous during discussions) to make the day productive. These are some of the activities we participated in throughout the day.

Activity #1: Drawing a boat, tree, or house

Work experience as an Intern at ParisByM

Mat’s boat drawing for this activity accompanied by some yummy treats to keep us going!

In this activity, we were given paper and markers to draw a boat, tree, or house that represent how we currently view ParisByM. After everyone explained their drawing, we were told to add things to our drawings to show how we would like ParisByM to be improved.

At first I was a bit lost because I am not the best at drawing and it was my first week at ParisByM, so I didn’t have a full understanding of what ParisByM was, let alone what I wanted it to be.

After listening to everyone’s additions to their drawings, I realized that although it seemed like a simple task, it was a neat way to get us thinking of what we envision for ParisByM and set the foundation of what we wanted to accomplish at the end of the day.

Activity #2: Creating a Customer Profile for Individuals, Schools, and Corporations

In this activity, we divided up into pairs and each pair was assigned a different type of customer (Individuals, Schools, Corporate). We were responsible for creating a profile that included the customer’s history, personality, goals, fears, needs, etc. in regards to planning their trip with ParisByM.

Work experience as an Intern at ParisByM

Morgane creating her customer profile on Elizabeth, an HR Manager planning a conference trip.

I worked with Mat, and throughout the activity we built off each other’s idea to make sure our “School Profile” included all possible details. At the end of the activity, each pair shared their profile with the others. This was very helpful because every pair was criticized, and received comments on what could be added or changed to improve the profiles.

Since it was my first week, I didn’t have a solid understanding of the factors that had to be considered with each customer. I found this activity very interesting because although some factors seemed bizarre, they also play a key role in making sure that all customers are satisfied. At the end, I had a better understanding of what each type of customer is like and possible ideas to meet their needs.

Activity #3: The Buying Process for Individuals, Schools, and Corporations

In this activity, we worked in the same pairs from the previous activity and used post-its and poster paper to lay out the steps of each customer’s buying process.

The team discussing the buyer process for a “School” customer.

Mat and I started off with obvious steps, such as “Planning” and “Buying”, and then we added smaller details along the way. We also included information on the things ParisByM does “behind the scenes” at every step of the customer’s buying step. When it was time to share, the other pairs elaborated on any step they felt needed more information or added steps we had missed.

I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me understand each type of customer in more detail. It was also interesting to see that by identifying each step of the buying process, we came up with possible ways that ParisByM could make the process easier and more convenient for the customer.

Overall, I was very impressed by the workshop! Whenever I had questions, I would make sure to ask for clarification or further explanation so that I were all on the same page. I was very excited to share my ideas with the rest of the team. Although it might seem like we had a long day, it was a day filled with fantastic activities that will help develop ParisByM and my own personal skills!


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Student Tours to France

Using Student Tours to France in Your Classroom

Planning a trip to France with your students? Want to know more about student tours to France? No worries! ParisByM has compiled a list of some tours that can be applied in your classroom based on the subject you teach.

French Teachers

Student tours to France play a major role in your student’s experience to France because it is where they will learn about the culture and people. There are many schools in France that students are able to visit and spend their day alongside students from that institution. These tours will provide your students with the opportunity to interact with French locals and practice their French. Once you are back in the classroom with your students, you can do an activity based on any questions or differences they noticed between French and American schools.

Student Tours to France

Many cooking classes are also offered throughout France. Each class can specialize on a different dish, nonetheless, it’ll be a great activity for your students to participate in. They can bring the recipe home and show their families how to cook the dish. It is a neat way to learn and embrace the delicious French cuisine.

History Teachers

Student Tours to France

In France, you will be surrounded by history everywhere you turn. In Paris, your students can visit the Catacombs, which are underground ossuaries that hold the remains of more than six million people! After touring the tunnels of the Catacombs, your students will be amazed and will want to learn even more about the history of the Catacombs in the classroom.

There are hundreds of castles located in the Loire Valley. Some castles are more popular than others, but each has its own style and history. Students will be amazed by the breathtaking views of the castles and gardens! In the classroom, they can possibly present their favorite castle and how it came to be what it is to this day.

Student Tours to FranceThe Normandy D-Day Tours provide your students with the opportunity to see the beaches on which soldiers landed during the invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. They will also be able to learn about the history of World War II by visiting museums, such as the Memorial of Caen, the Museum of D-Day Omaha, or the Airborne Museum. These student tours to France will be a great opportunity to commemorate their ancestors.

At the Palace of Versailles students will be able to explore what was once the principal royal residence of France, and the heart of European life of the time. Audio guides are available to students to learn about the history of the palace and the important events that took place there, such as the Treaty of Versailles.

English & Literature Teachers

Student Tours to France

There are many novels and pieces of literature that were created in Paris. If you decide to visit the City of Lights, there are many Literary Tours available for your students to enjoy. They will be taken to popular restaurants, such as Les Deux Magots, where writers like Ernest Hemingway wrote some of their most popular pieces. They will follow the steps of famous writers and critics, like Joyce or Gertrude Stein. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the homes of famous writers, such as Victor Hugo and Balzac. Hopefully, these tours will inspire students to write once they are back in the classroom!

Art Teachers

Student Tours to FranceIn Paris, there are guided tours available at museums such as the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Pompidou Center. Students will learn about famous artists and observe their works of art. Art is present on every corner of Paris! If they are interested in contemporary art, students can also participate in a guided Street Art Tour to explore the unique works of art that cover the streets of Paris.

Not too far from Paris, students can have a tour of Giverny, where Claude Monet had his house and which is the ideal place to learn more about Impressionists art.

France offers many beautiful sights, so students can go on a Photography Tour. The guide will take them to the most beautiful sceneries and students will have the chance to capture the moment and share their work back in the classroom.

ParisByM hopes that you find these student tours to France helpful in planning your school trip to France.


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