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Where to Find the Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris for Your Group

School Trips to Paris can be a very expensive undertaking, from hotels, to attractions, to food, sometimes it can feel like the numbers just keep growing and growing and there’s no way to keep the trip within budget.  A big part of this increase in price can be as a result of the cost of eating out during a trip, so we’re here to help you with some advice on how to find the best affordable restaurants in Paris, as well as some of our favorite places.

A new city with a school group is challenging enough with having to worry about transportation, lodging, attractions, and restaurants, so we hope this article can ease some of your stress – you can also visit ParisByM for help with the planning of your group trip. If you’re just looking for advice on finding the best affordable restaurants in Paris though, here’s what we recommend.

Look Things Up Before Hand

Budget Accommodation in Paris, Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

Credit: Wikipedia; Café des Phares, Place de la Bastille

Obviously, if you’ve arrived at this page, that’s exactly what you’re doing! That’s the best thing because you may arrive and be very quickly overwhelmed by the volume of restaurants in the city of Paris.  We think the key to finding a good restaurant is knowing the right area to search, so we have a couple of recommendations.

Paris Tours, Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

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  • The Latin Quarter – full of bustling restaurants, bars, and pubs the Latin Quarter is a great place for student groups to find food.  There are both walk up restaurants as well as sit down restaurants with food from all over the world at generally reasonable prices.  A couple of our favorites are the Creperie des Arts or Au P’Tit Grec for yummy French crêpes – both savory and sweet!
  • Montmartre – this area is famously known for the Sacre Coeur and for being the highest spot in the city where you can get a beautiful 360 view of Paris.  We recommend you walk a little further down and away from the peak attraction to find some great affordable places to eat.  A couple of our top picks are Chartier or Rozell Café but there are many other spots in the area that will certainly catch your eye.

Think about getting on the go food

Paris Food, must try food in Paris, best affordable restaurants in Paris

Paris is known for its Boulangeries which are a great affordable way for you to eat while also enjoying the French culture.  Boulangeries often give you the chance to buy a meal for anywhere around 5-10€ per person and are all over the city so you’ll definitely find one and they are a great way for you to eat on a budget in Paris.

As well as Boulangeries, some places have the option for you to get food as a take away which can be cheaper.  For example, L’As Du Falafel in the Marais allows you to buy your falafel and then explore the area which is definitely worthwhile. We also recommend buying something from a walk-up restaurant in the Latin Quarter and then walking down and eating it along the Seine for a real Parisian experience.

A set menu may be the best thing

indian food in paris, Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

While on the go food is great, you’ll definitely want to have at least one sit down dinner with your group.  Many of the best affordable restaurants in Paris for groups are those who offer a set menu.  A starter, main, and dessert for a set price can not only make your life easier by giving your students a few specific options, but it is often cheaper than having everyone order from a full menu.  You can find these restaurants in virtually any area of the city, but when eating out with a big school group, it’s probably best to book ahead.


So now that you know where and how to look for the best affordable restaurants in Paris you should go ahead and book your school trip.  For more information on the best areas to stay on a budget, click here, and for help planning your school trip, from lodgings to restaurants, visit the groups tab on our website or click here!

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