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Ten Tips for Staying in Student Hostels in Paris

Student Hostels are a great place to stay on a school trip to Paris for many reasons – plus, usually they’re the cheapest option and can hold a lot of people, but they are slightly different to hotels and there are some things you should be sure to do when staying in one.

So, what do I Need to Know?

Student Tours to France, Student Hostels in Paris

A school trip to Paris is an amazing way to get students engaged with other cultures and exposed to the French language.  Student Hostels in Paris may be the perfect accommodation for your group trip to the infamous city, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Here’s our ten top tips to be aware of when staying in student hostels in Paris.

1.Check the Location

Budget Accommodation in Paris, Student Hostels in Paris

Don’t be fooled by cheap prices. Sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra to be close to the sights you want to see, or to be near to a metro station.  Make sure you’re aware of your student hostels proximity to public transport before booking.

2. Book in advance

If you’re a big group – which you likely will be when traveling with a school trip – make sure you book your accommodation in advance to make sure you get the best prices and the best locations possible.

3. Lock up your valuables

Student hostels in Paris

Credit: Pixaby Reisefreiheit_eu

Most student hostels in Paris have lockers where you can store your belongings when you leave for the day. This is great when you’re staying in communal rooms to be sure your stuff stays safe – just make sure you remember to bring a lock!

4. Check the check in and out times

You don’t want to get caught out with an early check out time on your last day, or a late check in when you arrive. Just be sure that the times you need to arrive and leave make sense with your travel schedule.

5. Bring your own shower supplies

Student Trips to Paris, Student Hostels in Paris

Arrive at your hostel with a towel, shower caddy, and even flip flops if you want. Most student hostels in Paris don’t supply you with a towel – this is something you can clarify with them – and if you’re sharing a bathroom with a lot of people you’ll probably want some shoes to walk around in as well as a bag for your toiletries.

6. Check if breakfast is included

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This can save you and your group a lot of money and effort. It’s definitely important you know whether breakfast is included before arriving because this can impact your groups plans for the day.

7. Find a place with working Wi-Fi

There’s nothing worse than being in a foreign country with no way to get in contact with home – or to check directions. Staying in a hostel with useable Wi-Fi can make a big difference to the ease of your trip so definitely think about this when booking.

8. Ask for or bring earplugs

As you probably already know, sharing a room with other people can be hard. Some people snore, some fidget, some stay awake typing, and some just seem to make noise all the time and a good night’s sleep can be the make or break of a good day! That’s why we recommend either bringing earplugs with you or asking at the front desk for them.

9. Bring layers of pajamas

cheap accommodation paris, student hostels in paris

credits: generator hostel website

You never know until you arrive whether the room is going to be hot or cold or if you’ll have control of the temperature, so you’ll definitely want to bring layers to sleep in so you are prepared for all temperatures.

10. Ask the people around you for advice

When staying in a student hostel in Paris, you’ll definitely come across other young travelers, so don’t be shy about asking them about their experience or any tips for your time in the city. Also remember that the employees of the hostel know the city better than anyone, so you should try to take advantage of their expertise!

So, what do I do Now?

Your next step is to book your student trip! Paris is definitely worth seeing and the perfect place to visit on a school trip, but obviously we know that a place to stay is only the beginning.  You have a lot more to think about, so for help with planning your trip, visit ParisByM’s website by clicking here.

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